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Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – Coaching for Success in Sport and Business. Your host is Emma Doyle - The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. Emma interviews sports and business coaches from around the world discovering the answers to 'What Makes a Great Coach?' She asks the same five questions of every guest providing valuable insights into the parallels and differences between coaching in sport and business. Post the regular questions, the coaches chat about coaching, providing practical coaching tools for coaches and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success whether it be in the board room, on a tennis court or on a sporting field.

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Welcome to The Coaching Podcast – Coaching for Success in Sport and Business. Your host is Emma Doyle - The Energy Coach and Activation Speaker who is a world leader in Unleashing Human Potential. Emma interviews sports and business coaches from around the world discovering the answers to 'What Makes a Great Coach?' She asks the same five questions of every guest providing valuable insights into the parallels and differences between coaching in sport and business. Post the regular questions, the coaches chat about coaching, providing practical coaching tools for coaches and leaders to drive continuous improvement and coach for success whether it be in the board room, on a tennis court or on a sporting field.

    #114: Jeff Wickersham: First impressions are key!

    #114: Jeff Wickersham: First impressions are key!

    First impressions are key! Jeff Wickersham, the creator of the 4-step Morning Fire Methodology, explains that most of us start the day distracted by our phones, messages, emails and social media – your day is controlling you! In this episode, Jeff will have you rethinking how you start your day, ditching that ‘rainy day mentality’ and taking care of yourself first, from the moment the alarm clock goes off! “Once you crack just a little piece of your potential and you see it, then you can never go back.” Discover Jeff’s mantra of ‘Fight, Rise, Love, Repeat’ and prepare to make the most out of seeing every day as a gift. You’ll be jumping out of bed, running in the rain and taking up something new (you’re going to suck at it, at the start anyway) after this empowering conversation between Emma Doyle and Jeff Wickersham! Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!

    Jump to the best coaching podcast moments here;

    Coaching Moment that didn’t go well 1:40
    Coaching Moment that went well – 4-step Morning Fire Methodology; preparing the night before for success 2:40
    Sliding Doors –  Create a legacy. Play with purpose. Today is a gift, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! 4:00
    Fun Fact – voted biggest complainer! 8:05
    What makes a Great Coach? – Authenticity, Empathy, Listener 8:50
    Helpful Feedback 11:00
    What sparks Jeff’s curiosity? – What are the fundamentals? 12:05
    First impressions are key – your day is controlling you! 12:40
    Fight, Rise, Love, Repeat – Don’t think about it! Simple as possible! Meant to move! Mind reps - meditation! Take care of yourself first! 14:45
    5 year old Jeff 19:00
    Language is key – creating that awareness 21:30
    Mentors – Once you crack just a little piece of your potential and you see it, then you can never go back.  24:00
    David Goggins 4x4x48 mile run 25:33
    Breathing – so automatic, we miss it! 26:47
    Accountability 28:10
    Digital Addiction, no distractions. Digital sunset at night. 32:40
    Coaching Catchphrases – Today is a gift you’ll never get back again! 34:37

     The Coaching Podcast was sponsored by Transition Coach 4 Athletes - a US college placement and mentoring service run by Tina Samara. Visit: www.transitioncoach4athlets.com or email: tina@transitioncoach4athletes.com 

    About Jeff Wickersham - Peak Performance CoachWebsite: www.themorningfire.comFollow Jeff on Social media IG - @jeff_wickersham 

    Jeff Wickersham is a sought after peak performance coach who helps guide clients, to intentionally step into the best versions of themselves and unlock that inner hero waiting to be unleashed. Jeff’s a #1 best-selling author, Tony Robbins award winner, podcast host and creator of the 4-step Morning Fire Methodology. He recently completed his second David Goggins 4x4x48 mile run, meditated for 1,657 straight days and took an ice bath or cold shower for 1,312 days straight!  If you have that itch that you can be more, do more, want more, Jeff Wickersham can help you get there.

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    #113: Uros Budimac - Do you love what you do?

