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The Daily Mastermind is a Daily Podcast for Entrepreneurs. It provides a Daily Dose of Inspiration, Motivation and Education to help you Create Your Ultimate Destiny and Unleash Your Potential.

Mastermind with George Wright III, an Expert in Financial Education, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship, while he provides key strategies for your growth and success.

The Daily Mastermind George Wright III

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The Daily Mastermind is a Daily Podcast for Entrepreneurs. It provides a Daily Dose of Inspiration, Motivation and Education to help you Create Your Ultimate Destiny and Unleash Your Potential.

Mastermind with George Wright III, an Expert in Financial Education, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship, while he provides key strategies for your growth and success.

    Think & Grow Rich Principles of Specialized Knowledge, Imagination & Planning

    Think & Grow Rich Principles of Specialized Knowledge, Imagination & Planning

    Yesterday we talked about Desire, Faith and Autosuggestion or Affirmations.
    Today I want to talk about the 3 more sections of Think & Grow Rich...
    Specialized Knowledge
    Organized Planning
    To be successful in anything you will need specialized knowledge. (Unique Talent is ultimate goal)
    Knowledge is Power...Only if it is organized into a definite Plan of ACTION and directed to a specific GOAL/PATH.
    Figure out what you need and go get the knowledge necessary...seasons for everything.
    Setting aside time every day to find out more about what you do for a living
    Take whatever courses that are offered on your subject
    Associate with people who know your business well
    Get the help of your “Master Mind” group (see principle 9)
    “The human race built most nobly when limitations were greatest and therefore when most was required of our imagination in order to build it all” Frank Lloyd Wright
    Note: the key here is to remember that knowledge is not power...only application and action of knowlege.
    What are you doing right now to extend your knowledge?
    Your imagination is one of your most powerful gifts and resources.
    You can create anything you desire or imagine...everything came from the mind of man first.
    The only limitation you have in life is the limitations you put on your own mind and imagination.
    As Napoleon Hill puts it “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve”.
    We should constantly use our imagination to think of ways to do things better...
    ...look at what changes are inevitable and to ask ourselves can we make them now according to our desire.
    In our current difficult times it is interesting to note that Napoleon Hill emphasizes that we should treat limitations as our best friend as this is when we require our imagination to rise above them...outside your comfort zone is a "good thing"...but only if you see it.
    Note: Visualization is a critical process in using your imagination. What are you doing right now to practice this?
    This section/chapter is all about having a definite plan of action.
    A man without a plan is like a ship without a course...no place to go with a certainty of disaster.
    Every person who has risen above the average has always had a plan to achieve their goals. When devising your plan get the assistance of the other members of your “Master Mind” group –(talked about tomorrow).
    Take advantage of their knowledge skills and experience of other people in your field of interest when creating a plan.
    Napolean Hill lists 11 characteristics of great leaders that are key elements of implementing a great plan.
    Lets review them:
    1. Unwavering courage
    2. Self control
    3. Keen sense of justice
    4. Definiteness of decision
    5. Definiteness of plans
    6. Habit of doing more than you are paid for
    7. Pleasing personality
    8. Sympathy and understanding
    9. Mastery of detail
    10. Willingness to assume full responsibility
    11. Co-operation
    I think these chapters really get into the strategy and tactics needed so I encourage you to dig deep into these sections of the book. Ultimately, this is where the rubber meets the road.
    Now, lets take a quick review of what we have covered:
    Specialized Knowledge
    Organized Planning
    I think you can see how this is absolutely a roadmap for accomplishing your best life and changing your reality.
    But tomorrow we will get into a part I really love...Decision, Persistence & the Power of the Mastermind.
    Looking forward to talking tomorrow. Have a great day and SHARE THE SHOW!!
    George Wright III

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    Think & Grow Rich Principles of Desire, Faith, & Autosuggestion

