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A monthly podcast loading you up with news, project updates and product talk from the CircuitPython and maker communities. Hosted by Tod Kurt and Paul Cutler.

The Bootloader Paul Cutler and Tod Kurt

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A monthly podcast loading you up with news, project updates and product talk from the CircuitPython and maker communities. Hosted by Tod Kurt and Paul Cutler.

    The CircuitPython 9 Release Show

    The CircuitPython 9 Release Show

    00:00 Welcome to The Bootloader

    00:22 What are we excited about in CircuitPython 9?

    00:56 jpegio and the Memento Camera

    AdaBox 21 Unboxing Video

    2:12 The one downside of JPEG vs. BMP or PNG

    3:03 How Adafruit is innovating around the hardware and software

    3:57 bitmapfilter image effects

    4:28 USB Host

    5:07 Keyboards on USB Host

    Scott’s CircuitPython2024 blog post

    7:12 MicroPython and merging its changes into CircuitPython

    Split heap memory management

    9:55 paralleldisplaybus

    LilyGO microcontrollers
    8x faster display using paralleldisplaybus for ESP32

    12:13 CIRCUITPY on Android

    13:28 ESP-IDF software development kit for Espressif microcontrollers

    CircuitPython 9.0 moves from IDF v4.x to IDF v5
    Potential for Bluetooth for ESP32-S3 chips

    15:52 ConnectionManager and the CircuitPython community

    18:04 Breaking changes in CircuitPython

    display.show() deprecated
    Mounting a filesystem requires an existing directory
    CircuitPython now requires explicit socket port re-use. Use socket.setsockopt(pool.SOL_SOCKET, pool.SO_REUSEADDR, 1), as in CPython.

    20:10 Thank you to everyone in the CircuitPython community who contributed to CircuitPython 9.0

    20:43 The CircuitPython Community Weekly Meeting every Monday at 2pm EST in the Adafruit Discord

    21:33 Thanks for listening!

    Memento photo used under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license

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    Supersized for Supercon

    Supersized for Supercon

    Tod shares some of his favorite talks from the recent Supercon  conference in Pasadena, CA.  Paul and Tod each share one thing they  found interesting.  
    Follow Tod on Mastodon: @todbot@mastodon.social 
    Follow Paul on Mastodon: @prcutler@fosstodon.org
    Show Notes
    0:00 Welcome to the Supersize Supercon episode
    3:17 The Supercon badge
    8:02 DIY Vacuum Tubes by Nick Pool
    10:31 Personal Electric Vehicles by Bradley Gawthrop
    13:00 Samy Kamkar’s Random Walk Exploration
    15:45 How to Hang and Sell Your Blinky Goodness as Art byChris Combs
    18:15 Back in person
    19:40 Python in the browser
    22:00 Tod’s PicoStepSeq

    • 25 min
    Pandas and Breadboards

    Pandas and Breadboards

    Tod and Paul share a few interesting things including virtual breadboards, Hey Github, and creating virtual synthesizers.
    00:00 Welcome
    00:26 MicroPython by Arduino Labs
    6:15 Home Assistant
    9:50 WithDiode.com and virtual breadboards
    14:09 Hey, Github
    17:40 Virtual Synthesizers - Turn Max patches into VST
    22:48 Mastodon
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    • 28 min
    What's the Matter?

    What's the Matter?

    In episode 4, Tod and Paul discuss macOS Ventura, the Matter smart home specification, video synths and more.
    Show Notes:
    00:22 macOS Ventura cannot copy UF2 files
    2:37 Matter smart home specification
    7:00 3D printing for good causes
    10:00 Video Synthesizers
    13:10 IO Rodeo’s Open Colorimeter
    15:40 ffmpeg.guide
    Thank you for listening!  For show notes, transcripts, and to support the show, visit thebootloader.net.

    • 21 min
    The Middle is a Pumpkin

    The Middle is a Pumpkin

    In episode 3, Paul and Tod share news about boards, code editors, sensors, and something fun at the end.
    0:15 RISC-V Arduino Chip
    04:28 Code editors and JetBrains Fleet
    09:35 Person Sensor by Useful Sensors
    13:38 GitHubCopilotInvestigation.com
    19:18 CircuitPython’s ulab
    23:57 MakerDeck
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    M is for Makers, Music, and Machine Learning

    M is for Makers, Music, and Machine Learning

    In episode 2, Paul and Tod talk about some makers and their cool projects, including the Lux Lavalier and Pikon; creating music in a web browser, and more.
    PixelBlaze expression language (Tod #1) 1:45 Lux Lavalier Created by the team of Jason Coon, Debra Ansell, Ben Hencke
    Whisper OpenAI (Paul #1) 5:50 Blog post, paper and Google Colab example linked from their GitHub repository From OpenAI, who developed Dall-E Machine learning to transcribe and / or translate audio files
    Music generation in the browser (Tod #2) 11:03 Tone.js in-browser synthesis (https://tonejs.github.io/), and examples using it, like: Acid Hit Strudel
    PolyKeyboard (Paul #2) 16:41 (Paul #2) Poly Keyboard with OLED keycaps) Keycap demo on Twitter Blog and Ko-Fi
    Samplebrain by Aphex Twin & Dave Griffiths 21:27 (Tod #3) Samplebrain Homepage Samplebrain manual Download page
    Kevin McAleer and the Pikon 23:48 (Paul #3) Pikon story on DigitalCameraWorld.com Kevin's HomepageKevin's YouTube Channel So many cool projects!Robots and more robots! Pomodoro Pico W Desk Robot Kevin's Pikon videoBlog post Raspberry Pi News StoryLike the show?  Support the show by telling a friend or writing a review.  Consider sponsoring the show with a donation - your sponsorship helps with recording, hosting, and transcription fees.

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3 Ratings

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