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Succotash, The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast - 11 years and counting of playing snippets from some of the best comedy soundcasts across the interwebs! Also interviews with assorted and interesting show biz folk.

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Succotash, The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast - 11 years and counting of playing snippets from some of the best comedy soundcasts across the interwebs! Also interviews with assorted and interesting show biz folk.

    Special Guest: Blaine Capatch

    Special Guest: Blaine Capatch

    Greetings, honored soundcast listener! I am Marc Hershon, your every-other-weekly host, creator, and executive producer of this here Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast. Special thanks to my erudite and unflappable alternating host of this show, Tyson Saner. Those who follow this show closely enough – is that you? – might have noticed that we missed dropping an episode a couple weeks ago, then Tyson picked up the slack last week with Epi315, which should have been my episode the preceding week. Long story short, I couldn’t get ‘er done in time to make it worth dropping for that week. It was going to be a show devoted to comedy sports soundcasts so I had to shelve that for a future show. And Tyson, bless his heart, reshuffled the show numbers so that in the box score that is the Succotash archives, no one will ever know that I screwed up. And now I owe my colleague one. Cash it in anytime, Tyson!
    If you happened to miss episode 315, entitled “the 3-Clip Tango”, Tyson featured snippets from a trio of comedy soundcasts which included The Winnebago Boys, Oxventure - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, and The Todd Glass Show. It was really a lovely roundup and I’d urge you to jump back a week in our feed and grab yourself an earful. Access that episode from your favorite soundcast dispensary, including – after a lengthy boycott but now all is forgiven - Spotify. And, of course, every episode we’ve churned out over the last 11 and a half years can be scooped up in our archives at our homesite: SuccotashShow.com
    So now that I’m finally back in the saddle, what do I have in store for you for Episode 316, you might ask? Well, my sports comedy soundcast show I might do next time but for THIS week, as teased by Tyson at the end of the last episode, I have a Succotash Chat in store with none other than Blaine Capatch! Blaine is a standup comedian but oh, so much more. He’s a writer, a sketch performer, a husband, a father, a son, and a druid. Well, he plays a druid on a soundcast we’ve featured here a few times over the years: Brian Posehn’s Nerd Poker, a wonderfully funny and occasionally insane show where Brian, Blaine, and a clutch of other pals play Dungeons & Dragons.
    Before we get to the convo, I set the stage a bit by playing a clip — since that’s our main stock-in-trade here — from Nerd Poker and last week’s action-packed episode. Beside Blaine and Brian, the rest of the cast includes Brian Posehn, Ken Daly, Sarah Guzzardo, Chris Tallman, dungeon Master Dan Telfer, and engineer Sam Kieffer.
    If you are unfamiliar with RPGs, that’s Role Playing Games, and particularly Dungeons & Dragons, I can’t help you. Well, I probably could – I’ve been playing since 1979 – but we just don’t have the time. Blaine’s and my acquaintanceship…acquantancy?… acquaintedness?… oes back a few decades to the San Francisco comedy scene which we talk about in our chat.
    I would love to have the whole cast of Nerd Poker make their way in front of the Succotash microphones one of these days. Maybe I should Dungeon Master a game and invite them all to play! That could be cool and incredibly terrifying!
    Bonus Feature! One of the fun things Nerd Poker features every week is, right after Dan Telfer thanks a bunch of their Patreon supporters, Blaine does a commercial from a variety of fake sponsors. Very much in the vein of our Henderson’s Pants spots, but the advertisers are all different. Just to give you a sample, I went into their archives and sliced out five different little ads he’s read, so enjoy that bonus feature!
    Blaine also makes funny, occasionally outrageous quips in real life, which you can can catch via his socials through his homogenous handles @BlaineCapatch on both Twitter and Instagram. In addition to NerdPoker.com, he’s frequently a judge for Story Smash, the storytelling game show that’s a spinoff of the Story Worthy soundcast from friend-of-the-show Chris

