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That's Rad • The Podcast of the Littleton Food Co-op, Littleton's 100% Community-owned Grocer. Directed and hosted by Anastasia Maher. Produced by Jessy Smith & Annie Stuart is the Executive Producer.

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That's Rad • The Podcast of the Littleton Food Co-op, Littleton's 100% Community-owned Grocer. Directed and hosted by Anastasia Maher. Produced by Jessy Smith & Annie Stuart is the Executive Producer.

    Episode XXXV Pt. 2: Member Choice Awards 2023

    Episode XXXV Pt. 2: Member Choice Awards 2023

    What can we say? Sometimes we have our pantry staples on hand all the time, and then we take them for granted and forget to add them to the shopping list for the next trip. Does that make any sense? In any case, this is all to say we forgot to announce the winner of the “Best Local Pantry Staple” Award! This has nothing to do with the nominees or the winner and everything to do with host Anastasia just being a silly goose sometimes. There is only so much you can expect out of a twenty-something teenage girl. Deepest apologies! We had some incredible local nominees in this category, including: NEK Grains Whole Wheat Pancake Mix; McLure’s Wildflower Honey; Mount Cabot Maple Grade A Amber Rich Syrup; Polly’s Pancake Parlor Original Pancake Mix; White Mountain Apiary Organic Raw Honey; Maple Grove Farms Pancake/Waffle Mix; and Fullers Maple Cream. The one to take the win was ultimately White Mountain Apiary Organic Raw Honey! 39% of voters effectively said this is the thing they can’t live without in their pantry.

    In honor of WMA’s well-earned victory, we’re bringing back everyone’s favorite beekeeper Janice Mercieri for a re-release of her original podcast appearance in 2022. In this episode, Janice gives an educational and entertaining interview about the role of bees in our food system. Hint: it’s a major one! Give it a listen to congratulate Janice, the bees, and White Mountain Apiary on their 2023 Member Choice Award win!

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    Episode XXXV: Member Choice Awards 2023

    Episode XXXV: Member Choice Awards 2023

    It’s finally here! You voted, you sampled, you waited, and now we are happy to finally present the winners of the first annual Littleton Food Co-op Member Choice Awards! In celebration of Eat Local Month in August, we asked you to prove your loyalty to your favorite local foods to promote them to Local Food Winners™. Our favorites battled it out for awards like “Best Local Savory Snack,” “Best Local Bakery Item,” and “Best Local Alcoholic Beverage.” And now, host Anastasia gets to present the fourteen winners in the most elegant dramatic fashion. Because is there any other way to host an awards show? So grab your bulk popcorn and (local) toppings and get an exclusive first listen to see if your favorites are going home winners!

    And then stop by the Littleton Food Co-op, just off Exit 41, so you can go home a winner, too! At the end of the day, all of our local producers and their products are winners, and we’re proud to offer them to our community. This time of year we are packed to the brim with colorful organic produce, specialty cheeses, meat, bulk dry goods, craft beer and wine, and more. Shopping at your locally owned retailer is “voting with your dollars.” And no membership is required to shop and join in on the local fun. If you want to take your local supporter status to the next level, consider becoming a Co-op member with an easy application in store or online. Visit us on the web at littletoncoop.com.

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    Episode XXXIV: What's the Big Dill?

    Episode XXXIV: What's the Big Dill?

    Calling all pickle girlies and fermentation enthusiasts: this episode was made just for you! Host Anastasia is sitting down with Addie Rose Holland of Real Pickles, a fermented vegetable brand out of Greenfield, MA. And let us just say, the link between a lonely cucumber pickle and a thriving local economy is smaller than you may think. This episode talks about the benefits of fermented vegetables, how buying local has a direct link to making a better tasting pickle, and what the company has learned in their ten years as a worker owned cooperative. Plus hear about Anastasia’s new merch idea that she thinks could be all the rage this summer. Listen today!

    The Littleton Food Co-op is your go-to place for colorful local vegetables – fresh, pickled, fermented, or otherwise. We also offer local meats, cheeses, bulk items, prepared foods, and more to round out your next summer meal. And don’t forget a local craft beer or wine to wash it all down! A Co-op membership helps support all the local foods– as well as the local jobs– that can be found at the Co-op. But membership is not required to shop, so come visit today! Just off Exit 41 in Littleton, NH.

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    Episode XXXIII: Thanks, Mom!

