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A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

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A bite-size podcast showcasing modern Hebrew and its slang. Host Guy Sharett explains what we can learn about Israeli psyche, society, and culture through the Hebrew language.

    Be Careful!

    Be Careful!

    How would you warn a friend who is about to be hit by an electric bike speeding on the sidewalk? We would shout, !זהירות The Hebrew word זהירות is an important word to know.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Zehirut – Caution, care, watch out – זהירות
    “Adoni, hizaher, al tiga ba-iris” – Be careful, Sir, don’t touch the iris – אדוני, היזהר, אל תיגע באיריס
    Tizaher! – Careful – תיזהר
    Tizaher/tizahari/tizaharu sham – Be careful there – תיזהר/תיזהרי/תיזהרו שם
    Tizaher mimena – Be cautious of her – תיזהר ממנה
    Lehizaher mi-mishehu – To be cautious of someone – להיזהר ממישהו
    Tizaher me-emailim ka’ele – Be careful of these kinds of emails – תיזהר מאימיילים כאלה
    Tizaher me-hodaot ka’ele – Be careful of text messages like these – תיזהר מהודעות כאלה
    Tizaher im ha-kosot – Be careful with the cups – תיזהר עם הכוסות
    Zehirut im ha-kosot – Be careful with the cups – זהירות עם הכוסות
    “Rak eh, zehirut im ha-kosot” – Just be careful with the cups – רק אה, זהירות עם הכוסות
    Zahir – Cautious – זהיר
    Nahag zahir – Careful driver – נהג זהיר
    Zehirut ba-drachim – “Caution on the road” – זהירות בדרכים
    Playlist and Clips:
    Jane Bordeau & Aya Zehavi Feiglin – Vals le-haganat ha-tsome’ach (lyrics)
    Subliminal & Lior Farhi (lyrics)
    Alona Daniel – Tizaher Mi-nesichot (lyrics)
    Ep. 4 about Ima Polanyia
    Ep. 364 about asur

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    #54 “How YOU Doin'?” (Rerun)

    #54 “How YOU Doin'?” (Rerun)

    Israelis love to indulge in the circular “how-are-you-how’s-it-going-what’s-new” conversation chain, so it’s important to become proficient in this verbal dance.
    Today, Guy teaches us 11 ways, no less, of asking someone how they’re doing. Let’s get on the dance floor!
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Ma hainyanim? Beseder – How are things? Alright – מה העניינים? בסדר
    Seder – Order – סדר
    Az ma kore? – So what’s happening? – אז מה קורה
    Hakol tov? – Is everything good? – הכל טוב
    Ken achi – Yeah dude – כן אחי
    Az ma nishma? – So how are you? – אז מה נשמע
    Nishma – Is heard – נשמע
    Az ma? – So how (are things)? – אז מה
    Hey, az ma chadash? – Hey, so what’s new? – היי, אז מה חדש
    Ein chadash – Nothing new – אין חדש
    Ein kol chadash tachat hashemesh – There’s nothing new under the sun – אין כל חדש תחת השמש
    Ma shlomcha yakiri? – How are you darling? – מה שלומך יקירי
    Yakar – Expensive, dear – יקר
    Yakir – Sweetheart, darling – יקיר
    Ma itcha ahuv sheli – How about you my love – מה איתך אהוב שלי
    Ma hainyanim? Beseder, ma itcha? – How are things? Good, yourself? – מה העניינים? בסדר, מה איתך
    Ma hamatsav? – How are you? – מה המצב
    Ya gever – Dude – יא גבר
    Eich holech? – How is it going? – איך הולך
    Eich? – How (is it going)? – איך
    Ma holech gever? – How is it going dude? – מה הולך גבר
    Playlist and Clips:
    Educational TV show about ma nishma, interviews in Hebrew with Tomer Sharon,  Margalit Tsan’ani and others
    Boaz Sharabi & Matti Caspi – Shalom Aleichem (lyrics)
    Matan Attias – Ein Hadash
    Sarit Haddad – Ma Shlomcha Yakiri (lyrics)
    Ha-Dorbanim – Shuv Ha-disco Kan (lyrics)
    MOG – Ma Holech Gever
    Ep. 16 – cursing drivers
    Ep. 44 about holech

