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A place for real life and real conversations where small but profound actions will move you forward in your daily life, getting to the heart of who you are and who you are becoming.

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A place for real life and real conversations where small but profound actions will move you forward in your daily life, getting to the heart of who you are and who you are becoming.

    Daily 1% x 228: Be Awesome

    Daily 1% x 228: Be Awesome

    A couple of years ago that 👆quote was being said everywhere
    Posters were being made
    It was a thing 
    It was trendy to have stuff that SAID: be awesome. 
    What does it even mean to BE AWESOME?
    Let’s make a list:
    Know who you are
    Show up big
    Do hard things
    Be on fire
    Create epic stuff
    Be willing to do scary ideas
    Not back down
    Stay positive 
    Have courage 
    Don’t listen to haters
    Keep going
    All of these are good. 
    What about:
    🌟Loving yourself even when you don’t want to get out of bed in the morning
    🌟Letting yourself take a nap
    🌟Noticing your body and listening to it
    🌟Saying no
    🌟Going to bed when you want to stay up late
    🌟Turing off your phone
    🌟Letting yourself be sad or mad or glad or frustrated and feeling into it on purpose 
    🌟Celebrating yourself
    🌟Giving yourself a pat in the back
    🌟Having a one person dance party when you hit that goal: big or small
    🌟Taking a walk
    🌟Saying yes to you
    🌟Slowing down
    Often, when we think of being awesome
    It’s the big showy positive in-your-face types of things we consider
    The truth is
    The big showy things aren’t what make you awesome
    YOU AND ME, we arrived on this planet with this tattooed on our soul:
    Being awesome isn’t up for debate or discussion 
    We already are
    We may not believe it
    Nothing has gone wrong if you don’t believe in your own awesomeness 
    I didn’t believe in mine
    I wanted other people to tell me about my awesomeness 
    I looked for it in projects and accomplishments 
    All of us do
    Until we stop
    Until we start seeing the ways we’ve hurt ourselves 
    And we start putting salve on those wounds
    Beginning to love our already existing awesomeness
    Accepting our awesomeness
    Even when we do things we don’t like
    It’s in how we treat our selves on the way to those big showy things that make us see and love and allow our awesomeness. 
    Saying I love you to yourself even when you do things you wish you hadn’t
    Celebrating yourself when it seems too small
    Seeing your fire for its ability to both burn AND warm
    Loving yourself for all of it 
    Seeing your desire for quiet and aloneness AND being visionary 
    Not judging yourself for any of it 
    Seeing your emotionally messy self AND your ability to hold someone’s pain so carefully
    Be willing to love both parts of you. 
    Seeing you desire for structure, order, control AND your ability to make things simple for others
    Embracing both without shaming yourself
    Seeing your all-over-the-place-thinking-and-talking AND your bubbly engaging fun self
    Giving both parts a grateful hug. 
    This is where your awesomeness lies. 
    In all of it. 
    Stop judging you
    BE YOU:
    What are two contrasting things about you?
    Ready to embrace ALL of YOU? Click here to get started. 
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    Daily 1% x 227: Date Yourself

    Daily 1% x 227: Date Yourself

    I spent the day at the:
    Mint Art Museum 
    Walking around all by myself, looking at all the exhibits is my favorite…
    No one to rush me or wonder why I’m taking so long. 
    My favorite is getting to witness the way a piece was created or the life long work of an artist. 
    Both types of exhibits remind me:
    Even if…
    •It seems like figuring something out is taking too long
    •Life feels frustratingly like a hamster wheel
    •My business or a project or a relationship is taking to long to see the results I want 
    Seeing what artists take a life time to create…
    Tweak things and try again
    Then try again
    Put their work out there 
    Take more risks
    Break some rules 
    Travel across the world to work with mentors
    Seek out people they admire and don’t give up until they’ve learned what they want to learn
    Break some more rules 
    Sit next to artists who inspire them and do exactly what they do 
    Travel back across the country
    Keep trying
    And trying 
    Believing in their dream 
    Breaking their own brain rules.
    Seeing these types of exhibits reminds me to zoom out on my life 
    EVERYTHING is going exactly the way it’s supposed to…
    Or else it would all be happening differently. 
    What date would you take yourself on? 
    Dates I’ve taken myself on:
    •A random photography exhibit in a random city
    •Explored a town 
    I had never been to
    •Went to the movies in the middle of the day
    •Shopped at thrift and vintage stores
    •Spent hours walking through a photography exhibit featuring women National Geographic photographers 
    •Got ice cream
    •Took a walk in a new place
    If you’re ready to treat yourself, sign up to coach with me. Click here. 
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    Daily 1% x 226: You Don't Have To