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    The 3-Clip Tango

    The 3-Clip Tango

    Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner welcoming you to Epi315 of Succotash, the soundcast that might just introduce you to your next favorite soundcast…as long as you understand that "soundcast" is what we here have been calling "podcasts" since waaaaay back in the day, shortly after Succotash launched some 11 years ago.
    There is also an excellent chance that we have already introduced you to your current favorite soundcast. Perhaps it was something that you heard in last week's Episode #314 in which I brought you clips from the soundcasts Black Aesthetic, Jeremiah Wonders, and Real Life Sci-Fi. Perhaps not, It's difficult to say. One thing that isn't difficult to say, by the way is thank you for listening which is essentially what I am doing right now in the guise of merely telling you about it.…or…is that the lazy explanation? I D K .
    This week, I've got another round of the "3-clip tango" for you in the form of content bites from the soundcasts known as The Winnebago Boys, Oxventure - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast, and The Todd Glass Show.
    I've also got an ad from our longtime, 100% FAKE sponsor "Henderson's Pants" and their disturbingly anthropomorphic Pet Pants for you to enjoy as you indeed might…so look forward to that.
    Alright, I've got very little time to do this, so let's get to the clips…
    The Winnebago Boys
    Evan Vest and Eian Webre are The Winnebago Boys and our snippet is from May of last year, an episode entitled "Many Gods". Evan apologizes - "We're back. My bad. Had a rough spell but we're back. Eian is now a permanent host." The clip itself features a very serious discussion of comedy and some of its' many aspects…
    Oxventure - A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast
    The Oxventurers Guild presents a DnD real play podcast! Join Johnny Chiodini, Jane Douglas,
    Andy Farrant, Mike Channell, Ellen Rose and Luke Westaway for chit-chat and chaotic good times. Our clip is from back around the corner - July 22, 2022 - in an episode called "Wedded Redemption Part 1" with special guest player Harry McEntire…and Happy Episode 100!
    This clip features part of the introductory portion of the campaign the group is about to embark upon.
    The Todd Glass Show
    Todd Glass has his very own show! He brings on his funny friends and they talk about whatever they want.
    And, of course, there are bits! Our clip hails from February 21, 2020, just between the COVID lockdown would sweep in a month later. Featuring guests Nick Swardson & Blake Wexler, although our clip only features Nick and Todd as Nick recalls doing live events with Adam Sandler and others…and an at-this-point-in-time very much living Norm Macdonald is fondly remembered.
    Hey, we all made it to the end together. That idea puts an image in my head of a group photo of a large number of people posing with a single trophy that they all must share.…(storybook voice) "and that was the last time that trophy was ever seen in one piece again…"
    Be sure to listen here, or wherever you listen, to Epi316 which will be hosted by show creator and executive producer Marc Hershon — who managed to secure an interview with Blaine Capatch of the world-famous soundcast Nerd Poker. I will be looking forward to it as much as you no doubt are at this very moment, assuming this is the first moment you have learned of this.
    If all goes well, I should be back with an episode for you a week after that featuring…I haven't the faintest clue yet as I am still writing this. Thank you for listening, Be Decent to Each Other, Avoid COVID-19 and DEFINITELY avoid spreading it to other people if you can at the very least manage that,…what you could spread, however, is this show by sharing your awareness of it with other people. It's what we mean when we drop to our knees with our hands clasped together and implore you to Please…Pass The Succotash!
    — Tyson Saner

