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Podcast by PragerU

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4.8 out of 5
5.1K Ratings

5.1K Ratings

redowleight ,


Candace has done some amazing work in a short period of time... I enjoy her passion, confidence, & overall voice!!!

exradicalfem ,

Think for yourself!!

Over the past few years of being a young woman in college, I was very exposed to radical feminism through media and my friendships. I thought it was ok to abandon my traditional values for what seemed “right” and “okay” in today’s culture. I was happy for awhile, but soon became depressed/anxious/angry due to a lack of structure and moral compass. It was “chaos” as Candace Owens puts liberalism. Listening to her show has ignited a sense of empowerment in morality. I’m genuinely happy and secure in myself for the first time. Candace Owens challenges her audience to think for themselves— the greatest freedom of all. She is poised, truthful, and full of grace. Thank you!!!

older doc ,


I agree with your frustration but keep in mind the insurance industry makes this a socialist like state we can’t adjust our prices and the doctors don’t understand the codes because they are set up by the insurance companies. The other issue is that people don’t take responsibility and want a pill to fix everything. We are yelled at by both sides and often care not needed is spent but people who really need care can’t get it. 60% of people I see don’t really need to be seen but because the feel like every ache or sneeze needs a pill.

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