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Sleep industry secrets revealed!

On The FAM podcast, host Mark Kinsley interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders shaping the future of the sleep industry.

The FAM Podcast with Mark Kinsley Sleep Summit Show

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Sleep industry secrets revealed!

On The FAM podcast, host Mark Kinsley interviews innovators, entrepreneurs, and thought leaders shaping the future of the sleep industry.

    Shopper Magnet: How Do You Fill Your Store With Customers?

    Shopper Magnet: How Do You Fill Your Store With Customers?

    Ever had a shopping experience that felt more like a plot from a horror movie? Today’s episode takes "Nightmare on Elm Street" to a whole new level—except this time, it's all about the quest for the perfect mattress. Buckle up as Bob Phibbs, aka The Retail Doctor, shares his spine-tingling tale from the retail front lines.

    In an episode that's anything but a snooze fest, Bob Phibbs, our fearless guide through the retail jungle, recounts his harrowing journey through the world of mattress shopping—a tale filled with twists, turns, and lessons galore. Bob's personal horror story isn't just a tale of woe; it's a masterclass in what not to do in the world of mattress and furniture retail.

    With wit sharper than a memory foam cutter, Bob delves into the heart of creating a shopping experience that's as comfortable as the products being sold. He emphasizes the magic of storefront appeal, the art of providing a sanctuary for customers, and the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace.

    This episode isn't just about mattresses; it's about transforming spaces into havens and transactions into memorable experiences.


    1. Create a Unique Shopping Experience: Bob stresses the importance of drawing customers in with a shopping experience that's as unique as their sleep preferences.

    2. Storefront Appeal: First impressions matter. Learn how to make your store's façade as inviting as a freshly fluffed pillow.

    3. Comfortable Customer Spaces: Bob highlights the necessity of creating spaces that encourage customers to kick off their shoes and stay awhile.

    4. Differentiate from Competitors: Stand out in the mattress maze with tips on distinguishing your brand from the rest of the flock.

    5. The Significance of Sleep: Recognize and honor the crucial role mattresses play in your customers' lives by offering products that promise more than just a place to crash.

    6. Fresh and Inviting Atmosphere: Discover the secrets to ensuring your store ambiance whispers, "Welcome home."

    7. Value-Added Interactions: Bob emphasizes going beyond the sale to add real value to every customer interaction.

    8. Prioritize Retail Basics: Back to basics—Bob reiterates the foundational principles of retail that drive sales and customer satisfaction.


    00:00 The Mattress Horror Story

    09:07 Creating a Unique Shopping Experience

    11:01 Attracting Customers with Storefront Appeal

    17:16 Providing Comfortable Spaces for Customers

    20:48 Differentiating from Competitors

    23:05 The Importance of Mattresses in People's Lives

    27:29 Creating a Fresh and Inviting Atmosphere

    31:18 Adding Value to Customer Interactions

    33:38 Brilliance on the Basics


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    Embracing New Beginnings: A Fresh Chapter Unfolds as Kinsley Bids Farewell to Englander to Focus on The FAM

    Embracing New Beginnings: A Fresh Chapter Unfolds as Kinsley Bids Farewell to Englander to Focus on The FAM

    In a strategic pivot that reads like a well-crafted narrative, Mark Kinsley, after a rewarding five years at the helm of Englander, is embarking on a new chapter.

    Rather than a quiet exit, he’s transitioning with purpose, launching full throttle into The FAM community. This move coincides with Englander gearing up for a significant expansion phase, signaling a period of dynamic growth for the company. Simultaneously, the FAM community is witnessing a remarkable surge in engagement and impact, reflecting a thriving ecosystem in the industry.As Mark shifts into a strategic advisory role, his focus will turn to scouting for a sales-oriented leader to guide Englander through its next growth chapter. Key Takeaways:

    Englander is on the threshold of a major growth phase, poised for significant expansion.
    The FAM community’s growth and impact underscore the strength and reach of this industry.
    The resonance of Englander’s legacy and brand story with consumers is a powerful testament to its market positioning.
    Embracing change and transitions as avenues for innovation and new opportunities is a central theme of Mark’s narrative.

    Mark’s journey serves as a reminder that leadership transitions can be catalysts for renewal and expansion, inviting business leaders to view change as a springboard for future success.


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    Inside the 2024 Vegas Market: Unveiling New Mattress Lines with Bedhead Marketing's Brandon Bain

    Inside the 2024 Vegas Market: Unveiling New Mattress Lines with Bedhead Marketing's Brandon Bain

    "Shaking Up Sleep: A Deep Dive into the Vegas Market with Brandon Bain"

    In this episode of the podcast, the conversation turns to the vibrant yet challenging atmosphere of the Vegas Market, featuring the insights of Brandon Bain, Founder and CEO of Bedhead Mareting. As an innovator and community builder in the realm of sleep, Bain offers a comprehensive overview of the event's dynamics, from the evident stagnation in product innovation to the paramount importance of trust and commitment in the industry.

