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Our goal is to generate a global discussion and interactive educational and experiential platform for aspiring physicians, current doctors, residents, and fellows interested in immigrating to the USA with the goal of achieving postgraduate medical education, focusing on lifestyle, the proper etiquette and living tips to succeed in this competitive and selective environment of medical education.

We want to transfer my own life experiences to you, the listener, willing to put the time and effort necessary to make it as a doctor in the US. With my 18 years + of experience in the field, my hope is to assist you and give you tips so you can fulfill your dreams and make them come true.

Welcome to the Journey, it will be a long one, but gratifying.

Let's do this!

Alonso Osorio, M.D.

The Foreign and International Medical Graduate Podcast Alonso Osorio

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Our goal is to generate a global discussion and interactive educational and experiential platform for aspiring physicians, current doctors, residents, and fellows interested in immigrating to the USA with the goal of achieving postgraduate medical education, focusing on lifestyle, the proper etiquette and living tips to succeed in this competitive and selective environment of medical education.

We want to transfer my own life experiences to you, the listener, willing to put the time and effort necessary to make it as a doctor in the US. With my 18 years + of experience in the field, my hope is to assist you and give you tips so you can fulfill your dreams and make them come true.

Welcome to the Journey, it will be a long one, but gratifying.

Let's do this!

Alonso Osorio, M.D.

    E68: Big Physician's "NO-NOs" Part TWO

    E68: Big Physician's "NO-NOs" Part TWO

    We wrap it up with my personal comments about the main pitfalls to avoid while practicing medicine in the US.
    My only hope is that some of you would corroborate my experiences or for the ones that have not gone through the life exposure to these situations to gather the knowledge or situational awareness to be ready on dealing with “Hot Button” situations during your medical school, residency, fellowship or current attending life as a practicing physician or provider in the USA.
    Actions punishable by the State Medical Board and Local agencies Completeness of Medical Records and Delinquent Files Business ventures could break STARK LAW (Physician self-referral), the Anti-kickback statute (AKS), and the Civil Monetary Penalties Law and here is the link for further information about this complex topic: https://oig.hhs.gov/compliance/physician-education/01laws.asp Prescription of Controlled Substances State required CME for license recertification Inappropriate sexual behavior, sexual approaches, excentric stuff!. EMTALA – What are it and its implications for Emergency and Non-emergency Providers Call schedule and Responsibilities Not reviewing or reading hospital bylaws Practicing Beyond the score of your practice Avoid anything that seems to be fishy, sketchy, or just if double-guessing yourself; avoid it altogether. Racism in America / Gender Bias / Segregation Thanks again & I am hoping to get back on my schedule of material production once weekly! 
    The consultation cycle is now open: 
    Alonso Osorio, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM, FAAFP. 

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    E66: Big Physician's NO-NOs! Part One

    E66: Big Physician's NO-NOs! Part One

    Episode #66 is a Potpourri on my 20 years of navigating the healthcare system in the USA. Part one condenses the initial segment. It is full of juicy information that will assist the new physician in navigating life as a doctor while straying away from potentially career-ending situations. 
    Do you guys wonder how do I get Ideas for content?
    Well, I will tell you my secret, during my commutes, from work to home or vice versa, I mostly listen to plenty of on the go "car university" Audible titles, and some of the things I have learned, I try to use them and apply them towards my medical practice and my life. Also, Some of these teachings bleed right into my podcast production project. 
    Since the FMG & IMG Podcast is an experiential show, my only goal is to show you how (I am not saying it is the only way or the right way!). Still, over 20 years, life and experience have taught me, either by personal mistakes, lessons, or anecdotes, which is the best pathway to choose when dealing with all the different scenarios and life situations. One day, you, like me, will encounter on your path. 
    For that reason, I collect my ideas, type them, write them down, purify the thought process, and come up with the bulk of my content—episode 66 is juicy, sometimes funny, but for the most part enlightening. The different topics that I wanted to touch on cannot be summarized in only one episode and will split into a couple of listens; Part 2 will be in episode 68. (Since E67 has already been publishing with Dr. Valdivia). 
    I apologize in advance for the production mistake and jumping around. As long as you listen, I will be delighted to know if my contributions to your life were helpful. 
    And please remember, if looking for coaching, mentorship, and VIP advice in your career path into the USA, I am here to help. So, email me at: 
    and visit www.OsorioMD.com, where more information is available. Share and distribute my content. The podcast is also available on my YT channel, and it has been extremely popular with plenty of views. Remember to like, comment, and subscribe!

