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Sharing personal stories, spiritual tools, and our attempts to navigate this messy, imperfect, beautiful life.

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Sharing personal stories, spiritual tools, and our attempts to navigate this messy, imperfect, beautiful life.

    Allowing Feelings + Emotions

    Allowing Feelings + Emotions

    Do you struggle with identifying feelings or experiencing emotions? Maybe it's hard to be happy or impossible to sit with anger or sadness. In this LIVE podcast recording Lindsay and Annie discuss their experiences with denying or avoiding emotions, and then share the tools they're using for identifying, allowing, + tolerating a range of emotions. You're doing a great job being human! 

    • 56 min
    Support For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

    Support For Empaths & Highly Sensitive People

    Have you denied your empathetic, highly sensitive, authentic self? Are you curious how to navigate the chaotic world with more ease? Join us for this LIVE recording as we share our experiences and the resources + tools that are guiding us towards balance, safety, and respect for our sensitive nervous systems. Be sweet to yourself. *And: Annie mistakenly referred to Rejection Sensitivity Dysphoria as Rejection Sensitivity Dysmorphia. Oops!*

    • 46 min
    Untangling Codependency

    Untangling Codependency

    Tangled in the compulsive knot of codependent behaviors and thoughts? You're not alone, you are worthy, there is hope, and it can get better. We look at how codependency affects our emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical health. We share our own experiences with how codependency harms us, then share tools for recovery that help us find balance, a sense of self, and the courage to find a new way. We love ya, you're doing so great! Apologies for imperfect sound, we're fine-tuning equipment!

    • 39 min
    Facing Aging

    Facing Aging

    Live recording! Our Insight Timer Live Stream Podcast on Aging. This 30-min episode is all about facing, and maybe even embracing, aging with spiritual tools. From Botox to prayer we bare it all. Apologies for the low volume in one section due to being a live recording. We love you and you're perfect exactly the age and way you are TODAY. Listen and let us know what aging is like for you these days. xo

    • 28 min
    Projection Reflection

    Projection Reflection

    Are you trapped in projection? This episode explores the negative traits and unwanted emotions we project onto others, resulting in pain for all involved. Today we look to our shadow sides to help find our unconscious projections. Then, we share tools we're using for self awareness so we can begin to unravel the painful narratives we have believed for so long. Our hope is for freedom! Join us! 

    • 30 min
    Cultivating Inner Safety

    Cultivating Inner Safety

    Can creating inner safety hold and nurture us in our outward facing lives? Could we provide the calm and serene states we so desire and try to gain in our outside worlds? Join Annie and Lindsay as they explore what it feels like to live in unsafe zones within yourself. Learn to bring safety and care to yourself from yourself. 
    Have you ever thought about your internal surroundings? What makes you feel safe in your body?What anchors you spiritually?
    How do you create emotional safety in the face of internal or external disturbances? 
    When do you notice yourself feeling unsafe? 
    Has harsh inner criticism, past hurts, perceived failings, and longing- constructed an absence of safety? Join us as we dismantle internal hazards and cultivate inner safety. 

    • 37 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
158 Ratings

158 Ratings

Squinte ,

Fantastic tools

Thank you for sharing about codependency and the spiritual journey in a way that really resonates. So helpful.

Katy W- LV ,

Can’t Recommend this Enough for the Spiritual Seeker

I adore this podcast. I recently found it as a recommendation from Insight Timer, and have started following it through a different platform to get caught up.

I’ve listened to about 5 episodes now, and it continues to blow me away.

Lindsey and Annie are vulnerable, inspirational, and just so fun to listen to. Their dynamic is incredible, and I can tell that they really learn and grow from each other.

I started my spiritual journey about 12 years ago; however, I didn’t have a honed in focus until about 9 years ago. I walk a very similar path to what they describe, but also feel very inspired to continue to grow in the ways they describe.

They remind me of the epitome of “to thy own self be true”, and how knowing ourselves becomes the key to change and joy for ourselves and those around us.

Thank you to Lindsey and Annie, I just love you ladies!!

Dr Funshine ,

🙏🌈💕Show Stopping!!👏❣️🎀✨💫

You three! Now… You Two …
Are a total miracle! Your words lay out the nitty-gritty of the inner workings of our spiritual and emotional selves… So clearly! The places you have been allow us to dive deep into our emotional core... get naked… And then rise up like a phoenix with newfound powers described as tools. The two/three of you make a circle that complete a whole story… Beginning middle end… But the miracle is in the resolutions and the discoveries along the way. You’re a epiphanies are priceless! Your love is generous! Your transparency is so authentic… We have no choice but to listen and grow with you! You are two/ three precious jewels… Each a different color, unique and brilliant each in your own way! Thank you thank you thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We love your clarity and your generosity in sharing!💕 Love from your fan club peeps!🥰

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