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Encouragement and support for homeschool families who are entering or currently in the high school years.

The Homeschool Highschool Podcast The Homeschool Highschool Podcast

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Encouragement and support for homeschool families who are entering or currently in the high school years.

    Interest-led Learning for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Cheryl Bastian

    Interest-led Learning for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Cheryl Bastian

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Interest-led Learning for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Cheryl Bastian.

    Interest-led Learning for Homeschool High Schoolers, Interview with Cheryl Bastian

    Cheryl Bastian is a homeschool advisor. Her calling is empowering homeschool parents based on her experiences as a homeschool mom of eight. (Her children range in ages from five through thirty-one, so she has seen the gamut of homeschooling from kindergarten through graduation.)

    Cheryl learned early on that homeschooling at its best is a "tutorial process" that helps homeschoolers develop their interests and abilities.  Like we 7Sisters always say is that homeschooling parents get to bring out the best that God has created in our kids and help it develop. Cheryl has found this is exactly her job as a homeschool mom and trains parents in working with their homeschoolers.

    Cheryl has served as evaluator and advisor in her state for twenty-five years and has found that the homeschooling families that love their educational processes the most are the ones who are employing interest-led studies.

    What is interest-led learning for homeschool high school?

    They are an extension of the unit studies we did with our kids when they were younger and tailored to:

    * What do you love?

    * What are you working on?

    Cheryl gives the example of her son's Boy Scouts Eagle Project. He was building a shed. She found that in doing the project, he was:

    * Doing research

    * Learning basic construction skills (.5 credit)

    * Learning basic architectural drawing (.5 credit)

    * Learning construction math (elective hours)

    * Learning professional writing

    The homeschool transcript is a one-page snapshot of who your high schooler is and is interested in, so she captured all these on her son's transcript.

    Cheryl also gives the example of her daughter, who when she was a high school senior, helped get Cheryl's mom into a new level of care. She:

    * Helped care for her grandmother

    * Attended financial-planning meetings

    * Attended living and care team meetings

    * Learned about adult geriatrics

    * Learned advocacy skills

    Cheryl's daughter logged her hours in each category and was able to capture a Care and Concerns for the Elderly elective credit.

    BTW- the way Cheryl decided on the name of the credit was by doing a Google search for elder-care courses in local colleges. Then she compared course descriptions to the things her daughter learned.

    For documentation on interest-led courses, Cheryl has her homeschool high schoolers:

    * Keep logs of hours (note what was done, when and where- keep it basic)

    * Keep documentation (photos/scrapbooks, emails, reports, letters)

    * Also has discussions with homeschool high schoolers on planning, updates and accountability

    So, Cheryl has been able to help her teens make the educational most of the circumstances life has given them!

    When working with homeschooling parents, Cheryl advises parents:

    * Be an observer of your teens:br...

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    The Power of Homeschool Parents

    The Power of Homeschool Parents

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson.

    The Power of Homeschool Parents, Interview with Anita Gibson

    Vicki is joined this week by one of our favorite friends, Anita Gibson. Anita is the author of Star Finder, face behind the encouraging Facebook group Simply Homeschool. She is now an advisor for Homeschool Legal Defense Association.

    Anita's got a lot going on these days. Her youngest just got married and she is busy in the new year as a homeschool advisor. Anita is so busy but she believes that when "you're called to something, it doesn't feel heavy." Being able experience people being helped and blessed is a powerful reward. That's what Titus 2 women like Anita are doing in this phase of life.

    Speaking of being powerful, Anita and Vicki wanted to talk today about the ways homeschooling parents can find their personal power and their resource power!

    Anita Gibson. Photo used with permission.

    Anita wants homeschooling parents to know, that if God has called them to homeschool, He has plans to give them the strength and wisdom to homeschool. Homeschooling can be so intimidating when we start out. As Anita says, "Sometimes you just have to do it scared!"

    Here are Anita's tips for finding your power as a homeschool parent:

    Anita has some words of wisdom for us.