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    Episode # 67: "Brain Surgeon or Aquaman?" - The Importance of Physicians Wellness

    Episode # 67: "Brain Surgeon or Aquaman?" - The Importance of Physicians Wellness

    Deep Diving - A Brain Surgeon's Choice for Practicing Wellness!
    Dr. Juan Valdivia-Valdivia returns to speak everything about Deep (sea) Diving and how this correlates with his professional career as a Brain & Spine Surgeon. Based on Tampa Bay, Dr. Valdivia found a niche in a rare and unique sport that takes Cardiopulmonary / Brain Physiology to a new level. 
    The human body does not know limits, and the overall body and mind preparation is required for this and many other disciplines (Not only sports but also business, relationships, etc.)
    Some of the topics that we discussed are:
    1. Visualization techniques and similarities for performance: Surgery vs. Freediving.
    2. Self-programming or Mind-programming & how it helps in surgery (life, sports, business) and a parallel to other activities like freediving. 
    3. What it means to be "Present in the Here and Now."
    4. How to balance life with a busy practice, a study schedule, a family life. How crucial is wellness in the process of preparation and maintain a healthy lifestyle. 
    5. The Brain and Water, and his opinion on evolution, neuroanatomy, and in-water physiology responses. 
    6. The Ocean: "The Big Mother" - an interesting concept!
    7. Why humans have felt attracted to the water/ocean so much over our process of evolution. 
    8. Why do humans love to dive and breathe hold?
    9. What's the foundation for a good physician/doctor/provider.
    10. What does it mean to "Put the patient first!".
    Many of you wonder why we speak about this topic. The reason behind it is the content discussed and how it could help us use strategies to increase and maximize performance during the USMLE test-taking process and ECFMG certification pathway. 
    Never forgetting and leaving behind yourself and your loved ones, and having a balance at work and in life. His perspective as a Neurosurgeon is interesting, and visualization and mind programming could help quite a bit with the proper test-taking preparation and eventually a good outcome and success in achieving your goals!
    He shared an amazing link on YouTube that explains further this interesting and rare sport: Freediving!
    Enjoy, and Please share!
    Do not forget to visit: 
    Contact me at:
    Thank you again for listening, 
    Alonso Osorio, M.D. FACEP, FAAEM, FAAFP. 

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    E65: "We Matched!" - A double story of success...

    E65: "We Matched!" - A double story of success...

    E65: "We Matched!" - A double story of success...
    Listen to these 2 Colombians—two applicants, physicians that I couched. With Ferney, from the begging of his journey and with Daniela, supporting her during her 4th affair at matching. 
    Both have a remarkable story. For one of them, one attempt, one process, and success. For her, 4 attempts, thousands of dollars and lots of frustrations, and a whole transformation in how to take on and improve the application process. But never giving up, like her Facebook group quotes, here is the link:
    I hope you enjoy this happy discussion as we celebrate their matches and get exposure to the emotions and feelings of becoming a doctor in the USA. 
    These two pupils were successful, and you can be one of them as well! so remember, invest in your future. With some tips of advice and experience, I can help by reaching out to me and requesting my Coaching and Life Coaching consultation services to empower you and give you the skills to make it into GME in the USA. I will help you with the tools to help you find a program but understand that I cannot get you into the programs. I have no control over that, and it's 100% up to your dedication and efforts, so if interested, please click the link below. 
    Invest in you and your future, and talk to me! I can help, and I hope to see you succeed as my colleagues and friends Daniela & Ferney did! - So click below to get redirected.
    As most of my guests have agreed, having a consultant, it’s the way to go when you want to have a clear understanding of what it takes to be a doctor in the USA!
    The certification path could be confusing and remarkably overwhelming, and a counselor could make the difference between success or failure…
    With my 20 years of experience, you will get premium advice, and I will be “holding your hand” and assisting you along the way; so far, some of my followers have shadowed me and have really enjoyed the experience of working by my side.
    The information that I have compiled over the years and the experience of having had practice in the USA gives me the background and strength of knowledge in directing you in the right direction, so you don’t “ get lost” and help you accomplish all your dreams and goals.
    After following my website, I hope that you have gathered the understanding based on real-life experiences that every person’s journey is a different one, some smooth, some complex, but for the most part, as Colin Powell said:
    “There are no secrets for success; it is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” 
    & “A willing mind Makes a hard journey easy,” Phillip Massinger.
    For a convenient initial face-to-face Skype consultation, up to 60 minutes, please fill your application for review, a preliminary discussion, and coordinate a convenient timeframe for both of us.
    And for just $199, you will get 100% of my attention, and we will carefully analyze your situation and implement strategies to move forward on this path. We will help you accomplish every dream, and I will coach you along the way.
    Hope to hear from you soon!
    Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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    E64: "Congratulations: You have Matched!"