    Daily 1% x 226: You Don't Have To

    You don’t have to do anything the way everyone else does.   
    I KNOW this may sound obvious
    It’s more HIDDEN than you might think, though. 
    Just recently, I was talking to one of my coaches about doing one hour consults. 
    When I seemed like I didn’t really like doing them she asked…
    Why do you do them?
    I said:
    Because it’s the way it’s done in the industry. 
    Here I am the…
    ‘Break The Rules’
    ‘Live Unapologetically’
    ‘Be A Warrior Woman’
    ‘March To The Beat Of Your Most Alive Self’ 
    And I’m doing something I don’t really love because everyone else is doing it!!!
    What the heck???
    See what I mean by HIDDEN?
    It happens without you realizing. 
    You’re conforming in little ways that you totally don’t mean to. 
    No more. 
    The buck stops here!! 
    Here’s the deal. 
    No more consults. 
    If you know. You know. 
    If you’re ready to work with me, let’s do it. 
    It’s $5k for six months. 
    We meet weekly and blow our own minds with explosions of awesomeness. 
    You do the work of magic and miracles between our calls. 
    It’s expansive and my favorite!
    If you have questions, let’s chat. Click the link in the show notes. 
    If you’re done living by rules you don’t want to live by but you’re not even sure which ones they are…
    I’m the coach for you. 
    We will figure that jazz out and get you living a more freaking fantastic YOU. 
    No more 60 min pre-consults. 
    Let’s go. 🔥💥🔥
    Click this link to talk about working together. 
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    Episode 90: The Power of Taking Selfies

    Episode 90: The Power of Taking Selfies

    I got to be on Lydia Feldman’s podcast talking about: The Power of Taking Selfies!

    If you do not know Lydia, once you listen to this podcast episode, you are going to want to follow her and be her bestie.

    She’s effervescent, vibrant, straight talking, real, fierce, and fearless all while being relatable and ICONIC at the same time.

    I highly recommend signing up for her next Pleasure Salon: Elemental Courtesan.

    Lydia’s words from this podcast episode conversation:

    Selfie Siren with Davina Fear!

    Y'all ready to break the internet (and your brain) with some LIT, sexy, powerful images of yourself? BY yourself?

    Selfie "culture" ala the instafamous-influencers and Kardashians gets a bad rap....

    BUT what if you allowed the time and pleasure to capture radiant photos on your PHONE could change your life?

    Your self-concept
    Your confidence
    Your creativity
    Your self-trust
    You sexy relationship to SELF.

    Listen to our conversation and learn a few great tips on creating a powerful Selfie Session~
    Set up
    and getting ready mentally!

    Get to know Lydia Feldman:
    Learn More about The Selfie Siren Sessions HERE.

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    Daily 1% x 225: Brainiac Maniac

    Daily 1% x 225: Brainiac Maniac

    Our brains want to cancel/ignore all of our awesomeness!!
    Don’t let it!
    This week I’ve done so much brave and bold stuff!
    Last night as I was prepping for bed, my brain was like:
    Wow. You’ve not accomplished your goals. You didn’t get 50 new clients. 
    (Mind you, my goal was not 50 new clients but my brain likes to be VERY dramatic.)
    I said to my brain:
    Hold it right there, Brainiac Maniac. 
    You are wrong. 
    I know you like to scan for what’s wrong. 
    I know that’s your job and all so I can stay alive
    And not get a fever and die
    And not get kicked out of civilization 
    And all that 
    You are completely overreacting. 
    I’ve done A LOT OF AWESOME STUFF!!
    Then I recounted a big long list of things I did this week that I’m really proud of. 
    I pat myself on the back for those things. 
    Then pat myself on the back for calling out my brain. 
    Then I gave myself a hug for my awesomeness. 
    And gave myself a hug fir my brain to tell it it’s okay I’ve got this covered. 
    I know you’re worried. 
    Then I danced it all out so I get my awesomeness in my body and not just in my head. 
    I’m sure if you were watching me you’d be thinking:
    What the heck is happening over there?
    But dancing to your own music and awesomeness is a great way to live your life. 
    Pause right now
    Stand up
    Tell yourself all your delightfully awesome ways you’ve been showing up
    💥Sort of cool
    💥Very cool
    💥No one noticed but you
    💥That thing you did when you were feeling bold and brave
    💥The project you started or finished
    💥The mind blowing insight you had
    💥The time you told your brain to shush and did the scary thing
    💥The time you told your brain to zip it and didn’t listen to it tell you all the ways you aren’t enough
    💥 When you took that nap
    💥 It all counts!!
    You have lots to celebrate. 
    I’m here to tell you…
    You made it through this incredible human experience this week and you did it gloriously 
    Dance it out, Warrior. 
    DANCE. IT. OUT!!
    Looking for a song?
    I’ve got lots of celebration songs for you on Spotify. (Link in comments)
    Go dance your heart out, my Dear Warrior. 
    I wanna hear what you’re celebrating!! 🎉🎉🎉 
    Do tell!
    Click this link to talk about working together.
    Check out some awesome dance playlists on Spotify here!
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    Daily 1% x 224: Be Your Own Magic