    Find a place and time to reflect and rest

    This may sound impossible, but even homeschooling parents who are ALWAYS with their kids can find a one or two minutes per day to close the door (even the bathroom door), maybe lock it, and reflect on what God has given you and He is walking right there with you.

    Remember when God, back in the burning bush, called Moses to serve Him, Moses' first thoughts were: I can't do this! But God gave him strength, wisdom, and people to help.

    God actually is here to give you resources, inner strength and wisdom to homeschool!

    Increase your knowledge about homeschooling

    * No matter where we are in the process, there is always something new to learn about homeschooling (well, isn't this ALL of life? ALWAYS learning?)

    * If you are a newbie homeschooler:

    * What are your state laws?

    * Who can you connect with? (Look for kindred spirits. You don't need to join every group, look for groups and people that feel comfortable to you.

    * Learn from folks in these groups how to do it. You don't need to reinvent the wheel.

    * What are the available support systems, digitally (like Anita's Facebook group and 7Sisters Facebook group)?

    * Find podcasts (like some of our favorite Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network podcasts about homeschooling high school). Check out these:

    * Homeschooling with Technology

    * Homeschool Sanity

    * Homeschool CPA

    * Life Skills 101

    Minimize the rest of your life

    There are probably some things you will need to set aside for this phase of life. This is because even homeschool moms need to be able to focus on homeschool...and a little margin.

    * Planning

    * Quality time for presence with your homeschoolers

    * Setting aside phones, work and laundry to be totally focused on your homeschooler so that you know well their:...

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    How to Do a Homeschool Mid-Year Reboot

    How to Do a Homeschool Mid-Year Reboot

    This week on the Homeschool Highschool Podcast: How to Do a Homeschool Mid-Year Reboot.

    How to Do a Homeschool Mid-Year Reboot

    We may be separated by miles due to Covid, but we (Sabrina, Vicki and Kym) have found each other for a first podcast in the new year! Just hearing each other's voices as we recorded was a reboot to our spirits! We SO miss seeing each other IRL!

    Speaking of reboots and January! January is a great time for homeschool families to review, recalibrate and reboot their goals and curriculum! So let's talk about it!

    So what happens when we get to the middle of the school year and things are not working so well?

    Plan as we might, life happens, or curriculum is a bad fit for our teen, or the co-op or digital class is just not working, or unexpected other opportunities came up that pushed some curriculum into the background. This is just the way things work! It's okay, well really, it's pretty normal.

    So what do you do when you need to homeschool mid-year reboot?

    Remember: you can do this! Here are some steps:

    FIRST: Take a deep breath!

    As Sabrina always says, "Never underestimate the power of a deep breath!" A deep breath gives you a chance to pause and lower your stress limits.

    Second: Remind yourself it's okay to recalibrate

    It is not a failure to recognize that something may need adjusting in your homeschool. It's not a failure, it's wisdom!

    Third: Pray

    As Kym always says, "Pray: first, last and always!" This may sound cheesy, but really: pray!

    Fourth: Evaluate options

    What is it that you need to change in your homeschool mid-year reboot?

    * Do you need to change the schedule?

    * When life and other things have trashed the schedule, bring the family together and talk about it. What is going on for each person? How long will it last? What is more realistic for the rest of this school year?

    * As Vicki always says, "Remember to get your teens' buy-in."

    * Do you need to tweak the goals for your homeschool high school? Talk about it with your teens:

    * What are your over-aching goals for each teens and for the family? (Goals for character, academic, career/future focus)

    * What are the highest priority goals?

    * Have your written your goals? (Write them...and rewrite them when necessary.)

    * What have you and your teens learned this year that is requiring a goal change?

    * Have you gotten your teens' buy-in on the goals?

    * Check out this Homeschool Sanity episode on following through on goals.

    * Are you having a curriculum fail?

    * Sometimes a curriculum just does not work. It is difficult to toss the curriculum when you have invested time and money in it. However, it is hard for teens to learn well when they are miserable.