    #113: Uros Budimac - Do you love what you do?

    Get ready for this fun and engaging episode, full of passion, on The Coaching Podcast with Coach, Uros Budimac. Uros lives and breathes being a tennis coach and manager, specializing in coaching Women's Doubles leagues. He shares the importance of individualizing your coaching and embracing the uncertainty that tennis and life provides. He shares some great lessons learned from two of his mentors, Louis Cayer (no excuses) and Wayne Elderton (the eternal optimist). 

    Take a closer look at this episode here;

    Worst coaching moment is when someone doesn't show up (physically and metaphorically) 2:56
    Conflict = Expectations divided by reality 4:35
    Breakthrough moments - every student is different 6:50
    People learn best through opposites 7:15
    Sliding Doors: Apply for a job for the experience and see what happens 8:01
    What makes a Great Coach? 10:51 (Patience, individualization)
    We teach people tennis, not tennis to people. Louis Cayer 14.24
    How do you balance your time? 14:59
    Background behind his playing career 18.18
    It's normal to feel anxious when you are competing. 19.48
    Hear what is inside Uros' book, "Mine" 21.45
    The road of life isn't straight. 22.27
    Coaches - what are the common things that you are repeating? 24.53
    How to be present 25.51
    Confidence and belief 26.35
    The power of positive reinforcement (learning from mentors) 29.46
    Excuses are for losers. 30.54
    What makes a great director of a club? 34.22

    Peperbell (www.paperbell.com/podcast) proudly supports this episode of the Coaching Podcast. 

    Uros Budimac - Burnaby Tennis Club 

    Vancouver, Canada Owner of Budimac Tennis Group, Tennis Coach and Author

    Uros Budimac is a Tennis Canada High-Performance Level 3 Coach and is also certified by the United States Professional Tennis Association and the Spanish Tennis Registry. He has over 20 years of experience coaching players of all ages and ability levels. He has managed tennis programs at Hollyburn Country Club as well as Vancouver Lawn Tennis & Badminton Club and is one of Canada’s leading coaches. Uros creates change in a players’ tennis game in a friendly yet highly effective way of communicating and believes that everyone can improve – at all levels of play. He was a National level player in Serbia, followed by a tennis scholarship in the US before moving to Vancouver, Canada and devoting himself to his coaching career, now mainly focusing on Adult Player Development. 

    You can follow him here:

    Instagram @budimactennis 

    Youtube www.youtube.com/doublestennis 

    Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/uros-budimac-b1016727/ 

    Book: www.minedoublesbook.com

    Website: www.budimactennis.com

    Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/BFatx42LhHA

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    #112: Sheri ann Mclean: Bet on Yourself, Believe in Yourself!

    #112: Sheri ann Mclean: Bet on Yourself, Believe in Yourself!

    Sheri ann loves to learn! Motivated in nurturing her ‘growth bunnies’ and curiously asking ‘the mirror question’ of others, means that she’s invested in growth and development! Sheri-ann can see the greatness in others, guiding them on their own path. Her mantra of ‘bet on yourself, believe in yourself’ and being open to any opportunities that come your way, is Sheri-ann’s mode of operandum! Even as the CEO of McLean Coaching and Consulting, she’s not afraid to get her hands dirty! There are many gold nuggets of wisdom and motivation in this energy top up for sports and business coaches alike.

    Get to the nitty-gritty in this episode;

    Coaching Moment that went well: The mirror question – tell me what you see? 2:00
    Coaching Moment that didn’t go so well: Energy top up 5:15
    Sliding Doors: Growth Bunnies - Be open, you’ll never know when that opportunity comes 6:40
    What makes a Great Coach? 9:40
    Ask Us a Question: 13:20
    Difference between a psychologist and a coach 14:50
    Top challenges: Doubt 16:00
    What makes a great leader?: Not afraid to get your hands dirty! 18:27
    Cultural background: 19:45
    Identity: We have to know who we are 24:00
    Poetry: Bet on yourself, believe in yourself. 26:00
    What advice would you give to your younger self?: The best is yet to come! 27:00
    Asking questions means that you’re invested in your growth and development. 30:00
    Coaching gold nugget: Don’t be afraid to step out 31:20

    Peperbell (www.paperbell.com/podcast) proudly supports this episode of the Coaching Podcast.

