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You may be the farmer or married to the farmer - this podcast will help you balance family and merge your personal needs with your farm demands. You can have a profitable biz AND a lovely, fulfilled life. I teach you personal development tools & strategies to finally conquer overwhelm and the feeling that you're not doing enough in your family or in your business. You'll learn step-by-step how to create the results you want in life!

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You may be the farmer or married to the farmer - this podcast will help you balance family and merge your personal needs with your farm demands. You can have a profitable biz AND a lovely, fulfilled life. I teach you personal development tools & strategies to finally conquer overwhelm and the feeling that you're not doing enough in your family or in your business. You'll learn step-by-step how to create the results you want in life!

    #210: If you Feel You Have to Apologize for your Prices, This Will Help

    #210: If you Feel You Have to Apologize for your Prices, This Will Help

    Click HERE: 3 Steps to Build Your Profitable Farm - free training

    This ever happen to you?

    Someone asks the price of your lettuce, flowers, or meat—you can fill in the blank with your product.

    And as soon as they ask, you freeze, remembering the person last week who surprised you by asking, “Why’s it so expensive?!”

    Truth is… our farm products MUST be higher priced than the store since we have no economy of scale.

    ​Click HERE to Confidently Charge What You Need​

    Just last week, a farmer requested my coaching because she always feels like she has to apologize for her expensive floral designs.

    I know this is such a struggle among the farmers in my community here. 

    Some women tell me they feel guilty or obligated to keep prices low, others feel angry that people don’t get it - - today’s podcast episode will help you!!

    Like my client, Kathryn, you want to feel confident knowing you must charge that much because of all the work, time, and, of course, hard costs that go into your farming.

    But it can be so hard because these products are often much less expensive at the store.

    And to add salt to the wound, you’ve got neighbors selling similar things for much less money.

    But if you want to farm long-term and not lose money the whole time, you’ll have to charge a sustainable price.

    When you learn the skill I teach today, it becomes much easier to confidently charge a profitable/sustainable price for your meat, milk, eggs, flowers, classes.

    I tell you, when you solve for this in your life, you feel so much lighter, AND you finally start to make and keep money.

    Feeling confident and no longer apologizing for your pricing IS a learned skill, like ALL the things I teach in my marketing Bootcamp.

    The farmers I coach aren’t making money because they’re more gifted, or live in a better place, or have found the magic FB ad or website. 

    NO—they’re making more money than they ever dreamed possible because they’re learning the skills of marketing and mind management, and then money follows.

    Listen to the Profitable Mindset Podcast Episode 210 today and learn how to feel far more confident in your pricing.​

    Thanks for being here!

    Remember - Farm Marketing Bootcamp opens up in July. Plan to join me! A 6 week program to get your marketing started and finessed!

    Let’s get you making and keeping more money.


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    #209: If You Think Your Market is Too Small… This Will Help

    #209: If You Think Your Market is Too Small… This Will Help

    Click HERE for 6 Tools You Need to Build a Profitable Farm

    You work so hard to create the best farm you can - whether it’s meat, milk, flowers, eggs, fiber. Plus all the workshops and tours.

    I even know some of you are farming oysters and salmon and Air BnB’s!
    You bust your buns to get these products & services to people in your community. 
    I know this because I did it, too. I used to wake up thinking - “my product is amazing. People should be flocking to buy - and they aren’t.”
    And despite your best efforts, often you feel like your market just doesn’t want what you have.
    They didn’t buy enough whole chickens, so you had them cut up.
    They didn’t buy the Flower and Vegetable Shares…
    So you made a YouPick and weekly orders.
    They didn’t buy the beef shares…
    So you created bundles and boxes and still have FREEZERS full of meat.
    So the obvious thing to tell yourself is -  that the market is the problem.
    But. This thought is KILLING your business.
    And it’s not true.
    The market is NEVER the problem.
    I know right now a lot of you reading this are tempted to think, “but Charlotte doesn’t know MY market. MY market IS the problem. She doesn’t realize it IS saturated with products just like mine, many cheaper.”
    It’s totally okay you think that - I hear you! I totally thought this, too, until I figured out the solution I offer today. 
    What my experience with thousands of farmers now shows me time and again is it’s NEVER the market that’s the problem.
    There’s ONE reason your market is not buying from you. And that lie you tell yourself (you didn’t know it’s a like, it’s okay) is keeping you stuck.
    Today on the Profitable Mindset Podcast I outline how this dangerous like will cost you thousands of dollars.
    And, I’ll share the three things you have to do to fix this problem.
    When my clients in the 5x Your Farm Sales coaching program discover the solution to this lie in the first two weeks after joining, and implement the solution I offer today, they start to make consistent sales.
    They find their market was never the problem.
    This is the best news ever.
    Because if the market is the problem - it’s out of your hands to fix it.
    I show you how it’s 100% within your control to solve this problem and start making consistent sales at the price you need to charge.
    Click HERE to tune in and hear how to solve for lack of sales.

