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Sleep industry secrets revealed!

On The FAM podcast, host Mark Kinsley interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders shaping the future of the sleep industry.

The FAM Podcast with Mark Kinsley Sleep Summit Show

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Sleep industry secrets revealed!

On The FAM podcast, host Mark Kinsley interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders shaping the future of the sleep industry.

    Inside Snooze Mattress Company’s New Flagship Sleep Shop with CEO Matt Smith

    Inside Snooze Mattress Company’s New Flagship Sleep Shop with CEO Matt Smith

    Ever wondered how a mattress store can revolutionize sleep?

    In this exciting episode of the FAM Podcast, host Mark Kinsley takes us behind the scenes of Snooze Mattress Company's new flagship sleep shop with CEO Matt Smith. Matt, a dynamic and innovative leader in the sleep industry, shares his vision of transforming 20 million lives through better sleep. From competitive games to deep discussions about sleep health, Matt and Mark cover it all.

    Highlights of the episode include:

    Introduction to Matt Smith: Learn about Matt's journey and how he came to lead Snooze Mattress Company, from running a Snap Fitness to creating a revolutionary sleep shop.
    Innovative Sleep Shop Concept: Discover what sets Snooze apart from traditional mattress stores, including unique features like CPAP masks, ice baths, and a bathroom experience that feels like a private airport lounge.
    Customer Experience: Matt explains the "sleep journey" that customers undergo when they visit Snooze, emphasizing personalized solutions over simple mattress sales.
    Health and Wellness Focus: Understand the importance of sleep health and how Snooze aims to address common issues like sleep apnea and general wellness.
    Industry Insights: Gain insights into the challenges and opportunities in the mattress and sleep industry, including the importance of changing consumer perceptions about sleep.

    Join us for a fascinating look at how Snooze Mattress Company is redefining the sleep industry, one restful night at a time. Don’t miss the fun and informative mouthwash toast to wrap up the episode!

    Tune in now and learn how you too can benefit from the future of sleep!

    • 28 min
    Mattress Madness Unpacked: Market Mysteries and Latest Trends

    Mattress Madness Unpacked: Market Mysteries and Latest Trends

    Ready to catch some Z's?

    Join Mark as he dives deep into the latest data from the International Sleep Products Association and the Better Sleep Council. In this episode, Mark breaks down 12 key findings from the Mattress Buying Trends Report, providing valuable insights for anyone in the mattress industry.

    Industry Shifts: Discover how the US mattress market performed in 2023 compared to 2022, with a focus on shipment data from manufacturers.
    Buying Trends: Learn about the types of mattresses gaining popularity and why hybrids and springs are the new favorites.
    Online vs. In-Store: Explore consumer preferences for purchasing mattresses online versus in-store, and why trying before buying still matters.
    Price Perception: Understand why people think good mattresses are more affordable now than before.
    Customer Satisfaction: Find out why more people are happy with their current mattresses and what this means for the industry.
    Advertising Impact: One-third of consumers start shopping for mattresses due to advertisements, especially sales.
    Research Habits: Most people do their homework on prices and customer reviews before making a purchase.
    Store Selection: Learn why free delivery, free pickup of old mattresses, and easy returns are top priorities for consumers.
    Brand Loyalty: Discover that most people switch mattress brands due to lower prices and better reputation, showing a shift in brand loyalty.
    Expert Insights: Hear from industry veteran Jerry Epperson on the economic factors affecting the mattress market and why the future looks promising despite current challenges.

    It's clear the mattress industry is abuzz with activity! Overall, consumers are happy with their purchases, driven by health considerations and influenced heavily by ads. Free delivery and easy returns are crucial, even as brand loyalty wanes. Don't sleep on these insights!

    • 18 min
    Sleep Summit and The Future: How the Mattress Industry Can Alter the Trajectory of Human Health

    Sleep Summit and The Future: How the Mattress Industry Can Alter the Trajectory of Human Health

    Ever wondered what would happen if the mattress industry had a Red Bull?

    Get ready for an energetic discussion on the industry's urgent need for change and innovation. In this episode, Mark Kinsley tackles the importance of rejecting the status quo and embracing a bold vision for the future. The conversation is derived from a recent LinkedIn piece Kinsley wrote that encourages industry players to actively create a better future by challenging traditional practices and focusing on sleep and wellness.


    Sleep Heroes Assemble!The mattress industry has the superpower to enhance people's health, mood, productivity, and overall quality of life. Time to don your cape and revolutionize sleep!

    Status Quo? No, Thank You!To truly make a difference, individuals in the mattress biz need to kick the status quo to the curb and actively shape the future. Embrace innovation and be the change!

    Summit of Dreams:The FAM Sleep Summit isn't just an event; it's a playground for community, collaboration, and crafting the future of sleep. Think of it as the industry's very own slumber party for ideas.Tune in and join Mark Kinsley as he challenges the norm and inspires a sleep revolution. It's time to dream big and sleep better!

    • 16 min
    Dream Big: Unveiling the Future at Sleep Summit 2024

    Dream Big: Unveiling the Future at Sleep Summit 2024

    GREAT SCOTT!! Sleep Summit is back and it is better than ever!

    The annual FAM extravaganza -- where the mattress and sleep industry heavyweights gather to chat, brainstorm, and pave the way for a dreamy future. The theme this year? 'Back to the Future of Sleep' – a delightful nod to revisiting timeless truths and reimagining the future of sleep. Expect workshops, networking galore, and insights from the best in the biz. If you're in the sleep game, you won't want to miss it.