    Sheri ann Mclean, Founder and CEO of McLean Coaching and Consulting.

    Sheri ann was born and raised on the beautiful island of Jamaica. One of her many passions is to help people be the best version of themselves. As we go through the different stages in life sometimes, we might feel like giving up. Sheri-ann always believes that there is something out there for everyone; we just, at times, need a little guidance in getting there.

    Sheri-ann holds an MSc degree in Applied Psychology from the University of the West Indies in Jamaica and is currently a Ph.D. Candidate for the Developmental Psychology program with Capella University. With over 8 years of leadership experience, she has worked as a consultant and as a capacity-building trainer for at-risk communities in Jamaica and facilitated training for educators in inner-city neighborhoods. She has also consulted for the Jamaica Red Cross in their initiative to update their anti-stigma manual. In her current role as Community Administrator at Devereux Massachusetts and Rhode Island, she has led teams through change and implemented stabilization plans in programs. She has also trained in the leadership institute for a non-profit to further develop the skills of staff in leadership and management. 

    Sheri-ann has been recognized for her leadership skills, including the exceptional leadership skills award and dedication to Cluster 2 and Tall-Tee self-achievement award. In 2019, she was recognized in an article for building a sense of community and was awarded Todays Honoree on April 1st, 2019. She was also awarded the Devereux Massachusetts Systems thinker reward and was a 2020 Devereux Leadership Class member. Most recently, she received the Devereux Supervisory Excellence Award in 2021.

    Sheri-ann enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, singing, reading, and writing books and poetry in her free time.


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    #111: Martin Fairn - How can coaches bridge the gap from "Truth to Talent"?

    #111: Martin Fairn - How can coaches bridge the gap from "Truth to Talent"?

    What a wonderful dialogue with our guest today, CEO of Gazing Performance Systems, Martin Fairn. Martin has a wealth of experience as a former elite ruby athlete himself and working in the corporate world before co-founding Gazing. Martin and his team work with athletes, teams, and corporates helping train mental skills in order to perform under pressure. They specialize in riding the gap between truth to talent. Check out the pearls of wisdom from this episode at the following time stamps;

    Worst coaching moment: telling and convincing "versus" this is about a dialogue, not a monologue 2.00 
    Best coaching moments: when people"playback" what they have heard with meaning, intent and in their own language 3.04 
    When the golf ball leaves your club, it is in the can't control circle 3.55 
    Peer coaching: "SEE ONE, DO ONE, TEACH ONE" 5.41 
    Sliding Doors 7.46 
    What makes a great coach? "Truth to talent." 9.57 
    How do you close the gap? 15.27 
    If the aspiration is the summit, you have to start somewhere and place your attention on getting to base camp first 17.23 
    If you want the "win" so bad, this is often someone's greatest motivator and their biggest inhibitor (Mindset is a mental SKILL that can be trained) 18.37
    How did Martin handle pressure as a Ruby athlete himself? 21.18 
    What is the story behind your company's name: 'Gazing' 22.40 
    And from the website: Our name is derived from the Gazing Principle®, practised and developed by the Japanese swordsman and philosopher Musashi. Musashi’s success was based on a ‘double gaze’ – one eye on the immediate situation (the opponent) and the other on the bigger picture (the wider battlefield), and the ability to switch constantly between the two. Gazing’s approach centres on the human ability to perform under pressure using practical concepts that you can apply immediately.
    What are the control circles? 24.56 
    Performing "WITH" pressure 30.31
    1) Acknowledge the mindset plays a role (train the mindset skill)
    2) Accept that we are all human and vulnerable to pressure and impact performance
     3) So, what can you do about it? Build your skills and your resiliency. What skills do I need to add to my toolkit?
     What is RED to BLUE? It's a framework 33.28 
    Where our attention goes our energy will follow 34.10
    How do you teach presence? 36.55
    What are the Red to Blue skills? 38.45
    1) Self-awareness
    2) Acceptance
    3) Selection of attention (energy)
    What impact has GAZING had on the ALL BLACKS (New Zealand Ruby team?) 43.00
    What makes a great CEO? 45.46

    Peperbell (www.paperbell.com/podcast) proudly supports this episode of the Coaching Podcast.

