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Prosper in Boston. Enjoy Boston. Love Boston. The Boston Podcast is a fun and casual interview show featuring guests with a Boston connection, even if the only connection is being on the show. You'll hear from thought-leaders and people making a difference. You'll also hear from guests that have their own show produced by The Boston Podcast Network, also known as pod617, www.pod617.com

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Prosper in Boston. Enjoy Boston. Love Boston. The Boston Podcast is a fun and casual interview show featuring guests with a Boston connection, even if the only connection is being on the show. You'll hear from thought-leaders and people making a difference. You'll also hear from guests that have their own show produced by The Boston Podcast Network, also known as pod617, www.pod617.com

    Exploring the Future of VR in Real Estate

    Exploring the Future of VR in Real Estate

    Dave is joined by Saranga Pagadala to discuss his innovative venture, ReelProp.ai. They delve into how ReelProp.ai is revolutionizing the Real estate industry with AI-generated immersive 3D tours for architects, interior designers, and Real estate agents. Saranga shares his journey into VR, the technical aspects behind the product, and the broader applications of this technology. They also touch on the potential future uses of VR in various sectors and the advancements in VR headsets from companies like Apple and Meta. Saranga invites interested talents to join his team, emphasizing the vibrant tech scene in Boston.
    More at ReelProp.ai
    Contact Saranga at saranga@realmein.co
    01:47 The Innovation: ReelProp.ai
    02:02 The Journey into Virtual Reality
    02:42 How ReelProp.ai Works
    04:34 User Experience and Customization
    14:56 Expanding Applications of ReelProp.ai
    19:03 Future of Virtual Reality and AI
    23:12 Conclusion and Contact Information

    • 24 min
    Unlocking Leadership Potential with Dr. Sabine Charles:

    Unlocking Leadership Potential with Dr. Sabine Charles:

    In this episode of The Boston Podcast, Dave interviews Dr. Sabine Charles, a leadership coach and internal auditor. Dr. Charles shares her journey from auditing Fortune 500 companies to developing leadership courses at Tapa Institute, focusing on mindset, emotional intelligence, and leadership qualities. She discusses stress management, study techniques, and the role of hypnosis in achieving academic and professional goals. Dr. Charles also introduces her unique CPA graphic textbook and upcoming retreat in the Caribbean. The episode emphasizes the importance of mindset and emotional intelligence for personal and professional growth.
    01:03 Introducing Dr. Sabine Charles: A New Mode of Thinking in Leadership
    01:58 From Internal Auditor to Leadership Coach: Dr. Charles' Journey
    03:49 The Power of Leadership MeQ: Mindset, Emotional Intelligence, and Leadership Qualities
    10:21 Innovative Learning Techniques: Hypnosis, Study Plans, and Emotional Intelligence
    19:59 Upcoming Gratitude and Growth Retreat and Unique CPA Comic Book
    23:03 Closing Remarks and Invitation to Explore More

    • 23 min
    Dr. Rinku Mehra on Tackling Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

    Dr. Rinku Mehra on Tackling Childhood Obesity and Diabetes

    In this episode of The Boston Podcast, Dave welcomes Dr. Rinku Mehra, a pediatric endocrinologist and childhood obesity expert from Virginia. Dr. Mehra discusses the rising rates of type 2 diabetes among children, the impact of the pandemic on these trends, and the importance of diet, exercise, and genetic factors. She offers practical advice on healthier eating habits and emphasizes the need for community involvement in promoting physical activity. The episode also features Dr. Mehra's insights on programs like 'Walk with a Doc' and her approach to supporting families dealing with weight issues.
    01:09 Introducing Dr. Rinku Mehra: A Conversation on Pediatric Endocrinology and Childhood Obesity
    02:08 The Growing Concern of Type 2 Diabetes in Youth
    03:27 Diet, Exercise, and the Role of Genetics in Diabetes
    05:23 Navigating the American Diet: Choices and Challenges
    07:39 Practical Advice for Healthier Eating Habits
    12:26 Walk with a Doc: Encouraging Community Health and Exercise
    16:46 Family Health: Diet, Exercise, and Managing Screen Time
    21:50 Closing Thoughts and Resources

