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Encouragement and support for homeschool families who are entering or currently in the high school years.

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Encouragement and support for homeschool families who are entering or currently in the high school years.

    Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak

    Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak

    This week on Homeschoool Highschool Podcast: Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak.

    Handling Homeschool Fears, Interview with Homeschool Super Freak

    We are so excited this week to have a chance to chat with a favorite new friend from social media. Vicki has been enjoying Homeschool Super Freak's posts on Facebook, Homeschool Super Freak website and Parent Busters podcast episodes! So, Vicki contacted her and arranged for today's interview about what to do with fears about homeschooling!

    Homeschool Super Freak is Jacqueline Wilson and everyone who knows her knows how unstuffy and fun she is!

    Parent Busters podcast is about having fun learning and sharing fun ideas for learning.

    Jacqui's daughter started out her education with traditional preschool. However, Jacqui always know that she wanted to homeschool her daughter. Jacqui comes from a healthcare background and was a college adjunct professor. Therefore, she had LOTS of research skills...so she researched, researched, researched form six months before she started homeschooling her preschool daughter. After six months of research, she was ready to start with lesson plans in a fat binder and an official school room. However, on their first official day of homeschooling, after only two hours, Jacqui knew that all her research was not going to work for her unique daughter!

    Now, ten years later, she is still homeschooling...without the fat binder. Instead, she and her daughter plan an eclectic mix of online classes and unschooling.

    Handling homeschool fears

    After a decade of experience, Jacqui has learned some things that will help you increase your confidence that you CAN homeschool high school...in your unique way.

    There's not ONE blueprint that fits every family's homeschool high school

    Every parent and every teen is different. The beauty of homeschooling is that you can adapt your educational plans to fit your family's unique needs and goals. So enjoy the process and freedom of homeschooling YOUR way!

    Check out your state homeschool laws

    Every state has different requirements. Some are more restrictive that others. Then start planning around those laws.

    Do not worry if you have qualifications to teach

    Research has shown that you do not need a teaching degree in order to have a successful homeschool. You only need to care and be committed to the homeschooling process. The cool thing is that you can learn alongside your teens!

    Also, as you are homeschooling high schoolers, you really become a resource manager rather than a teacher. They will learn lots in online courses, co-op classes, library activities, podcasts and exploring topics on their own (earning credits by logging hours).

    Do not worry about failing

    There's no perfect homeschool (also, there's no perfect traditional school). People are imperfect. You will gain more confidence and skills as you go. You can model the resilience of bouncing back after a tough day or bad-fit curriculum. This gives them a growth mindset.

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    Resources for Learning Spanish, Interview with Karim Morato

    Resources for Learning Spanish, Interview with Karim Morato

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Resources for Learning Spanish, Interview with Karim Morato.

    We are joined today by our dear friend, Karim Morato. Karim is a popular Spanish teacher who owns, heads the courses and teaches curriculum at Spanish Educational Solutions and Homeschool Spanish Curriculum. Because she was born in Guatemala and has experience with Latin culture and the richness of her native tongue as well as her education degree in the US, she can give students unique Spanish-learning experiences!

    Karim and her husband have been homeschooling their three children. Their oldest has graduated and is in college. Her second child graduated from homeschool high school this year! Fortunately for Karim, she still has one in middle school...so a few more years of homeschoooling high school.

    Karim is passionate about helping parents help their kids learn Spanish. She is also passionate about helping young people learn the various Spanish-related cultures. Not only that, but Karim is the Spanish-language co-ordinator and an advisor at HSLDA. She is busy empowering parents for home education!

    As Vicki says, one of the best ways to learn a world language is from a world language native speaker!

    Homeschooling in the Hispanic community is really growing these days

    Karim notes that there have been some Hispanic homeschooling families since the early days. However, there were not enough to provide a sense of Hispanic community within the homeschooling culture. One of the few good things that came out of the pandemic was that leaders within the Hispanic community rose up to help families homeschool well during the lockdowns. Now that there are leaders and community, more families kept homeschooling after schools opened back up.

