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All the sh*t your horse wants you to know, and what to do about it.
Guided by a animal communicator/teacher and a horse trainer/human coach!

Tea Time with Shayleigh and Amber Shayleigh and Amber

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All the sh*t your horse wants you to know, and what to do about it.
Guided by a animal communicator/teacher and a horse trainer/human coach!

    Episode 55: Barn Boundaries (part 1)

    Episode 55: Barn Boundaries (part 1)

    The podcast episode delved into an open conversation about boundaries, aiming to invite people into a free-flowing dialogue. Amber and Shayleigh highlighted the importance of reclaiming personal power and embracing responsibility for choices and emotions. They encouraged the community to dive deeper into the topic, offering upcoming sessions and thought-provoking questions to spark introspection and understanding.

    Shayleigh vulnerably shared her experience of accidentally injuring her horse, Fern, during hoof trimming, expressing feelings of guilt and devastation. Drawing parallels, Amber connected the concept of the half halt in horse training to managing thoughts and emotions. They engaged in a profound discussion about the impact of boundaries and accountability on personal and professional lives, emphasizing the significance of self-respect in fostering a safe and successful environment.

    The meeting concluded with a reflection on the importance of respecting boundaries and space, using Biggie the horse as an example. Amber and Shayleigh stressed the necessity of mutual respect and understanding to cultivate a safe and balanced environment, drawing comparisons between human relationships and interactions with horses.

    They also previewed an upcoming Facebook group discussion and workshop on boundary implications in life, highlighting the free resources available to participants.

    Ending on a light note, they expressed the ongoing nature of the boundary conversation and the plethora of topics awaiting exploration in future episodes.

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    Episode 54: Denise Byron

    Episode 54: Denise Byron

    Shayleigh and Amber kick off the podcast by welcoming Denise Byron, an intuitive mentor, who shares her journey of nurturing intuitive gifts and establishing her unique practice. Denise highlights the significance of aligning mind, body, and spirit and introduces Sensuous Wisdom, her practice enabling women to access power, compassion, love, and wisdom. The conversation delves into finding resonant connections and the empowering role of free will and choice in healing. Denise Elizabeth Byron recounts her exploration of life force and sexual energy through a transformative class. She eventually becomes a teacher of the tantric dance of the sacred feminine, culminating in the founding of Sensuous Wisdom. This embodiment practice involves movement, breath, and a deep connection with the divine feminine and the senses. Shayleigh shares her personal journey towards self-acceptance, and Denise contributes by discussing her experiences with motherhood and the unique perspective of past lives. Denise and Shayleigh explore the importance of balancing feminine and masculine energies, emphasizing the individualized nature of this equilibrium. They touch upon the cultural suppression of femininity and the necessity of personal balance. Amber and Denise discuss receptivity and vulnerability as crucial components in trauma healing, highlighting the need for safe environments and the challenges associated with self-worth and protection. Denise also introduces her belief in reincarnation beyond Earth and the profound challenges of life on our planet. Amber and Denise reflect on their personal growth journeys, emphasizing the struggles of embracing authenticity and conquering fear. They discuss the vital role of intuition and values in relationships and the radical nature of authentic expression in a world sometimes hostile to uniqueness. Denise expresses her admiration for Amber's courage and authenticity, offering a vision of empowerment and self-discovery grounded in bodily wisdom and intuition. They also touch on the transformative potential of Pluto's movement into Aquarius and its collective impact.

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    Episode 53: Plant Wisdom

    Episode 53: Plant Wisdom

    In this episode, Shayleigh and Amber candidly share their profound experiences with plant medicine, delving into how these journeys transformed their perspectives on life and deepened their connections with their horses. They explore the interconnectedness of existence and the insights gained into relationships, touching on the complexities of perception and free will within them.

    The conversation extends to the emotional terrain of personal growth and the weight of responsibility towards animals, drawing parallels between shedding old beliefs and the transformative nature of life and death. They emphasize the importance of self-discovery and the role of mentors in empowering individuals to harness their own healing abilities.

