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The Business of Thinking Big Podcast is hosted by business coach and founder of Mamas & Co., Lianne Kim. In this podcast we talk all things business mindset, strategy and hustle. So, if you're looking to grow your revenue, serve more dream clients and create amazing new possibilities, then you my friend are in the right place!

The Business of Thinking Big Lianne Kim

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The Business of Thinking Big Podcast is hosted by business coach and founder of Mamas & Co., Lianne Kim. In this podcast we talk all things business mindset, strategy and hustle. So, if you're looking to grow your revenue, serve more dream clients and create amazing new possibilities, then you my friend are in the right place!

    Defining Your Leadership Style with Leah Weisberg

    Defining Your Leadership Style with Leah Weisberg

    This episode is PERFECT for the woman who finds herself managing a rapidly growing team and the struggles that go along with it. 

    We get into business to help our clients, but often as our business expands, we are thrust into being a leader and growing a team without a manual on how to do it, so we have to feel our way through it. 

    This honest and very authentic conversation will show you some of the pitfalls women face when it comes to being an "Accidental CEO", and how we can overcome them. 

    Be sure to tune in if you struggle with any of the following: 
    finding your voiceowning your role as CEOletting go of all the tasks that are no longer suited for youholding firm to your boundariesdelivering HONEST feedback to your teamfiring people

    Links mentioned: 

    Leah’s website: https://dynamichealthclinic.ca/

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    Mompreneur Hacks

    Mompreneur Hacks

    We usually talk more about the business side of being a “mompreneur” here in The Business of Thinking Big, but today I want to focus on the mom side of things. Being a mompreneur presents unique challenges, as we often feel like we have to “do it all”. Today I share my hacks on how I get more done while juggling both business and motherhood. You'll notice I talk a lot about the power of routine in our household and how I rely on the help of my partner to live the life we want. 

    This is not about getting it all perfect, this is about helping you achieve your own version of success and these tips will help you do that. 

    We do NOT need to choose between being a good mom and a good entrepreneur, but we have to embrace "good enough-ism".

    This highly unique episode will make you smile because I’m cooking AS I’m recording this episode! Something I’ve never done before, but thought I’d try because this is what being a mompreneur is all about - multitasking! Note: cooking sounds may make you feel hungry, so prepare some snacks to munch before you play this episode ;) 

    Some of my mompreneur hacks: 
    Keep your meals simple, and don’t try to constantly reinvent the wheel. I have 10 key meals, and cycle through them every week. My family hasn’t complained about this yet, and it saves me a lot of time. Cooking may be a stressful venture for most of you mamas listening in on this, and I totally understand why. If I had to make new meals every single day of the week, I would definitely be overwhelmed. That’s why I don’t. I only cook 4 days of the week, and my husband takes over on the weekends. Since my meals are relatively simple, it doesn’t take me too long, and I actually feel like it’s quite therapeutic! Take time to plan ahead. Sundays are my planning days. Planning for meals ahead, planning my “date nights”, and any other key events in the coming week. 

    Be sure to tune in for my full list of Mompreneur Hacks!

    If you enjoyed this episode, be sure to tag me at @liannekimcoach on Instagram with a photo (perhaps of YOU multitasking successfully?)

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    Asking for Help with Katherine Earl

    Asking for Help with Katherine Earl

    We feel we have to do it alone, but we get so much further, faster and more joyfully by letting people in. We are scared to invest in ourselves, because what if it doesn't pay off. But we need help to grow and it is worth investing in it. 

    Today I’ve invited Katherine Earl, winner of the 2021 Mamapreneur Fund Grand Prize, to speak on how she hired women to help her grow from within our community and how her application for Mamapreneur Fund got accepted. This would be a great episode for those of you who want to learn how to stand out when applying for business funding as we will share tips on that as well. 

    Her business, just over a year old, is called “My Life Creative”. Her brand creates mindset tools to help kids build their self-esteem, creativity, and self-love. 

    Katherine shares some of the ways her business has grown since the beginning, and the ways she’s been leveraging our community, Mamas & Co., as well as other experts to support her in building her business. She recalls some of the important lessons she’s learned from the various “boss moves” she’s made, despite all the fear she had to overcome to make those tough decisions. 

    She tells us about the tremendous amount of knowledge and confidence she’s gained since joining our community, such as being able to pitch her business to the media.

    Links Mentioned in this Episode: 

    Katherine’s website: https://www.mylifecreative.com/

    If you're interested in seeing what Mamas & Co. is all about, why not join our upcoming 5-day Trial (Mamapreneur Week) so you can go for a FREE test drive in our community: https://www.mamasandco.com/trial 

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    Priming for Success in 2022

    Priming for Success in 2022

    Today’s episode is all about giving you the tangible tools to help you prime for the year coming up. I invite you to envision how you want your 2022 to be different from your 2021. We are going to go over some clarifying questions together to help you turn your vision into reality. 
    What habits are not actually helping you reach your goals, and what can you do differently?Where do you need to implement a mindset shift? What choices could you make right now to lead you to your dream reality?What habits can you start implementing right now? What are some of the ways to reach your goals easier and more joyfully?Who do you need to connect with or surround yourself with?What do you need to let go of?

