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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

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Organize 365 supplies home organization tips, strategies and motivation with professional organizer Lisa Woodruff.

    354 - The New Economy and Our Homes

    354 - The New Economy and Our Homes

    As we continue to explore our interim normal from COVID-19, I want to share some insights on the economy and how we are changing the way we use our homes. I am not an economist or a real estate expert, but I am a questioner and I want to share my own personal thoughts about how we continue to adapt to these extraordinary (unprecedented) times we are in.
    We are in the middle of a transition in technology, working from home, social media, and how we are living in our current reality. As I have shared before, my study of different generations has shown that history is cyclical and we move from one end of a particular pendulum to the other, and then we come back again. 
    The Stuff We Keep
    In the 1980’s we were at the height of consumerism and stuff. Near 2020, many people were very minimalist. In the next few years, I expect that people are not going to declutter as much. We have now faced supply chain issues, shortages, and have learned we cannot always go shopping for (or even order delivery) of the things we want right now. 
    Our families are also changing. More people are living at home, indefinitely. While young adults used to go out and begin living independently, the health and economic issues are meaning more are living at home for longer periods. This also changes the amount and type of stuff we are keeping in our homes. 
    Economic Changes
    Retail stores are going bankrupt. The economy was shifting prior to the pandemic, but COVID creased a condensed timeline. While businesses usually change at a much slower pace than individuals or families, they are now being forced to adapt more quickly, and not all will be successful. 
    Supply chain issues are also a real thing, and will likely continue for a while. For people who traditionally stockpiled things, you may not have access to the same quantity as before. You may not have space to store extras while you are also housing additional people in your home. Your ability to afford to shop and plan ahead may also be altered. 
    Living at Home
    If you decluttered something and are regretting letting it go, because your “just in case” actually came true, give yourself grace. There is no benefit to blame or anger at this unpredictable global health crisis. If you have not used something in the last 6 months, I want you to really consider letting it go and allowing it to bless someone else.
    As we head into our first Fall and Winter seasons in this pandemic, I want you to think about what you will need to get through this season. What items do you want to be sure you have for this season? What do you need to change or adapt in how your physical home is functioning? What do you want to have at home? What can you afford? What do you have space to store? How will you adapt your holiday plans for social distancing and public health? How will you make your home feel like home for all who are living there?
    At Organize 365, we use the Traction model for our business operating system. One component is that we IDS problems and issues. We identify, discuss, and solve challenges as a team. I share some fun examples in the podcast - so be sure to listen in for an insider peek at some recent decisions we made.

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    ReAir 190 - The Cost of Clutter and Disorganization

    ReAir 190 - The Cost of Clutter and Disorganization

    This week, our #ThrowbackThursday episode is # 190 - The Cost of Clutter and Disorganization.
    In this week’s podcast episode, I take a look at the cost of clutter and disorganization in our lives. I want you to consider the financial, mental, time, and emotional costs of the current way you are living. Continue to follow Organize 365 and I will show you how to be more productive, more proactive, and how to plan.
    You can find us on Facebook, Instagram or our website!

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    Sunday Basket® Workshops in the Pandemic

    Sunday Basket® Workshops in the Pandemic

    Listen in at organize365.com/wednesday-podcasts


    This week, Monique Horb and I share our conversation about how the COVID-19 Pandemic has affected Sunday Basket® Workshops.


    We start out by talking about the rapid growth we have seen in the Sunday Basket® community. As people continue to be safe at home and find a new interim normal during the pandemic, paper organization has become even more important.


    More people than ever have taken advantage of the FREE Sunday Basket® Club membership included with the purchase of a Complete Sunday Basket® System. Having accountability and a virtual community has been a game changer for many people in making progress organizing their household paper.


    Monique and I also talk about how Organize 365 has pivoted to allow Certified Sunday Basket® Workshop Organizers to host their own VIRTUAL Sunday Basket® trainings to grow their own businesses. The Certification Program is open WORLDWIDE now through October 12, 2020. There is a FREE webinar to learn more available October 3 at 11 am EST. (Replay available!)


    Learn more at sundaybasketcertification.com and please learn more to see if this is the right time for you to join us in bringing The Paper Solution to the world. Feel free to contact Monique with any questions!