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    Midsummer Mix

    Midsummer Mix

    Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner! Welcome to this episode of Succotash that numbers 314! If you are new here, thank you so much for listening. If you listened to last week's episode #314 subtitled "Let's All Go to the Movies" you no doubt enjoyed the content featured within that episode which was hosted by Marc Hershon.
    Marc, this show's creator and original full-time host, originated this program to showcase the soundcasts of comedy folks and the like for over 11 years now, and for the last 2+ years, since shortly after the COVID-19 Lockdown of 2020, he and I have been alternating weekly hosting duties.
    So,…last week, Mr. Hershon brought you a quartet of clips from the movie-centric soundcasts known as But Is It Good, Forever Movie Boys, Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong, and They’re Just Movies. It was an entertaining episode that you can still find in our archive at www.succotashshow.com as well as pretty much most places you can find other soundcasts including, but not limited to, Apple or Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, YouTube, Amazon Music, Audible, Podchaser, and PodBay.
    This week's episode features clips from the soundcasts: Black Aesthetic, Jeremiah Wonders, and Real Life Sci-Fi.
    …and of course, we've got a classic advert from our longtime FAKE sponsor "Henderson's Pants" for you later in the program.
    I can't think of a good reason to delay the proceedings any any longer, so let's get to the clips while they are still warm!
    Black Aesthetic
    The soundcast Black Aesthetic feature Black voices talking Black life, Black Arts and Black culture with Queen Dee, Dellar, Mona Loki and KM Ross. A production of Black Humboldt, a volunteer run organization working to create and sustain safe spaces and representation for Black & Brown community members in Humboldt County, CA. BH achieves this goal through hosting Exclusive events for Black and Brown identities. Our clip is from the episode that dropped on the 13th of October, 2020, entitled "Getting Mental" w/ comedian Joshua Barnes. "Barnes matches his anecdotal wisdom with an “everybody’s favorite dad” charm. He’ll have you rolling in your seats with stories and musings of everyday life. Barnes delivers a commanding performance whether he’s recounting the times his son has shamed him or detailing his beliefs of life’s purpose."
    Real Life Sci-Fi
    From the show's description: "Real Life Sci-Fi is a comedy podcast. A late night bar conversation about conspiracies, creatures and all things paranormal. Should the world be categorized as fiction or non-fiction? 1 skeptic. 1 believer. 1 woman. 1 guest. I clipped this snippet (or is that snipped this clippet?) from their Epi357 which dropped on June 20th of this year, entitled "Crop Circles With Fred Stoller. (Fred was a guest on Succotash during our first year, way back on Episode 15!) The hosts — Wade Randolph, Willy Roberts, Erin Pearce — continue their conversation with Fred, off the topic of the rest of the show (crop circles - some crop circles are man made. Are all of them? There is some compelling information about some crop circles. Will they get to it?)
    Jeremiah wonders…
    is a weekly podcast where Jeremiah Watkins interviews guests with some of his favorite original characters and impressions. You never know who's going to call in! We clipped from back in May of this year (this year being 2022, if you happen to have been time traveling…), Episode 231 with guest Nigel Ng (AKA Uncle Roger)
    …and that pretty much brings us to the end of the episode for this week. I've only got my wrap-up left to do here which will include some light begging of you to rate and review us if you like what you heard. It really helps us out…helps "keep the lights on" so to speak.
    Sometimes it is difficult to believe that it has been 11 years since this show started, and within that time the format known as the "podcast" has experienced a huge surge in growth and…perhaps a stagnation, a

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    Let's All go to the Movies

    Let's All go to the Movies

    Hello, friend! And thank you, Bill Heywatt! ‘Tis I, Marc Hershon, your every-other-weekly host of Succotash, the Comedy Soundcast Soundcast. And not only is this episode slated to actually drop on time for the first time in weeks – at least on my watch. My illustrious co-host, Tyson Saner, always clocks his epi's in on time — but I am now safely ensconced in Studio N, my “Nerd Nest” in my new digs in Grass Valley, California. Still working on soundproofing and the little bells and whistles to make this really come together, but it’s a process, you know?
    Speaking of Tyson, which I was just doing, I’m hoping you caught his most recent installment, AKA Episode 312, entitled “Nothing in Common”, where he featured a trio of comedy soundcast entries which had very little to do with one another, other than the fact they were comedy oriented. They were: No Cover - Live from Savage Henry Comedy Club, Gag On This…Podcast, and In Bed with Nick and Megan. I said “were” but may as well have meant “are”, since you can still avail yourself of said episode, fetchable at Apple or Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, YouTube, Amazon Music, Audible, Podchaser, PodBay, and on our own humble little homesite at SuccotashShow.com
    This week, I have pulled together four shows to clip, all under a common theme. I’m calling this episode “Let’s All Go to the Movies” because I’m selected a quartet of comedy-oriented movie review shows. In the past we’ve featured soundcasts like How Did This Get Made? and the Film Threat soundcast with friend-of-the-show Chris Gore. I ventured out into the Soundcastiverse and found shows we haven’t featured yet, which means you’ll be hearing snippets from But Is It Good?, Forever Movie Boys, Rotten Tomatoes Is Wrong, and They’re Just Movies.
    In addition, we’re brought to you this week by Henderson’s Pants wildly appropriate Hooray 4 Hollywood Slacks. Plus, we get back into sharing your social media handles when I dip into the TweetSack a little later in the show.
    They’re Just Movies
    I’m going to start with a soundcast called They’re Just Movies because they did a review recently of Lightyear, that Buzz Lightyear movie which I haven’t seen yet. This soundcast is hosted by a “small group of nerds” as they call themselves, which includes Riley Murdock, David Gauthier, and James Strieb. Their collective reviews around the film featuring a different flavor of Buzz Lightyear than we’ve seen featured in the Toy Story movies are little light on the kudos, yet they don’t out and out trash the film – to put a positive spin on their take, they start out talking about what they liked about it.
    Forever Movie Boys
    A trio of Australian guys host the Forever Movie Boys soundcast. The funny things is that there are three of them BUT the logo for their show only features two caricatures. Although there IS a kernel of popcorn hovering between the two, so maybe that’s the third guy? And, as is often the case since we started doing Succotash 11 and a half years ago, no trace of any names for the hosts. At least not on the web. Maybe they mention it during the show but I missed it. Anyway, in advance eof them wanting to catch the new Elvis movie by Baz Luhrman, they treated themselves to a bit of a culty classic the week before it opened: Bubba Ho-Tep. It seems like they didn’t quite dig it…
    But Is It Good
    Our third movie review related comedy soundcast is called But Is It Good” – no question mark in that title, if you were wondering – and its hosting by Hunter Callahan and Zack Olson. We’re just going to pop back a couple of weeks when the hosts welcomed guest Robert Clough in to discuss Ghostbusters: Afterlife, the way-too-long anticipated sequel to the second Ghostbusters movie. They all kind of dug it but there were some issues…
    Rotten Tomatoes is Wrong
    When you’re gambling it’s usually a good idea to cover your bets. I