    Episode XXXIII: Thanks, Mom!

    You may have gotten the mother figure in your life a great gift for Mother’s Day, but did you get her a podcast? This month, in honor of all the wonderful Moms in the world, host Anastasia has invited her own mother Joann to be a guest on the show. It’s not like she’s been asking from the beginning to be on or anything…

    This episode plays out a little differently than others as the mother-daughter duo step into the kitchen to live cook one of their favorite dishes. Fans of heartwarming moments, sharing old family stories, and cooking ASMR: this episode is for you! Plus, hear shout-outs from other Co-op employees to some of the mothers in their lives.

    The Littleton Food Co-op is the ultimate destination for anything your mom needs and everything she deserves. Whether it’s local organic, local produce, meats, and cheeses for a soul-satisfying homemade meal; fair-trade chocolate and wine for a nice treat; or bath salts and essential oils for the perfect night of self-care, it can all be found at the Littleton Food Co-op! Don’t know what mom wants? Let her decide and give a Littleton Food Co-op gift card. All are welcome here, so stop by anytime to the corner of Cottage Street and Bethlehem Road in Littleton, NH. Or visit us online at littletoncoop.com and all social media platforms.

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    FBOTD Minisode III: Sustainable Beverages

    FBOTD Minisode III: Sustainable Beverages

    Did someone say #minisodeonthemove? No one did, but we did it anyway! For this FBOTD minisode, host Anastasia is taking her fun beverage on a walk so she can talk about sustainable beverages. But she quickly realizes that a fun, unnecessary beverage and sustainability don’t necessarily go hand in hand. So how do we successfully reduce our impact on the Earth while still enjoying the fun beverages we’re here on this Earth to drink? Plus, here our take on a new product to the Co-op: LOOP Mission juices. As part of our miniseries, this episode is the perfect length to take a quick beverage-inspired walk. Enjoy!

    The Littleton Food Co-op is your one stop shop for all of your spring essentials, including your fun beverages! We are packed to the brim with local produce, meats, cheeses, craft beer, and of course beverages. Plus check out our raved about grab-and-go prepared meals, wide selection of bulk items, and fresh meat and seafood. We pride ourselves on including the local natural environment in Cooperative Principle #7: Concern for Community, not just for Earth Day, but everyday. Whether your personal environmental goals include introducing more plant-based foods, using less plastic materials, or shopping more local-er, the Co-op is a great place to start. Swing by 43 Bethlehem Rd off of Exit 41 to see for yourself!

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    Episode XXXII: Spring has Sprung

    Episode XXXII: Spring has Sprung

    Surprise! That's Rad produced our first ever "prank episode" this year in honor of April Fool's Day. If you want a guaranteed laugh this is the place to be! Listen to the story of how our intrepid podcast host Anastasia is taken by local organic aliens, and humble cashier Bob has to step up to the plate and host the podcast. There's mad dashing across the store, thought-provoking guest star interviews, and some fresh and funky new tunes to add to your playlist. But beware -- everything is not as it seems...Remember; April Fools Day is a state of mind, meaning you can also send this to a friend and give them their daily jump-scare. Enjoy!

    We're not pranking you by saying that the Littleton Food Co-op is blooming with fresh local produce, meats, cheeses, craft beer and wine, bulk foods, prepared deli items, and more. We’re also stocked to the brim with every type of seed for the green thumbs, and have a wonderful selection of houseplants for the…less than green thumbs. All of it is here for you, our local community. No membership is required to shop. Come stop by, just off Exit 41 in Littleton, and see why we’re being called “the friendliest place in the North Country.” Or visit us online at littletoncoop.com for weekly specials, healthy recipes, and more.

    Pantry Posies: https://pantryposies.com/

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5.0 out of 5
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9 Ratings

bgossvt ,

Littleton Cooperative reality

I have been a member of the COOP since around 2016 and recently became an employee in the summer of 2022. I have had the honor of getting to know the people who put this podcast together and I can tell you the talent and enthusiasm and information that they exude from this podcast is just as real in person.


That IS RAD!

Great show, great host! I love the co-op, and this show spotlights so much of what makes the co-op great!!! Always an interesting interview, good work team

BugtrotterB ,

Local legend

Anastasia is the perfect host for this show. If you want to learn more about cooperatives and their many benefits, tune in to this treat for your ears and brain.

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