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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

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Where the sexual and spiritual come together. Sex and relationship coach and vaginal weight lifter Kim Anami gives you the sex education and orgasms you never had. www.kimanami.com

    Deep Throat for a Better Birth

    Deep Throat for a Better Birth

    The “open your throat open your vagina’ connection can be tapped for one of the most important sexual acts: 

    Giving birth.

    Yes, giving birth is a sexual act. 

    When a baby is born into the typical hospital/emergency/surgical setting, they are imprinted with the energies of: 

    Life is about pain, suffering and trauma 
    You are powerless and you are helpless, as the birthing woman usually is 

    You are in charge of your life and body 
    Pleasure is your birthright—ha, literally, starting with birth 
    You are in tune with the divine forces of nature and the cosmos and can live your life in alignment with them
    Which would you rather? 

    Nothing will give your child a better start in this world than birthing them in ecstasy.

    In today’s episode: 

    Well-F**ked All Star Kristie shares her deep throating/vagina opening free birth story 
    What it’s like to free birth three babies and NOT participate in the medical system at all 
    Are naturally-birthed children any different than medically-birthed ones? 
    Why sexual transformation is your best tool for a natural and orgasmic birth 
    I will go so far as to say that ALL complications in birth are some manifestation of fear, unconscious programming and trauma imprinting that no one realized the importance of clearing before having a baby. 

    That’s exactly what we do in the Sexy Mama Salon. 

    We cover every thing from conception to pregnancy, birth and beyond, all the while showing you how to tap your sexual energy and your intimate partner connection to quantum leap the process and align you with the divine flow of the universe. 

    You can signup for the salon at Sexy Mama. 

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    Freebirthing Twins (Surprise!)

    Freebirthing Twins (Surprise!)

    Emma shares how she welcomed twins into the world, at home, alone with her husband. The free birth was intentional, but the twins were a surprise! 
    Carrying on with our “sisters doin’ it for themselves” theme, in today’s episode we hear from Emma Johnston, co-founder of The Reconnected and WFW alumni, who had an entirely sovereign pregnancy and free-birthed her twins at home, one of whom was breech.
    “Free birthing” means the woman births her babies herself.
    No extra hands, machines, or machetes.
    Two of these presentations are enough for doctors to immediately insist on cutting babies out of women.
    Emma gave birth in her own home, in water, with her husband and three children there with her. She trusted that her body, and the eons of wisdom encoded within it, were far more powerful than any outside source.
    And they were.
    In today’s episode:

    The role of surrender in birth
    Rewiring the nervous system for trust and pleasure
    Do you really trust yourself?
    Protecting yourself during pregnancy from outside forces of doubt and fear
    Shedding programming and building confidence in your body’s true powers
    Sexy Mama is my 8-week online salon to reprogram you for the bliss of a profoundly orgasmic birth and to become an empowered, luscious mama.
    Sexy Mama is for you if:

    Are currently pregnant or plan to be at any point in the future 
    Want to create an blissful, orgasmic birth 
    Are seeking the most cutting-edge, holistic information and practices available for conception, pregnancy and birth to early childhood
    Want a precise map to reprogram yourself away from pain propaganda and instead into ecstasy and self-empowerment 
    Signup for Sexy Mama now. 

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    Tantric Pregnancy: Sex As Prenatal Care

    Tantric Pregnancy: Sex As Prenatal Care

    Off-the-charts libido and multi-orgasmic pregnancy. 
    In today’s episode, we’re talking to Amanda, who is one of our favourite—and most frequent—all stars. 

    We’ve interviewed her on her journey from NO orgasms, to having G-Spot and cervical orgasms, nipple-gasms, and the biggest orgasms of her life:

    Her birth orgasms. 

    We’re speaking today about her very, very sexual pregnancy and how her libido was not just high, but off-the-charts. 

    She's having a very multi-orgasmic pregnancy. 

    I spoke in last week’s episode: All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births about the idea of pregnancy being a massive 9-month foreplay arousal experience, culminating with birth as the climactic orgasm. 

    Which would you rather?? 

    Perpetual orgasmic bliss? Or constant suffering, as some women experience pregnancy and birth? 

    Because I assure you, it is a choice. 

    Let’s hear from Amanda on how she made hers. 

    In this episode: 

    Sex as the only prenatal care needed 
    Well-F**ked All Star Amanda on having sex nearly every day, for hours a day, even with three children, working, a husband and being pregnant 
    An orgasm a day keeps the hospital away 
    Cervical orgasms and surrender to lead you back to yourself
    All the birth prep you need is already encoded into your cells 
    Sexy Mama is my all-in-one salon to reprogram you for the bliss of a profoundly orgasmic birth and to become an empowered, luscious mama.
    In my 8-week online program for women, you'll learn:

    How to tap into the power of vaginal orgasms for orgasmic birth
    The connection between your intimate relationship and your birth experience 
    How to heal from past sexual conflicts and clear the path for a new, ecstatic experience during pregnancy
    Conception consciousness + nutrition and environment enhancement for a clean body and mind: what to add and what to remove
    How to create your renegade birth kit
    How to prevent postpartum depression and enjoy your baby moon year
    Finding and building the village to raise your child
    Everything you need to have an ecstatic birth and be a tuned-in, blissful and sexy mama. Whether you are actively trying to conceive, are pregnant or are planning to be, this is for you.
    Sign up for the Sexy Mama online salon. 