    * Remember: There's not ONE right way to homeschool high school. So, know that it is okay to reboot the curriculum when what you have is not working.

    * Remember: There is value in your money, but there is more value in modeling letting go and being flexible when necessary.

    * Are you finding your teens needing to level-up or level-down the rigor of a course?

    * College-bound teens need to show aa rel="NOFOLLOW" href="https://www.7sistershomeschool.com/how-to-handle-credit-levels-on-homeschool-transcript/...

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    Encouragement for Homeschool Mid-year, interview with Felice Gerwitz

    Encouragement for Homeschool Mid-year, interview with Felice Gerwitz

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast we have: Encouragement for Homeschool Mid-year, interview with Felice Gerwitz.

    Encouragement for Homeschool Mid-year, interview with Felice Gerwitz

    One of the blessings on homeschool communities (online communities as well as IRL communities) is meeting new and fascinating people. One fascinating homeschool friend that we have been blessed some years ago to meet (at our beloved 2:1 Conference) is Felice Gerwitz. Felice is the head of the Ultimate Homeschool Podcast Network, which may sound a bit intimidating. Felice is not intimidating (but she is a natural persuader/influencer).

    We ran into Felice in the elevator a number of times at 2:1 (a conference for Christian homeschool bloggers). After we both attended the same how-to-podcast workshop, Felice approached me and said, "We need a high school podcast!"

    Clearly, this had been at the back of my mind (of all the workshops I was attending that morning, I chose to attend one on podcasting by future fellow podcasters, Andy and Kendra Fletcher of Homeschooling IRL. When Felice told me a high school podcast was needed, I instantly saw that we could and should do it! Homeschool Highschool Podcast was born!

    So, I finally had a chance to catch Felice, just in time for some encouragement for homeschool mid-year. (Encouraging homeschool moms is one of Felice's many passions!)

    Felice is a veteran homeschool mom, from way back in the early days of homeschooling (some of us old-timers remember those days: hard to find and obtain curriculum, lots of time with legislators and state officials working to make homeschooling laws work for homeschoolers, and more).

    Felice's five kids are all homeschool graduates now (the last two are now in college). Felice started her business career with Media Angels when she was pregnant with her third child. She was a frequent speaker at conferences as well. She published homeschool how-to's, curriculum and faith-based inspirational books. Then she added the podcast network as podcasting became a thing. Her podcast, Vintage Homeschool Mom, was the first on the network and an all-time favorite with listeners.

    Felice came from a family of immigrants. She is first generation American whose parents worked hard and wanted their children to go to college. Felice became an elementary education (with certifications for learning disabilities). When one of her children showed learning struggles, she found her local resources inadequate. Her sister-in-law was already homeschooling and encouraged Felice to use her own training to best help her child. This was life changing for Felice.

    This has worked! Her kids have all learned in ways that best fit them. Here's the encouragement for homeschool mid-year from Felice.

    * Invest in your teens' strengths and interests

    * Let them explore, provide them opportunities, allow them to be who God made them to be, allow them to make mistakes and take reasonable risks

    * Her kid who loved to tinker, works with their contractor dad and has a profitable side gig of buying things, fixing things and selling them

    * Don't stand in your teens' way, even if you want something else for them

    * For instance, her tinkering son was a star pitcher at high school level and was recruited by colleges. He did not want to go,

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    Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

    Encouragement for Homeschool Moms

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Encouragement for Homeschool Moms, Interview with Misty Bailey.

    Encouragement for Homeschool Moms, Interview with Misty Bailey

    Vicki is joined this week by our friend, Misty Bailey of the lovely encouraging podcast: Joyfully Homeschooling Podcast. Misty is back again (her previous interview with us shared how to NOT be intimidated by homeschooling high school.)

    Misty has been homeschooling since 2009. Misty was originally a school teacher but wanted to homeschool her kids. She started with kindergarten with her oldest and has been at it since. She now has a high schooler, middle schooler and elementary schooler.

