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A podcast that delves into the rich history, awesome stories, and fascinating details behind your favorite Disneyland Attractions.

The Backside Of Water - A Disneyland History Podcast The Back Side Of Water Podcast

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A podcast that delves into the rich history, awesome stories, and fascinating details behind your favorite Disneyland Attractions.

    Mickey's House Part 2

    Mickey's House Part 2

    Annie, Freddy, and Alex continue their insanely deep and dense dive into the life and times of Mickey Mouse in this second of three episodes that will walk you as the listener through the house of the Mouse that started it all! Listen along as they point out some of the amazing details and easter eggs Imagineers peppered throughout the house as a way of paying tribute to storied and rich career of Mickey Mouse. In this episode the gang, again, are only able to make it through one room of the house due to the sheer density of the history housed within its walls. This episode is sure to make you want to take a visit to Mickey's house for the very first time, or revisit it with new eyes.

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    Mickey's House Part 1

    Mickey's House Part 1

    Join the gang as they embark on a wonderful journey through the house and the history behind the mouse who started it all. In this episode Alex, Annie, and Freddy only make it through the first room in Mickey's house because of the vast amount of history found in the walls of this hallowed house. You'll hear about the story behind some of the greatest curios in the main living room as well as a rousing telling of the history behind the origins of Mickey Mouse (once heard on the podcast Did You Know Disney). So grab a cool beverage, prop up your feet and enjoy the latest episode of The Backside of Water!

    • 30 min
    Bonus Live Episode - What Does Disneyland Mean To Me?

    Bonus Live Episode - What Does Disneyland Mean To Me?

    Our very first live recording!! That's right, back in March of 2020 we gathered in the Sipping Office (Trevor Kelly's majestic backyard Jungle Cruise Themed Tiki Bar) to let our hair down and share stories about what exactly Disneyland means to all of us. We thought that at this point, pretty much the middle point of our journey through the park, it would be great for us (and our wonderful friends who joined us for the live taping) to share just what we love about The Happiest Place On Earth. A very special thank you to Trevor and Jessica, all the artists who came out and shared their works with everyone, and all of our wonderful fans who bundled up and braved a cold, rainy night to have some fun with us. Without any further ado, enjoy our first (but certainly not our last) live episode of The Backside of Water!

    • 1 hr 17 min
    Chip N' Dale's Treehouse

    Chip N' Dale's Treehouse

    Wait, stop! Don't pass over this episode! I know you may not love Chip N' Dale's Treehouse, heck, you may not have known it even existed. But I assure you, you won't regret learning about the history of this little tree, nestled in the back corner of ToonTown. In this episode we explore the history of the two 'munks who call this tree home, including how they represent the many sides of Walt Disney. We also explore the vast connection the parks as a whole have to trees, as well as our human connection to trees as well.

    So whether, you're a Disney history nut, or a cashew-al admirer of the parks, Chip 'N Dale's Treehouse is most certainly an attraction worth getting to know. Enjoy!

    Show Credits:

    Written By: Freddy Martin

    Engineering By: Annie Ruygt, Alex Stewart, and Freddy Martin

    Sound Mixing & Design By: Alex Stewart

    Directed By: Alex Stewart

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    Gadget's Go Coaster

    Gadget's Go Coaster

    On this episode of the Backside Of Water, Alex, Annie, and Freddy explore that little resiliant coaster tucked back in the corner of Toon Town. Some may see this attraction as a pass over attraction, and as such, may see this episode as a pass-by episode. But I assure you, this episode is far from a pass-by episode! You will learn a TON of awesome information about this attraction and even more about the park history as a whole! So grabs some acorns and your best chums and enjoy the latest episode of The Backside of Water!

    • 38 min
    Bonus Episode: The Society of Explorers & Adventurers: A Deeper Dive

    Bonus Episode: The Society of Explorers & Adventurers: A Deeper Dive

    In this special bonus episode, join Alex, Annie, and Freddy as they go on a thrilling worldwide adventure to uncover even more secrets of Disney's most famous and infamous secret organization, The Society Of Explorers and Adventurers. A very special thank you to our good friend Mike Mulligan (@captaincosplay) for the use of his amazing vocal talent and hard work on this episode. So, grab your nearest fez, pour yourself a nice beverage, and enjoy this latest episode of the Backside Of Water

    • 50 min

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4.9 out of 5
295 Ratings

295 Ratings

Amy @ Maker Mama ,

😍😍😍😍 love it😍😍😍😍

I went to Disney Land a couple of years ago, and it was SO magical! But the one thing I regret was I repeated the rides so many times! This podcast made me see how many things I did not see, and all the rides I did not go on! Now I am BEGGING my parents to go back to Disney, but it won’t be any time soon due to Corona Virus. But, now I get to listen to this podcast, and now with rides to go on and which attractions to see,

Thank you
SO much!!!!

brussell220 ,

Comical and Delighful

I just found this podcast. I am a diehard Disney fan and love listening to them get goofy and also learning fun tidbits that I didn’t know before.

I also love that they have set this up in lands so you could totally do a walkthrough the park while listening to them.

Thank you for the magic especially since the park is closed right now.

Greg1953 ,

Great podcast

Simply put, I love their podcasts.

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