    Episode Highlights:

    The discussion opens up about the Vegas Market's notable lack of innovation in product introductions, with a discernible caution among buyers to stick to tried-and-tested products.
    Bain emphasizes the significance of commitment to products and the cultivation of trust as indispensable for achieving success within the marketplace.
    The episode also brings to light the essential aspect of community and relationship-building, illustrated by the lively Famhouse party, blending business with pleasure to strengthen professional ties.
    Further, the transformative impact of the Dream Camp and the Fam community is explored, showcasing the power of collective support and inspiration.
    Coverage by Bed Head at the Vegas Market is highlighted, demonstrating the compelling role of generative AI and data analysis in shaping business strategies and growth.

    Key Takeaways:

    Innovation Drought: The Vegas Market showcased a cautious approach towards new product introductions, with a clear preference among buyers for well-established products.
    Building Trust: Success in the industry is deeply rooted in the commitment to product excellence and fostering trust among consumers and partners.
    The Power of Community: Events like the Famhouse party underscore the importance of fun and camaraderie in building a robust professional community.
    Leveraging Technology: Insights from the Mattress Mentorship Mastermind Accelerator Lab highlight the transformative potential of AI and data analysis in propelling business advancement.

    00:00Introduction and Overview

    00:29Reflecting on the Vegas Market Experience

    02:02Lack of Innovation in Product Introductions

    03:08Buyers' Risk Aversion and Manufacturers' Focus on Selling

    04:36Cool Innovations in Adjustable Beds and Air Mattresses

    05:23Cyclical Nature of Product Trends

    06:21Getting Back to the Basics of Mattress Merchandising

    07:16Committing to Products and Building Trust

    08:31Merchandising Strategy and Creating a Holistic Philosophy

    09:41The Fun Side of Vegas: The Famhouse Party

    13:15The Importance of Relationships and Fun in the Industry

    14:19Recapping the Fun and Highlights of the Famhouse Party

    15:10The Impact of Dream Camp and the Fam Community

    17:36Maximizing the Investment in Vegas Market

    20:03The Importance of AI and Technology in the Industry

    25:04The Significance of Bed Head's Video Coverage at Vegas Market

    26:52The Mattress Mentorship Mastermind Accelerator Lab

    29:11The Power of Generative AI and Data Analysis

    34:26Closing Remarks and Future Plans


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    Big Bedding: Exploring The Massive Mattress Firm + TSI Merger with Brandon Hufstetler

    Big Bedding: Exploring The Massive Mattress Firm + TSI Merger with Brandon Hufstetler

    Major mattress industry shakeups are afoot!!

    This week on the show, retail wizard Brandon Hufstetler breaks down the implications of the recent Mattress Firm and TSI merger and shares strategies for retailers to thrive amidst the turmoil.

    The merger consolidates two mattress retail powerhouses, signaling a new era. What does this deal mean for other industry players? Brandon suggests a "wait and see" approach before making big changes. Monitor the merger's impact first. Be ready to reevaluate your unique value proposition and strengthen customer experience.

    Mark and Brandon also explored the growing role of AI and automation in retail. Though new technologies present challenges, applied strategically they provide opportunities to improve operations and serve customers better. Retailers who leverage data and tech wisely will maintain an edge.


    The merger between Mattress Firm and TSI has significant implications for the mattress industry and retailers.

    Retailers should wait and see how the merger impacts their business before making any drastic changes.

    Retailers need to reevaluate their unique selling propositions and focus on providing value to customers.

    AI and automation can provide a competitive advantage for retailers in the evolving retail landscape.


    00:00Introduction to the Mattress Firm and TSI Merger

    02:10Brandon's Experience at TSI

    04:07Brandon's Transition to Autonomous Retail Technology

    05:04The Impact of AI on Business

    06:23The Potential Impact of the Mattress Firm and TSI Merger

    09:05Considerations for Retailers in the Wake of the Merger

    11:22Negotiating Contracts in Light of the Merger

    17:17The Impact of Reduced Advertising Spend on Category Awareness

    18:01The Potential Effects of Map Pricing Increases

    27:06Reevaluating Unique Selling Propositions

    31:54The Importance of AI and Automation in Retail

    35:08Using AI to Gain a Competitive Advantage

    35:36Conclusion and Takeaways


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    Breaking Bad (Habits) with Bob Phibbs: Overcoming the Reptile Brain to Advance Your Retail Skills

    Breaking Bad (Habits) with Bob Phibbs: Overcoming the Reptile Brain to Advance Your Retail Skills

    Saddle up, retailers - the Retail Doctor is making a house call to diagnose your learning and training gaps!