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    Show Me the Money

    Show Me the Money

    How could it be that we still didn’t dedicate an entire episode to the Hebrew word כסף, money? Let’s correct that wrong. Guy explains the slangy term for someone who is “loaded” with cash, and will also teach a special ‘blessing’ directed towards someone who stole from us.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Kesef – Money – כסף
    Haavarat ksafim – Money transfer – העברת כספים
    Lehaavir kesef – To transfer money – להעביר כסף
    Laasot kesef – To make money – לעשות כסף
    Hu ose kesef mi-ze? – Does he make money from it? – הוא עושה מזה כסף
    Walla, efshar laasot mi-ze kesef? – Really, you make money from it? – וואלה, אפשר לעשות מזה כסף
    Tachun (be-kesef) – Loaded – טחון בכסף
    Lachsoch kesef – To save money – לחסוך כסף
    Lekabel kesef mi-mishehu – To receive money from someone – לקבל כסף ממישהו
    “tekablu kesef mi-makor bilti yadu’a” – You’ll receive money from an unknown source – תקבלו כסף ממקור בלתי ידוע
    Lehachlif kesef – To change money – להחליף כסף
    Lihyot hayav le-mishehu kesef – To owe money to someone – להיות חייב למישהו כסף
    Kama (kesef) ani hayav lecha? – How much do I owe you? – כמה (כסף) אני חייב לך
    “Et Hakesef!” – Show me the money! – את הכסף
    Samankal ksafim – CFO – סמנכ”ל כספים
    Kaspi – Financial – כספי
    Hechzer kaspi – Refund – החזר כספי
    Zikuy – Credit – זיכוי
    Be’aya kaspit – Financial problem – בעיה כספית
    Kaspit, ha-kol beseder – Financially, everything is fine – כספית, הכל בסדר
    Kesef kal – Easy money – כסף קל
    Kesef – Silver – כסף
    Medalyat kesef – Silver medal – מדליית כסף
    She-yihye lo (kesef) le-trufot – May he use the money for medication – שיהיה לו (כסף) לתרופות
    Playlist and Clips:
    Rami Fortis – Ein Kesher (lyrics)
    Haavarat Ksafim 
    Micha Shitrit – Et Ha-kesef (lyrics)
    Matti Caspi – Be-leilot Ha-kayits Ha-chamim (lyrics)
    Episode no. 113 about kesef le-trufot
    Episode no. 265 about lehachlif kesef
    Ep. no. 321 about lisrof kesef
    Ep. no 334 about haavarat ksafim

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    Banking in Hebrew

    Banking in Hebrew

    Using banking apps in a foreign language is not the easiest thing. Guy is here to help.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Aplikatsyat tashlumim – Payment application – אפליקציית תשלומים
    Lo naim ledaber al kesef? – Does it feel awkward to talk about money? – לא נעים לדבר על כסף
    Heshbon over va-shav – Current account – חשבון עובר ושב
    Kartisei Ashrai – Credit cards – כרטיסי אשראי
    Matbe’a zar – Foreign Currency – מטבע זר
    Anachnu mitchayvim le-maane mi-bankai ba-aplikatsya be-toch sha’ah gag – We commit to a personal response from a banker via the app within one hour max – אנחנו מתחייבים למענה מבנקאי באפליקציה בתוך שעה גג
    Sha’ah gag – One hour tops – שעה גג
    Shem mishtamesh – Username – שם משתמש
    Kod mishtamesh – User code – קוד משתמש
    Sisma – Password – סיסמה
    Shachachti sisma – I forgot my password – שכחתי סיסמה
    Shichzur sisma – Reset password – שחזור סיסמה
    Meida – Information – מידע
    Meida ishi – Personal info – מידע אישי
    Pe’ula – Action, operation – פעולה
    Amlat pe’ula – Operation commission – עמלת פעולה
    Lehitmake’ach – To bargain – להתמקח
    Playlist and Clips:
    Aplikatsyat tashlumim 
    Aplikatsyat Discount
    Ma’ane ad sha’ah gag
    Shachachti shem mishtamesh
    Doron Miran – Kesef Kesef
    Ep. No. 125 about heshbon
    Ep. No. 146 about websites
    Ep. No. 152 about na’im and lo na’im
    Ep. No. 262 about revach, profit
    Ep. No. 334 about lehaavir kesef, transfer money
    Ep. No. 348 about ishur, confirmation

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    Talk to Me at 7 A.M.

    Talk to Me at 7 A.M.

