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Closing sales in the HVAC industry can be overwhelming and high pressure. Every episode we will break apart the components of a sales call and walk you through all the way to the close. We will cover everything from the basic structure of a great appointment to how to overcome all the objections that con be thrown at you. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned expert, this show is for you!

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Closing sales in the HVAC industry can be overwhelming and high pressure. Every episode we will break apart the components of a sales call and walk you through all the way to the close. We will cover everything from the basic structure of a great appointment to how to overcome all the objections that con be thrown at you. Whether you are a rookie or a seasoned expert, this show is for you!

    To The Point with Paul Redman

    To The Point with Paul Redman

    In this episode we discuss everything Paul Redman from his personal upbringing, his experience in the industry, and as well as the wonderful things he has going on over at RYNO.

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    Creating Urgency Around Furnace Sales

    Creating Urgency Around Furnace Sales

    This episode covers how we create urgency around furnace sales for those who are in need to prep for the season or upgrade an outdated system.
    Creating Urgency Around Furnace Sales
    Sam Wakefield: Greetings Sam Wakefield here with Close It Now. Hey, listen, we've got a really perfectly timed episode today. This is, let's see, we're mid-September recording this. I know that you are seeing a lot of situations where you've got people out there, you've gone out and you've given quotes for air conditioners, quotes for cooling and they're saying, well, hang on, you know, it's into the fall. Maybe I'll wait until next year. And then also you've got people who are, um, you're having the conversation with them about. Well, should they do the whole system versus just cooling or just furnace?
    So that's what we're going to talk about today. We're going to talk about urgency. We're going to talk about how do we take that client and through conversation through questions, turn them into a complete system sale. Especially in the time of the year where we got to create some urgency, because a lot of people are trying to decide if they want to even do the project or not.
    So stick around. This is going to be a great episode. One thing I want to talk to you about right now as well is just to let you know, uh, obviously we've got a Facebook group go join the Facebook group. If you haven't joined the close it now Facebook group yet. It's a great place for a lot of, uh, just so many people from around the world who are project managers, selling technicians, owners, people just like you, who are out there in the grind every single day, able to connect. Lots of people share great insights from around the world to lift each other up. So it's a good place to connect. Go find the Close It Now Facebook group and join it today. It's a killer place to, um, just to connect with a bunch of. Also, if you didn't know, I now have swag, we've got, uh, shirts, caps, uh, go men's and women's, uh, even have some beanies this year, uh, coming out.
    So there is a link also in the Facebook group to find out how to order the Close It Now branded clothing. Everyone who invites it, here's a contest running. If you didn't know. Whoever invites the most people to the group, uh, before we hit 1500 people. If you hear this before, then the moment we hit 1500 people in the Facebook group, the person who invited the most is getting a free hat and shirt. So go invite people to the group.
    Also, if you've got some value from this podcast, I want you to know I've got a new program. I have rolling out my On Site Boot camp. It is just a killer way to take your team to the next level. I will come to your house, train in your facility. We will get your get your mind, right. Get your skills, right. Get, uh, get your people's conversations to the level that they got to be to be able to handle objections. How do we create urgency in the, in the field? How do we take your average close rate? 30 or 40% to 50 or 60% or even more. How do we take your average sale from, you know, five, six, 7,000 to 10, 12, 15,000. Right? We, you have me out, we go through the bootcamp and we'll go into the field, show you how to apply it. Show you how every step of the process works. Get your team consistently on the same day. So reach out to me. Let's get your team, making you some money. Who wants, raise your hand, If you want more bottom line income in your pocket, there's no reason you can't be a million or multi-million dollar salesperson, multimillion dollar project manager. Uh, you know, it's up to you. It's up to you to take action and take those steps.
    But let's get into today's. This is a really killer, uh, conversation. Actually, one of my coaching clients earlier, I also do private coaching as well, but one of my coaching clients, Chris, yeah, the situation. So let me recount to you the...

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    Gene Slade: Leading Questions

    Gene Slade: Leading Questions

    An inside look of Marketing and Sales Training with Gene Slade, Owner of Ninja Sales Training & Marketing.

