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A Podcast for water treaters who deal with the treatment of cooling towers, boiler and closed loop systems.

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A Podcast for water treaters who deal with the treatment of cooling towers, boiler and closed loop systems.

    140 The One That Helps Us Reopen Building Water Systems

    140 The One That Helps Us Reopen Building Water Systems

    For the last two months, our world has been very different. Who would have thought we would have stay at home orders? I know I didn't! But it did. As we reopen, everybody wants to know what they can do to get back to work.    
    As a water treater, we have a different perspective on what it takes to get a building or facility back up and running. Most owners are thinking about all the things they can see whereas the water treater is thinking about the things we cannot see. Specifically, the things that have been growing in dormant piping while we were all at home. Bacteria and other pathogens did not take a break.  
    Our guest today is Dr. Janet Stout. Janet has been a great friend of our podcast by offering great information about the prevention of Legionnaires Disease. This episode is from an exclusive webinar we did for the Rising Tide Mastermind. To see it go to scalinguph2o.com/janetstout. There you can see the slides that Janet is presenting on. Janet shares what has been going on in the pipes of dormant systems. She gives us best practices that we should share with our clients.  
    Here's the bottom line; we need to help our clients understand that what they cannot see is just as important as the things they can see. We can assist our clients by giving them the information and letting them know what has been happening in their system's piping over the last two months. Ultimately, this will help save someone from suffering later.  
    Please enjoy and share this episode.  
    Key Points  
    12:50 – Best practices on starting water systems back up  
    23:45 – Changes that occur in stagnant water systems  
    26:00 – When to sample for Legionella   
    28:50 – Key resources for risk mitigation and decontamination   
    30:30 – What to do if you find legionella   
    38:25 – How to get building owners thinking about water systems during the reopening  
    43:11 – What to do with a stagnant system that's back online  
    Key Quotes  
    "While we humans are experiencing scarcity, the bacteria have everything they need in abundance in these building water systems that have been shut down."   
    "Make sure that whatever you are doing, you document thoroughly not only for your protection but also for the protection of the building owner." 
    "COVID is bad enough. COVID affects countries. Legionella affects you. If there is a Legionella problem, it will compound your economic recovery." 
    "If you ignore Legionella's risk in an unoccupied space, you may pay an enormous price."  
    Links Mentioned On This Episode 
    The Proactive Webinar Series 
    Rising Tide Mastermind 
    Special Pathogen’s Lab Covid-19 Resources 


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    139 The One With CRM Expert, Resa Gooding

    139 The One With CRM Expert, Resa Gooding

    EP 139 - The One With CRM Expert, Resa Gooding

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    138 The One That’s All About Cooling Towers - Part 2

    138 The One That’s All About Cooling Towers - Part 2

    138 The One That’s All About Cooling Towers - Part 2
    Last week we heard from Evapco’s Brett Alexander.  Brett explained the inner workings of all types of cooling towers and how we can tell the differences between them.  We also discussed the different metallurgies that these devices are made of.  If you didn’t get a chance to listen to last week's episode, please do so.  It is a great baseline on cooling tower knowledge. 

    Today, Brett is back, and he is going to continue our discussion from last week.  Being a fellow water treater, Brett is going to share his knowledge of water treatment as it pertains to keeping cooling towers in their prime.  Take a listen for tips and tricks Brett shares from a water treater’s prospective. 
    Key Points 
    2:45 – Drift eliminators 
    9:30 – What to look for with spray nozzles 
    16:50 – Variable frequency drives 
    19:08 – Maintaining louvers 
    20:40 – Anatomy of a cooling tower 
    25:05 – What should a water treatment program include 
    33:00 – Top issues that come up with water treatment 
    40:25 – Why are there so few cooling towers with filtration 
    44:00 – Brett's tips  
    Key Quotes 
    “If you can get in with a contractor company or a sales representative company that does a lot of work with cooling towers it can really help increase your business” 
    “Cooling towers love water. When they have water and are seeing the water they are supposed to they usually run pretty well. It’s as simple as giving it the water it needs” 
    Links Mentioned in Episode 
    The Four Agreements 
    Leading at The Edge: Leadership Lessons from the Extraordinary Saga of Shackleton's Antarctic Expedition 

