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A psychology podcast that is both educational and entertaining.

Psychology In Seattle Podcast Kirk Honda

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A psychology podcast that is both educational and entertaining.

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4.4 out of 5
226 Ratings
226 Ratings
screwybolt ,

Great Podcast

I think this is such an informative podcast that I almost feel guilty for not having to pay tuition for it...almost lol That being said, I do have some dislikes such as a lot of the subject matter being thrust aside when any guests are on such as Humberto. It turns into the Humberto show, and although he seems like a nice enough dude he’s just too eager and insistent to apply everything to himself. The show gets steered every which way when guests are on. HOWEVER, its still a great show and a I feel privileged to listen to this type of subject matter in such detail, for myself (and others), might not have ever been given the opportunity to otherwise.

Faith011992 ,

One sided views

I’m a Trump supporter and a psychologist in Seattle area. Unfortunately, due to polarization now I really don’t belong in this profession, before I got in it it was still tolerant. I’m unsubscribing because political ideology now trumps actual science of biology or facts or the field of psychology. It’s not like my review will actually help anyone because I’m the only Trump supporter listening here. For instance, discussion of R. Kelly would have been much more interesting if we reviewed the break up of values and the family. In my practice how enormous the data is when there is no nuclear family due to divorce and sexual abuse happens. Very few of my clients who have this history had intact family. The episode on anger and fatherhood, there is enormous evidence that biology and hormones shape gender not socialization, example book “ the female brain”. At least bring in other resources but state you disagree. Also so many opinions are offered rather then facts or data. All humans dislike differences but for us to evolve or change is to integrate and discriminate them. What I feel here is mostly if you are different you are wrong and there is nothing you have to offer that can have the views evolve. It’s the problem of this culture now.

VPN Veteran ,

Shallow analysis

They don’t even do research on the subjects they discuss. Their personalities are annoying and they spend too much time on banter and unfunny jokes.

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