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Joe Lowry (aka @globallithium on Twitter) and known as "Mr Lithium" is a 30 year industry veteran and founder of the advisory firm Global Lithium LLC. He hosts the original podcast in this space that features high level guests from the lithium industry, battery, cathode, and other battery metal areas. The Global Lithium Podcast remains the 'go to' podcast in this space and has been downloaded in 128 countries.

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Joe Lowry (aka @globallithium on Twitter) and known as "Mr Lithium" is a 30 year industry veteran and founder of the advisory firm Global Lithium LLC. He hosts the original podcast in this space that features high level guests from the lithium industry, battery, cathode, and other battery metal areas. The Global Lithium Podcast remains the 'go to' podcast in this space and has been downloaded in 128 countries.

    Episode 87: Live Q&A from Panorama Minero's "Lithium South America"

    Episode 87: Live Q&A from Panorama Minero's "Lithium South America"

    My favorite lithium event of the year is Panorama Minero's  “Lithium South America”. I had the opportunity to keynote at this event in Salta in 2018 and Jujuy in 2019. This year at the virtual event I participated by doing a live Global Lithium Podcast with a great co-host, Carlos Galli, who conveyed the questions from the audience and added his own insightful commentary.

    Topics include:

    Why OEMs are not investing in lithium and when this will likely change

    The bifurcated market in both quality and price

    Covid’s impact on the lithium demand

    The coming shortage of battery quality lithium

    Tesla’s lithium failure

    Why Argentina should “build a lithium bridge” to Europe

    The Future of DLE 

    My ranking of the “Top Five” lithium players

    Bolivia – the land of lithium dreams

    In addition I make a few comments on the "divorce" of Livent and E3 Metals

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    Episode 86: Bob Morris

    Episode 86: Bob Morris

    Bob Morris is a battery metals expert who worked for industry heavyweights Umicore, INCO and Vale for many years before starting his own consulting company.

    Few people have the depth of the battery supply chain experience that Bob has. Although we dealt with many of the same customers and both spent time as expats in China and Japan, we never crossed paths until we were introduced recently by Dan Blondal, CEO of Nano One.

    In this episode Bob shares the basics of industry dynamics for both nickel and cobalt. We discuss why expectations for the growth of high nickel cathode were unrealistic - noting that demand estimates from industry pundits without significant experience often are. We also review why cobalt is likely to have a place in the battery world for a very long time despite the desire of many to minimize use of the metal.

    As the development of 811 NMC continues to fall short of expectations, we examine the reasons why 532 and 622 NMC are still viable. We move on to the resurgence of LFP and the ramifications that may have for lithium supply.

    Bob provides his thoughts on Tesla’s Battery Day, range anxiety, and why every cathode will continue to have a place in the market for the foreseeable future.

    We close by discussing the future of recycling and why Northvolt’s 2030 ambitions for using recycled battery materials are unrealistic.

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    Episode 85: Emilie Bodoin

    Episode 85: Emilie Bodoin

    Emilie Bodoin is the founder and CEO of Pure Lithium a start-up focused on changing the way lithium metal is made and greatly enhancing the quality vs the current state of the art. The original patent for rechargeable lithium batteries goes back to the 1970s and was based on using lithium metal. Technical/safety issues forced a compromise to the current lithium ion design using metal oxides rather than lithium metal.

    If Emilie has her way, the next generation of rechargeable lithium batteries will utilize lithium metal and be much more powerful than what we have today. As with all start-ups, risks abound.

    I like Emilie’s focus and determination. If you are interested in the future of lithium batteries and lithium raw materials this episode is for you.

    The day I met Emilie in New York in early 2019 I also met Paul Graves the CEO of Livent and former podcast guest. At the end of the episode I will discuss Livent’s recently announced plan to be involved in resurrecting the largest value destroying fiasco in lithium history – Nemaska Lithium and why I like the idea.

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    Episode 84: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Episode 84: For Whom the Bell Tolls

    Last week Altura went into receivership. A day later Pilbara had a conditional deal to purchase their neighbor. Lithium drama has moved, at least temporarily, from the Atacama to the Pilbara. I hope the acquisition happens and ultimately leads to Pilbara vertically integrating via partnerships in Europe and possibly Korea.

    In Argentina last week, the government of Salta announced it would allow exportation of lithium brine to have the value addition take place in another country. I think this is a short sighted decision unless it is somehow limited to a brief period of time. I explain the logic behind my thinking.

    Last week at the Fastmarkets Lithium Conference the question was asked – does Direct Lithium Extraction (DLE) matter? I explain my thoughts on that topic. I also say why I think the conference needs a “makeover” to remain relevant and challenge my buddy Simon Moores who organized the first edition of the conference when he worked for the Fastmarkets (then called Industrial Minerals) to come up with a new and improved conference for the coming “Golden Age” of lithium.

    SQM advised me last week what I “have to do” in order for them to be on the podcast….

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    Episode 83: Joe Lowry

    Episode 83: Joe Lowry

    In episode 83 I have a conversation with a skilled interviewer who talks to me about my three decade “journey” in the lithium world.

    Topics include:

    Current lithium “state of play”

    False lithium narratives

    The EU battery build out and need for interdependence in lithium supply

    Why do some contemplating EU conversion projects feel carbonate, rather than spodumene, is the best route to battery quality hydroxide?

    Why the lithium industry continues to be so misunderstood

    Barriers to investment

    Is Elon Musk “worth his salt” with respect to lithium?

    The future of the cost curve

    Why I will never catch up with my daughter’s presence on social media

    What is my favorite “type” of lithium?

    Why the next lithium shortage will last for years?

    The problem with feasibility studies

    Why partners matter

    Urban Mining

    Ganfeng’s strategy

    Shout outs to Jon Evans, Dr. Tom Benson and Chris Reed

    Why I like LAC and hope Standard Lithium succeeds

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    Episode 82: Marco Romero

    Episode 82: Marco Romero

    Episode 82 features Marco Romero, CEO of Euro Manganese. We discuss the manganese market especially as it relates to lithium batteries and then take a deep dive into the company’s project in the Czech Republic.

    In a separate segment of this podcast you will also hear my candid thoughts on Piedmont Lithium’s supply contract with Tesla and SQM’s recent ESG announcement and 2020 sales/production guidance.

    The Euro Manganese Project entails re-processing a significant manganese deposit hosted in historic mine tailings, strategically located in the heart of Europe, approximately 90km east of Prague. EMN's goal is to become a leading, competitive and environmentally superior supplier of Ultra-High-Purity Manganese Products, serving both the lithium-ion battery industry, as well as producers of specialty steel and aluminum alloys.

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4.6 out of 5
7 Ratings

7 Ratings

karayu9 ,

A prophetic voice in the Li world

Listen to this podcast with expectation. You will not be disappointed. Ps do something with the knowledge gained here.

blagoon ,


Very much enjoy your podcast.This is a very interesting field, after several months and a bit of reading I am beginning to comprehend the nuances of the different speakers and technology of the lithium industry. Would have given 5 stars but the sound quality needs work. (My wife always complains and I may need to use pods for domestic bliss). A friend of mine with a MIT PhD in electrical engineering told me NA batteries are the future based on cost but near term lithium makes sense and really enjoyed reprocessing discussion regarding “neometals”. Also watching LAC and their current direction. Thank you!

gritner9 ,

Look Forward To Future Podcasts

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