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    Nothing In Common

    Nothing In Common

    Saluton, estas mi Tyson Saner, and I welcome you to Soundcast Land … which is where Succotash, the soundcast you are currently listening to, resides…as well as in the hearts of millions I am being told so, Holy Crap…thank you! It's a very special feeling that I will attempt to acknowledge on the regular by continuing to do more-or-less the same thing for as long as seems appropriate…whatever THAT means. Cheers to you!
    Last week, in Epi311 titled "Moving to the Sounds of Laughter", show creator, executive producer, my co-host and your more-or-less every-other-show-host Marc Hershon brought you a trio of soundcast clips from the soundcasts known as: 5-4, Crazy Town, Prop Culture, and Romance Road Test. Lots of entertainment to be had there, and you can find that show along with our 11 years deep archive of episodes over at www.succotashshow.com, or pretty much wherever else soundcasts can be found and listened to… including where you found this episode.
    Speaking of which: This is Episode 312, "Nothing In Common", and I've got clips for you from three soundcasts that have (seemingly) nothing in common): No Cover - Live from Savage Henry Comedy Club, Gag On This…Podcast, and In Bed with Nick and Megan.
    If you are new to our show, welcome! Thank you for listening. This episode is sponsored by the all-new Passive Aggressive Pants from Henderson's Pants, makers of coverage for everything you have down under since 1735.
    No Cover - Live from Savage Henry Comedy Club
    At Savage Henry Comedy Club in Eureka, CA, comedians and luminaries join host Mark Sanders to unwind and laugh about the goings on in Humboldt Country and the world at large. I clip from the first episode from May 13th, 2022 - "Condors in the Air, Scooters on the Street, and a Couple of Kinds of Comics",, and feature the music and comedy stylings of inaugural guest Stephanie Knowles.
    Gag On This…Podcast
    Big Nick, Rob, Charron, and Daddy D get together each week to interview local comedians/comediennes about their life in comedy, their views of the local scene, and we have them enter the 'Comics Studio.' We also discuss random topics and crack jokes with our guests and sometimes ask the audience to join in on the fun!" Taken from their Epi181 the dropped May 9th of this year, called "Gutting the Sacred Sinkie", the gang is joined by comedian Kevin Gootee! In this clip, Kevin explains what "Comics Watching Comics" is and notes some of the influence it has had on new comedians.
    In Bed with Nick and Megan
    Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman have been a couple for 20 years - 138 years in Hollywood time - and in their podcast they take listeners directly into their bed… because that’s where every episode is recorded - their bed. Cozying up with their famous friends, your favorite couple provide a funny, revealing, and very candid look into their relationship and life at large. In some episodes, they’ll even kick the guest out of bed and get extra personal in what some have called the most searing and rawly sexual conversations ever to burn their way through a voice recorder. Oh, yes. It’s that good. Join Megan and Nick for some serious pillow talk. This clip is from August 30th, 2020, an episode entitled "Checking In with Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest". There is a terrific story very early on about how Jamie Lee Curtis and Christopher Guest met. I did not clip that for this show. I chose instead to go with a clip of the group having a discussion that begins with sharing experiences in the theatre and the early days of cable T.V. programming.
    (Note: There has not been an episode of In Bed with Nick and Megan released since the "Season 1 Finale" dropped on September 13th, 2020.)
    When you get done listening to Episode 312, this is pretty much what I'll be saying: "Hey there… welcome to the end of the episode. I do hope you found some interest and/or entertainment in the roughly half-hour of your life that you spent