    **Chapters & Topics:**

    1. **Personal Experiences with Plant Medicine:** Shayleigh and Amber recount their individual journeys with plant medicine, highlighting its profound impact on consciousness and perception, especially in their relationships with their horses. 2. **Insights from a Transformative Experience:** Reflecting on a transformative experience, Shayleigh underscores the importance of affirming desires and confronting fears, leading to a deeper understanding of life's vastness and loss. 3. **Discussion on Free Will and Decision Making:** Delving into the complexities of free will in relationships, they explore the dynamics of asking someone to stay despite their freedom to leave, drawing parallels between human and animal behavior. 4. **Reflections on Emotional Growth and Loss:** Shayleigh shares her insights on mourning the emotional aspects of personal growth, paralleling it to a death, while Amber relates this to the responsibility felt towards animals and the lessons they bring. 5. **Exploring Free Will and Healing Work:** Shayleigh emphasizes the importance of individuals asking their own questions in healing sessions and integrating their own medicine, sharing her journey of expanding her capacity for miracles. 6. **Discussion on Physical and Energetic Healing:** Amber discusses her health challenges and highlights the significance of addressing both physical and energetic aspects of healing, while Shayleigh expresses interest in exploring the link between emotions and physical health. 7. **Exploring Instant Healing and Resistance:** Shayleigh discusses her resistance towards instant healing, prompting a conversation about skepticism and setting boundaries to prevent energy drainage. 8. **Membership Benefits and Upcoming Events:** Shayleigh and Amber showcase the advantages of joining their membership, including early access to events and offerings, along with introducing the Barn Boundaries program aimed at practicing boundaries in various life domains.

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    Episode 51 :Unlocking the Wisdom of the Horse Within You

    Episode 51 :Unlocking the Wisdom of the Horse Within You

    In this podcast episode, the hosts engaged in a thought-provoking discussion with some of the authors of "Unlocking the Wisdom of Horses Within You."

    Lina PettersdotterDanielle ScepanovicMelanie EbersoleNica QuinnElsie Redford

    Some of the  authors shared their profound personal journeys with horses, revealing how these majestic animals acted as catalysts for unlocking deep truths within themselves. One of the central themes explored was the significance of vulnerability and authenticity in storytelling.

    The authors passionately articulated how these qualities can bridge the gap of human isolation, offering solace in the shared human experience. The group emphasized the power of authenticity in nurturing connections and kindling empathy among people.

    The podcast delved into the authors' individual experiences with their equine companions, recounting how these animals provided invaluable support during challenging times. The concept of the universe sending signs, often interpreted as messages from loved ones, was a captivating topic of discussion. The conversation underscored the profound emotional bonds that humans can forge with their animals and stressed the importance of cherishing these relationships.

    The group shared heartwarming anecdotes about the transformative impact of their book, both on themselves and others. They also tackled the idea of recognizing horses as unique individuals on their own journeys, emphasizing the responsibility of humans to respect ethical boundaries and not objectify these majestic creatures as mere mirrors or tools for personal growth.

    In essence, the podcast emphasized the immense value of vulnerability and authenticity in fostering connections and empathy.

    The authors' personal narratives illustrated how horses can serve as guides to self-discovery. The responsibility of acknowledging horses as distinct beings and respecting ethical boundaries was highlighted. Additionally, the podcast explored the potency of storytelling and the profound influence of a book in connecting with others.

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    Episode 52: Interview With the Herd

    Episode 52: Interview With the Herd

    In this thought-provoking podcast, the Amber and Shayleigh base their conversation of off a Tea House members herd being intern  delve into retirement, self-care, and horse care. They emphasize the importance of self-reflection, mindfulness, and the impact of self-sacrificing beliefs in the context of caring for horses.

    The conversation explores the dynamics between horse and owner, touching on the willingness of horses to please at their own expense and urging a deeper examination.

     *Chapters & Topics:* 

    1. *Redefining Retirement and Caretaking Horses* - Amber and Shayleigh challenge traditional notions of retirement, advocating for living life to the fullest at any age. - Discussion on the responsibility of animal caretakers and the need for self-reflection.

    2. *Nurturing Personal Well-being* - Shayleigh reflects on personal well-being, sharing a Theta Healing experience and emphasizing the importance of self-care.

    3. *Self-Care and Boundaries in Horse Care* - Exploration of horse owners prioritizing their needs over their horses', discussing self-sacrifice and the impact of mothering energy.

    4. *Perspectives on Blanketing Horses* - Insights on horses' preferences for blanketing, respecting choices and instincts. - Amber's decision to stop blanketing her horses and unique behaviors during rainy weather.

    5. *Lessons from Animal Communication* - Amber reflects on experiences with animals, emphasizing acceptance and understanding of their independent nature. - Shayleigh discusses ethical considerations of rehoming animals and the importance of living in the present moment.