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    353 - Go with the Flow is Gone

    353 - Go with the Flow is Gone

    The COVID-19 Pandemic has taken away our ability to go with the flow. We are living in a snow globe where our city, job, government, and public health are continually shaken up and we are chasing around. So many people are sharing that life feels so hard right now. There is no flow. The pandemic has stopped our hustle, bustle, and flow. 
    Most of us have lived through hard times like this before, and humanity has definitely survived times of uncertainty and upheaval similar to what we are facing now. In the podcast, I share about how we have survived and have the lessons from other times in history when our lives were similarly out of control. 
    However, catastrophic events do not impact everyone equally. Depending on your location, family, job, and other factors, you may be experiencing a lot or a little bit of life disruption. Today, I want to talk with you about how to find your flow again - even though it will be different than it was before COVID-19.
    First, if you are not a natural flow generator, find and follow good leaders.
    Second, get started. Let go of perfection. Release the need to do it all. But, actually taking action and moving your body will produce much better results than thinking about what you want to do.
    Third, I really want you to work on your schedules and routines. These basic steps will get you moving in the morning and can keep you moving throughout the day. When you clean up - you know the drill - pick up trash, clothes, and food in that order. Start simple, and just get started.
    I also share how my morning, afternoon, and evening routines have helped me to continue to be engaged in my life and make progress during the pandemic. It is typical to be less productive than you were before the stay at home events, but using routines will help you to transition to the next part of the day and keep the momentum going. I share suggestions for setting up your routines and share my own inside the podcast. 
    For links to the items Lisa is using, please go to the show notes page on the website. 

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    ReAir 128 - How to Hire Household Help

    ReAir 128 - How to Hire Household Help

    Episode 128 is our #ThrowbackThursday Podcast this week - How to Hire Household Help.


    In this podcast, I share my top 10 tips for hiring help in your life (home, work, or anywhere else)! I have hired help with cleaning, driving, a personal assistant, and all other kinds of extra help! There is no shame in hiring someone else to do the things that will free you up to do the things only YOU can do!

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    The New Corner Office with Laura Vanderkam

    The New Corner Office with Laura Vanderkam

    This week our Wednesday podcast is my conversation with my absolute, most favorite author - Laura Vanderkam!
    We discuss many things she writes about in her new book, The New Corner Office. We talk about all things working from home - how to manage time, organize your workday, still be productive, and get energized to get things done.
    Laura is also analytical so we talk about different ways to apply routines, rituals, transition time, separation, and habits so we can find success in this interim normal as many continue to stay safe at home.

    • 47 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
762 Ratings

762 Ratings

Cowieandmoo ,

Natural teacher

Lisa explains everything very clearly. Very relatable. The ADHD episodes extremely helpful.

JaniDee235 ,

Getting Harder to Sift through the Narcissistic Drivel

I really wanted to be able to tolerate this podcast because there are some really good ideas in the earlier episodes. I found myself clenching my jaw at the fact that is is a grown woman who runs a business and has needed to advocate endlessly for her children acting like a helpless 1950s housewife. I caught an episode where she talks about how she didn't know where their money was because her husband was in charge of that. Honestly though the reason I had to stop listening was because it became less and less about sharing tips and ideas and more and more of a narcassitic broadcast of how Lisa is great at everything. Seriously, next time you listen turn it into a drinking game. Take a drink everytime she brags about something she has done or something she is wonderful at. You won't need to worry about organizing your house because you will be too drunk to care.

Shalma M. ,

Not For Me

I can definitely appreciate what she is trying to do. Here is what doesn’t work for me: This is a very sales-y, noisy approach to the goal of organization and long-term productivity. I tried to join the Facebook group for Organize 365, which is where the action seems to take place. To join the group, you’re asked to subscribe to several different things in order to get involved. I get that there is a process, but, for me, it’s just a ton of... noise. Also, I’m turned off at having to buy plastic items in order to make this work. The overall approach doesn’t work for me, though I think there are good methods here; the delivery just is not right for what I’m looking for. Additionally, she talks about “direct sales” in her podcast, which I understand why she does, since people involved in multi-level marketing companies must be a large part of her listener and buyer base—but it’s unethical to be calling “direct sales” anything but people being scammed out of their money.

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