    E64: "Congratulations: You have Matched!"

    I want to congratulate all 7500+ IMGs that were Matched during the 2021 ECFMG residency application process. Its been one of the toughest years for all of us and incredibly challenging for those who put themselves through the grind. 
    Brighter things are coming to us soon. All we can hope for is to do our part by studying hard, building a strong resume (CV), personal statement, improving our English, and perfecting our interviewing skills by working on verbal & non-verbal communication.
    And to motivate you all, I am posting Dr. Daniela Rodriguez's thank you message on her Facebook group, with her permission, and which I have found to be extremely motivating, moving, and at the same time encourages all of us on how to beat the odds.
    USA Residency Match - Never Give Up! that, as of now, has 8.1K members benefiting from everyone's feedback. Feel free to join and visit her at: 
    So, for now, I will leave you with this: 
    At 10:58 am yesterday, I received an email from the NRMP saying, "Congratulations, you have matched!" And immediately, my hands began to shake out of joy and excitement. I couldn't believe what had just happened. Finally, after four attempts, my dream of becoming a pediatrician will come true.
    Yet, looking back at the path it took to get me here, I can say that I found it filled with tough challenges and obstacles. But thanks to those challenges, I am the person that I am today. During the process, I met amazing people who were willing to lend me a hand without ever meeting face to face. Not only that, I became a better person, appreciating more and more the unconditional love my parents, siblings, and the rest of my family members have always given me. Most importantly, God's timing is perfect.
    Since I started this process, it hasn't been easy at all. It became even more challenging when, after three consecutive tries, I could not match. Each time, it felt I was not going to achieve it. I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel. But, at the same time, there was something that kept pushing me to keep fighting. After each defeat, I gained more strength. It was within those disappointing moments; I decided to create this group. Funny! What began as a Facebook group soon became an international family. I met people who were also going through the same difficulties as I was. Although not everyone was on the same path, what brought us together was the desire and willingness to keep fighting. I realized that I was not alone and that if you (the group) believed in me, I should believe in myself.
    Today, I am writing to say "Thank you" with all my heart. But most importantly, to tell you that anything is possible and that if I could achieve what I achieved yesterday, everyone can. Never stop chasing your dreams, and don't let the negative thoughts limit you.
    I also thank my parents, my friends, and everyone who was part of this process.
    Never give up! 
    Here are some of the people she wanted to thank, and I felt It was necessary to give them valid recognition for their input to accomplish her dreams...
    Andrea Cortés Fernández
    Alonso Osorio, M.D.
    Residency Success
    Varun Agrawal Sana
    Khan Zeel Bhatt
    Hernán Goicochea
    Rossana Romero Orozco
    Arielle Richey Levine
    Héctor Fauricio Pinilla
    Juan P. Ruiz Juan Camilo Rodriguez Cuellar
    & Thanks for listening once again, and remember, episode 65 has Dr. Rodriguez as a guest, telling us about tips and advice about her path and the emotions during March 15th that is still flowing to this day. Good luck, Doctors, and get ready for July 1st. 
    Stay in touch, and Remember to Download and Share!
    Alonso Osorio, M.D. 