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    #208: 3 Steps To Get Daily Personal Time This Summer

    #208: 3 Steps To Get Daily Personal Time This Summer

    Click HERE for my free live training: 6 Tools You Need to Build A Profitable Farm

    If you’re like many farmers, you probably struggle with being overwhelmed, exhausted, and burnt out for years. 
    You know you can’t keep living this way — so why haven’t you DONE anything about it yet?
    You can’t find the time!

    Or, if you do find time, such as Grandma showed up to take the kids for a couple of hours… you’re faced with 
    “... but I can’t because I feel guilty or I don’t deserve to spend time on myself when there is so much to do.”

    All farmers tell me they struggle with taking personal time, but especially as women, we carry so much guilt around taking time for ourselves because we’ve been conditioned to think this way.
    We think we need to provide physically, mentally, emotionally, and often financially -  to our families - and we’ve placed ourselves last on the to-do list.

    This costs us a great deal—especially in terms of our health, energy, and profitability. It's ironic that thinking we need to be doing it all is keeping us from even making money.

    Then, we end up beating ourselves up for it all.

    Well, I say, “No more!”

    Today’s episode is about learning 3 simple steps to start creating more personal time for yourself without feeling guilty.

    I hope you’ll try this. There’s a direct correlation between feeling fulfilled in life and having an hour of personal time each day. NOT time folding laundry or working out… I mean legit, do-nothing downtime, just for you.

    Sounds crazy-impossible?! Trust me, I’ve been right where you are. And when I saw how just an hour a day to myself changed my whole life, I had to share with you.

    Now, I spend my life teaching farmers how to make money. And it starts with learning to manage your time.  And step one in learning to manage your time… is the skill I teach today.

    Tune in to this episode and give it a try!



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    #207: How I Hit the Ground Running with a Sold-Out Farm from Day One

    #207: How I Hit the Ground Running with a Sold-Out Farm from Day One

    Click HERE for the Free Email Marketing Course

    It’s crucial that you learn marketing from people who’ve created long-term success with it.

    There are no ‘make money fast’ schemes out there that work. 

    Oh, there are plenty of people trying to sell you one! 

    But from years of experience with thousands of farmers, I know that you can’t spend enough money to compensate for not learning marketing. 

    By that, I mean you won’t successfully spend enough money hiring someone to do your marketing to get profitable.

    You can’t spend enough money on FB ads to make yourself profitable. 

    Nothing will build your profitable farm without you learning marketing. So, if you’ve got to learn it, it might as well be fun and fulfilling. 

    Today, on the Profitable Mindset Podcast, I’m in the hot seat answering Jonathan Kilpatrick’s burning questions about our marketing workshop I taught in Minnesota.

    Hear how I used the marketing skills I teach farmers to create my own successful, profitable farm. 

    Hear about the ‘cash cows’ farmers are building today using the same foundational principles.

    Tune in and learn several things, including:
    The one task you can do each week to build loyalty and connection How to build trust with people online so they’ll buy from you consistently The number one way to build SEO on your website - and it’s NOT by hiring expensive SEO consultants or programs It’s crucial that you learn to market your farm products. There’s no fast or easy way to do it! 

    If there was a fast, easy way… you know everyone would be doing it successfully. The fact that learning is “hard” weeds out those who are not willing to do hard things.

    But that’s not you, insert first name here.

    I set up my marketing a year before I brought my first cow home, so I hit the ground running and was sold out the day I opened for sales.

    Now I teach farmers to do the same.

    Listen TODAY and learn.



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    #206: How to Manage and Grow Amazing Employees

    #206: How to Manage and Grow Amazing Employees

    The first month after I started my farm and brought home my first milk cows, I realized there was no way I could get it all done!

    By "all," I mean the milking process, working with customers, feeding my family, and driving my daughter to basketball practice and games six days a week.

    It was physically, humanly impossible for me to run the farm all by myself!