    Sam Wakefield: Alright well welcome back to the Close It Now podcast, Sam Wakefield here and this is your Drive Time University. I hope you are out there crushing it. As we know, as we know, 15 year career, the statistics prove it, the numbers prove it, Charlie Greer always said that a 15 year career as the equivalent of three PhDs, if you use your drive time as education. So that is what we are all about here. Thank you for joining me today. I know you are going to love this episode. It's our next in the series of our, the guests that we're having. I hope you've been enjoying the interviews and this is the new format, I guess it's not new at this point. We're a couple of months into the new format.
    So still have the solo podcast released on Monday, interview podcast released on Friday and today will not disappoint. I was so excited to connect to this gentleman. I know you probably saw it in the notes. So Mr. Gene Slade, he is our guest today. Uh, if you've been around the HVAC or trades industries at all, you know, this man doesn't really need much of an introduction.
    He is a super tech, a lead ninja. Well, absolutely. His track record is 10. X-ing your service tickets? I mean, who else can say that with the amount of collateral to back it up in the testimonies and the history. So I'm not going to go on and on about this because we want to dive in to the content today.
    Gene and I have the opportunity to chat a bit a couple of times, uh, preparing for this podcast and it's a topic that I know that you have all been wanting to, uh, wanting to hear more about. I've been getting a lot of questions about it, which is kind of a teaser into one of our main topics today. But you know, you hear me say a lot of times, if you can tell it, or you can ask it as a question, always ask it as a question. Always use the problem with most people is you're not using enough questions and there's not a single objection. You can't overcome by asking more questions. So that is one of our main topics today. But before we get into all that, Mr. Gene Slade, thank you for being on the podcast today. I'm so excited to hang out with you for this bit

    Gene Slade: I'm excited. I'm jacked, man. I'm ready to go. I mean, let's do this. Absolutely. Some people, some stuff let's make some people some money. That's what I'm about, man. I want to help somebody out there more than one people. I want to help everybody we can to make more money, but to work less doing it. And to be able to get home for dinner on time

    Sam Wakefield: A hundred percent. That is the, that is a hundred percent our philosophy here. I love how it aligns with, with this podcast. So yeah, let's do it. So before we get into it, let's get, give us a, I know every single time we talk or you speak or you you're on a recording, there is somebody listening that doesn't know who you are. So let's give them a quick history, give them a super nutshell of who you are, why you're here. What got you here and what, you know, kind of, what's your focus.

    Gene Slade: Absolutely. So guys, my, I grew up in this business, my father owned his own heating and air conditioning business. Um, you guys heard two chucks in the truck, right?
    We were two Genes in a truck. We were the guys that literally we would do two or three air conditioners a day and we were, the beer can cold guys. Right? You grab a hold of the suction line. As soon as it's called the beer camp, roll them up. Get out of that. And, uh, I didn't ever hear of a micron gauge before you kidding me, but I was 11. My father needed some help with his business and so he recruited me and he said, boy, if you want food, you want clothes come to work. So it wasn't really, there wasn't...

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    Travis Smith: Look Outside The Box

    Travis Smith: Look Outside The Box

    An inside look how to look outside the box with Travis Smith and how he has transformed what was once his father's HVAC business into a multi-faceted organization.

    • 1 hr 10 min
    When To Celebrate The Sale

    When To Celebrate The Sale

    In this episode we discuss when to celebrate the sale and how to stay connected with the homeowner.
    When To Celebrate The Sale

    Hey everybody . Welcome back to Close It Now. Sam Wakefield here. Hey, I've got a cool topic today. It's something that's really important, but I think a lot of us miss the importance of it about when to actually celebrate a sale. When do we celebrate the deal? So that's going to be the topic it's really important because we, everybody has it in the wrong place.They put the celebration in the wrong moment, because I've got a question for you, you know, when do we actually get paid? When do we get paid? We're going to talk about that today. So thank you for joining me again, welcome back to Close It Now, it's been a while since we have chatted, but uh you know, life happens.

    In fact, I've got a report and recording an entire podcast of what's been going on in my life. I hope you can relate because there's a very powerful message in that as well. So that'll be in the next episode, but today we are talking about you know, the things that, uh, kinda throw us off track, you know, are there's a book that I read that actually I've listened to it and read it in a couple of different versions, uh, numerous times over the years and I highly, highly, highly recommend it. It's called Go For No, Go For No, basically the concept is if you set a no goal, how many times can I hear no. And try to get as many of those as possible, you end up of course making more sales, but it also, what it does, it keeps you from, you know, getting off track when you are on a roll, when you're doing great and say by Tuesday, you've hit your goal for the week. What do you do? Some people like, man, my goal was to do. You know, 30,000, 40, 50,000, a hundred thousand, whatever it is. And so you hit that by Tuesday or Wednesday. There's a group of people that will take Thursday, Friday off, go play golf, go to the lake, you know, go, go play. And then there's the other group of people that. We'll say, all right, this is my chance to double my goal. This is my chance to double down. So who are you, which category do you fall in? Uh, so that is a, that's a big question, but the thing is you're you're none of you have hit that yet, just because you made the sale doesn't mean that you've hit that level. It doesn't mean that you're actually getting counted for that, because remember we don't get paid on sales we get paid when it installs. Raise your hand. How many of you have had installs cancel? How many of you have things go get just screwed up in the process. It turns out different than it was supposed to be.

