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Kass and Steve: Two international coaches who have traveled the world educating people with their expertise in confidence, success, happiness and health. Get ready...this podcast just might change your life.

The Fun Road with Kass & Steve Kass Martin & Steve Boedt

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Kass and Steve: Two international coaches who have traveled the world educating people with their expertise in confidence, success, happiness and health. Get ready...this podcast just might change your life.

    How to Put in 5% More Effort and Get 95% More Results

    How to Put in 5% More Effort and Get 95% More Results

    If you don’t take care of the first dandelion that makes its way into your yard, pretty soon you’ll have a whole field of them, right?

    You’ve got to nip it in the bud!

    The same thing applies with a lot of difficulties, challenges, or even just tasks we’re presented with in our lives. 

    Whether it’s in your relationships, your job, or at home, we all have those things that sit in the back of our brain nagging away and causing us to worry and stress. Over time they get built up in our minds as this huge roadblock we have to overcome and it can be overwhelming.

    In reality, most of these issues can be taken care of with 5% effort if we “nip it in the bud!” If we can learn to dedicate 5 minutes here and there as problems arise, they won’t become a 5 hour issue down the road!

    In this episode, Kass and Steve talk about the difference that daily “5 minute miracles” can make in your life with their own personal examples and stories.

    Really small shifts make a huge impact, you can change any day from crappy to happy within five minutes.

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    Awareness VS Fear

    Awareness VS Fear

    Kass and Steve talk about how to deal with the fear of the unknown. And how to differentiate between fear, worry, and awareness. Fear can be paralyzing, when you don’t know from one thing or the other you tend to lean towards fear and worry. Worrying about what could happen is different than being aware of the things that could happen. Do you see the difference? Worrying paralyzes you, awareness educates you.

    When you think about your fear, does the fear measure up to the possibility of that thing you are worried about happening? The solution to overcome the fear is a lot easier than living with the fear and worry. When trying to make yourself aware, you have to make sure that you don’t go down the rabbit hole of reading and listening to everybody so that it turns into worry and fear.

    Kass and Steve talk about some of their fears they had growing up. Can you relate to any of these? We hope you get a good chuckle out of their fears just like they do!

    Don’t forget! Kass and Steve have a YouTube channel! Tune in to watch them record their podcasts, and get in on the fun!

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    How To Handle Your “Hot Buttons”

    How To Handle Your “Hot Buttons”

    How do you wake up in the morning? Would you call yourself a morning person?

    Kass and Steve are talking about how to handle your “Hot Buttons”. Hot Buttons can be described as something that triggers you into making you angry. Hot buttons are when you are overly sensitive about something and it is something that you yourself needs to work through. Recognizing that there are thing(s) that trigger you to anger can make you wonder if other people have those same hot buttons.

    Kass and Steve talk about their own hot buttons, and how they are able to work through that emotion. They also talk about how hot buttons can vary; depending on your relationships, your work environment, etc. You might have a hot button with coworker, and a completely different one with a close friend.

    Kass and Steve also talk about how to communicate with people who’s hot buttons have been triggered by something youhave said to them. Communication is key. Take the higher road, and be the person to diffuse the situation and squash the problem before it even gets to a breaking point

    • 35 min
    Make Your Life Count

    Make Your Life Count

    Do you ever feel like taking control of your life is selfish?

    On this episode Kass and Steve are talking about how making your life count may look selfish to others, but it is beneficial for you. Changing your mindset on how to be selfless for yourself can put your life into the direction you wanted. Are you afraid that you are in a box and you can’t get out of that box that society has put you in? Maybe you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to work, or you want to change your career, or whatever it is you feel is holding you back, you can do it.

    You need to give yourself the permission to be selfish for your own success. Kass and Steve talk about their own experiences with how being selfish with their own lives benefited them and others in the long run. It is imperative that you are selfish mentally, physically, and emotionally. That way, you can help others do the same when they need it.

    Life is a road, it’s a journey of trying to find yourself and what you are meant to do. It’s time to make your life count!

    Don’t forget you can catch them on their YouTube channel! See what they are really doing behind the scenes

    • 23 min
    Turning Resolutions Into Results

    Turning Resolutions Into Results

    Are you the type of person that makes resolutions? Are you afraid that you will fail?

    On today's episode, Kass and Steve are talking about turning your resolutions into results. Have you ever wondered why your resolutions aren’t sticking? When you make resolutions, do you come up with a game plan? Are you clear on what your steps are? Clarity comes from action, creating opportunity fires signals in your brain to look for new possibilities. This will open a doorway to success.

    Whatever thing you are feeding in your soul, it will win. If you are telling yourself negative thoughts and why you won’t succeed at something, or if you are telling yourself that you shouldn’t start a resolution because you feel like you’ll fail, you will. Changing your mentality to a plan of action, and deciding to get things done is the way to success. Whether it’s waking up 30 minutes earlier, going to the gym, reading more books, etc. Whatever your resolution is, take action.

    When you realize that resolutions take work, success takes work, and take ownership of that, your resolutions will turn into habits, and those habits turn into results.

    Don’t forget you can catch them on their YouTube channel! See what they are really doing behind the scenes. 

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    Addiction: You Can’t Always See It

    Addiction: You Can’t Always See It

    When you hear the word Addiction, where does your mind go? Does it go to physical addiction? Kass and Steve are talking about addiction on today’s episode.

    They are talking about the addictions you can’t see. Such as someone who is addicted to self loathing, or putting themself down. Or addicted to creating some sort of unnecessary drama in their life. Do you know someone like this? Maybe you are guilty of this type of behavior addiction yourself. And while they mention confidence a lot, today they are talking about how confidence is the keystone to everything else. It is the the thing that holds your success, friendships, careers together. Whatever your ambition is in life, confidence is the glue.

    Kass and Steve talk about the time we spend thinking about the things that are bad about ourself, or thinking about all the things we don’t have. That inner dialogue is something that can be an addiction. The first step is admitting that you do it, and the next step is to work on it. Growing from it and getting better every day is what this Fun Road is all about.

    Habits can turn into addictions. Snapping out of a bad attitude can create the habit of being positive, and then becoming addicted to the positive!

    Kass and Steve have a YouTube Channel! Tune in to see what is happening live.

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5.0 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

Chrisi-licious-8 ,

Kass and Steve are the absolute best!

Kass and Steve are just absolutely brilliant! Not only are they beautiful inside and out they are also wise beyond their years! I love their banter and listening to their personalities shine through! They are fun fun fun!

FeBizuco ,


Absolutely perfect! The simple things we can do in life we keep forgetting about it !

inspire_2_b_fit_ ,

Definitely worth listening too

I started this podcast on a plane on day. Little did I know how funny, inspiring, and helpful these two would be. Through listening to this podcast I have laughed so hard, and have become the most confident in who I am as a person and fitness instructor. These two have a magic spell definitely recommend to ANYONE!

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