    I hired my first employees and then began the process of learning by experience what NOT to do and what works best.

    I share some great techniques today that I learned in those first few years.

    Tune into the link above for the Profitable Mindset Podcast.

    I share skills you can use to manage your new employee(s) with confidence and ease.

    You'll learn:
    How to give direct feedback in a way that feels good for you and your employees My formula for evaluating employees' quality of work A simple question that makes employees feel valued  How to get your employees to stay with you long-term And more!  If you've ever felt frustrated because you just can't find good help and then they never seem to meet your expectations, this episode will help.

    It's not that there aren't good employees out there willing to work hard.

    There certainly are, but you've got to develop good people-management skills to retain them.

    This is part 3 of my 3-part series on attracting, hiring, and managing employees. 

    Let's get you some help on your farm!! 

    You'll get your time back, but also, tons more joy and fulfillment.

    Much love,


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    #205: Free Training: Reinvent Your Farm's Marketing

    #205: Free Training: Reinvent Your Farm's Marketing

    Click HERE to Reinvent Your Farm Marketing: Free Training

    There are three crucial elements your marketing MUST include to be successful.

    And by successful, I mean you sell all the products you want and need to sell.

    And you sell them at the price you need to be profitable.

    Link to sign up here

    The farmers who implement these simple elements I teach are having financial success beyond anything they ever dreamed possible.

    Many people think farming is not a lucrative endeavor.

    My clients prove them wrong every day.

    My clients are selling out, often at the highest prices around.

    Like Hannah Boggs selling $50-$80 chickens. 

    Not because she likes to charge a lot, but because that’s what she must charge on her small-scale farm to cover costs, pay her employees and make a profit.

    My clients, farmers from all over, can do this because they've studied with me and coached hard with me to learn the simple marketing steps

    I'll be teaching these steps on April 22nd during my free training, “Reinvent Your Marketing.”

    The feedback I offer will help you in all your marketing, including how you write emails and the pages on your website.

    You'll want to be there, watch and learn. Sign up even if you can't make it at 10 Pacific - you'll get the replay.

    ​Sign Up HERE.​

    Each time I offer strategic marketing feedback on these calls, farmers email me afterward sharing success:
    "Sold 80% of my flower subscriptions with ONE email after you rewrote it" Another farmers rewrote her email as I taught and a day later sold 2 hogs with that email, previously not getting anyone to buy from her emails. This new farmer added the missing key to her website and created 12 signups to her email list which was previously at zero (everyone starts at zero, you just don't want to get stuck there) Several farmers DOUBLED their email signups within weeks of making the website edits "Selling one beef per month consistently since rewriting my newsletter as you explained how" This WILL be you if you implement even half of what I teach during my “Reinvent Your Marketing” free training.

    My clients learn that people will buy ANYTHING they offer for sale on their farms.

    They experience this because they are learning how to craft expert marketing that creates sales.

    They learn how to sell people on their products in a non-icky, non-salesy way and find that people love giving them money.

    And these customers don’t complain about the prices their farmers, my clients, have to charge.

    And I’m going to help you learn this skill, too.

    This is “Reinvent Your Marketing.”

    For farmers.

    Yes. FREE.

    April 22nd. (replay sent same afternoon)

    Get feedback on one piece of your marketing that makes your 2024 goal inevitable.

    Learn from others' feedback.

    Let’s go.

    Click HERE to Sign Up​

    When you sign up, you'll receive an email with instructions on how to request your marketing be reviewed.

    See you there,


    PS: You'll also receive the limited-time replay when you sign up.

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
169 Ratings

169 Ratings

jill mcgruder ,

Love this podcast!

Your podcast is exactly what I have been looking for. You help me to think outside the box when it comes to marketing. I never would have done an email newsletter because I am myself rarely open my email. However, I have now published two newsletters, and have nothing but excellent reviews. So much of what you talk about is really the foundation of what my husband and I are trying to build together. I especially love how you encourage your listeners to dream bigger. Not just dreaming… But giving methods to make our dreams become realities.

momofalltrade ,


I found you in Facebook and was very skeptical. But like us all I clicked and then went to find your podcast. And now on show 4 I’m going thru then all today thank you thank you. I can not wait to get further in.. This is just amazing thank you

Rose7107 ,

Very salesy

I think charlotte has some good points; however, the episodes are SO salesy for her courses and coaching. It’s exhausting to listen and to be constantly sold to.

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