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5.0 out of 5
10 Ratings

10 Ratings

Ghostface Millah ,

The Rise of Plaid Nation

Big fan of these guys for years. The podcast is the perfect medium for their work. Gives the listener the feeling of being in the room with these guys as they riff their way through vintage TV, current events and obscure records.

Five out of five. Would recommend.

Diamondtry4 ,

Fun to listen to even if you’re basic as hell

I often have no idea these guys are talking about, and sometimes when I comment on their social media they DON’T RESPOND, but this show is SO FUN. I love hearing these guys’ takes on politics, records, movies, and Frasier! I love when they shout out to that “Lindsay” person, and I think she feels really bad about forgetting to review this podcast because SHE LOVES IT!!! Anyway, I will totally recommend this show, especially to people who like criterion movies and indie music!! Would give it six stars if I could. Yay!

ghfxhhk ,

Great listen. Do it up!

Three big dummies say interesting and insightful things about music, films, politics, and episodes of Fraiser. Both hilarious and thoughtful, this is a great podcast for those who like to take deep dives into art you may have missed. Finally a podcast by three white guys with beards!

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