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Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a good story--the stranger the better. Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments. Things get weird pretty quickly around here.

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Welcome to Strange Country, a podcast devoted to bizarre, surreal and extraordinary stories that make America the weird place it is. Co-hosts Kelly and Beth are former newspaper reporters turned school librarians who have always had a soft spot for a good story--the stranger the better. Discover the first woman to survive a barrel ride over Niagara Falls and the man who invented “complex marriage” in one of the most successful utopian experiments. Things get weird pretty quickly around here.

    Play Time

    Play Time

    Hey Dash Hounds, you clever playful listeners. Why do we play? Are we even allowed to play as adults without judgment. Not if Beth is around. In this episode, Kelly and Beth discuss the science of play—specifically animal play. Of course we have watched our cats indulge in “playful” ankle biting, but other animals also incorporate play in their daily lives. But why? Listen and find out. Thank you always for listening; it’s an act of love.
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    John Leonard Orr

    John Leonard Orr

    What should you not do if you commit crimes? Write a book where the main character is someone just like you doing the very crimes you are doing. John Leonard Orr, fire captain and arson investigator, wrote a book about a serial arsonist in LA County while he was being that very serial arsonist. Strange Country cohosts Beth and Kelly talk about the strange crime of arson in today’s weekly/bimonthly podcast. Thanks for sticking with us!
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    Quest for Immortality

    Quest for Immortality

    Charles Lindbergh wasn’t only known for that flight, his weird reverence for Nazis and being the public face of America First, he was also interested in literal immortality. In the 1930s, he collaborated with Dr. Alexis Carrel to devise ways to regenerate organs so people could possibly live forever, but not just any people. It’s the 1930s and these two white guys are mainly interested in elongating the lives of other white western dudes. Join Strange Country cohosts Beth and Kelly as they share another Lindbergh story and discuss whether they would want to live forever.
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    Gimme Some Credit

    Gimme Some Credit

    Dear Dash Hounds, join Beth and Kelly as we try to pull the curtain open on the Wonderful Wizard of credit scores. Do you know your credit score? Do you care? Has it ruined your life? We talk about many things on Strange Country from periods to sex to murder and now, the most secretive of things–money. ‘Mericans don’t talk openly about their money issues, and surprise! That is not good practice. We are stressed and worried and in debt, and there’s a reason why. Find out today on Strange Country. Thanks for listening. It is an act of love, and sometimes all you need is love.
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    Robbers Cave Experiment

    Robbers Cave Experiment

    The mid-20th century was the heyday of figuring out why humans were the worst through the use of social psychological experiments. Strange Country cohosts Beth and Kelly talk about one such experiment, Muzafer Sherif’s Robbers Cave Experiment where Sherif gathered a group of 12 year old boys to see if he could pit the boys against one another. Sherif’s experiment is included in Psych 101 books about group dynamics, but did this hostility occur organically or was it more manufactured by the adults?
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    • 49 min
    Emma Goldman

    Emma Goldman

    Hey Dash Hounds, are you still there? Beth and Kelly are. Or are we? Has ChatGPT taken over? Can it? We are just women after all. What is our worth? In this episode, we will talk about women’s worth and Emma Goldman, a woman who fought for many things and has been forgotten like so many others. But Strange Country is doing its best to keep women’s work alive before AI eats us up? Thanks always for listening.
    Theme music: Big White Lie by A Cast of Thousands.
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    • 49 min

Customer Reviews

3.4 out of 5
174 Ratings

174 Ratings

ruthsant ,

Annoying co-host

Kelly’s constant interruption is so annoying. So hard to listen.

mysterymach ,

Don't understand the bad reviews!wait....i do

Honestly this is one of many times in which I am glad I don't let bad reviews prevent me from a new fave. I was really instantly on board with these gals- i love their politics, their sarcasm, their command of the material. Great podcast and I am ready to binge now! Edit Two- Beth is freaking hilarious. She is the heart of the show. "Drenching semen on everything" is one sentence that had me laughing out loud. She just drops these phrases.
Edit- I get it- the bad reviews- now. Was listening to the Holiday Magic episode and I literally screamed outloud in frustration. Kelly, STOP. IN.TER.RUP.TING. OK? further edit- after listening to about 20 episodes I have warmed to Kelly. She means no harm. She provides some sweetness to Beth's hilarious cynicism. She brings the mom energy and her chemistry with Beth is great. She annoys me far far far less than she did. And this has become a top five favorite.

Dlj0312 ,

Love this podcast!

Great topics and discussion! I love the coverage of interesting stories, history, true crime and more. Definitely recommend giving it a listen.

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