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An in-depth look at the issues, culture and personalities shaping Canada today.

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An in-depth look at the issues, culture and personalities shaping Canada today.

    How Facebook became a wasteland of AI spam

    How Facebook became a wasteland of AI spam

    Have you met Shrimp Jesus yet? He's Jesus, only a shrimp. Or maybe a half-man, half-shrimp. Anyway...he's the most recognizable example of thousands upon thousands of bizarre AI-created images that are flooding Facebook's algorithm and its users feeds.

    These images go viral because the algorithm boosts them, because other Facebook accounts are engaging with them. But who, exactly, is engaging with these random fake images? And why? The answer tells a story that will give you a whole new perspective on just how many people on the world's largest social media platform are, well, actually humans.

    GUEST: Jason Koebler, cofounder of 404 Media, cohost of the 404 Media podcast

    • 26 min
    Would a Poilievre government really threaten abortion rights?

    Would a Poilievre government really threaten abortion rights?

    Opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has promised to use the notwithstanding clause to enact criminal justice reform if elected. Liberals have pointed to this as an indication that Conservatives would use it for other things, including restricting abortion.

    How much of this is political posturing from either side? How huge a precedent would using the notwithstanding clause this way represent? If a Conservative government went down this path, would access to abortion really be at risk? And what could the Liberals do now if they believed that to be the case?

    GUEST: Daphne Gilbert, professor of criminal and constitutional law at the University of Ottawa

    • 24 min
    How Canada ended up with private health care

    How Canada ended up with private health care

    It's known as the third rail of Canadian politics, and maybe that's why we've never properly addressed it—but as long as Canada has had universal health care, people have been paying out of pocket for faster service. It's only in the past few years, though, as the public system has crumbled, that the trickle has turned into a flood.

    What exactly qualifies as private health care in Canada, and who gets it? Where are the loopholes in the system that allow it to proliferate? And why does nobody in Ottawa want to talk about how to tackle a system that's not working for anyone?

    GUEST: Christina Frangou, writing in Maclean's

    • 20 min
    Are companies pulling back on progressive promises?

    Are companies pulling back on progressive promises?

    For a number of years, some of the world's biggest brands painted themselves as shining lights of progressive values. There was more to it than altruism, of course—at the time it was seen as good for business. But now retail experts are wondering if the winds are shifting.

    While "go woke, go broke" has always been a farcical maxim, it's worth asking why some companies have begun pulling back on showing off their dedication to social issues like diversity or sustainability, and what message that sends to their customers but also those watching where things might be headed...

    GUEST: Emily Stewart, senior correspondent at Business Insider

    • 20 min
    Your feedback: On the PM interview, Canada Post and Paydirt

    Your feedback: On the PM interview, Canada Post and Paydirt

    A long weekend means it's time to go through the mailbag. And this time there is actual mail in it. When you report on Canada Post, it turns out, you get physical letters. So we'll read those, discuss meeting and trying to pin down Justin Trudeau and the making of our latest narrative series, and what might be coming next...

    As always, get in touch with us, and you might find yourself in these episodes.

    • 19 min
    RE-RELEASE: Trudeau’s Liberals promised to end the blood ban. Now they say it’s “complicated”.

    RE-RELEASE: Trudeau’s Liberals promised to end the blood ban. Now they say it’s “complicated”.

    We've gained some new subscribers recently, and over the next few Sundays we want to help welcome them to the show by re-releasing some of our favourite episodes from the last few years. If you're new here, welcome! And if you've been with us for a while, we hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.


    The promise was pretty clear: During his first successful campaign as Liberal leader, Justin Trudeau told LGBT voters that we would end Canada’s longstanding ban prohibiting men who have sex with men from donating blood. At the time, it seemed like a simple promise to keep. A few years later, he claimed it wasn’t so simple.

    Now, it’s 2021 and Erin O’Toole is criticizing Trudeau for his failure as the Conservatives seek LGBT support. How is the blood ban still in place? When Trudeau claims his government will “follow the science” what is he referring to? Is a discriminatory approach really still necessary when technology has rapidly advanced and Canada needs blood more than ever?

    GUEST: Justin Ling, investigative journalist

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4.4 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

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USA listens too

I gave this a 5 star.
The main stream media is overplaying us. However who isn’t?
What a wonderful podcast. Also, these protest are being paid for.
That has been determined. We see Canada too, no one wants to be Canadian anymore. Now ignore my review three times.
Maybe podcast should not be so bias too.
Your person is inventing a storyline that is not true.

MemYesThatsRightMem ,

Excellent journalism!

Im an Australian living in NYC who recently started working for the Canadian Government, so to be conscientious I looked for Canadian news podcasts to keep up to date with all things Canada. The Big Story is a great podcast that gives in depth looks at relevant and important Canadian issues. It has also introduced me to Rob Ford, a person I had never heard of prior to the Gravy Train series. For the last month I have been eagerly awaiting The Gravy Train each week - what a brilliantly reported, jaw-dropping saga!! Great stuff.

Nizar.Bekai ,

This Canadian Life

Absolutely adore this podcast. There’s something so powerful about hearing stories regarding the everyday lives of people. Of particular note, the episodes focusing on marginalized communities (recent few about different Indigenous groups for example) are especially potent and really stay with you for a long time. Can’t wait to see how this podcast grows and develops over time.

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