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Join Nutritional Therapy Practioner and breast cancer survivor, Juni Bucher, NTP as she explores the issues that concern young(ish) breast cancer patients as they navigate their physical and mental healing.

Tata, Cancer‪!‬ Juni Bucher, NTP

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Join Nutritional Therapy Practioner and breast cancer survivor, Juni Bucher, NTP as she explores the issues that concern young(ish) breast cancer patients as they navigate their physical and mental healing.

    33. Interview w/Jen Ball, Somatic Sex Coach/Sexological Bodywork Practitioner

    33. Interview w/Jen Ball, Somatic Sex Coach/Sexological Bodywork Practitioner

    In today's episode, I interview the incredible Jen Ball (they/them) of Wild Root Revival (www.wildrootrevival.com).

    Jen is a somatic sex coach and sexological bodywork practitioner, passionate about helping people come home to their bodies, their pleasure, and their power. Their practice focuses on embodiment & intimacy support, intentional pleasure practices, and integrating body and identity. 

    After a family tragedy, Jen began a wholehearted journey with grief and PTSD, with deep work around belonging and identity, agency, and acceptance. Their personal experience with transformative growth in the midst of devastation informs much of their work. Jen is privileged to create a warm and welcoming container for the most vulnerable explorations, for all of the feelings, and for the joy that comes with being fully and heartbreakingly human.

    If you have struggled to make peace with your body before, during, or after your cancer journey you will LOVE this episode.  


    Find Jen Ball on Instagram (@wildrootrevival) or go to her website (www.wildrootrevival.com)

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    32. Dating After Breast Cancer

    32. Dating After Breast Cancer

    Dating after breast cancer can be a daunting experience, especially if you are struggling with feeling confident in your body and worried about how you will be accepted by a potential partner.  

    In today's episode, I break down what I have learned about dating in a post-pandemic world in a post-mastectomy body.  

    A few topics I cover: 

    -How apps can take some of the awkwardness out of telling a new potential partner about your cancer history

    -The advantages and disadvantages of meeting new people on the apps vs. in real life

    -How to know when you "are ready to get back out there"

    -The self-care tools I used to help boost my confidence 

    -The benefits of sharing your experience and supporting yourself with single friends

    ...some of the most surprising moments I've had, some of the sweetest moments I've had, and one of the lowest moments I had regarding dealing with other people's reactions to my history as a breast cancer survivor.

    At the end of the day, dating TRULY can be FUN...even as a cancer survivor.  Being more vigilant about enforcing my boundaries and also being more open, honest, and direct about how to handle my post-cancer body with care has actually been incredibly empowering.  I hope the same for you too!

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     Dealing with cancer and already with a partner? Listen to this episode to hear how to navigate cancer as a couple. 

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    31. Beauty Tips For Cancer Patients-Interview w/Patricia Fox

    31. Beauty Tips For Cancer Patients-Interview w/Patricia Fox

    In today's episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Patricia Fox, a beauty influencer, author, model, and breast cancer thriver.  

    You will love Patricia's vivacious energy, positive attitude, and her unique story that really speaks to the young breast cancer experience. 

    Want to hear what it's like to DATE DURING CANCER TREATMENT?

    Patricia will tell you! 

    She also has one of the best experiences with her medical team which is really great to hear.  

    Patricia shares her story, her tips for feeling beautiful during treatment, her favorite clean beauty products and so much more!

    Follow her on Instagram: @therealpatriciafox 


    Buy her book: Declarations: Statements of Healing for Women Braving Dis-ease

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    30. Fasting & Breast Cancer

    30. Fasting & Breast Cancer

    In today's episode, I discuss how participating in a fasting protocol can be beneficial to breast cancer patients.

    Research has shown very promising results regarding using fasting to lower your risk of breast cancer recurrence and also to enhance the efficacy of chemotherapy treatments.  

    I have utilized fasting in my life for decades for various reasons and have seen many benefits.  

    Topics covered in this episode: 1.  What is IF (intermittent fasting)? How do you do it? 

    2. Why is fasting good to prevent breast cancer from coming back? 

    3.  How can fasting increase the benefits of chemotherapy treatment and reduce side effects? 

    4. Who shouldn't fast? 

    5. Common questions and concerns when starting a fasting protocol

    6. How to make fasting easier

    7. Why women who don't tolerate Tamoxifen should consider IF

    8. My experimentation with fasting over the last 25 years

    Fasting has been studied as a potential way to improve chemotherapy outcomes. Short-term fasting has been observed to increase chemotherapy sensitivity in some cancer cells, enhance cancer cell death, and reduce chemotherapy-induced side effects. Fasting also increases the levels of certain hormones such as growth hormone, which may be beneficial for chemotherapy efficacy. In addition, fasting may reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, which are important factors in the effectiveness of chemotherapy. Finally, fasting may reset the body’s metabolism, allowing it to better utilize chemotherapy drugs. 

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    29. Interview with Nicole and Megan Michelena, Healing with Psilocybin

    29. Interview with Nicole and Megan Michelena, Healing with Psilocybin

    DISCLAIMER: This podcast is intended for informational purposes only and does not claim to be medical or mental health advice.  Please discuss any health matters with your medical team and follow all laws. The host and guests of this podcast do not condone illegal activity. 

    In 2020, Portland, OR passed ballot measure 109 which gives Oregon Health Authority the job of overseeing magic mushroom consumption. 

    In the premiere episode of season two, I'm talking with my guests about how microdosing with psilocybin (aka magic mushrooms) can be used to rewire the brain. 

    After experiencing profound healing through psychedelic treatment, sisters Megan and Nicole Michelena founded Zenchronicity, a microdose mentorship program that supports healing with psilocybin. Megan and Nicole are Microdosing Institute certified mental health experts specializing in trauma healing through plant medicine. Megan is also a certified holistic nutritionist, health coach, and both are trauma-informed yoga teachers and experts in psychedelic medicine. Nicole has studied plant medicine and the benefits it has in helping individuals heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

    The sisters are also the hosts of the podcast, Zenchronicity. 


    Website: www.zenchronicity222.com

    Check out their free mini-course on the website!

    Instagram: @zenchronicity222, @zenchronicity_sisters

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    28. Mini-Episode/A Special Message from Juni

    28. Mini-Episode/A Special Message from Juni

    In this ultra-mini episode, I have a special message for you.

    I'm taking a short break between now and season two of the podcast but don't worry, I'll be back in a few weeks with so much incredible content to share with you all!

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    Are you walking the breast cancer path right now?  

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    I can help!

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Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
18 Ratings

18 Ratings

lindytemplin ,

Great informative Podcast

I love this podcast!!! Juni offers so much to breast cancer patients. LOVE her and her relative content. I have learned so much from listening.

TaraCoyote ,

Brilliant podcast!

As a breast cancer thriver, I TRULY appreciate Juni’s honesty, humor, wisdom and hearing her experience. Every podcast sheds light on my own particular experience, which someone only truly ‘gets’ if they are on the path. I appreciate how real she is and think she’s an incredibly brave woman! Check this podcast out!

protool24 ,

So helpful

Thank you for sharing your personal testimony and interviewing people. I find it so helpful specially having gone through breast cancer.
I highly recommend this podcast as is very educational.

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