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    Moving to the Sounds of Laughter

    Moving to the Sounds of Laughter

    Old habits die hard, right? I can’t seem to drop an episode on time these days! What is this, the third show that I’ve hosted in a row to drop a day or more late? Ridiculous. BUT I have an excuse. Okay, I’ve had an excuse every time but THIS time it’s real-er.
    Firstly, as our announcer Bill Heywatt will tell you, I AM Marc Hershon, the OG host for Succotash, The Comedy Soundcast Soundcast, and you’ve gotten hold of Episode 311. My excuse? I’ve been moving. Not just down the street, or down the block, or across town. My lovely wife, Debra, and I have uprooted from Sausalito, California – right across the bay from San Francisco, if you’re unfamiliar – and headed for the hills. The Sierra foothills, that is, in Grass Valley, CA. That’s a good 3-hour drive from the Bay Area, or SIX hours if you’re making the trip in an electric car with a 100-mile range.
    Anyway, just moved in last Friday so “Studio N”, my Nerd Nook, had to be disassembled, boxed up, and re-assembled in our new place. It’s been a journey, friend. Average daily temperature is in the upper 90s to low 100s. And just a couple days ago, a wildfire broke out about 14 miles away with smoke I could clearly see through the Studio N window billowing up.
    So enough of my excuses. You downloaded or are streaming this installment of Succotash to hear some snippet of comedy soundcasts, didn’t you? Well, friend, I’ll let you know what I have in store for you right after I ask whether you heard my inestimable colleague Tyson Saner, who always drops HIS show on time, in this feed last week with Epi310, entitled “Question, Listen, Kill”. It was a good time, featuring three shows I’d heard ABOUT but had never actually heard before: What'd You Do This Weekend?, I Hear Voices, and Kill Me Now with Judy Gold. If you didn’t catch it then you can still catch it now through a variety of authorized listening posts, including Apple and Google Podcasts, Stitcher, Soundcloud, Amazon Music, Audible, iHeart Radio, YouTube, PodBay, Podchaser, and always – along with more than 11 years of archived episodes – on our homesite, SuccotashShow.com.
    That gets you up to speed and gets us to this episodes fascinating lineup of featured snippets. I’ve harvested “sound seedlings” from 5-4, Crazy Town, Prop Culture, and Romance Road Test. In addition, we’ve got a new fake sponsor this week: Sarsaparilla.
    Let’s get started, shall we?
    This episode’s first entry is from 5-4. If you’re looking for it, that’s the numeral five, then a hyphen (or dash, if you’re from the Old Country), followed by the numeral four. It’s a soundcast, as they say right upfront, about how much the Supreme Court sucks. A sentiment I happen to agree with more and more with each judgement they render. Or mangle, as the case usually is. The hosts, Peter, Michael, and Rhiannon look at the reasoning behind SCOTUS’ issues, using their dark humor to reveal the high court’s biases, as the About section of their homesite tells us. Spoiler Alert: The clip I’ve selected doesn’t really have a whiff of their trademarked humor in it as if comes from their recent Emergency Episode: Roe Is Overturned. I didn’t want to play anything funny because I don’t think the matter is funny and neither do they.
    Romance Road Test
    It’s always fun and interesting when one soundcast begats another. And now the long-running By The Book soundcast, hosted by Kristen Meinzer and Jolenta Greenberg, have had a baby soundcast, entitled Romance Road Test! Kristen and Jolenta are also co-authors of the book How to Be Fine: What We Learned from Living by the Rules of 50 Self-Help Books. After years of experimenting on themselves with every self-help technique under the sun, they're leveling up and putting their own long-term romantic relationships on the line. Over 16 episodes, Kristen and Jolenta and their partners will test out popular recommendations for reigniting r

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66 Ratings

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I get all the latest on my comedy podcasts here. Saves time and makes me laugh, so laughs per minute are higher than the podcasts themsleves. Thank you and pass that Succotash!

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A podcast listener's podcast! Find new podcasts by having them hand delivered by the ever talented Marc Hershon, and stay tuned for the great interview episodes, with greats like Matt Besser and DANA CARVEY!

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