    HSLDA has been part of enabling Hispanic leaders to help their communities. Karim got connected with them in the funniest way. We were all at our beloved 2:1 Conference several years ago. Karim was scheduled, along with a group of blogging friends, to go to lunch with us from 7Sisters. However, she got stuck in a conversation with a representative from Homeschool Legal Defense Association and missed the ride. However, that connection gave HSLDA a "know-someone" who is respected in the Hispanic community. One thing led to another and she became the HSLDA outreach coordinator for the Hispanic homeschool community.

    This is such a good example of the power of connection. People connection is a way that communities grow and stay healthy!

    Recently Karim was part of HSLDA's first official Spanish homeschool conference in April 2022. There were two hundred fifty families attending! Since then, Karim has been involved with some online workshops and conferences as well. There are so many Spanish resources for homeschooling now!

    Now other homeschool organizations such as Home Education Association of Virginia have added a Spanish track to their annual conference.

    As Vicki points out that God made all of us to be brothers and sisters in the Lord. He also made each of us unique. Therefore, to be Hispanic in the homeschool community is a unique situation. It is so exciting to see how God is opening doors for the unity and diversity within his homeschooling community! We can love each other as the children of God in all the different ways!

    How can you connect with our diverse homeschool community? (and teach your children these skills)

    Connecting a loving and diverse community is as simple as:

    * saying "Hi" at a group function

    * sitting with different people at gatherings...

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    Tips for Homeschooling High School, Interview with Natalie Mack

    Tips for Homeschooling High School, Interview with Natalie Mack

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Tips for Homeschooling High School, Interview with Natalie Mack.

    Tips for Homeschooling High School, Interview with Natalie Mack

    Vicki and Natalie are so excited to finally connect! We have been waiting to connect to share Natalie's expertise on homeschooling high school!

    Natalie Mack is a retired Navy chaplain's spouse (after thirty-four years of service). She is a passion military spouse advocate because she knows that the military spouses are the ones who are holding military bases and military families together. The whole family serves!

    Not only that, but she is a homeschool mom (who is a passionate advocate for all homeschooling families- and especially military homeschooling families). She has five kids.

    * Her oldest graduated from Liberty University and George Washington University (Masters in International Education- fluent in Mandarin and conversational in Russian). She is currently an International Baccalaureate coordinator for the Washington DC public school system.

    * Natalie's second daughter is a "kick-butt soccer athlete" who played Division One soccer for Liberty University. She recently completed her Masters in Social Work at Howard University. Besides preparing for her social work career, she is also on a professional indoor soccer player.

    * Her oldest son graduated from American University's School of International Service. He worked on a Congressional campaign for a season and is now working for a nonprofit.

    * Natalie's second son is an Honor College student at George Mason University, a Bonners scholar there.

    * Her youngest son is fifteen. He is kind of like an only child now because his siblings are all in college or beyond.

    Despite being down to one high schooler at home, Natalie is still super busy. When her kids asked her why she was still so busy, she told them that she is finally doing all the things she could not do when she was homeschooling five kids as a military wife. This is a new season but there is no time to sit around eating bonbons!

    These days, when she is not working on lessons with her youngest, Natalie is:

    * Teaching homeschool co-op and group classes

    * Working for Homeschool Legal Defense Association as an outreach co-ordinator to military families and homeschooling high school parents

    * In leadership in a large military homeschool support group at Fort Bell (she has been in military homeschool family leadership for nineteen years)

    * Writing a NEWLY released book of homeschooling success tips- 101 Tips for Homeschoolers: Loving Your Homeschool Experience

    Advice from Natalie about homeschooling high school:

    Natalie has gained lots of wisdom over many years of homeschooling high school! Here are a few.

    When things feel thankless, remember that someday your teens will be grown up- they will thank you then

    Natalie knows from experience. Sometimes homeschool days can be thankless. On those days, you have to keep on keeping on- putting one foot in front of the other. You will make it. You can do this!

    Trust the process

    You may feel like you are venturing into the unknown when you start homeschooling high school. That is okay. You can do this.