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    137 The One That's All About Cooling Towers - Part 1

    137 The One That's All About Cooling Towers - Part 1

    Every day for the past 20+ years I think I have seen a cooling tower either in person, a picture or just thought about one.  As an industrial water treater, cooling towers are part of our day to day lives.  I do remember a time before that when I did not know what a cooling tower was and having to learn about how it worked.  But I must admit, later, I really didn’t give them too much thought. 
    Later in my career, I have had the opportunity to work with some of the cooling tower manufacturers, talk about a group of people that have given cooling towers a lot of thought...  I soon came to realize that the generic terms that I have for cooling towers did not always translate well when speaking to someone who had such a larger extent of knowledge around cooling towers.  Today's episode is focus around this experience.  We are going to learn from cooling tower expert Brett Alexander of Evapco.  Brett will share with us terminology and function of the device we all know and love, cooling towers.  
    Key Points 
    8:20 – Brett’s background 
    16:20 – Definition of a cooling tower 
    21:34 – Closed circuit cooler vs. evaporative condenser 
    24:40 – Types of cooling towers with regards to air flow 
    28:27 – Different materials of construction 
    35:00 – Stainless steel  
    46:40 – Importance of communication with new customers 
    48:15 - Fiberglass 
    Key Quotes 
    “The startup and commissioning of a new unit is the most critical time” 
    “We are trying to educate everyone on the importance of planning ahead” 
    “You’ve got to know the materials, the construction, and the equipment that you are dealing with” 
    Links Mentioned On This Episode 
    White Rust Bulletin
    Rising Tide Mastermind 

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    136 The One About The Mastermind Group

    136 The One About The Mastermind Group

    Episode 136: The One About The Mastermind Group
    Last January, I started a group called The Rising Tide Mastermind. You probably have noticed that I've mentioned it quite a few times on the podcast. The fact of the matter is, I want to get the word out about this group. I can say that it has been transformational for its members. And me too!  
    Many of you in the Scaling UP! Nation! have asked questions about The Rising Tide Mastermind by going to our website and submitting your inquiry. The majority of questions hub around what the group does, and what you get out of it. I could easily answer these questions for you on a podcast episode, but instead of me answering them, I've enlisted some help. Today's conversation is all about what it is like to be a member of The Rising Tide Mastermind, from the perspective of four members of the group. Join me as I ask your questions to Mark Lewis, Conor Parrish, Eric Russo and Brian Fisk. 

    Key Quotes:  
    "We are fortunate to have a diversity of thought in this group." 
    "The Rising Tide Mastermind Group is showing us that our good is good, but it can be better." 
    "Ultimately, in The Rising Tide Mastermind Group, we have a highly functioning team who are bringing up problems, addressing them, holding themselves accountable, and developing themselves. It's a great format for any team that wants to achieve their goals."  
    "There is a clear structure on every call. We know what to expect every week, we follow it, and it keeps us on track."  
    "This is a genuine group of people getting together for a common goal that is not financial profit; it's self-betterment."  
    Key Points:  
    2:00 What is a mastermind? 
    8:50 Why join The Rising Tide Mastermind?  
    12:15 What does a typical meeting look like?  
    17:56 Holding each other accountable  
    26:10 Expectations about the mastermind group  
    32:20 Accountability Groups  
    34:48 One to One Meetings  
    49:00 Advice about joining the Rising Tide Mastermind 
    Links Mentioned in Episode: 
    Think and Grow Rich 
    The Twelve Week Year 
    Join the Mastermind Group

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    135 The One with Adam Lean