    A Listener from Kansas City asked whether we use AM/PM in Hebrew. Here is the answer.
    Listen to the All-Hebrew Episode on Patreon
    New Words and Expressions:
    4 pm = 16:00
    6 pm = 18:00
    8 pm = 20:00
    Nifgashim be-shesh? – Are we meeting at six? – נפגשים בשש
    נפגשים ב6
    נפגשים ב-6
    נפגשים ב-18:00
    Sheva ba-boker – 7 am – שבע בבוקר
    Az amarnu be-arba, ken? – So we said at four, right? – אז אמרנו בארבע, כן
    Tsohorayim – The hot hours of the day – צוהריים
    Daber iti ba-tsohorayim – Talk to me at the early afternoon – דבר איתי בצוהריים
    Ahar ha-tsohorayim – Late afternoon – אחר הצוהריים, אחה”צ
    Ani er me-arba ba-boker, benadam – I’ve been up since 4am – אני ער מארבע בבוקר, בנאדם
    Playlist and Clips:
    Nunu – Living the Dream (Lyrics)
    Episode 12 about tsohorayim
    Episode no. 84 about zman
    Episode no. 142 about Whatsapp Hebrew
    Episode no. 138 about shalosh, three.
    Episode no. 179 about arba, four. 
    Episode no. 225 about hamesh and hamsa. 
    Episode no. 267 about shesh, six. 
    Episode no. 130 about sheva, seven.
    Episode no. 100 about me’a, hundred.

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    Oops, I Got It Wrong

    Oops, I Got It Wrong

    How do we say, “Oops, I’m sorry, I must have dialed the wrong number,” in Hebrew? Guy continues to explain the root ב.ל.ב.ל, this time in binyan pu’al and hitpael.
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    New Words and Expressions:
    Ani mevulbal – I am confused – אני מבולבל
    Eize mevulbali/tooshtoosh ata – You got a bit confused, sweetie pie – איזה מבולבלי/טושטוש אתה
    Mevulbalim? – Are you all confused? – מבולבלים?
    Hitbalbel – He got confused, he got mixed up – התבלבל
    Hannah’le hitbalbela – Hanna’le got mixed up – חנה’לה התבלבלה
    Oops, hitbalbalti ba-mispar – Oops, I got the number wrong – אופס, התבלבלתי במספר
    “Oy slicha, hitbalbalti ba-mispar, sori” – Oh, sorry, I dialed the wrong number – אוי סליחה, התבלבלתי במספר, סורי
    Lehitbalbel ba-shem – To get the name wrong – להתבלבל בשם
    Lehitbalbel ba-yom – To get the day wrong – להתבלבל ביום
    ‘Ata mitbalbel’ – You’re getting it wrong – אתה מתבלבל
    Ata ose et ha-sgira hayom, nachon? – You’re supposed to close tonight, right? – אתה עושה את הסגירה היום, נכון
    Ata mitbalbel, ata tsarich laasot et hasgira – You’re getting it wrong, you’re the one who is supposed to do the closing – אתה מתבלבל, אתה צריך לעשות את הסגירה
    “Aval mami, kashe li lirot otcha kacha velo lechabek” – But darling, it’s hard for me to see you like this and not hug you – אבל ממי, קשה לי לראות אותך ככה ולא לחבק
    Hitbalbalta – al mi ata tso’ek – You got it wrong, who are you shouting at? – התבלבלת, על מי אתה צועק
    Playlist and Clips:
    Eden Hasson – Ani Mevulbal
    Pirsomet – Mevulbalim?
    Rami Danoch & Tslilei Ha-ood – Hannah’le Hitbalbela (Lyrics)
    Daklon & Haim Moshe – Hannah’le Hitbalbela (Lyrics)
    Gilad Segev & Matbooha Project – Hannah’le Hitbalbela (Lyrics)
    Odeya – Ohevet Otcha Be-ta’ut
    Ep. 329 in English and in Hebrew

    • 8 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
784 Ratings

784 Ratings

AdrianJSHale ,

Great tool for learning

This is one of my favorite tools for learning Hebrew! I love hearing the host say, “Sha-lom!” in his fun tone, and then setting off into a useful lesson that’s concise and sticks with me. I absolutely recommend it to anyone wanting to learn to speak Hebrew!

Jfp1234 ,

So easy to listen to!

I’m learning so much from this great podcast! My Hebrew is pretty good but i love learning the “slang” and correct usage of words from Guy!

Ruthiesieg ,

I love this podcast!!!

I am brushing up on my Hebrew and I love this podcast. The information is delivered very clearly, and the topics are well chosen. I highly recommend listening.

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