    The Grand Gathering: Sleep Summit 2024 isn’t just an event; it’s the event where the movers and shakers of the mattress and sleep industry come together to craft the future of sleep.

    Timeless Truths and Future Fantasies: This year’s theme, 'Back to the Future of Sleep,' is all about revisiting the best of what we know and blending it with futuristic ideas. Who knew sleep could be so nostalgic and innovative?

    Workshops That Wow: Get ready for workshops that will leave you buzzing with new ideas and strategies. Whether you're a sleep scientist or a mattress maven, there’s something for everyone.

    Networking Nirvana: Rub elbows with industry experts and fellow sleep enthusiasts. You never know – your next big collaboration could be just a conversation away.

    Expert Insights: Gain exclusive access to the latest research, trends, and tips from the industry's top experts. Prepare to have your mind blown and your business boosted.

    Retailers as Sleep Guides: The summit aims to empower retailers to not just sell mattresses but to become sleep guides. It’s all about making a positive impact on global sleep health. Sweet dreams are made of this!So, fluff your pillows, grab your notebooks, and join us as we dive into the future of sleep. It’s going to be a restful ride!

    • 15 min
    The Bad Boy of Bedding: Bedgear’s CEO Eugene Alletto on Adding To (Not Disrupting) the Mattress Industry

    The Bad Boy of Bedding: Bedgear’s CEO Eugene Alletto on Adding To (Not Disrupting) the Mattress Industry

    Buckle up for an eye-opening chat with Eugene Alletto, the maverick CEO of Bedgear, who's revolutionizing the bedding industry with his bold and innovative approach.

    Dubbed the "bad boy of bedding," Eugene shares how his immigrant upbringing instilled the principle of being additive rather than disruptive. In this lively episode, Eugene and host Mark Kinsley delve into the importance of innovation, the power of words in branding, and the value of inclusive, customer-centric business practices.

    Join us for a rollercoaster ride through Eugene's fascinating career, filled with anecdotes that underscore his relentless drive and unique approach to transforming the bedding market. Whether it's connecting the dots in a disjointed industry or emphasizing the need for education over mere sales tactics, Eugene's insights are a treasure trove for aspiring entrepreneurs and seasoned business leaders alike.

    Key Takeaways:

    Eugene Alletto's Journey: From a top-performing salesperson to the trailblazing CEO of Bedgear, Eugene's path highlights the power of innovative thinking and resilience.
    Additive, Not Disruptive: Emphasizing the importance of adding value rather than disrupting, Eugene showcases how focusing on consumer needs can lead to success.
    Innovation and Education: The critical roles of continuous innovation and robust education in building a brand promise and maintaining industry relevance.

    Tune in to discover why Eugene is not just a disruptor, but a game-changer in the bedding world. For more insights, follow Eugene on LinkedIn and learn about Bedgear's revolutionary products that are redefining sleep essentials.

    • 42 min
    Airweave’s “Anti-Sex” Olympics Mattress Is Athlete’s Tech-Packed Secret to Super Sleep

    Airweave’s “Anti-Sex” Olympics Mattress Is Athlete’s Tech-Packed Secret to Super Sleep

    Ever wondered if Olympic athletes' beds are designed to keep them from... extracurricular activities? Buckle up, because this episode dives into that juicy rumor and much more!

    In this riveting episode, we sit down with Brett Thornton, the Chief Operating Officer of Airweave, to debunk the myth of the so-called "anti-sex beds" that Olympic athletes are sleeping on. Brett takes us through the fascinating journey of how Airweave transformed fishing line into high-tech mattresses that promise top-tier support and comfort.

    Discover how these innovative beds are tailored to each athlete's needs using cutting-edge technology. Plus, get an inside look at Airweave's mission to bring better sleep to the world, one recycled fishing line at a time. Spoiler alert: These beds can handle a lot more than just a good night's sleep! Don't miss out on this blend of science, humor, and a dash of Olympic gossip!


    - AirWeave offers a unique retail experience in Japan, with 250 store-to-store concepts and a personalized mattress scanning system.

    - The anti-sex mattress for Olympic athletes was a viral sensation, debunked by athletes and used as a marketing opportunity.

    - AirWeave is expanding into the US market, focusing on building a strong brand and offering innovative sleep technology products.

    -The company's approach to sleep technology and retail experiences is driven by a combination of heritage, technology, and a focus on customer preferences and needs.


    00:00 Introduction to AirWeave and Brett Thornton's Role

    03:45 The Pitch and Experience of AirWeave Products in Japan

    09:51 The Fishing Line Material and Its Unique Properties

    13:30 The Viral Sensation of the Anti-Sex Mattress for Olympic Athletes

    19:12 Expanding into the US Market and Retail Strategy

    26:57 The Combination of Heritage, Technology, and Customer-Centric Approach

    • 32 min

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4.9 out of 5
36 Ratings

36 Ratings

Mattress Matt ,

Snooze Mattress Co

These guys are the best in the business! So many gems to grow personally and professionally!

LeahKirk ,

Content the industry needs with an infusion of fun

A must subscribe for the home furnishings industry. Mark and Mark provide direction and pragmatic solutions with a layer of pure entertainment. This is the kick-in-the-pants content we need with the entertainment value we crave. Have fun, learn things and get better.

Cool dad of twins ,

Best there is

If you’re looking for a podcast that is entertaining and provides relative content about the Mattress Industry, you have to subscribe and listen to Dos Marcos! Mark and Mark are the best in the business and share lots of great stuff.

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