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Poppa Squash is a theatrical audio show hosted and produced by Britt Moseley and Sean Petell.

Poppa Squash Poppa Squash

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Poppa Squash is a theatrical audio show hosted and produced by Britt Moseley and Sean Petell.

    Fantasy 2

    Fantasy 2

    Pop in that memory card and load your save, because Poppa Squash is back with Fantasy 2!


    "The end times draw near: KLINGORK has awakened after 4000 years of slumber, and his apocalyptic wrath seems pretty dangerous. Ho, traveler! Pick up your sword and feed your HORSE. Are you brave enough to save the BEETLE PEOPLE from Klingork's dark reign? Will you choose to collect the full set of CARDS that alternately feature the likeness of enemies and your party members? What level will your BOOTS be at the end of your journey?"

    Fantasy 2: Finally, An Endless Quest Awaits

    • 31 min
    Half & Half: Rainbow Milk

    Half & Half: Rainbow Milk

    Episode 126. And episode 1... of Half & Half! Introducing a new Poppa Squash series! Brothers Jeb and Job are two clueless city slickers who thought it'd be fun to move from the Big Apple into the setting sun. Little did they know, running a cow farm is a lot of work! Especially when the cows start providing... rainbow milk???

    Produced by and starring Britt Moseley, Brett Gui Xin, and Sean Petell. Featuring musical guest Mega Master.

    • 21 min
    Cathy Game (Feat. Cup Cupperstein)

    Cathy Game (Feat. Cup Cupperstein)

    Episode 125. Welcome! Take a seat and take a sip on some hot java. Cathy Game is about to start. These are the rules:

    Acquire a Cathy strip by any means necessary and give it to player one. No peeking. Now, player one's got the Cathy comic in front of them and they're the only ones that are allowed to look. It's their job to describe the comic in as much detail as they possibly can, panel-by-panel. Meanwhile, the other players chime in with thoughts, suggestions, questions, and concerns - basically whatever they wanna say pertaining to what has been described of the strip thus far.

    Together, players of Cathy Game shall realize the truth lying deep within the strip.

    • 20 min
    V a p o r C o r e (feat. Cup Cupperstein)

    V a p o r C o r e (feat. Cup Cupperstein)

    Episode 124. Welcome to VaporChat, your go-to place for everything vapor related. Got some gas? Let’s wiff it! Some acetone? Smells good to me.

    Join Doug, Trimmy, and Trent who will talk about vapors and host the VaporCore Awards, the annual competition of vapor music. Five bands compete for the title, and only one will come away with the Golden Anvil. The lineup this year includes: Monkeysnuff, Anvil Smanvil, Carbuilding, Dog Dog Dog and the Dog, and crowd favorite Betty and Her Dog.

    Who will win the Golden Anvil?
    How do you transport a bunch of chemicals?
    What’s that cruise line vapor like?
    All these questions and more will be answered on today’s episode of Poppa Squash.

    This episode features Cup Cupperstein on vocals with musical contributions by: Grass, Sicky Vicky, Anderson, Susan Lucia, and Cup Cupperstein.

    • 45 min
    This Land Of Fantasy

    This Land Of Fantasy

    Episode 123. The grass grows greener. The sky extends higher. And the mysteries... are so much more mysterious! In... This Land Of Fantasy!

    Well met, traveler! You find yourself at a crossroads. To the left? Brambles. To the right? More brambles. And yet... a strange glow of sorts. Which path will you take? Take the dice. Make a roll. Change your life. Be a troll! Be a dog! Find the gold. Be a fog! Eat some mold. Come now, listener. Let us embark on... a quest.


    • 19 min
    Bounce Family (Feat. Maria Camia)

    Bounce Family (Feat. Maria Camia)

    Episode 121. This family has real close ties to bouncing. Bouncy balls, trampolines, and regular old bouncing. But the son, or cousin's friends ex-wife's baby, has some planet shattering news to deliver. Can they bounce back from the terrible revelations? Find out in another episode of Poppa Squash featuring Maria Camia. Created in Poppa Squash Studios, August 2019.

    • 41 min

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4 Ratings

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