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A show that takes a look at society’s expectations and rejects the ones we don’t see it for — all from the perspective of three black, queer best friends.

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A show that takes a look at society’s expectations and rejects the ones we don’t see it for — all from the perspective of three black, queer best friends.

    EP 315 | Beyond The Surface Level 3

    EP 315 | Beyond The Surface Level 3

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are Black, Queer, and Curious.

    What a ride season 3 of Surface Level has been! We’ve covered everything from sexual health, to hip hop, to gender roles in Queer relationships. We laughed, we debated, and now we are taking a look back. This week we answer questions asked directly from our Surface Level Insiders and discuss current events related to some of the topics. And like always, we find time to play a few games.

    This season we took the approach of amplifying as many voices on the Black Queer spectrum as possible. We close by going back to our roots and giving you a peek into who we are, how we think, and the work we’re doing to stand firmly in our own authenticity. We look forward to continuing the ride in the future and to bringing you more of the Black Queer experience we call Surface Level.


    • 1 hr 37 min
    EP 314 | No Face, No Case

    EP 314 | No Face, No Case

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are curious about the impact the “DL” narrative has had on both Queer and heterosexual communities.

    The idea of DL culture is one born out of a false narrative about Black Queer men during the AIDS crisis. Is there a difference between being “DL” and simply not being out?

    We discuss the problematic history of the term DL, if men are responsible for disclosing that they are involved with other men to a female partner, why the idea of DL men is fetishized in some Queer circles, and how those around us can become collateral damage in the messy process of coming out.

    We’re going out with a bang this season, with a touchy topic that the host do not all agree on. Queer experiences are layered and discussing how they right or wrongfully intersect with heterosexual people is complicated. In efforts to push ourselves and really interrogate what we have been told is and is not right, we are going there. So join the conversation on social media, this is one that touches the entire community.

    • 44 min
    EP 313 | 10's Across The Board

    EP 313 | 10's Across The Board

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are curious about the historic role Black & Brown trans women have played in ballroom culture.

    For our final Pride Month episode, we are shining a light on the experiences of trans women of color. How has ballroom served as a safe space for Black & Brown trans women?

    We decide which outside activities we are excited about and which ones need to be chopped, our impression of the ballroom community, how the success of shows like Pose and Legendary have affected ballroom, how “passing” privilege affects the trans community, the role realness categories play in modern ballroom, and why Black and Brown trans women have served as leaders within this community.

    This week we welcome Lola Gucci, Overall Mother of the House of Gucci, to our Surface Level family. We discuss her experience on the ball scene as well as her personal journey as a Black trans woman. This week is both fun and at times emotional, but most importantly personal, as Lola shares her story for the first time publicly. So, join us in learning more about Queer voices from all walks of life.

    • 59 min
    EP 312 | Gays As Old As Time (Bonus EP)

    EP 312 | Gays As Old As Time (Bonus EP)

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are curious how age impacts our perception of the world as Black, Queer men.
    In addition to this week’s regular episode we are releasing a bonus with messages from the host and our guests to our ten year old selves. We hope you enjoy, and please share with any younger person searching for a bit of guidance.

    • 10 min
    EP 312 | Gays As Old As Time

    EP 312 | Gays As Old As Time

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are curious how age impacts our perception of the world as Black, Queer men.
    This episode features the stories of Black, Queer men ages 25-64. What role does age play in how we view the topics of relationships, Blackness, professionalism, Queer health, and Ageism.
    This week we test a new format where we asked several men the same 10 questions and shape our conversation around their responses. We cover everything from dating & sex, to how they navigate spaces that are not always welcoming to Black, Queer men, and we close by directly addressing the role age plays in interactions within our own community.
    Black, Queer stories are in no way monolithic and it was an amazing experience to hear so many varying perspectives on the same topics. One goal we have had in growing Surface Level is to amplify Black, Queer experiences outside of our own and this is our most ambitious project yet. So, join us in welcoming Deshon, Khalil, Steven, Dawon, E. Brown, Derrick & Toby to our Surface Level family, this is Gays As Old As Time.

    • 1 hr 4 min
    EP 311 | Affirmative (In)Action

    EP 311 | Affirmative (In)Action

    Damon, Jordan & Tony are curious about how last year’s social justice movement affected Black Queer professionals.

    The social uprising sparked by the murder of George Floyd coincidentally fell in line with the launch of Surface Level. How did this impact our views towards the roles we play at work?

    We play a work from home themed game, discuss the action or lack there of in response to the events of last year, we revisit statements we made regarding assimilating during our season 1 episode titled the ‘Magical Negro is OOO’, and one host is challenged on his view that assimilation to corporate culture is a necessary means to a successful end.

    With one year under our belts, our anniversary lands in a similar way to how we started. We visit a conversation that seems straightforward but proves to be quite the hot button, sparking fierce debate. Corporate America is still playing catch up to last year’s lofty promises of change. We hope to do our part in continuing to evaluate our roles in being a part of that evolution.

    • 42 min

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5.0 out of 5
67 Ratings

67 Ratings

AK00124 ,

Thought Provoking & Fun Listen

Listen to it!! I highly recommend this podcast it is full of fascinating, educational and thought provoking conversations from three friends that keep it real. In one moment you hear Damon, Jordan and Tony being open and raw in talking about personal, vulnerable moments in life as they share the lessons they have learned. Then the next moment you are laughing out loud at their banter. Each episode feels as if you get an inside peek into their friendship. As soon as it’s done I want to start the next episode. Thank you for this podcast!

Shif06 ,

Engaging Discussions!

The dynamic between the three of you as friends feels so warm and intimate to the listener as if they are immersed into your friend group as the fourth member. Excellent thought provoking topics and unique varying perspectives make for a great listen. Keep up the great work.

3rdCoastsDaughter ,

Fun and thoughtful content

I’m a straight woman and I believe I began listening to the pod because a friend was a guest. I decided to subscribe because there were some familiar faces from college (so why not support)… but I’m so glad I’ve kept listening to the podcast. These guys are doing the WORK! The conversation and guest are thoughtfully chosen and because of that the conversation have great depth and are thought provoking. The host are clearly friends but have different opinions and playfully challenge each other. Their personalities interact well together making the podcast an enjoyable listen, I continue to walk away after a listen feeling good and inspired.

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