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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

Orgasmic Enlightenment with Kim Anami Kim Anami

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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

    The 5 Sexiest Things a Woman Can Do

    The 5 Sexiest Things a Woman Can Do

    Last week we talked about the 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do. 

    This week, we’re all about the women. 

    What makes a woman irresistible? 

    What are the qualities of the feminine that speak to the primal, archetypal masculine, turning him on and bringing him to his knees? 

    What brings out his guttural manliness that inspires him to throw her over his shoulder and ravish her? 

    In this episode:
    The superpower of surrender Necessary life skills for women: vaginal hand jobs and deep throatingJust be hotSeparating the girls form the women and the clitoris from the vaginaThe most seductive feminine quality Death by a thousand cunts Cock love and cultivating cockfidence Join my free 7-day Sex Cleanse for Couples!
    Every woman can f**k her man into a new, better, ideal, full-bodied Supercock.
    Every man can f**k his woman into a sexually powerful, gushing, orgasming, well-f**ked woman.
    Every couple can have cosmic-connecting orgasms, with an off-the-charts libido at any age and stage of life.
    Are you ready?
    In this 7-day relationship renewal sex cleanse, you and your partner will explore:
    How to keep the simmer going 24/7The beauty of her G-SpotPowerful stamina techniques for himSquirting 101My favorite weekly connecting dateI'll see you in there. 

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    The 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do

    The 5 Sexiest Things a Man Can Do

    The seduction guide for men. 
    I guarantee that the following techniques have opened many a heart and legs, bringing them to their knees, and giving them deep, life-changing orgasms. These truly are the keys to the queendom. 
    I can give Neil Strauss a run for his money with the Anami Game Protocol. 
    Here’s how to game the chicks. 
    In this episode:
    My top five seduction techniques: must-dos for all men How to f**k a woman into oblivion Who is naturally more insatiable: men or women? The most important sexual skill men can have The most important emotional skill men can have The archetypal masculine: making pussies wet for the last 100,000 years Join the free Coming Together 7-Day Sex Cleanse. Each day, you’ll receive an email with an assignments to deepen into each other, sexually and emotionally.

    Side effects of this Sex Cleanse may include: 

    ~ Ejaculate-soaked bed sheets
    ~ Broken bed frames
    ~ Being fully energized by each other's life force energy
    ~ Clearing of relationship blocks
    ~ Stronger stamina
    ~ Feelings of safety and security
    ~ Sky-rocketing libidos
    Signup today.

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    9 Signs of a Conscious Relationship

    9 Signs of a Conscious Relationship

    But make it sexy.
    In a conscious relationship, we transmute our emotional connection and sexual energy into rejuvenating, healing and pro-creative power. We realize our relationship—and specifically our sex life—is the engine that fuels our entire lives. 
    In this episode: 
    9 signs of a conscious relationship The daily sex prayer: get on your knees The only acceptable answer is “F**k yes!”The aphrodisiac of honesty Hardcore genital love Becoming an unstoppable super power couple 

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    20 Seconds of Insane Courage To Save Your Relationship

    20 Seconds of Insane Courage To Save Your Relationship

    “If you’re not scared shitless, you’re not aiming high enough.” Today’s episode is all about going all in. Making bold moves, taking big chances.
    Every single life-defining moment I’ve ever had, has always come down to how much courage I displayed in the moment. Did I step up to the plate?
    Did I push myself out of my comfort zone and take a risk for something more?
    This comes to love and relationships and orgasms, and truth telling and business decisions and even the waves I take when I surf.
    Every major milestone and uplevelling of my life is always preceded by a moment. A crossroads where I was asked to leap off a clip.
    Today’s podcast is a rally cry for courage in love and life and how 20 seconds of being brave and bold can truly change your reality in an instant.
    In this episode:
    The best "pickup" line a man ever used on me and how it led to a marriage proposalUnlocking the secrets of the universe through big, bold actsThe aphrodisiac of radical honestyIncreasing your emotional and sexual courageGo big or go home, bitch!Join me for a free 7-Day Sex Cleanse
    Starting today, you and your beloved can embark on seven days of relationship renewal and sexual ignition.
    Whether things have come to a complete standstill in the bedroom, or you are spending every night in orgasmic bliss, there’s something for everyone to up-level.
    Each day, you’ll receive an email with an assignment to watch or listen to, followed by discussion prompts and then homeplay.
    The prompts and homeplay will set the foundation to deepen into each other, sexually and spiritually.
    Signup for the free 7-Day Sex Cleanse. 