    Martin Fairn is the Founding Partner and Chief Executive Officer at Gazing Performance Systems. Martin has been with Gazing from the beginning, and as a co-founder has combined his knowledge gained from many different corporate roles, to develop Gazing’s unique framework of equipping individuals to perform well under pressure.

    Martin leads the development and implementation of Gazing’s strategy both in the UK and globally, and ranges from engaging with key customers and overseeing the development of the global partner business, to ensure the constant innovation of the Gazing approach. Martin’s role centres around facilitating individual and executive coaching, and team and senior leadership development programmes with the explicit purpose of helping leaders develop the capability to create and sustain an organisation capable of performing under the highest levels of pressure and stress. His work also encompasses delivering at small seminars as well as being a keynote speaker at conferences extending up to 500 attendees, which introduces the concept of “performing under pressure” in a highly practical way that is built on a straightforward understanding of how humans react under pressure.

    Martin’s commercial experience was gained at Xerox in a range of roles ranging from Commercial Sales and Key Account

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    #110: Jordan White: Bringing out the best in introverts!

    #110: Jordan White: Bringing out the best in introverts!

    Never underestimate the power of an introvert, especially one who is well versed in the styles of listening, ways of thinking, personality types and holding space for people. Meet our next guest, Jordan White, an avowed introvert, experienced leader and Self-Leadership coach, who specialises in helping people learn more about themselves objectively. He excels in bringing out the best in people, intuitively knowing that you learn more when you listen!

    The key 'thinking assets' in this episode include;

     Pineapple on a pizza - what's your take? 1:41
    Great Coaching Moment: Being present & doing the research 2:25
    Coaching Moment that didn't go so well: Often more power than we know in just being there for someone 3:40
    Sliding Doors: Overcoming injury 5:46
    What makes a great coach? 8:35
    Four different styles of learning: Analytical, Relational, Critical & Task Focused 10:30
    What led you down that path? 13:35
    Shift in self-acceptance: Myers Briggs & 'Quiet' by Susan Cain 15:00
    Go to tip: bring out introverts 18:40
    American Football: lessons learnt - teamwork, working towards a common goal 21:20
    Leadership & Sports Coaching: You can actually turn a team around 24:40
    Mentor in the corporate world 26:40
    Self-leadership Coach: Most effective leaders, actually lead themselves well first. 28:14
    Thinking Assets: Ways of thinking that are helpful 30:22
    Why did you become a coach? - 'The Look and Sound of Leadership' Podcast 33:55

    This episode of the Coaching Podcast is proudly supported by paperbell.com  

    E: hello@jordanwhitecoaching.com

    W: jordanwhitecoaching.com

    Jordan White is an avowed introvert, experienced leader, and Self-Leadership coach. Driven by his passion for creating a world with less pain and suffering, he takes immense pride in providing compassionate and inspiring coaching services to current and aspiring leaders who tend to identify as inward, radically humble, cerebral, quiet, and introverted.

    As a Self-Leadership coach, his goals include helping his clients maximize their scientifically-validated thinking assets while minimizing their thinking biases. He provides clients with the tools and a safe space to explore their unique path of least resistance to their success while simultaneously contributing to building a society of Valuegenic Leaders.

