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Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

Remote Ruby Jason Charnes, Chris Oliver, Andrew Mason

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Three Rubyists having conversations and interviewing others about Ruby and web development.

    Rails 7.2 beta 1 with the GoRails Gang

    Rails 7.2 beta 1 with the GoRails Gang

    In this episode, host Chris and his GoRails team, Collin Jilbert and Kent Crutchfield,discuss the latest release of Rails 7.2, highlighting major new features like developmentcontainers, browser version guard, and the new minimum Ruby version. They alsodelve into community reactions, including some criticisms about Rails' speed and thelarger discourse around development priorities. The conversations emphasize theimportance of contributing to Rails, staying informed on updates, and pro...

    • 48 min
    Railsconf and Tech Debt

    Railsconf and Tech Debt

    In this episode, Jason and Chris chat about their experiences at various RailsConf andRubyConf’s. Then, they have deeper discussions on topics like transitioning from SingleTable Inheritance (STI) to delegated types in coding, addressing technical debts inproduct development, and the challenges and strategies of implementing subscriptionand one-time payment models. Additionally, there's a mention of the 2024 Ruby onRails Community Survey at Planet Argon that you can check out now. Hit...

    • 50 min
    RailsConf 2024 Recap with the GoRails crew

    RailsConf 2024 Recap with the GoRails crew

    In this episode of Remote Ruby, host Chris is joined by guests Kent Crutchfield andCollin Jilbert, sharing their experiences and reflections from the recent RailsConf inDetroit, MI. They discuss various aspects of the conference, including the engagingtalks, the announcement of RailsConf's impending conclusion in favor of focusing onRubyConf and regional events, and their personal interactions with other attendees. Theepisode highlights how RailsConf facilitated meaningful community i...

    • 45 min
    Continuous Delivery and Continuous Self-Improvement

    Continuous Delivery and Continuous Self-Improvement

    In this episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew reflect of their experiences of developing software, focusing on aspects such as the Fast and Furious franchise, writing in Ruby, React development, and grappling with OAuth 2.0 issues. They dive into testing, specifically the challenges of maintaining a meaningful test suite and the revelations from addressing test suite problems. A discussion on containerization touches on Docker and CI setup frustrations, while also exploring web accessibility stan...

    • 49 min
    Irina Nazarova from Evil Martians

    Irina Nazarova from Evil Martians

    In today’s episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew, along with their guest, Irina Nazarova, CEO of Evil Martians, engage in a candid discussion that covers the intricacies of using Rails and integrating it with technologies like React, and the challenges of marketing developer-facing products. The discussion also touches on open-core business models, the relevance of Docker in current tech companies, and the future of software deployment. Also, Irina touches on a new tool from Thoughtbot called Sup...

    • 50 min
    Code, Confessions, and Casinos - Sin City Ruby

    Code, Confessions, and Casinos - Sin City Ruby

    In today’s episode, Jason, Chris, and Andrew kick things off sharing things from theirpersonal and professional lives, touching upon various themes such as the peculiaritiesof working on Good Friday, the journey from late-night adventures to morning rituals,and the complexities of parenting. The discussion also dives into programming topics,such as issues with using Rails, Turbo, and Stimulus for web development, andexperiences with React components. They share personal stories about the Sin ...

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

etagwerker ,

Great Content!

I love the conversations between Andrew, Jason, and Chris. I like how they talk about technical topics in a way that anyone can understand. I also really enjoy their guest speakers!

Druby27 ,

My favorite podcast

This show got me through the pandemic. It’s like being at a table with a few of your friends. Great blend of technical talk, interviewing, and being human. I love the chemistry these guys have together!

outcastshadow ,

Shout out rating!

Just listened to April 1st episode. Realized I’d NEVER rated you guys. SO SORRY! Been getting a lot of good info from you guys. Studying Ruby currently in anticipation of landing a dev job. Shout me out @Jesse09369211 on twitter.

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