    135 The One with Adam Lean

    Episode 135 - The One with Adam Lean  
    How do you know how well you are doing if you don’t measure it? 
    Ok, how about this...  How would you know who was winning if they dint keep score? 
    Now try this: How do you know how you are doing if you aren't keeping score?  
    And the better question is: how do you get better if you don’t know to get better? 
    I am talking about metrics.  Metrics is how we can keep score on everything we do.  If it has and input and an output, you can measure it.  But the thing is, most of us don’t measure anything.  How long does it take you to service and account, run a test, write a report, or sale a new customer?   
    Peter Drucker said “What get’s measured get’s improved.” 
    So, if we aren't measuring, we don’t have the structure to improve. 
    One of the things we need to measure in business is our business.  The is a limitless supply of items we can measure in business.  But measuring them is only step one.  Know what to do with that data and then how to know you are improvement is what is needed. 
    I'm guessing you are like me and you use a handful of metrics.  But what about the ones you don’t know to use because you’ve never heard of them.  Those could be the ones that solve that problem you are dealing with.  IF you don’t know what they are, you cannot benefit from them.  
    That’s why I partner with people that know more than I do.  Napoleon Hill in Think and Grow Rich mentioned how Henry Ford admitted under oath that he didn’t know everything he needed to know about business.  But he had access to those people he needed to help him fill in the gaps.  What are your gaps?  How will you fill them in? 
    Having a partner like Mr. Ford alluded to is key.  Today I talk with one of those partners, Adam Lean of The CFO Project.  Adam lets us know what we should be thinking about when it comes to tracking how we are doing in business. 
    Many have asked me about how they can find someone to help them in particular areas like: 
    Financial (CFO)  Technical  Virtual assistance  Insurance  And the list goes on...  I and the Scaling UP! H2O team have partnered with individuals and companies we trust and can help you with your questions.  Remember, Henry Ford didn’t know everything, he just knew who had the information he needed when he needed it.  Isn't it time you started thinking like Mr. Ford?   
    Go to scalinguph2o.com/ta to find a trusted advisor to help you today. 

     Key Quotes: 
    “More often than not accounting is just looking at what happened, not how to be proactive to make something happen.”  -Adam Lean
    “Fifty percent of all small businesses will fail within the first five years. It’s because they did not focus on the right things that matter to have a profitable business.”  -Adam Lean
    “Most business owners are very busy and are focused on the day to day operations because that is what they enjoy doing. In order to stay in business you’ve got to focus on the most important things needed to have a profitable business which turns into cash flow.”  -Adam Lean
    “Imagine going to a baseball game and you don’t know what the score is. So many people run their businesses that way and they simply don’t realize how much that information can lead to better decisions” -Adam Lean
    Key Points: 
    8:48 – Hear more about Adam’s background  12:50 – At what point does a business need a CFO?  16:41 – What aspects of financials are important to consider for a successful business?  22:17 – Understanding sustainable growth rate  29:30 – What does the relationship with the CFO look like?  41:10 – Important metrics for businesses to track  45:11 – Where to start learning more about your financials  47:40 – Lightning round questions  Links M

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4.6 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

StevenSuzanne ,

Wealth of Knowledge

Trace is passionate about water treatment and helping others understand it better. He and his guests are a wealth of knowledge. I anticipate each new episode to help occupy my windshield time and learn something new with each episode.

Andy-man1122 ,

A must listen for anyone in water treatment!

Scaling Up with Trace Blackmore is a great resource for the water treatment professional that is trying to improve their craft. Having an audio training resource is great for our guys in the field and the guests have always been very knowledgeable and entertaining. Don't miss an episode with Trace!

As an addition to this review, I wanted to share that Scaling Up has done an excellent job of bringing together water treatment experts from across the country. Before Trace started broadcasting, many water treatment experts (especially those new to the industry) have been disconnected and without support. Only those lucky enough to join large AWT events were able to connect and then only sporadically. Scaling Up serves the very important role of connecting those in the water treatment industry and provides needed resources and a means or sharing knowledge. Since the podcast has launched, I have connected with many other companies and used Scaling Up as a starting point in our conversation to find common ground and help one another. Great work Trace! The industry is better because of your hard work!

Semaj12345 ,

Audio Crack

The Scaling Up! podcast can only be described as audio crack! You quickly become addicted craving the next episode. Trace Blackmore is selflessly giving back to the profession he loves. The guests are informative, fun, and the Who’s Who in industrial water treatment. I highly recommend listening to your favorite episode more than once because you always pick up something more (plus it helps with the cravings for the next episode).

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