    In addition to his primary role as a Self-Leadership coach, he has been recognized by those he has led and coached for his natural ability to build trust, provide compassionate stability, and inspire hope and growth. He displays an extraordinary commitment to supporting his clients in embracing their unique strengths and encourages them to BE MORE. As a wisdom-seeker and lifelong learner, he holds a Master's in Communication and Leadership and is trained by Coach U (ICF accredited) as an ACC level coach. He is also certified in Axiogenics®, MBTI®, and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). Jordan is a Denver, CO native, where he resides with his wife, Heather. They enjoy much of what Colorado offers, including camping, hiking, concerts at Red Rocks, and an occasional date night out. 

    Core Mission: To bring awareness to the misconceptions of introversion and help introverts embrace their natural and authentic selves to lead a life and career of joyful integrity. Quiet leadership and competence may be less obvious but is no less influential.

    Areas of Specialty: Personal Development, Leadership Development, Self-Leadership

    Tools Used: MBTI, EQ Assessment, VQ Profile® Value-Judgement Assessment

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    #109: Carol Fox - Creating a ripple effect!

    #109: Carol Fox - Creating a ripple effect!

    Carol Fox is one of Australia's best-known coaches. Emma Doyle met back in the early 1990's when Emma purchased her CD set on how to improve your communication skills! Emma has been inspired by Carol's work ever since.

    Carol is a force of energy and she understands what it takes to be a great coach. In fact, she features in Emma Doyle's new book, What Makes a Great Coach? in Practice 3: Purpose believing that great coaches must have INTENTION in everything that they do. Thank you for making me a better coach, Carol Fox.

    Take a deeper dive into this powerful, short and engaging interview by listening to the following key messages:

    Worst coaching moment - how do you show up as a coach? Stay true to yourself. 1.10
    Drop a pebble in a pond and watch the ripple effect. 1.47
    Sliding Doors Moment - Surf Life Saving moment - Female Empowerment. 2.20
    What Makes a Great Coach? Intent, Heart-space, (be) true & kind. 4.01
    Coach reflection question: How do you stay true to yourself? 4.43

    Acknowledged as an Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence, Carol brings thirty years of expertise and experience in elite sport performance to ensure leaders eliminate self-doubt and build more confidence, so they enjoy positive interactions at work and achieve successful outcomes. 

    Carol is the co-author of Confident Communication for Leaders and is the creator and founder of the program this book inspired. 

    In the course of her career, Carol has worked with entire generations of leaders, influencing, guiding and inspiring them into effective, powerful, community-shaping action. 

    Her philosophy of applying the behaviours of elite performance to our own life at home and at work is simply transformational, enabling people to live at their best, with grace, flow, strength and confidence. 

    Carol’s work with leaders is a compilation of the lessons she’s learned in her thirty-year journey at the forefront of both business and sport, with her focus on confident communication, which stems from the power of aligning values to behaviour. 

    A former elite athlete in swimming, water polo and surf lifesaving and a busy entrepreneur, Carol is well practised with the skills of resilience, maintaining a quality mindset and balance, all required for high performance, personally and professionally. Carol’s Master’s thesis focusing on the barriers women face in coaching sport at an elite level paved the way for equal opportunities policies for women and girls in sport. 

    She remains a vocal advocate for confident communication as a leadership tool to give women a voice and a presence on the field, in the workplace and in the Boardroom. 

    Her website is: https://www.carolfox.com/

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Zoikerj0iker ,

Emma and The Coaching Podcast are great!

Emma does a wonderful job facilitating conversations that are valuable for anybody looking to understand more about the power of coaching! She shows a genuine interest for each guest and allows for the uniqueness of each individual shine and share their wisdom, expertise, value, and perspective!

MartaSpirk ,

Emma rocks!

I love Emma’s personality and what she brings to each episode. As a life/business coach myself, this podcast is inspiring 😻

rush and crush ,

Amazing Podcast… must listen

Hi Everyone, I love to listen to all of the guest Emma brings on. In my experience you get to listen to everyone’s experiences and the experience in there field and can always walk about filling you have gain knowledge out of it. It is a great podcast for those with growth mindset in tennis and in business. Sincerely, Aaron

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