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Exchange on Brexit between scholars from the United Kingdom and Germany.

Oxford German Exchange Series on Brexit Oxford University

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Exchange on Brexit between scholars from the United Kingdom and Germany.

    Oxford Goettingen conversation on Brexit

    Oxford Goettingen conversation on Brexit

    A conversation on Brexit between scholars of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes from the Georg-August-University Goettingen in Germany and DPhil students from the University of Oxford. The discussed questions are: Some argue that Brexit was a vote on migration and that the German refugee policy fuelled the Brexit movement. How was the decision by Angela Merkel to let refugees into Germany perceived by the UK younger generation and students? Arguably, those who voted for populist parties and policies are underrepresented in this room. Are we alienated from voters that support populist parties in Germany or voted for Brexit? Oxford is a world leading international University. Why is it that Brexit was mainly caused by Oxford graduates? Oxford is increasing its collaboration with the Berlin Universities and seems to be opposed and concerned about Brexit. What can be done to increase the exchange between German and UK Universities despite of Brexit?

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