    In this episode, Bob Phibbs sneaks in like Nancy Drew to investigate the mysteries plaguing your sales. Through his retail revelations, you'll learn the prescription for training and coaching your employees. Take two tidbits and call Bob in the morning if you still have poor customer service.

    Bob Phibbs, the self-proclaimed Retail Doctor, lets us in on industry secrets to concoct a cure for inadequate training. He distinguishes the diseases of learning and training, emphasizing the need for hands-on engagement versus mere information absorption. Coaching and rewards are highlighted as vaccines to reinforce training and boost performance. Bob advises constructing a positive learning culture, holding teams accountable, and tapping into personal motivation. The key to complete recovery is continuous improvement, debriefing, and crafting intentional habits. Consider Bob your retail pharmacist - follow his prescribed training regimen, and your sales will be the picture of health. This Retail MD knows the business ills; heed his wisdom so your store isn't the next casualty!


    - Learning involves using ears and eyes to absorb information, while training requires hands-on practice and engagement of the brain.

    - Coaching and rewards are essential for reinforcing training and driving performance.

    -Creating a positive learning and training culture is crucial for success in retail.

    - Motivation and holding oneself accountable are key to personal and professional growth.

    -Continuous improvement, debriefing, and intentional habits are essential for achieving success in retail.



    00:33Transition to the topic of learning, training, and coaching

    01:10Difference between learning and training

    02:07Importance of coaching and rewards

    03:33The problem with ineffective training

    04:16The importance of challenging the brain for information retention

    05:26The impact of continuous learning and training on business success

    06:32Engaging adult learners and holding them accountable

    07:08Overcoming the fear of correcting others

    08:42Creating a positive learning and training culture

    09:25Using questioning techniques to correct and coach

    10:55The importance of mindset and motivation

    11:41The significance of selling value and building trust

    12:48Effective role-playing techniques

    14:08The power of greetings and rapport-building

    15:18Understanding customer needs and avoiding assumptions

    16:43Shifting mindset and unlearning negative beliefs

    17:25Finding motivation and holding oneself accountable

    19:14Identifying personal why and purpose

    20:36Rewarding oneself for progress and achievements

    22:04Developing intentional habits and identity

    23:45Overcoming negativity and focusing on the positive

    25:50Creating a culture of debrief and continuous improvement

    28:56Taking ownership and holding oneself accountable

    30:48Developing muscle memory through practice and repetition

    32:19Becoming consciously aware and mastering skills

    34:10The importance of reviewing and analyzing performance

    36:20The game of retail and the power of choice

    37:42Maintaining motivation and redefining one's why

    38:11The importance of enjoying the journey and embracing challenges

    38:31Closing thoughts


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    Cheat Code Unlocked:⚡️ Electrifying Leadership Tips to Energize Your Team

    Cheat Code Unlocked:⚡️ Electrifying Leadership Tips to Energize Your Team

    Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride with leadership guru Brett Thornton, whose book Charged Leadership will jolt your business awake.

    This high-voltage author doesn't just discuss leadership - he zaps it with an electric current that will leave you buzzing. He crackles with insights on connecting with modern staff and customers alike. Thornton doesn't just write about adapting to new generations - he energizes and empowers leaders to make those vital connections.

    Like a lightning bolt, Thornton strikes at the heart of great leadership, emphasizing transparency and authenticity. He's no snooze when it comes to creating fun and engaged teams. Brett gives you the real shocker on firing employees - a stunning story that will transform how you lead.

    Fasten your seatbelts and get charged up! Thornton delivers a high-wattage message that will illuminate your path to leadership success. You'll be powered up and ready to electrify your team. Don't miss this dynamite opportunity to spark your leadership skills. With Thornton's voltage behind you, get ready to set your business ablaze!


    Leaders need to adapt to the changing workforce and understand the different learning styles of each generation.
    Transparency, authenticity, and tailoring messages to individuals are key aspects of effective leadership.
    Leaders should focus on creating conditions for fun and engagement to build strong teams.
    A life-changing piece of advice for leaders is to ensure they have done everything in their power to help employees be successful before making difficult decisions.


    00:00 Introduction

    00:52 New School Leadership

    04:23 Writing Charged Leadership

    05:04 Struggles in Writing the Book

    08:50 The Biggest Mistake Leaders Make

    13:02 Taking Clarity on Leadership Style

    17:08 Life-Changing Advice on Firing Employees

    20:21 Creating Conditions for Fun and Engagement

    23:12 Leadership is About Thinking of Others

    29:39 The Purpose of the Boo


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36 Ratings

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If you’re looking for a podcast that is entertaining and provides relative content about the Mattress Industry, you have to subscribe and listen to Dos Marcos! Mark and Mark are the best in the business and share lots of great stuff.

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