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Find out how to be happy and content at work, no matter where you are in your career. Learn from successful people who share life lessons and stories about their journeys. Each conversation will leave you feeling inspired and looking forward to what’s possible. And you’ll be more peaceful because of it!

Peace and Possibilities Julie Bruns

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Find out how to be happy and content at work, no matter where you are in your career. Learn from successful people who share life lessons and stories about their journeys. Each conversation will leave you feeling inspired and looking forward to what’s possible. And you’ll be more peaceful because of it!

    35. Do what you love, love what you do

    35. Do what you love, love what you do

    Get ready to be blown away by a young lady who decided she wanted to become a pilot when she was 14, and then made it happen by the time she was 18!
    Yes, you read that right!
    “Do what you love, love what you, and have faith in your dreams,” urges my guest, Jessica Vargas, on this week's episode of the Peace & Possibilities podcast.
    Growing up, she had a fascination with flying, and her parents supported her, showing her what was possible. 
    She knew it would be a long road and it would take determination and hard work.  Just like the sacrifices her grandparents made to be sure she had opportunities.  She remembers how her grandmother felt seeing her celebrating her accomplishments, and "to see her pride in me was amazing!"  Staying focused and grounded was Jessica's way of making sure it would happen.
    Reactions like this, made her realize that all of those sacrifices lifted her up and empowered her to keep going after her dreams.
    And she's not stopping anytime soon.  She'll be attending flying school in the fall, and she wants to be a commercial pilot someday.  I don't doubt for one second, that she will.
    With very special, young people like Jessica, our future is bright. (And thank goodness for parents like hers, that are showing our kids just what's possible, no matter how old you are). THANK YOU!
    Jessica Vargas is a recent high school graduate attending Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in the fall; she’s a graduate of Tuskegee Next class of 2019, and works as a ground instructor at Illinois Aviation Academy. She currently has her Private Pilot Certificate as well as her Advanced Ground Instructor Certificate.

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    34. I cannot still be here in 6 years!

    34. I cannot still be here in 6 years!

    Have you ever had that lucid moment when you realized you just couldn't continue with what you were doing for one more day?  In relationships, in life, at work?
    What do you think about this statement?
    Just because you're good at something doesn't mean that's what you should be doing for the rest of your life.
    What if we defined what success looked like for us in the end result, like how we'll feel, the environment we'll be in, the people we'll surround ourselves with, then defined our lives? Do you think the outcome would be different? 
    If we only think about it as a destination, we'll never actually get there.
    My guest on this week's podcast, Manuela Pauer, says reaching a goal will bring you happiness - a milestone with a burst of happiness, but if you concentrate on each step working towards your journey, that's the part that brings you happiness.  You'll have more lasting happiness.  As you live your life, along the way, give yourself credit for what you've achieved, then enjoy the progress. 
    I think a lot of us forget to do this.  We forget to celebrate, to reflect, and to embrace what we've achieved.  We're so focused on the next thing that we only give success a quick thought, then move on to the next goal.  Hence the burst.
    The bursts are good, but why not go after the steady stream?
    Listen in to our conversation to found out how you can get closer to the steady stream of happiness, every day.  Experiencing it more often is the goal!
    For more info:
    Website: PauerCoaching.com
    Facebook: Facebook.com/PauerCoaching
    Instagram: Instagram.com/Pauer.Coaching

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    33. Don't silence those signals!

