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Tune in to the Salesforce Developer Podcast to hear short and insightful stories for developers, from developers. Join Joshua Birk, Developer Evangelist and Godfather of Trailhead, as he hosts developer trailblazers from around the world as they share their stories of learning, building and integrating with Salesforce.

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Tune in to the Salesforce Developer Podcast to hear short and insightful stories for developers, from developers. Join Joshua Birk, Developer Evangelist and Godfather of Trailhead, as he hosts developer trailblazers from around the world as they share their stories of learning, building and integrating with Salesforce.

    219: Salesforce and AWS Unified Developer Experience with Philippe Ozil

    219: Salesforce and AWS Unified Developer Experience with Philippe Ozil

    In this episode, we discuss the intricacies of integrating Salesforce with AWS alongside expert Philippe Ozil. We cover the capabilities of Salesforce Connect and its AWS adapters, which facilitate efficient data and event-driven integrations without the hassle of data replication. Hear the benefits of Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Athena, and the versatile GraphQL adapter, each serving unique use cases within Salesforce. As we wait to hear Philippe's insights from the CheckDreaming conference in Prague, we encourage you to continue your learning journey. Thank you for joining us and sharing in our passion for the evolving world of Salesforce development.
    Show Highlights:
    Overview of Salesforce Connect and its AWS adapters. Benefits of virtualizing access to external data sources and their impact on developer experience. Event-driven integrations using event relays to connect Salesforce events to Amazon EventBridge. Upcoming features like managed subscriptions for PubSub API in the Salesforce Summer '24 release. Practical tips for Salesforce developers to start experimenting with AWS integrations.  Links:
    Integrating with AWS Thanks to Unified Developer Experience (YouTube) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNNI_ApmTHA Explore Unified Developer Experience Powered By AWS - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/trails/unified-developer-experience-powered-by-aws Announcing the Salesforce Connect Adapter for GraphQL (blog) - https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2023/08/announcing-the-salesforce-connect-adapter-for-graphql  

    • 14 min
    218: Summer ’24 Release Highlights with Mohith Shrivastava

    218: Summer ’24 Release Highlights with Mohith Shrivastava

    Join us as we sit down with Salesforce maestro Mohith Shrivastava to unwrap the Summer '24 Salesforce release. We take a tour through the latest and greatest enhancements that are stirring up excitement in the developer community. From the seamless integration of Data Cloud with the Salesforce core platform to the introduction of static SOQL for Data Model Objects (DMOs), our conversation lights the path to simplifying the creation of test classes with the ability to mock SOQL queries.
    Listen in as we uncover the revolutionary developments in Einstein Copilot for developers and how custom actions can now be extended and built using Apex, flows, or prompt templates. Wrapping up our discussion, we celebrate the quality of life improvements that are game-changers for developers.
    Show Highlights:
    Discussion on Data Cloud integration with Salesforce core and static SOQL for DMOs.
    Introduction of the ability to mock SOQL queries, enhancing test class creation.
    Insights into Einstein Copilot going GA, custom action capabilities, and improved analytics.
    Monthly updates on Einstein 1 Studio features and quality-of-life improvements for developers.
    Apex enhancements including cursors for async processing and deepened SOQL query levels.
    New features for Lightning Web Components (LWCs) and enhancements to ISV packaging and APIs.
    Read: The Salesforce Developer’s Guide to the Summer ’24 Release
    RSVP: Release Readiness Live is back on Thursday, May 30 at 9 a.m. PST.  Hear about the latest features from some of Salesforce’s excellent product managers and developer advocates.
    Read: Summer ’24 Release Notes
    Join: Salesforce Developers Trailblazer Community group

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    217: Einstein Copilot Custom Actions with Mohith Shrivastava

    217: Einstein Copilot Custom Actions with Mohith Shrivastava

    Join us as we chat with Mohith Shrivastava, a Salesforce Developer Advocate who needs no introduction to the Salesforce community. Listen in as Mohith unravels the intricacies of Einstein Copilot custom actions and how this conversational AI assistant is revolutionizing the Salesforce experience by understanding an organization's metadata and data permissions. For developers, the excitement lies in custom actions — Mohith shares how these can be crafted using flows, Apex, and prompt templates to enhance productivity and user interaction.
    Mohith explains the flexibility offered by Einstein Copilot's use of large language models, moving away from the rigidity of traditional chatbot implementations. We dissect how developers can think of their implementations as microservices, writing individual actions that the reasoning engine then seamlessly chains together. 
    Tune in and empower your Salesforce development skills with insights from one of the platform's most recognized advocates.
    Show Highlights:
    How developers can utilize flows, Apex, and prompt templates to build dynamic conversational interfaces.
    The use of large language models for flexible, microservices-based approaches in chatbot design.
    Technical details on extending Salesforce's AI capabilities using standard technologies for personalized user interactions.
    Importance of proper architecture, understanding governor limits, and optimizing triggers for successful AI integration in Salesforce.
    The potential of integrating external data and services to enhance Salesforce AI functionalities.
    The importance of quality data and Data Cloud for improving AI experiences within Salesforce applications.
    Build Custom Copilot Actions Using Apex - https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2024/03/build-custom-copilot-actions-using-apex
    Build Custom Copilot Actions using Apex - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2XvyeiwNbDI
    Extend Your Copilot with Custom Actions - https://help.salesforce.com/s/articleView?id=sf.copilot_actions_custom.htm&type=5

    • 15 min
    216: Why Use MuleSoft with Data Cloud & Einstein Copilot with Akshata Sawant