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    All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births

    All Women Can Have Orgasmic Births

    It's the Anami Guarantee. 
    Birth is meant to be the most orgasmic, pleasurable event of your life, and the biggest, wildest, most life-changing orgasm and spiritually transcendent experience you will ever have. 
    What if the TRUTH is that your entire pregnancy was actually an extension of the sexual act, where you feel erotically lit up and charged ALL of the time, brimming over with sensual and sexual energy, and at the edge of orgasm for nine months? Living in a perpetual state of arousal and bliss? 

    What if the TRUTH is that your birth was then the peak of all of that, the building of NINE months of delicious foreplay, climaxing with the biggest, wildest, most ecstatic orgasm of your life, that will forever change you as a person, and hardwire your baby for a life of bliss and flow? 

    It is. 
    In this episode: 
    - The connection between sex, God and birth- The only way to have blissful birth is if you are sexually connected to yourself and partner - Cervical orgasms as birth training - How to prepare for an orgasmic birth - The biggest reason why couples don't have sex after children and how to avoid it 

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    10 Reasons to Lift Weights with Your Penis

    10 Reasons to Lift Weights with Your Penis

    This is an essential life skill for all men: creating your supersized, super-strengthened, marathon cock. 
    In this episode: 

    11 reasons to lift weights with your penis 
    Does every man need to pull seven cars and a helicopter with his genitals? It’s bene done. It’s a thing. 
    How a weight-lifting regimen leads to self-actualized cock
    Explosive orgasms from stronger genitals 
    Owning and loving your cock 
    How to give a handjob, With your cock. 

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    Dickmatize Your Woman!

    Dickmatize Your Woman!

    The urban dick-tionary defines “dickmatize” as: 

    "To mesmerize or enchant a woman with your sexual prowess."

    I’d add to that, the noun of being dickmatized:
    To be smitten and obsessed with dick. You’ll do anything for that dick. You’ve been put into a trance by…good dick. Happy, starry-eyed, blissed out, hypnotized by you and your come and your sexual powers. Example: "I can't stop thinking about Mark and his cock. I'm obsessed. I've been dickmatized!”
    if you’ve never been to that place—man or woman—well, let’s just say that this is the holy grail of your sex life.
    In today’s interview, we have Jeff. He and his partner Jen have dove into all things Anami and have taken all my suggestions to heart and g******s. From the Anami staples of 3-hour sex dates to sex weekends to vaginal orgasms, superstar stamina and making more cash than ever, they’ve now got it all. 

    Jeff is also one of those Anami Ambassadors who is always active on my Instagram comments, encouraging people and answering their questions. When you know, you know! 

    We’ll talk especially on how his wife went from being a woman who was held back by religious and cultural taboo, and who is now, in his words, an insatiable sex monster. 
    Oh, and they’ve been married 29 years. 

    Jeff has some sage advice for you guys: 

    "Don’t turn on your woman and make her an insatiable sex monster if you don’t want to have blow jobs all the time.”  
    In this episode:

    What’s it like having 10-12 hours of sex a week, plus running uber-successful businesses and also being ultra endurance athletes and parents on top of that—in case you think you “have no time for sex”! 
    How Jen went from 49 years of only clitoral orgasms to to becoming an insatiable sex monster: “The noises that were coming out of her…!” 
    Busting through Madonna/whore blocks and embracing the quintessential “whore in the bedroom” 
    Stamina as the key to giving your woman third-eye cervical orgasms
    G-Spot orgasms from tongue thrusting alone
    Why amplified masculine and feminine energies are so important to life-changing sex: you can’t have it without them 
    Sexual Mastery for Men is open NOW for registration!
    In my 8-week online signature salon for men, you’ll learn: 

    How to last longer in bed
    Orgasms without ejaculation 
    How to use your sexual energy and relationship as a power source in your life 
    How to achieve the deeper, vaginal orgasms for women. 
    Organically grown cock with lengthening and strengthening exercises 
    And much more. The ultimate Supercock training. Everything you need to Dickmatize your woman and dominate in your life. 
    Sign up now at Sexual Mastery for Men.

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Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
1.3K Ratings

1.3K Ratings

Baddest Witch ,


Kim’s work is multidimensionally activating. Just from tuning into her podcast I have been guiding myself deeper into self healing. I am so grateful for her and so excited to dive into VKF to truly experience her codes.

Kelly L89 ,

Love ❤️🍆

I went through a breakup and set the intention that I didn’t want to outsource my pleasure ever again. Days later, I was introduced to this work. It’s life changing.

Hezwyman ,

Kim is singlehandedly saving the world

What a breath of fresh air for married couples looking to improve their lives. There aren’t many outlets for us anymore. Kim is the best at what she does and has fundamentally changed our marriage for the better.

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