    • 23 min
    Real Estate Professional Matt Abrams

    Real Estate Professional Matt Abrams

    In this episode of The Boston Podcast, host Dave welcomes Matt Abrams, a seasoned real estate professional and founder of Abrams Properties, to delve into Matt's personal and professional journey in the building and real estate industry. The conversation kicks off with Matt's childhood fascination with building, which never went beyond playing with Legos, to establishing his own company that specializes in decks, repairs, and eventually venturing into real estate development and the renovation of old houses.
    Matt candidly shares anecdotes from his life, discussing how he developed a passion for building from a young age, influenced by his uncle. Despite his claim of not being a carpenter, Matt's early experiences in building decks and his stint with a painting business laid the groundwork for his future endeavors in the real estate and construction business. The discussion reveals Matt's expertise in navigating the complexities of rehabilitating and modernizing old homes, a task he finds significantly more challenging yet rewarding compared to new constructions.
    Dave and Matt explore the evolution of Abrams Properties, highlighting Matt's strategic shift from working on personal projects to catering to third-party homeowners. They touch on the impact of client relationships and project challenges, including client expectations and the intricacies of renovation work. The interview also delves into Matt's insights on the real estate market, trends in home renovations, and the integral role of creativity and problem-solving in achieving client satisfaction and business success.
    More on Matt: https://abrams-properties.com/
    01:10 Introducing Real Estate Professional Matthew Abrams
    03:34 A Deep Dive into Building and Renovation with Matt
    05:37 The Challenges and Rewards of Renovation
    07:35 Navigating Client Expectations and Budgets
    08:26 Creative Solutions in Home Renovation
    13:35 The Dark Side of Contracting: Avoiding Scams
    18:55 Embracing Technology and Trends in Home Building
    21:07 The Future of Smart Homes and Outdoor Spaces
    23:30 Exploring Outdoor Living Spaces: Pergolas and Canopies
    24:18 Debunking Home Improvement Myths
    25:00 The Realities of Home Renovation: Costs, Delays, and Client Expectations
    25:47 The Joy and Challenges of Finalizing a Project
    26:27 Connecting with Abrams Properties
    28:06 The Personal Side of Business: Client Relationships and Unlikely Friendships
    30:00 Good Stuff: 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'
    40:32 Larry David Moments: Relatable Mishaps and Misunderstandings
    43:18 Wrapping Up with Abrams Properties

    • 44 min
    Building the Easter Seals Bridge

    Building the Easter Seals Bridge

    Paul Medeiros is the CEO of Easter Seals Massachusetts. David and Paul discuss various topics, including the services offered by Easter Seals, the impact of the pandemic on their operations, the Bridge Center's programs, and the College Navigator program. 
    They delve into the therapeutic benefits of horseback riding for individuals with disabilities, the inclusivity of Easter Seals' programs, and the challenges faced by students with disabilities transitioning to college. 
    Paul highlights the importance of advocating for resources and support for people with disabilities, emphasizing Easter Seals' mission to provide inclusive opportunities and assistance.
    Paul mentions the expansion of Easter Seals' staple programs like assistive technology and the mentorship and youth leadership network, along with the opportunities for camp scholarships and fundraising efforts. They discuss the competitive pricing of the camp, options for half-day and full-day attendance, and the need for counselors and nurses.
    More at eastersealsma. org
    Introduction and Podcast Promotion [00:00:00]Easter Seals Massachusetts Services [00:01:00]Impact of the Pandemic [00:03:00]The Bridge Center and Therapeutic Horseback Riding [00:06:00]Camp Programs at the Bridge Center [00:11:00]College Navigator Program [00:19:00]Advocacy and Resources [00:23:00]

    • 41 min
    Mical Jeanlys-White of WealthMore

    Mical Jeanlys-White of WealthMore

    Mical Jeanlys-White founded WealthMore, a brand new premium wealth advisor-led, tech-enabled investing and planning service with built in community groups provides a solution to managing financial stress. WealthMore makes financial advice from wealth advisors accessible and allows users to join communities of like-minded investors for motivation and support.More at:https://www.wealthmore.net/https://www.linkedin.com/company/wealthmore/https://www.instagram.com/wealthmoreforall/

    • 28 min

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5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

MPatrickLewis ,

The chemistry of knowledge

David Yas delivers a well-balanced mix of engaging conversation and useful information for the listeners. He’s had authors, professionals, business owners as guests on the pod. I’ve read books because of his pod and I’ve even bought donuts because of his pod (the Kane’s Donuts episode). Keep at it, David! You truly are “The Good Stuff”. . .

butterdude14 ,

I’m Not From Boston but so what!

David Yas is a very good broadcaster. He makes all these podcasts enjoyable no matter the guest. This is his freakin city!

123appuser321 ,


Haven’t lived in New England in over 20 years but started listening to Pod617 to keep up on what’s going on. David Yas is an absolute delight! Smart, funny, insightful. The wonderful Ed Nathanson and Kerri Daniels-Tabasky also drive me to listen more. Could not be happier with what Pod617 is putting out!

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