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    My Vagina Healed That!

    My Vagina Healed That!

    Heal thyself. 
    Last week I hosted a LIVE online event called My Vagina Healed That! which featured me and three of our favourite Well-F**ked All Stars sharing on how their sexual energy healed everything from their reproductive ailments, to landing them life-changing multi-million dollar business deals.
    True vagina stories.
    Each day featured a different topic and all star, and started with me talking about these concepts, and then leading a guided visualization about them, and then had the All Star share their story and take questions from our listeners. We went much deeper than we usually do in a public forum and the set up gives you a taste of what my online programs—which I call salons—are all about.
    Katie was our all star guest for the topic Alchemizing Sexual Trauma into Creativity and Cervical Orgasms. She shares falling madly in love with herself and her vagina, all of which translated in the healing of her crippling endometriosis and painful period.
    In this episode:
    How Katie went from not even being able to touch her own vagina, and with small, incremental steps overcame her history of abuse, leading to ecstatic orgasmsEradicated her crippling periods and endometriosis through using the VKF healing practices and the jade yoni eggFalling madly in love with herself and her vagina.Experience my guided visualization on “Connecting the Heart, Cervix and Orgasmic Enlightenment”Differences between G-Spot and cervical orgasmsSexual energy and cash: ”We have so much money now we don't even know what to do with it all!" ~ KatieMy experiences having dolphin-gasms. Yes, it's a thing! At least for me it is. :)
    MY VAGINA HEALED THAT! 3-day LIVE eventIf you missed our rare LIVE and free event from last week, you can still watch the replays of each day's session. You'll hear our reality-bending conversations on:
    Radical self-healing—including cysts, tortuous periods and endometriosis—through using the jade egg and deep throating. We kid you not.Releasing a lifetime of sexual trauma through baby steps of self-explorationFrom orgasms a few times a year to daily cervical orgasmsManifesting a dream man and dream career with your vaginaEvaporating pounds of body weight and “baggage” through orgasmsLanding a life-changing multi-million dollar deal through several days of 90-minute oral sex sessions.All thanks to their vaginas! These stories are the antidote and inspiration to thinking you’re “just one of those women who can’t.”
    If they can, you can.
    Signup to listen to the replays here.

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    Single and Multi-Orgasmic

    Single and Multi-Orgasmic

    You can still be single and well-f**ked. 

    You can still be single and have a voracious libido, be deeply, sexually fulfilled and have G-Spot, squirting and cervical orgasms on the regular. 
    And it’s essential that you are. The key is to keep your sexual engines revving. 

    A lot of people will come to us and think they can’t do the practices I teach because they need a partner. Sure, some of them you do. 

    But most of them, you can—and ought to—practice on your own. Here's why and how. 
    Today’s Well-F**ked All Star is Sarah.
    She came into my work single, and used this time to explore herself and discover all the deeper vaginal orgasms, using her cervical orgasms to heal a breakup, and as a “roadmap to wealth that skyrocketed her business.”
    In this episode: 
    Sarah's story as a multi-orgasmic single with G-Spot and cervical orgasms galore Essential sexual practices for singles Why keeping your sexual energy high is key to attracting a new partner Using your single time to transform repeating relationship patterns through sexual shadow work My quintessential advice: Go f**k yourself! ***
    Vaginal Kung Fu is open for registration NOW and it closes February 2nd at midnight PST. 

    In the salon, you’ll become a maestro of all things vaginal and sexual. You’ll learn: 
    My step-by-step guided vaginal weight lifting routine Yoni massage to de-numb and activate your vagina Quantum techniques to clear your blocks and illuminate your sexual shadowBreast massage techniques to tone, lift and enlarge the breasts Natural birth control and detoxing off The Pill How to make menstruation and menopause the energizing and rejuvenating portals they were meant to be  How to give a vaginal handjob How to use your sexual energy to heal yourself, including my sex position mood guide. Come to Vaginal Kung Fu. 

    • 30 min

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4.5 out of 5
1.3K Ratings

1.3K Ratings

alexph2012 ,

Let’s have sex 1 on 1

I’m 22 and I need oral sex with you

Increasing my knowledge ,

Such a great message!

I live Kim openness, honesty, and tough talk. She puts it all out there and it should be listened to by all women. Get rid of old beliefs, open up and find the goddess within us. We all need this message to trust ourselves and what our body is telling us, or learn to to hear what it’s saying!

Maygirl34568 ,



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