    6. *Roxy's Background and Training* - In-depth account of Roxy's history as a lesson horse, trained to FEI pony level in dressage. - Roxy's role as a schoolmaster for Elsie and Lucy rather than part of a formal lesson program.

    7. *Insights on Retirement and Redefining Purpose* - Delving into retirement for horses, emphasizing the value of lessons and growth from older or retired horses. - Stressing careful consideration and avoiding assumptions when retiring horses.

    8. *Lessons Learned from Horse Care* - Elsie discusses transitioning horses to a more natural lifestyle. - Shayleigh emphasizes recognizing individual preferences and needs in horses.

    9. *Personal Growth and Accountability* - Stephanie's struggle to connect with Sonny on a deeper level. - Discussion on accountability partners and unique dynamics in relationships with horses.

    10. *Insights on Vision and Acceptance* - Shayleigh's personal vision journey and its connection to accepting others without judgment. - Practice of acceptance in daily activities, such as walking dogs.

    11. *Reflections on Personal Growth and Awareness* - Insights on personal growth, self-awareness, and accepting others without judgment. - Encouragement to celebrate moments of realization and embrace the continuous learning process.

    12. *Discussion on Horses and Their Messages* - Insights on the messages conveyed by horses, understanding their needs and energy. - Discussion on the guilt associated with rehoming animals and the importance of being present in the current moment.

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    Episode 50: Rochelle Stanley

    Episode 50: Rochelle Stanley

    Shayleigh and Amber kick off the podcast by introducing Rochelle Stanley, a medical intuitive, and delve into her transformative journey towards becoming a healer.

    Rochelle's initial resistance to this path and her eventual embrace of it are explored, highlighting her study of Theta healing and her evolution into a medical intuitive.

    The conversation also touches on the role of past lives in the healing process and the profound impact of raising conscious and aware children.

    **Insights on Medical Intuitiveness and Animal Communication

    ** Rochelle Stanley shares her expertise on medical intuitiveness and her unique ability to communicate with animals. She explains how she utilizes her intuitive gifts to identify health issues in both humans and animals, viewing the body as a spectrum of light with distinct colors. Rochelle emphasizes the importance of respecting individuals' free will and practicing patience as they navigate their own paths, offering guidance like breadcrumbs towards their desired outcomes. Additionally, she delves into the profound connection between emotions and the physical body, shedding light on how belief systems shape our lived experiences.

    **Exploring Emotional Attachments to Pets

    ** The group delves into the deep emotional bonds people share with their pets and the potential overwhelm it can bring. They discuss the weight of taking on excessive responsibility and the pressure it places on individuals to provide the "right" answers, often leading to a shutdown of psychic senses. The importance of maintaining curiosity about emotions and not succumbing to overwhelm is also explored.

    **Personal Experiences and Emotional Management

    ** The conversation takes a personal turn as the group shares their own experiences with pets and how they've learned to navigate their emotions in challenging situations. They also delve into the various services and courses offered by Rochelle for those interested in exploring her work further. Tune in to this enlightening episode as Rochelle Stanley and the hosts explore the realms of medical intuitiveness, animal communication, emotional connections, and self-discovery. To learn more about Rochelle please visit :


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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
11 Ratings

11 Ratings

Barrelgrl92 ,

LOVE!!! Perspective altering, and straight up magical!

I literally had to look up how to write a review because this podcast is so amazingly incredible, and my absolute favorite. The topics covered are extremely relatable, and the perspective shifts that come with it are invaluable. It has completely changed how I approach certain interactions with my animals, and in turn has deepened my connection to myself and my world tremendously. This podcast by itself will help raise vibrational frequency in which you interact with the world, but the Tea House has been instrumental in compounding that effect. I have felt seen, heard, supported, and encouraged by these incredible women (who I haven’t even met in person!!) who lead by example with vulnerability and transparency in their own interactions. Can’t love this enough, and I share it with everyone!

bev bentley ,

Best podcast!

This podcast has changed so much for me! Not only my personal life with my own animals but now I can help others in many different ways. This gives you the chance to see the world from your pets lives to personal awareness. It’s so eye opening, thought provoking and more! Everyone should take some time to listen to some deep conversations from this podcast about animal communications and some self awareness as well! It has helped me develop a new passion for animals I never thought was possible! I would give this 20 stars if I could!

Shark.Cat ,

Thought provoking

Shayleigh and Amber are doing a great job breaking down ideas and looking deeper into the meaning behind how we be with our horses. I’ve learned something from every episode!

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