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Providing agile insights into human values and behaviors through genuine connections.

The Agile Within Mark Metze

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Providing agile insights into human values and behaviors through genuine connections.

    Facilitation: The Skill We All Need to Master with Angela Agresto

    Facilitation: The Skill We All Need to Master with Angela Agresto

    Unlock the secrets of powerful team synergy as we sit down with Angela Agresto, a facilitation maestro from the picturesque city of Duluth. Angela lets us in on the transformative influence of expert facilitation, a craft that stretches far beyond the confines of a simple meeting. It's the cornerstone of every successful team, creating a space where each individual feels valued, heard, and confident enough to inject their unique perspectives into the collaborative mix. Experience the stories that paint a picture of how diverse voices, when woven together by skilled facilitation, can lead to breakthrough ideas and bolster the psychological safety needed for innovation to thrive.

    In a realm where introverts may tread softly, Angela sheds light on empowering the quieter forces within our teams. Discover how the right encouragement and tailored coaching can nudge these silent thought leaders towards significant contributions and sometimes, career-defining moments. As we venture further, we dissect the delicate art of conflict management through the lens of facilitation—learning how to differentiate between the sparks of healthy debate and the fires of destructive disputes. Join us for an episode brimming with practical wisdom, as we explore strategies to navigate the choppy waters of team disagreements and emerge with a strengthened vessel, ready to sail towards success.

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    Reshaping Perceptions: The Scrum Master's Advocacy Journey with Jessica Bahr

    Reshaping Perceptions: The Scrum Master's Advocacy Journey with Jessica Bahr

    Uncover the transformative power of Agile roles and how they can revolutionize your team's dynamics with the guidance of Jessica Bahr, a seasoned Scrum Master from Austin, Texas. Jessica joins us on The Agile Within to reveal the hidden strengths of Scrum Masters, their pivotal role in enabling team success, and the fulfillment derived from serving rather than shining in the spotlight. We promise an eye-opening discussion about the servant leadership that sets Agile apart from traditional project management, providing actionable strategies for Scrum Masters to showcase their value while keeping the team front and center.

    During this episode, we navigate the complexities of advocating for Agile roles across different levels of an organization and the art of balancing one's workload with effective communication strategies. Learn as Jessica imparts her wisdom on coaching teams through the Agile adaptation process, fostering trust, and deftly managing conflict. Her insights on the importance of support systems, respecting a team's expertise, and positioning oneself as a trusted advisor are invaluable for anyone looking to thrive in the Agile environment. Tune in for a candid exploration of these intricate challenges and the roadmap to becoming an integral part of your team's success story.

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    Link to "Scrum Master : It is a Full Time Job" article by Chris Li: https://www.sparkplugagility.com/blog/scrum-master-it-s-a-full-time-job

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    The 'Technical Enough' Guide for Scrum Masters with Daria Bagina

    The 'Technical Enough' Guide for Scrum Masters with Daria Bagina

    Embark on a transformative exploration of Agile leadership transitions with the esteemed Daria Bagina, where we unravel the pivotal role of technical understanding for effective Agile leadership. The picturesque charm of Toronto sets the backdrop for our insightful conversation, highlighting the necessity for leaders to be 'technical enough.' As we wade through the nuances of Agile roles, you'll discover that grasping the technicalities isn't just for developers—it's the cornerstone of bridging the gap between the nitty-gritty of code and the grand vision of business strategy.

    Ever found yourself tongue-tied when trying to articulate a technical issue to your team? This episode is a gold mine for enhancing your communication skills within Agile frameworks. My personal journey with Azure DevOps exemplifies the value of being inquisitive and well-informed rather than settling for surface-level understanding. We dissect the finesse required in posing questions that catalyze growth and learning, steering clear of lazy inquiries that lead nowhere. Daria and I share insights on the delicate dance of asking the right questions, empowering you to spark conversations that illuminate rather than obscure.

    Witness the metamorphosis of a non-technical product owner, whose dedication to technical mastery reshaped team dynamics and garnered deep-rooted respect from developers. This narrative is not just inspiring; it's a testament to the possibilities that unfold when Agile leaders invest in their technical growth. Moreover, Daria extends an invitation to enrich your Agile education through Scrum Mastered, featuring a trove of training classes and practical guides. Whether you’re an Agile aficionado or on the cusp of a leadership transition, this episode equips you with actionable insights to steer through the Agile waters with newfound confidence and clarity.

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    What Project Managers can bring to Agile with Andrew Mitchell

    What Project Managers can bring to Agile with Andrew Mitchell

    Join forces with Mark Metze and Andrew Mitchell as we traverse the landscape where traditional project management merges with the dynamism of Agile. With Andrew's 30 years of experience at the helm, learn how the blend of these two worlds enhances the Scrum Master's toolkit, adapting to an ever-shifting economic terrain post-pandemic. It's an exploration of growth, flexibility, and the value-driven approach that today's Agile practitioners must embody.