    Daily 1% x 224: Be Your Own Magic

    What if you could… 🤔🤩
    Be your own magical 💫 :
    •YODA who compels you to do the hard thing, take the risk, and 100% believes in you even when you doubt
    •KINDNESS ADVOCATE who doesn’t let you say mean things to yourself
    •PERSON WHO SAYS to you “I’m here for you, no matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’re feeling”
    •SWEET & LOYAL DOG who stays by your side and sits with you when you’re sad
    •MOM who rubs your back while you cry about feeling like you have no friends
    •BEST FRIEND who tells you all the reasons you’re awesome and everyone else is missing out
    •TEACHER who says you’re doing great, you’re learning, and you’re so proud of you
    •MENTOR who believes in you and the impact you are and will have in the world. 
    •FORGIVER of everything you’ve ever said or done 
    •MONK who is filled with wonder at your being-ness
    •YOUNGER SIBLING who thinks you are genius and believes everything you say and do is also genius 
    •DELIVERER from your past regrets 
    •PEACEMAKER with who you are and who you aren’t 
    •DAD who protects you and keeps you secure 
    •GRANDPA who speaks deep wisdom to you with zero judgement
    •LIGHT GIVER who helps you see both your light and gently shines light into your places the light has not yet reached
    •MERCIFUL BENEFACTOR who bestows mercy on yourself when you say something weird or want to lean toward beating yourself up 
    •THE RICH RELATIVE who gave you so much money 
    •LOVE GURU who pours out love on you every second of the day, who believes you are lovable no matter what is going on with you. 
    •GRANDMA who loves you when it feels like the world is against you and bakes you cookies, hugs you every time you need it, and kisses you on the forehead. 
    •WIZARD who knows the magical and cryptic things to say or do that help you tap into your own strength, magic, and genius
    We see these awesome people depicted in movies or books and believe we should have had that kind of person in our life. 
    Sometimes we look around and think everyone else got all these people in their lives and we didn’t. 
    Stop looking around. 
    Be all these things to yourself. 
    Choose one of the above. Be that to you today. 💛
    Believe all of these people are within you, ready to help you and guide you. 
    You deserve it. 💕🥰
    Want to share the one you chose? Please do! Tell me in the comments. 😁
    Click this link to talk about working together. 
    Previously published here. 

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
58 Ratings

58 Ratings

Krystalpreciado ,

Believing in myself

Davina your podcast is filled with so much hope and inspiration!!! I have been following your work and enjoying your words for over a decade!!! I am so glad you joined to podcast platform!!! I listened to your walking podcast while walking in my mountain neighborhood yesterday:)
Today I kept floors and ceilings in mind and got on my spin bike for 30 minutes and did yoga for 10 minutes 🙌
I’m enjoying the Daily 1% improvement tips too!! I’m totally hooked on your podcast! It is exactly what I was needing. I am filled with believing in myself again!!!
Thank you Davina!😘

It's about JOY ,

Episode 56: When Conversations are Difficult

Wow. This episode is truly what is needed to hear again. I heard it a while back and vaguely remembered some points, but I needed to hear it again. So I scrolled back through the episodes to find it. Thank you, Davina, for taking time to put these messages out there. They are SO helpful. I am committing to try what you have shared for a relationship I have with someone who believes and thinks so differently than I do. Keep up the good work you are doing!

Wunder_maui ,

My daily dose of strength and clarity!

There is so much inspiration packed in just 5 minutes a day. Listening to Davina has given me the daily “vitamins” needed to fuel my brain. The biggest change I’ve felt within me is that I am more aware of my thoughts and where it is going. It has given me more clarity to approach life in a whole different may.

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