    Misty found that homeschooling (and raising) teenagers has not only been a calling, but also a challenge! She reminds herself often about that as her roles change year to year. Because of the developmental phases that teens go through as they find their own identities and callings, homeschool moms must adapt often.

    So how do we adapt with our homeschool high schoolers and not become helicopter moms?

    One of Misty's first challenges came when her oldest came home from summer camp and announced that she was going to become a missionary and serve in India. Misty's first gut reaction was to say "no"! She did not want to have her daughter get married and have grandchildren on the other side of the world.

    Of course, she prayed about it and God reminded her that she and her daughter were not ONE person, that God may have completely different callings for Misty and Misty's daughter. God did not expect her to agree with Him about her daughter's calling. She is not Misty's person, she is God's person.

    Once Misty surrendered her heart to God about her daughter, doors opened for her daughter to go on missions trips. (Now with the pandemic and all missions trips on hold, Misty even feels sorrow for her daughter's delayed dreams.) Misty is learning to let go.

    This story, of course, reminds Vicki of her saying: A mom's mind plans her way, but God directs her path.

    Misty's eighth grader is a young scientist who wants to grow up and become a veterinarian. ANOTHER adaptation to a heavy math/science curriculum. (She is doing courses through Nelson Academy right now. BTW- we are not affiliates, just passing on information.)

    * Check out our interview with a homeschool graduate who is now a veterinarian!

    Misty's encouragement for homeschool moms:

    * Let teens have a say in their curriculum (credit levels, electives)

    * Listening is an important mom skill!

    * Let go and let God where it comes to your teen's callings

    * Be clear about the musts (the subjects that need to be on transcripts)

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    How to Teach Compassion Skills with Homeschool Teens

    How to Teach Compassion Skills with Homeschool Teens

    This week on Homeschoool Highschool Podcast: How to Teach Compassion Skills with Homeschool Teens.

    How to Teach Compassion Skills with Homeschool Teens

    Vicki and Kym love to talk about compassion and other soft skills. Why? Because they know that teens need to be equipped with various soft skills in order to succeed in life. Employers are often looking for evidence of soft skills when interviewing potential employees. Soft skills help teens to manage friendships and networks successfully.

    Here are some important soft skills for homeschool high schoolers to master:

    * Compassion/empathy

    * Communication

    * Teamwork and leadership

    * Problem solving

    * Interpersonal skills/civility/courtesy

    * Creativity

    * Time management

    * Work ethic/Integrity

    In this episode, Vicki and Kym are discussing the soft skill: compassion (or empathy).

    Kym recently read an article about respectful and compassionate ways to communicate with people with disabilities. This is an important issue to Kym because she and her family raise Seeing Eye Puppies (check out our episode about their puppies).

    Conversing with other teens with their other-abled teens or people who are different can be a wonderful way to spread the love of Christ in the world. Teens can often feel awkward when they are in a new situation, especially with people who are new or have a difference of any kind. (Check out this episode on helping teens create a welcoming culture in their homeschool and church communities.)

    We, as homeschool parents, can equip our teens to grow beyond the discomfort and gain confidence in their conversational and compassionate skills. (This is actually an excellent addition to Health class.)

    Here are some easy skills to help build compassion skills with homeschool teens:

    * When you meet someone different, do not gawk

    * When you talk with someone different, look at them while you talk

    * Greet them with a warm tone in your voice

    * Young children may want to ask a new person about their disability. If they ask politely, that is fine. It is a good conversation starter. However, with teens many people who are new to a group or who have disabilities want to be talked to as if they are a welcomed, included person.

    * Include the new or different person in activities and group conversations. Invite them to join in.

    * These things take practice, so having some family practice times for using compassion skills. Role playing is a great way to practice compassion skills. Take turns playing the new or different person and the welcomer. (Practice makes awkward conversations not-awkward!)

    * Have five questions to ask any new, newish, or different questions, for instance:

    * I'm So-and-so,

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