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    How to Get Your Teens Interested in Science, Interview with Kristin Moon

    How to Get Your Teens Interested in Science, Interview with Kristin Moon

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: How to Get Your Teens Interested in Science, Interview with Kristin Moon.

    How to Get Your Teens Interested in Science, Interview with Kristin Moon

    Vicki was excited this week to get together with our old friend, Dr. Kristin Moon. Both Vicki and Kristin are natives of the same hometown in Florida (although neither of them live there these days). Therefore, we like to swap old stories. However, on the podcast this week we want to talk about getting teens actually interested in Science.

    As you have probably noticed, some teens are born scientists. They love Science from an early age. Many of them go into some kind of science-related field for careers. However, many teens feel intimidated by the subject or simply think they dislike it. That's why we asked Kristin to help us out.

    Kristin's homeschool story

    Kristin and her husband have graduated their two sons from homeschooling. Both are at the University of Kentucky now. One is studying Engineering, the other was has started an Organic Chemistry major.

    Kristin earned her PhD in Microbiology from the University of Florida. Her idea was to have a career as a lab scientist. However, when she had her first son, she decided to be a full-time mom. She heard about homeschooling while her sons were just toddlers and decided to give it a try. After that she was sold! They homeschooled all the way through to graduation!

    Kristin got interested in Science in part because her dad was an engineer and a favorite uncle was a scientist. However, she discovered a love of Science in her first semester of college she was required to take "A Survey of Biology" course. She discovered the wonders of DNA and how viruses work to hijack cells and turn them into virus factories. Kirstin declared a Biology major at that time!

    When she finished her undergrad degree, Kristin went on to get her graduate degrees specializing in lab science and loved every minute of it.

    Then, as a mom, her church's homeschool group would invite her to teach some Science classes. From there, she was asked to teach Science at various co-ops. When her sons were in high school, she wanted her sons to love Science as much as she did. However, she could not find inspiring labs and curriculum for high schoolers. Therefore, she developed her own labs and courses! She is now sharing these labs and courses on her Kristin Moon Science website. (The website has WONDERFUL short courses, tons of lab videos, tutoring, resources and MORE!)

    Then she added teaching high school Science courses with two online academies:

    * FundaFunda Academy

    * True North Academy

    How to get your teens interested in Science

    So, how to you get your teens interested in Science? Here are some tips:

    Do not rely only on textbooks

    Textbooks have their place. However, if you only use textbooks, it will be hard for your teens to feel inspired.

    Teens need hands-on experiences

    You can explore Science in everyday life. Leverage something that they already like and find the Science in that area. For instance:

    * If they like, cooking, explore the chemistry of baking

    * For those who love sports, what are the physics involved?

    * If they like cars, look for the engineering that goes into cars

    The internet is a world of information, so perhaps you can google together and log hours on a special interest Science electiv...

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    Homeschooling Teens with Autism, Interview with Penny Rogers

    Homeschooling Teens with Autism, Interview with Penny Rogers

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Homeschooling Teens with Autism, Interview with Penny Rogers.

    Homeschooling Teens with Autism, Interview with Penny Rogers

    Vicki was so excited for this episode. She has been a long time that she has been trying to connect with Penny Rogers, who is another of our friends from our beloved 2:1 Conference. Penny is an autism advocate, speaker, resource expert and founder of the popular website Our Crazy Adventures in Autism Land.

    Penny lives with her husband and two children in southern Arizona (just twenty minutes from the Mexican border). She has been homeschooling for many, many years. Her son, Logan (who has autism), and her daughter have both graduated from homeschooling. However, Penny has been homeschooling her nieces and nephews for years and has graduated one of them. She has years ahead of her since the younger ones are in middle school and elementary school. SO, Penny knows homeschooling...and she knows homeschooling teens with autism.

    Logan went to school through second grade. During that year, Penny's husband looked at her one evening and said, "you are spending so much time making sure the school is adhering to Logan's IEP! You might as well bring him home and teach him yourself. It will make your life easier!"