    216: Why Use MuleSoft with Data Cloud & Einstein Copilot with Akshata Sawant

    Join the conversation with Akshata Sawant from MuleSoft as we unlock the combination of MuleSoft's integration prowess and Salesforce Data Cloud. Hear Akshata’s takeaways from TrailblazerDX, where she delves into MuleSoft's transformative capabilities for data handling. It's a masterclass in leveraging the dynamic DataWeave for schema generation, tailored for developers grappling with diverse data formats. Experience firsthand how MuleSoft shapes the future of data integration, all while ensuring the highest security and compliance standards.
    We then discuss MuleSoft APIs with Salesforce's Einstein Copilot. Don't miss out on this dialogue filled with the excitement of what's to come as we integrate Data Cloud, MuleSoft, and Einstein Copilot.
    Show Highlights:
    Data ingestion, querying, and record deletion through MuleSoft connectors, and schema generation with DataWeave. The collaboration of MuleSoft APIs with Einstein Copilot to enable complex operations like data updates and automated email notifications. Importance of built-in security and compliance in integrating third-party systems with Salesforce's AI capabilities. The versatility of MuleSoft in handling various data formats and facilitating complex integration tasks. Future discussions on the potential of integrating Data Cloud, MuleSoft, and Einstein Copilot for enhanced efficiency and operations. Links:
    Power Up Data Cloud with MuleSoft - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqvqfOjvHiY Intelligent Integration with Copilot Actions, APIs, and MuleSoft - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhfliR2meoc

    • 15 min
    215: The Future of AI with Salesforce's Einstein 1 Studio & Data Cloud featuring Danielle Larregui

    215: The Future of AI with Salesforce's Einstein 1 Studio & Data Cloud featuring Danielle Larregui

    Join us as we welcome the Data Cloud Queen herself, Danielle Larregui. Get ready to witness the groundbreaking power of Einstein 1 Studio as Danielle unveils its transformative capabilities within the Salesforce Data Cloud. Discover how developers can effortlessly create AI models using a no-code or low-code approach directly with their Data Lake data. We'll explore the practicality of generating predictions, integrating external AI platforms, and leveraging built-in tools for assessing prediction accuracy.
    Brace yourself for the standout feature of 'Bring Your Own Model,' which allows seamless, real-time data sharing without the need for ETL processes. We'll discuss the availability of Snowflake's integration and the potential that lies with Google BigQuery. Imagine how these integrations can revolutionize your external data management, from segmentation to identity resolution. 
    Stay tuned to learn how Data Cloud Enrichment could further enhance your Salesforce CRM by leveraging the power of Data Cloud data.
    Show Highlights:
    Introduction of Einstein 1 Studio and Model Builder within Salesforce Data Cloud for creating AI models using no-code or low-code approaches.
    How the "Bring Your Own Model" feature enables real-time data sharing with Salesforce Data Cloud without ETL processes.
    How Data Cloud Enrichment allows Salesforce CRM records to be updated with Data Cloud data.
    Remote Data Cloud, which could unify data management for organizations with multiple Salesforce instances.
    Ability to use predictions made by AI models in Salesforce flows, Apex classes, and reporting within Data Cloud.
    Bring Your Google Vertex AI Models To Data Cloud - https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2023/11/bring-your-google-vertex-ai-models-to-data-cloud
    Use Model Builder to Integrate Databricks Models with Salesforce - https://developer.salesforce.com/blogs/2024/03/use-model-builder-to-integrate-databricks-models-with-salesforce

    • 17 min
    214: Salesforce Developer Sample Apps featuring Philippe Ozil

    214: Salesforce Developer Sample Apps featuring Philippe Ozil

    Join us as we sit down with Philippe Ozil, a familiar face in the Salesforce Developer community, to chat about the exciting developments and enhancements to the Salesforce Developer Sample Apps. Philippe brings his passion for this area to the forefront, discussing the significant strides the team is making with the upcoming spring release.
    Listen in as Philippe also sheds light on the open-source nature of the sample apps, which provides an invaluable opportunity for developers to get hands-on experience. We explore the progress in integrating mobile device native capabilities into Salesforce apps under the 'Nimbus' umbrella. Philippe's enthusiasm is contagious as he details the innovative uses of geolocation, QR code scanning, and OCR technology that are transforming the Dreamhouse app for real estate professionals on the go. 
    Whether you're a seasoned Salesforce Developer or just getting started, this episode is packed with knowledge that will surely inspire and inform your work.
    Show Highlights:
    Sample apps are open source, available on GitHub, and include full code coverage, unit testing, and continuous integration, exemplifying best practices for developers.
    Introduction of the Lightning Record Picker Component and Workspace API for Lightning Web Components in the Spring release.
    The importance of community contributions to the open-source sample apps.
    Educational content such as introduction videos, trailhead badges, and documentation leverages sample apps for a comprehensive developer learning experience.
    Salesforce Developer Sample Apps - https://github.com/trailheadapps
    EBikes Lightning Web Runtime - https://github.com/trailheadapps/ebikes-lwc/tree/pozil/lwr-site
    Sample Apps YouTube Series - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLgIMQe2PKPSJcuCwM61dEc4jFG_jHqV2t
    Trailhead QuickStart: Tour the Sample App Gallery - https://trailhead.salesforce.com/content/learn/projects/quick-start-tour-the-sample-app-gallery

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4.5 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Djayarr ,


Honestly my only complaint is the constant filler comments like “uh huh” “wow” “mm hmm” “right” “ok” “gotcha”. It grates when you just want to hear what the person is saying. It adds nothing to the conversation and as such, you probably should refrain from doing it.

KipWinger777 ,

Great to see such a podcast!

Started listening and so far so good.

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