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    E63 - The FMG & IMG Podcast and some Motivation for all!

    E63 - The FMG & IMG Podcast and some Motivation for all!

    The requirements for ECFMG Certification include passing examinations in the medical sciences, clinical skills, and communications skills. Step 1 and Step 2 Clinical Knowledge (CK) of the United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE®) are the exams currently administered that satisfy the medical science examination requirement.
    Prior to its suspension by the USMLE program in early 2020, the former USMLE Step 2 Clinical Skills (CS) exam was the exam that satisfied the clinical and communication skills requirements for ECFMG Certification.
    In response to the suspension and subsequent discontinuation of Step 2 CS by the USMLE program, ECFMG|FAIMER has offered pathways to allow international medical graduates (IMGs) to meet the clinical and communication skills requirements.
    ECFMG|FAIMER first offered the pathways to IMGs participating in the 2021 Match and is continuing and expanding the pathways for IMGs participating in the 2022 Match.
    The pathways allow ECFMG Certification to continue to perform its critical function of providing assurance to the public and U.S. graduate medical education (GME) programs that IMGs are ready to enter supervised training.
    They also allow qualified IMGs to continue to pursue ECFMG Certification and to compete for positions in U.S. GME.
    In addition pathway applicants also must meet all requirements for the pathway to which they apply.
    Detailed eligibility requirements and application instructions for each of the following pathways will be published as they become available.
    Important Note: Applicants who failed Step 2 CS one or more times must apply through Pathway 6 regardless of whether they meet the eligibility requirements for other Pathways.
    Pathway 1: Already Licensed to Practice Medicine in Another Country

    Pathway 1 is intended for applicants who currently hold or have recently held a license/registration to practice medicine without supervision. Applicants who meet the eligibility requirements for Pathway 1 must apply to Pathway 1 unless they failed Step 2 CS. Pathway 2: Already Passed a Standardized Clinical Skills Exam for Medical Licensure

    This pathway is intended for applicants who are not eligible for Pathway 1, but who successfully completed a secure, standardized clinical skills exam as a requirement for medical licensure or registration in a country other than the United States. Pathway 3: Medical School Accredited by Agency Recognized by World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) Pathway 4: Medical School Participates in U.S. Federal Student Loan Program or Is Accredited by an Agency that Has Received a Determination of Comparability by the National Committee on Foreign Medical Education and Accreditation (NCFMEA) Pathway 5: Medical School Issues Degree Jointly with a U.S. Medical School Accredited by Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME)

    Pathways 3, 4, and 5 are intended for applicants who have not yet obtained a license/registration to practice medicine without supervision (Pathway 1) and who have not already passed an acceptable standardized clinical skills exam for medical licensure (Pathway 2). An applicant to Pathway 3, 4, or 5 must be a student or a recent graduate of a medical school that meets eligibility requirements established by ECFMG. Pathway 6: Evaluation of Clinical Patient Encounters by Licensed Physicians

    Pathway 6 is intended for applicants who do not meet the eligibility requirements for Pathway 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 and/or have failed Step 2 CS one or more times. To meet the requirements for Pathway 6, the applicant’s clinical skills must be evaluated by licensed physicians using ECFMG’s Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise (Mini-CEX). Additional details and instructions for meeting the requirements for Pathway 6 will be provided as soon as they are available. Exceptions ECFMG will consider exceptions to certain

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5.0 out of 5
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57 Ratings

Manolo Salvador ,

Pearls for IMG’s

This is a must for people coming from abroad and thinking to embark into the world of USA medical licensing, of course it holds great value for those already practicing with similar background to that of the host.
Thanks Dr Osorio and crew!

Dr. EBP ,

The power of failure

It takes courage to share failure. Human beings feel shame and pain if they do so. This is why this Doctor is so genuine. He is not afraid to take you to the grueling parts of his story; it is touching and informative.

smishdrex ,

Best podcasts

Amazing podcast. He has helped me when I needed him most. Amazing professional I would highly recommend everyone listen to him for advice. Even none medical people will gain insight into their lives.

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