    Penny thought about it and agreed. So, at the end of second grade, she brought him home for homeschooling. He education for the first two years of homeschooling mostly involved therapies and getting to know each other in the new format. By the time Penny's daughter started kindergarten, he was ready for more rigorous academics. He truly blossomed academically from then through graduation.

    Here is advice that Penny gives families who are homeschooling teens with autism

    Penny is frequently giving advice for handling homeschooling and autism through personal interactions, speaking and her website. Here are some things she shares:

    If you are bringing your child or teen home from traditional school, give them a year to "de-school"

    Kids or teens with autism often have many bad episodic memories about school. It takes time for them to learn that homeschooling is not traumatic like traditional school can be. So relax and help them learn about themselves and have positive experiences for a while.

    Find out their developmental age

    Many young people with autism might be adolescents by age but developmentally much younger.

    Discover their academic level

    Many children with special needs have academic and ability gaps. In Logan's case, he needed time to catch up. Therefore, when his sister started homeschooling kindergarten, Logan did kindergarten with her. However, as the gaps were filled, he soon jumped ahead academically. Remember: Work at their level!

    Help them discover that you have something to teach him that he wants to know

    Sometimes teens with autism have rigid thinking. When they started homeschooling, Penny's son was concerned that his mother was not a "teacher", so she couldn't homeschool him. Over time their deschooling time, Penny helped him learn that she had something to offer, even if she was not a "real teacher". Some of the educational activities they did in order for him to learn that she indeed, had something to offer.

    Here are some of their educational activities:

    * Cooking together

    * Going for walks and sharing about nature topics

    * Playing games

    This is called the "Master/Apprentice" model of educatio...

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    Homeschooling Over the Summer

    Homeschooling Over the Summer

    This week on Homeschool Highschool Podcast: Homeschooling Over the Summer.

    Homeschooling Over the Summer

    All of life is education! Even during summer break homeschooling can happen. In this episode Sabrina and Kym share ways to catch up or work ahead while still having summer. (BTW- Kym and her family raise Seeing Eye puppies, so you hear from her latest charge, Finley, here and there during the recording.)

    First off, should you do official classes during the summer? Why or why not?

    There are some homeschoolers who intentionally homeschool year round (for instance, our friend Misty at Year Round Homeschooling). On the other hand, there are those of us who plan on a nine or ten month school year but might need to consider something special during the summer.

    * For instance, perhaps you unexpectedly had a family illness or other life happening and the homeschool high schoolers could not finish a course during the school year.

    * Or perhaps, there is a special topic teens would like to explore but never have time during the regular academic year

    * Then, sometimes, you know the family will have a challenging year next year, so your teens might want to get a jump on the upcoming year

    Life has LOTS of different circumstances and teens have lots of different interests and goals. SO remember: there's not ONE right way to homeschool high school...or the schedule academics.

    Therefore, here are some suggestions for possible homeschooling over the summer

    Sabrina and Kym have been there, done that on all kinds of ways to handle homeschooling high school over the summer. Here's what they have learned:

    You should avoid the "shoulds"

    Shame does not belong in healthy homeschools.  Remember: You are where you are because that's where you are.

    So avoid the guilt trips such as:

    * Oh man, I should have done...

    * I can't let go of feeling bad about what we didn't do

    These don't help anybody! Instead, think about doing some homeschooling over the summer. It's okay.

    Let's weigh the pros and cons of homeschooling over the summer

    Summer can be a time to recalibrate or get a jump on next year. However, you want to think it through.


    * You can work with your teen to create a light academic load that helps them catch up.

    * The family might be able to help the teens catch up on some courses with group activities like:

    * Field trips

    * Fun labs

    * Family read-alouds

    * You and your teens can think out-of-the-box and creatively

    * Do schoolwork with several other teens who need to catch up

    * Have a cabin trip to change location to do some coursework


    * You all need a break so no one burns out

    * So make sure there are weeks off where there are NO academics happening! (Even if the schoolwork does not get finished.)

    Advice for summer academic plans

    Talk it over with your teens, so that you get their buy-in

    * Work together for the academic plans and how-to earn the credits

    * Allow yourselves to think creatively

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60 Ratings

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