    Embark on a deep dive into the art of forecasting in Scrum, breaking down the science of setting delivery dates without breaking your team. This episode isn't just about numbers; it's a masterclass in communicating with stakeholders and cushioning teams from the brunt of unrealistic expectations. Andrew and I peel back the layers on how data like velocity and throughput shape forecasts, and how presenting timelines as ranges can smooth out the bumps in the journey of project completion. Aligning team efforts with company objectives through OKRs, we discuss the dance between rigid deadlines for compliance and the agility needed for innovation.

    As we sail towards the sunset of this episode, we leave you with the compelling tale of how empowering leadership can transform an offshore team's assertiveness, processes, and autonomy. It's a testament to the dual role of Scrum Masters as both shield and compass for their teams. We wrap up by inviting you to keep the Agile flame burning by joining our LinkedIn community. Share this knowledge-rich voyage with your colleagues who seek to steer their Agile practices towards uncharted territories of efficiency and resilience. Until our paths cross again, remember to iterate, adapt, and stay Agile.

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    Agile Outrage! The 2024 Conference Controversy with Chris Williams

    Agile Outrage! The 2024 Conference Controversy with Chris Williams

    Discover how to handle the sting of rejection and turn it into a stepping stone for success with Agile Coach Chris Williams from Badass Agile. 
    Chris and I explore the emotional landscape of the Agile community, particularly when it comes to conference submission highs and lows. This episode is a masterclass in self-reflection, empathy, and finding strength in setbacks.
    Ever wondered how to make your mark in a crowd that seems to favor the familiar over the fresh? Listen as Chris dissects the art of connecting with your ideal 'Agile Tribe' and how to effectively amplify your voice amidst a sea of established norms. He also shares experiences with various conferences, and discusses the value of creating your own platforms when conventional doors don't open. Through strategy and sincerity, he shows you how to craft proposals that resonate with your audience and align with conference themes, providing a beacon for those eager to share their innovative ideas.
    Wrapping up, we tackle the crucial skills of receiving constructive feedback and nurturing professional relationships. We'll give you an insider's view into the strategic moves that can elevate your career, from refining your pitch to leveraging personal referrals in the job market. And when faced with rejection, we emphasize the power of perseverance and the importance of staying true to your message. 
    This episode isn't just about finding your footing in the Agile space—it's about shaping a career path that's as unique as your insights. Join us for a conversation that's as much about personal growth as it is about professional development.

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    Mastering Work Intake: From Chaos to Predictable Delivery with Tom Cagley and Jeremy Willets

    Mastering Work Intake: From Chaos to Predictable Delivery with Tom Cagley and Jeremy Willets

    Navigate the twists and turns of Agile project management with us, Mark Metze, as we host the masterminds Tom Cagley and Jeremy Willets. Their expertise is distilled into a riveting conversation that promises to arm you with the strategies to turn the chaos of work intake into the rhythm of predictable delivery. Their insights are drawn from the pages of their book, "Mastering Work Intake: From Chaos to Predictable Delivery," and they unveil how unmanaged work entry points are the Achilles' heel of otherwise solid transformations. Discover why the human inclination to overcommit is a path to burnout and how setting clear boundaries can save your team from the dreaded 'death march' of workloads.

    Transform your workflow clarity as Tom and Jeremy guide us through the maze of prioritization and sequencing. With their practical advice, learn how visualizing work not only demystifies the process but also paves the way for meaningful enhancements, regardless of department silos. They illuminate how to employ transparent prioritization techniques, like cost of delay, and to sequence work in a way that fosters stability and prevents the common pitfall of haphazard task management. The art of maintaining a productive cadence of work, free from the shadows of office politics, can be your reality by applying their shared wisdom.

    Wrapping up our thought-provoking session, we confront the headaches that emerge when modernizing legacy systems. Listen as Tom and Jeremy dissect the perils of excessive work in progress and its impact on development teams' well-being. They underscore the importance of leadership's role in setting feasible goals and managing customer expectations during times of transition. Their conversation is a lighthouse guiding through the fog of work intake challenges, offering a beacon of strategies to keep your project's course true. Don't miss this chance to steer your Agile projects toward calmer waters with the guidance of two of the field’s most insightful navigators.

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    https://www.amazon.ca/Mastering-Work-Intake-Predictable-Delivery/dp/1604272007 (Amazon)

    https://jrosspub.com/catalog/business-default-category/project-program-management/mastering-work-intake/ (J. Ross Publishing)

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