    Uh, the customer, all of a sudden has talked to somebody else and now they're coming back. Well, you know, let's change the price. Like I'm not, not going to go with you still, if you can't, uh, if you can't match this other price for whatever it is, the plan changes. So that's the question because so sales are cool, installs are cooler cause we get paid when it actually installs right? Um, that's a really, really, really valuable lesson. So when you are going through your process, do not celebrate. We don't need to celebrate at the beginning when the sell is made. Uh, we've got to learn to celebrate when the install goes in and that's not even the end and we celebrate.

    So I guess the whole point of this podcast is about customers service, don't stop at the sale. If you stop at the sale, you're missing you’re one, you're leaving money on the table. You're not serving your customer the way they need to be served, because the thing is you have to be able to manage it all the way through. It's like even companies that are, have a big team that the people, people buy from people, you know, I know that there's lots of people out there I've heard. You know, the Rick Picard's of the world and the Brad Buckley talk...

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    Jimmie Jayes: Hiring & Building A Team Of HVAC Professionals

    Jimmie Jayes: Hiring & Building A Team Of HVAC Professionals

    Jimmie Jayes is back again for another epic interview. Jimmie is a top business coach, educator and solar advisor.
    n this episode of Close it Now, Sam and Jimmie talk about finding effective teams of people to bring in your company and help your company grow.
    Sam Wakefield: Hey, Sam Wakefield here. Welcome back to Close It Now, the podcast where basically you can tap in next level, psychological thinking about sales. We get all the way down to the nuts and bolts, the nitty gritty, but also, um, you know, what is not. In any other place that space in the industry that I have found.
    And if you found some recommend it to me, because we all learned from each other is thinking about HVAC sales on a different level. And that's why I like to bring in so many people from outside the industry, because it forces us to think outside of our box. So my guest today, I'm super excited to have him.
    He is a, if you haven't heard the last one. Go back to the podcast that we did before five essential networking connections on how to get more leads with Mr. Jimmie Jayes. He is back and I'm super excited to have him back here as a, definitely given a lot of his time to us to be able to, uh, to next level. You know, who doesn't want a next level, your game.
    If you're a half a million dollar a year sales person, it's time to be a million. If you're a million, it's time to be two. If you're two, it's time to be four and it's all possible in the industry, if you're four it’s time to be 10, right? So a quick introduction for Mr. Jimmie Jayes I've known him for quite a while.
    He is. A business coach currently working with company called Apricot Solar. He's a business coach for the company, also works in the field himself. So he is, it's not just coming at this from a, um, you know, overview trainer manager perspective. He also is walking, fleshing this out, walking every single day, doing sales himself, his, uh, his coach, this company though.
    And here's these numbers that are going to blow your mind from zero. From the company started to $134 million in a single year. In five years alone. So that's one of the main reasons I reached out to him. It's like, you know, anything, anybody that can help a company see that type of growth, uh, has serious wisdom they can impart to us in here on the Close It Now podcast, his goal is to create 12. Solar millionaire, solar millionaires, 12 solar millionaires in just over 12 months. So in a year somebody's personal income going from zero to a million bucks in 12 months. So that's his goal. Clearly he can, if he can, if you can scale it on business level, you can scale it on an individual level.
    Um, I'm excited to talk to him today. Uh, Mr. Jimmie Jayes, welcome to the episode.
    Jimmie Jayes: Thank you so much. Great to be here and, and, uh, excited to be talking to your Close It Now community.
    Sam Wakefield: Yeah, absolutely. Man. It's it's so cool when we. You know, w when you develop a, a group that is so focused on one thing, it's mind blowing what they can accomplish.
    The things we've seen, our, our network, uh, support each other and help each other learn and grow in this last couple of years of since Close It Now out started, we're now entering year three. So this, uh, last about that April. Well, I was, this is June, we're in June. Now this year was a two year anniversary.
    So we're a couple months into year three, which is exciting. So we've got a fun topic today. Uh, this one is going to be a good one. I know a lot of people, you know, when they talk about scaling and growing the business, their biggest thing that I hear from my business owners, from my managers, all the different people always reach out to me.
    How do we find good people? You know, there there's so many of the biggest complaint is there's just a lack of qualified

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4.3 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Annie Mo 123456 ,

Loved the Gene Slade episode

Thank you both so much for your wisdom and positive energy 🌼

J.B. Denver ,

HVAC sales

Excellent podcast chock-full of great information. I’m closing at almost 50% this year and I’m scheduled to sell 2 million. Sam is awesome easy to work with and funny!

Great guy for sure. Highly recommend.

bearr87 ,


This dude is a broke zig ziglar. His sales philosophy is so flawed Stevie wonder can see through it. Poor quality podcast matches his sales advice. 0 guests and 0 testimonial videos from his “sales coaching” clients. Dude is a joke.

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