    33. Don't silence those signals!

    Have you ever had someone trying to dictate where you should go?  In the car, in school, in life?
    Or worse, did you let them tell you what to do even if you knew it wasn't the right move?
    My guest on this week's podcast is Neha O'Rourke.  She was in that place, searching for a way to have a career she loved.
    She shared with me that we work 90,000 hours over our lifetime.  No wonder so many of us want to be happy at our job.  That's a lot of time spent away from our families, with other people,  sharing our gifts and using our precious energy.
    Some will say "a job isn't supposed to be fun", that's why they call it work. 
    But I say we spend WAY TOO MUCH time at work (or even at home), to not be happy doing that work, with people who lift us up.
    I don't care if you're a stay at home mom (which is the HARDEST job in the world), or if you are the CEO of your company, working takes up the biggest part of our day. We'd be crazy not to want it to be joyful, at least part of the time.
    We'd be crazy not to use our strengths, engaging others, creating and making the world a better place.
    Somewhere in between no longer and not yet, was where the magic happened for Neha…listen in to found out how.
    Find out more info about Neha below:
    Neha O’Rourke is an award-winning Career Coach and Founder of Somewhere In Between Coaching, a company dedicated to empowering unfulfilled women to design a career and life they love. Since founding Somewhere In Between, Neha has served hundreds of women through her coaching programs that have been embraced by brands such as Expedia, WeWork, NEMA, and more. Her thought leadership has been featured in publications such as The Washington Post, Yoga Digest and Lux and Concord. Neha has also been a featured expert commentator on Fox 32. Among her accolades, Neha was named “20 on the Rise” in 2019 in the coaching category by Honeybook and Rising Tide Society.
    Prior to Somewhere In Between Coaching, Neha worked in advertising where she architected strategies and campaigns for nationally recognized brands. As a result of physical, mental and emotional burnout, Neha shifted her career to launch Somewhere In Between Coaching.  She fundamentally believes that life is too short to be “surviving” your career and that every woman deserves to thrive, both professionally and personally. 
    Website: https://sibcareercoaching.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/somewhereinbetweencoach/
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/42734410 

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    32. Let life lead

    32. Let life lead

    "The universe has lots of amazing opportunities lined up for you", says my guest on this week's podcast, Kelley Kosow.  She's the author of the book The Integrity Advantage, and she knows a thing or two about being successful.
    Life is never a straight line to our goals.  We plan for it to be.  We expect it to be. And then...we go for it, and something unexpected happens. We realize it's not what we thought it would be, or we find something else that lights us up.
    Sometimes it happens when we're trying to solve our own problem! 
    Either way, if we learn to work hard, show up and do what it takes to get it done, we will be successful.
    Kelly recommends to just stay curious, and not to be afraid to switch it up.  The universe is guiding you as you go along.  Pay attention!
    And if something isn't working, don't be afraid to let go.  You just might find out that the other path is even better!
    Kelley's book:
    The Integrity Advantage - Now available!

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    31. Why were you never asked this question?

    31. Why were you never asked this question?

    You have a dream. You want to be something. You want to achieve something. You're attracted to this role of teacher, nurse, healer, or business owner.
    What about this role/job/person truly inspires you?
    Who is this person being that is telling you that you want to be that thing too?
    What is drawing you to that? What's inspiring about it?
    What is the why?
    What if we all just took the time to go inside and ask ourselves these questions?
    Trying to figure out the patterns, discovering what brings about life in you, and what makes you feel fulfilled and want to evolve, are all such important concepts along our journey. 
    Sometimes instead we just pick a career or a role, study how to do it, then we go get that job, only to find out that it's not what we thought it was going to be, and aren't quite sure why.  Then panic sets in because we just spent 4 years, or sometimes more, educating ourselves on the very thing that we no longer want to pursue or be!
    That's scary!  And unnecessary.
    My guests on this week's podcast, Tay & Val, owners of M Meditation, share their journey on figuring all of this out, describe what it was like to see that spark in someone else, and finally learn to explore that outstanding person we're all being called to be.
    You'll be inspired, I promise, as they have lots of guidance to offer.
    Find out more about Tay & Val below:

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    30. She wanted to create change

    30. She wanted to create change

    You can learn more about Alysondra here:
    Dr. Alysondra Duke earned a Doctorate in Counseling Psychology, along with a Masters + Bachelors in Women’s and Gender Studies. Her work has been featured on MTV, KOMONews, and the Microsoft Women in Business Podcast. Dr. Duke hosts a weekly podcast, Brave + Well, sharing strategies for emotional well-being for high-achieving women, and is a monthly radio co-host on KKNW 1150’s Sunny in Seattle. She currently serves as a mentor, coach, and group facilitator for women who seek to elevate their personal life + business.

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