    I am offering you a limited chance to book a call with me. Let’s do it together, I want to help you make some powerful changes and mindset shifts so that you can create your most successful and fulfilling 2022.

    Links Mentioned in this Episode:

    Ep. 161: Your 2021 business audit (www.liannkim.com/blog/161)
    Ep. 79: My Top 10 High-Vibe Habits (www.liannkim.com/blog/79)
    Ep. 143: Work smarter, not harder (www.liannkim.com/blog/143)
    Ep. 43: Up-level your community (www.liannekim.com/blog/43) 
    Ep. 22: Letting go to grow (www.liannkim.com/blog/22)

    Book a discovery call with me: https://calendly.com/my-schedule-/discovery-call?back=1&month=2021-11 

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    Your 2021 Business Audit

    Your 2021 Business Audit

    Today’s episode will be similar to what I do with my paid clients in our coaching calls. I am going to do an exercise with you, which will allow you to take a “health check” on 10 areas of your business and get immense clarity into how your business is doing! Better yet, it won’t take more than 20 minutes of your time. At the end of this episode, I am also going to share with you 10 resources to get you started on improving the different areas I talked about in this episode. 

    Here are some of the aspects of your business I want you to reflect on, and decide how happy you are with them:
    Your visionYou customersYour schedule (working hours)Your systems (how streamlined is your business)Your enjoyment!

    I want you to thoughtfully complete this exercise with me, and be honest to yourself. How many areas are you completely satisfied with? How many areas do you need to work on? Be sure to stay until the end for a list of resources that will help you improve upon the weaknesses you’ve identified. 

    If you’re ready to get into it, find a nice and quiet place all to yourself, and get your pen and notepad ready to take some notes! 

    Links Mentioned in this Episode:

    Ep. 127: Designing a dream business (www.liannkim.com/blog/127)
    Ep. 122: Joyful clients (www.liannkim.com/blog/122)
    Ep. 20: Is it time to build a team? (www.liannkim.com/blog/20)
    Ep. 91: 6 pillars of leadership (www.liannkim.com/blog/91)
    Ep. 61: how I structure my week (www.liannkim.com/blog/61)
    Ep. 125: streamlining your business (www.liannkim.com/blog/125)
    Ep. 113: how to generate quality leads (www.liannkim.com/blog/113)
    Ep. 88: reflecting on growth (www.liannkim.com/blog/88)
    Ep. 4: simple money habits (www.liannkim.com/blog/4)
    Ep. 17: 3 keys to selling with confidence (www.liannkim.com/blog/17)
    Ep. 95: love what you do (www.liannkim.com/blog/95)

    • 24 min
    Pinterest for Business with Elaine Timms

    Pinterest for Business with Elaine Timms

    Today I’m joined by Elaine Timms, one of the beloved members of our community, current Mama Mentor and previous A-Player. Elaine runs a pinterest management and strategy agency called Elaine Timms Creative, with the goal of helping female entrepreneurs grow their business through the power of Pinterest Marketing. I’ve invited her here today to share the ins and outs of Pinterest, including how you can leverage it for your business. 

    Tune in as Elaine explains:
    How Pinterest is different from other social media platforms The different ways consumers (i.e. your potential customers) use Pinterest, and how you can tap into that knowledge to get more exposure for your businessThe advantages of using Pinterest for smaller businesses and brands with lower budgetsThe different “pin styles” and how to develop your own keyword strategies to build your audience

    You might think Pinterest is only used for discovering recipes or DIY projects, and you’ve probably never thought about using it to market your business. Today’s podcast episode will surprise you with the depth of knowledge required to operate Pinterest successfully, and hopefully you’ll discover it as a useful tool to grow your business!

    Links Mentioned in this Episode:

    Elaine’s website: www.elainetimms.com, which includes a free Pinterest strategy guide, ready for download. Be sure to check out her NEW course: Pin Plan Pro. 

    • 31 min

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

oliviabaker13 ,

The power of thinking big 💪

This show is a wellspring of inspiration! Tuning into a podcast featuring insightful conversations is my favorite way to break out of a rut, and The Business of Thinking Big is full of actionable gems. Lianne’s positivity and encouragement radiates through each episode. Highly recommend tuning into this empowering pod!

Miriam Schulman ,

Super smart

Really enjoying the message of this podcast… I especially like the episode the five things that female entrepreneurs do…

@SCHULMANart, the inspiration Place podcast

sradavidson ,

Thinking Big Thoughtfully

Lianne hits important and relevant topics in an insightful, motivating, and practical way. Her speakers are a wonderful mix of industry experts and other mom bosses. Lianne shares her own experiences which include struggles and wins with thoughtfulness and honesty. The episode entitled Recovering from Crisis with Clara Power addressed so many pertinent points, especially with the current reality for so many of us small business owners. Thank you, Lianne for continuing to support us mamas and for sharing your journey.

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