    Think & Grow Rich Principles of Desire, Faith, & Autosuggestion

    Welcome back to Episode 789 of the Daily Mastermind
    This week we are talking about Changing Your Reality
    ...and Creating the Life You Were Meant to Live
    Think and Grow Rich is the Ultimate Guide to taking control of your life and crafting a plan.
    Proven Success...Clues and Strategies to make it all happen.
    13 Chapters/Sections...leading you to a great plan, results and execution.
    Today i want to talk about the first 3 sections...but you should read and go deep.
    1. DESIRE
    This is the starting point to success and is perhaps the most important principle.
    Desire is a reflection of what you want (what you desire) as much as a verb or fuel you use to get it.
    If you desire it...you an achieve it. You wouldn't have the desire if it wasn't possible.
    But how to create a "burning desire"...it's all about the approach...How you do anything is how you do everything...
    Are you "all in"...are you hedging, wondering, testing...etc.
    In this chapter Napoleon Hill explains the 6 Steps to achieving your desire. (money example)
    1. Fix in your mind the exact amount of money you want to have in your possession.
    2. Decide what you are prepared to give in return (perhaps a service you will provide).
    3. Select a definite date by which you will have acquired this money.
    4. Prepare a definite plan and begin to implement it immediately.
    5. Based on the first 4 steps write down a clear statement of the amount of money you will acquire, the time limit for its acquisition, what you will give in return and your plan for accumulating it.
    6. Read your written statement aloud just before going to bed and once again first thing in the morning. As you read see yourself already in possession of the money.
    Difference between Desire and Want.
    2. FAITH
    Faith is a key element to accomplishing what you desire.
    Also remember that faith is a decision to believe you can attain your desire...different from belief.
    Napoleon Hill says faith is a state of mind that can be induced by affirmations or repeated instructions to the sub-conscious mind (see principle 3).
    Another method that can provide the faith required is to create a mental image of achieving your desire over and over again.
    This chapter is filled with examples of how some great leaders in history accomplished the impossible through faith.
    Quote- “In actual life every great enterprise begins with and takes its first forward step in faith” Friedrich Schlegel
    Remember...when you apply faith to a desire you have, you will begin to manifest or "create' that which you desire. It stems from what is deep inside you and also is created by talents you inately posses. But, all great things will require some form of faith, so take time to cultivate your faith.
    This is the way you can put the sub-conscious mind to work for you through repeated suggestion. (affirmations)
    The idea here is that you concentrate your mind on what you desire repeatedly until you burn it into your subconscious mind.
    Your subconscious mind is ultimately what will help you to create what you truly want in your life...this is sometimes viewed as inspiration or gut feelings or intuition.
    The key here is that (obviously) it needs to be combined with effort and work.
    When you combine this principle of repetition (autosuggestion) to a written statement like we talked bout in principle #1, it forms a great daily ritual and one that will TRAIN your mind to go to work for you.
    NOTE; sometimes we simply don't accomplish things in life because we don't "believe" we are worthy or deserve them. I believe this is simply things we have learned over time from conditioning (brainwashing) from messages and people in our lives. Affirmations will us to program our own minds in a positive direction instead of them being programme

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    How to Change Your Reality

    How to Change Your Reality

    Are you living a Proactive or Reactive Life?  Do you feel that you have control over your destiny and the life you are creating?  Or do you feel that you are just at the whim of what ever is coming your way?
    Well today I want to talk with you about the fact that you definitely can control or influence the direction your life is going. I want to run through several things I feel you can do to craft the life of your dreams.
    I also plan to start diggin into a timeless classic that you may have already read...Think and Grow Rich...over the coming week.
    I want to review and discuss the topics of:
    1- Desire
    2- Faith
    3- Auto Suggestion
    4- Specialized Knowledge
    5- Imagination
    6- Organized Planning
    7- Decision
    8- Persistence
    9- Power of the Mastermind
    10- Transmutation (Enthusiastic Support)
    11- The Subconscious Mind
    12- The Brain
    13- The Sixth Sense
    I hope you will enjoy and learn and become inspired this week to create a life that you were meant to live.
    Thanks for listening.
    George Wright III

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    How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

    How to Use Stress to Your Advantage

    Today I want to share with you a few thoughts from a great article in HBR on how stress can be a good thing if you know how to USE it.
    Modern media and medical constantly promote the negative health impacts of stress (true)
    But, what if you take a different perspective?
    Stress free life is boring and unfulfilling...Tony Robbins 6 core human needs.
    Think about your greatest personal growth...from stressful times.
    *story about business change...best experience (in hindsight) and growth
    Stress does have great attributes if you look for them.
    Obviously you care if you are stressed.
    ...Sustained stress is never good, but focus on benefits can help.
    Key is to reduce the bad and capitalize on the good.
    3 steps to doing this...
    1- See it
    Most of us deny, avoid, label it bad or simply get overwhelmed and react.
    Neuroscience has acknowledged that simply acknowledging stress can move reactivity in brain from automatic/reactive to conscious/proactive.
    Plus, avoiding stress is just counter productive anyway.
    Try mindfulness and breathing exercises to help you identify and control or deal with stress more proactively.
    2-Own it
    Recognize that you must truly "care" about something if it stresses you.
    This unleashes positive energy and motivation to deal with stress.
    Obviously there are going to be stressful times on a journey to growth, achievement and results.
    Expect, Own and Accept it.
    3-Use it
    This one I really like, because its how you turn a problem into a solution
    Finding ways to use your opponent or obstacles as the solution...
    Ryan Holiday...the Obstacle is the Way.
    I mean think about your bodies response mechanisms.
    Its not responses that will kill us...its ways to increase alertness, stamina, energy, awareness, and skills.
    hormones, adrenaline, dopamine...you get the idea right?...focus
    Growth comes from stress...Corporate Athlete...Lifting Weights...
    Your perception and reaction determines your results and responses...positive or negative.
    When stress is more long term and not as easy to find solutions...
    ...just shift to the "learning and growth benefits".
    mental toughness
    stronger relationships
    greater endurance
    Ultimately, I am not talking about searching for or increasing your stress.
    Rather, I am talking about taking something that typically derails a human and capitalizing on it.
    If your thoughts, perceptions and philosophy creates your life...wouldn't you rather adopt a good one around a topic that is so rampid and prevalent in todays world?  I would...
    I hope this perspective or thoughts have helped you to reframe your thinking around stress.
    Maybe its given you some solutions or maybe its just given you some hope...regardless, I hope you see inspiration.
    Have a great weekend.  George

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    The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle TB 3 of 3

    The Power of NOW by Eckhart Tolle TB 3 of 3

    Today I am recording this episode from the comfort of my massage chair after an amazing workout.  Talk about a great example of living in the present moment...what a great life and I'm grateful for the ability I must record content for thousands of people in dozens of countries around the world.  We live in a world of opportunity and technology...very grateful.
    So in part 1 of this 3-day series we talked about:
    you are not your mind time is an illusion of the mind how to ground yourself in the present more often And, in part 2, we talked about:
    accessing the Power of the present moment becoming the "silent" observer of your mind letting go of psychological time Today, we are going to talk about some Awesome stuff that I feel you will get some massive value from:
    Eliminating negative emotions and problems How to live in you "life" not your "life situation" Reframing and eliminating your problems Creating Joy in the Present moment and journey of life. I hope you will try to be PRESENT and really grasp these ideas.  I KNOW they will help you if you apply them in your lives.
    Please share this podcast with someone you know.  It would mean a lot to me and to someone that really needs it.
    Thanks for listening.
    George Wright III

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    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle TB 2 of 3

    The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle TB 2 of 3

    Today is part 2 of a 3-part series I am going on the Power of Becoming Present and using the present moment to create more results in your life.  I am highlighting chapter 3 from the NY Times Best Selling book from Eckhart Tolle.
    I am really getting value from applying these principles in my life, and I hope they do the same for you.
    Yesterday we talked about reminding yourself that you are not your mind and not to look for answers to your problems inside your mind (since most problems are created by the mind).  We also talked about the concept of Time being an illusion/delusion, and we talked about learning to ground yourself in the Present Moment in order to avoid the issues created by the Past Memories and Future anticipation.
    Today I want to highlight and talk to you about:
    How to Access the Power of the Present Moment
    How to Become the Silent Observer of Your Mind
    How to Let Go of Psychological vs Clock Time
    I think it is so important to learn to be aware of what your mind is doing, and I think today will help you to think more about that so you can create some results.  I hope you get a lot out of today, and I look forward to finishing up with this idea more tomorrow.
    Thanks for listening.
    George Wright III

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21 Ratings

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Thank you George for the actionable step and strategies you provide every day. I get so tired of podcasts or speakers that don't show how we can take actionable steps on what we're learning. You always provide that and I really value that. I appreciate your expertise and all that you do to help us gain great inspiration and tactics for our lives. I recently listened to the episode on how you can learn better. I took that to heart and have gone back to things I've read or written down and intentionally committed myself to taking more action so that my learning is elevated. Thank you!

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First thing in the morning I get my dose of The Daily Mastermind. I feel like it helps me get my mind on the right track to tackle my day as I work in a high stress workplace.

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