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Eric Byrnes played 11 seasons of Major League Baseball and is currently an MLB Network Analyst, Founder of the Let Them Play Foundation, keynote speaker, author of The F*It List and world class ultra endurance athlete. Byrnes is the current 12 & 24 Hour Speed Golf World Record holder and completed a Triathlon across the United States in 2018. Byrnes has completed hundreds of endurance events, including several full distance Ironman triathlons and the iconic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, which was captured in the award winning documentary Diamond To The Rough. Byrnes is also the subject of the Let Them Play - A Triathlon Across America documentary, to be released soon. The Daily Hustle Podcast was created to bring listeners relatable content that champions a lifestyle predicated on work ethic, education, and experience.

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Eric Byrnes played 11 seasons of Major League Baseball and is currently an MLB Network Analyst, Founder of the Let Them Play Foundation, keynote speaker, author of The F*It List and world class ultra endurance athlete. Byrnes is the current 12 & 24 Hour Speed Golf World Record holder and completed a Triathlon across the United States in 2018. Byrnes has completed hundreds of endurance events, including several full distance Ironman triathlons and the iconic Western States 100 Mile Endurance Run, which was captured in the award winning documentary Diamond To The Rough. Byrnes is also the subject of the Let Them Play - A Triathlon Across America documentary, to be released soon. The Daily Hustle Podcast was created to bring listeners relatable content that champions a lifestyle predicated on work ethic, education, and experience.

    Passion Doesn’t Stop Playing

    Passion Doesn’t Stop Playing

    Obviously, with the recent passing of Kobe, all sorts of KB material has surfaced. I knew I liked the dude and fully understood his commitment to excellence and desire to be great... 

    That said, I don’t think any of us really get to know somebody until we actually have an opportunity to spend time with that person in some sort of personal setting... Usually, this is not possible with massive public figures, but if we want to attempt to get to know & understand somebody, we can take the time to dig DEEP and digest massive amounts of content in various forms and settings... 

    I never had the chance to meet Kobe, but I do know several people who did and their depiction of who he was is very consistent with my preconceived outside perspective. 

    Kobe Bryant was an intellectual SAVAGE with an unmatched work ethic and ultimate desire to be the absolute best at whatever endeavor he pursued... Yet, like most of us as we age, he discovered wisdom in his later years that made him realize what is fleeting and outside of our control, as well as what is within our control and sustainable in our lives.

    Kobe won 5 NBA championships but realized that those championships have the potential to come and go every single season, and oftentimes, rely way too much on many different uncontrollable factors... 

    “Championships come and go but what stays is how do you use your passion and use that to inspire somebody else to create their passion then how can they pass that on to the next person, that is true success.”

    What I believe Kobe realized was that no matter if we win or lose, PASSION ALWAYS PLAYS...

    If we are able to use our passion to motivate somebody else to find their passion and then that person pays it forward to the next person and so on, this instantly becomes an eternal cycle of sustainable, passionate lives that bring us as close to immortality as we could ever hope for… 

    Unfortunately, this dude was taken from us way too soon, but something tells me his spirit is ALIVE and will continue to INSPIRE generations to come because whether or not Kobe is still physically here, his PASSION won’t ever stop playing…

    Kobe speaking on the effect of passion instantly made me think about another dude’s emphatic take on passion… Ironically and unfortunately, this quote comes from another guy that this world lost way too soon… 

    “Passion is what makes life interesting, what ignites our soul, fuels our love and carries our friendships, stimulates our intellect, and pushes our limits... A passion for life is contagious and uplifting. Passion cuts both ways... Those that make you feel on top of the world are equally able to turn it upside down... In my life, I want to create passion in my own life and with those, I care for. I want to feel, experience and live every emotion. I will suffer through the bad for the heights of the good.” - Pat Tillman 




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    “All a man can do is smile back.”

    “All a man can do is smile back.”

    Just like many people around the world, I was in shock when I heard the news that Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter accident... As the details continued to come in, the story just got more heartbreaking.

    Soon after, I got a text from a buddy by the name of John Lukin, who I played baseball with at UCLA:

    “The other father, wife, and daughter in the Kobe crash was my baseball coach at Orange Coast College, John Altobelli. I’m shocked bro. He’s why I stayed in baseball after UCLA. He’s why I ended up at Rice. He’s why I met my wife, Missy.  Say a prayer for his family bud. And hug yours.”

    As the world mourns the loss of a generational superstar that made a positive impact on so many lives, there were 8 other people lost on that helicopter that seemed to be filled with so much life, promise, and inspiration... 

    Memento Mori is a stoic philosophy phrase that is no stranger to the Daily Hustle that basically means we all will die... The stoics were said to meditate on this NOT to be dark and morbid, but rather quite the opposite... The simple recognition of our own impermanence was what the stoics used as a reminder for all of us to LIVE OUR LIVES. 

    If there was anybody in the world that seemed immortal, Kobe was it... A 41-year-old, 20 year NBA superstar just entering the 2nd half of his life that already included an Oscar for the film he created called “Dear Basketball.” He was as driven by an athlete and person that we have seen in our generation and his ability to articulate the reasons for his success basically distinguished him as one of the premier motivational speakers we have ever seen in our lifetime. Kobe was the father of four girls and by all accounts, he was just as good of a Dad as he was a basketball player.

    There is no underlying message here from this tragedy and no real way to spin it in any sort of positive direction... 9 people with so much life to give gone way too soon and it just plain f*ing sucks...

    Just about all of us have dealt with the unimaginable in our lives and as soul-crushing as these things can be, we have no choice but to move on and let it be a reminder that the arrow of death spares nobody.

    A couple of years ago I ran across a print at the DailyStoic.Com that is a recreation of an anonymous 1635 German engraving that has a skeleton smiling and aiming a crossbow directly at whoever would be looking at the picture…

    In French, the inscription reads…

    “Ma flesche (asseure toy) n’espargnera personne

    Vous danserez trestout ce balet, que je sonnne.” 


    “My arrow (I promise you) spares no one,

    You will all dance the ballet of which I sing”

    Kowalski’s sick ass loved it so much he even made us a couple of t shirts with the image and quote… 

    As the Daily Stoic points out, the print is a representation of Memento Mori in its rawest and most pure form and brings to mind the famous quote in Gladiator that was apparently wrongfully attributed to Marcus Aurelius... But does it really matter who said it? Truth like the below quote is so evident and so powerful that it clearly speaks for itself... 

    “Death smiles at every man, and all a man can do is smile back.”

    Lets just keep smiling, EB

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    Just recently finished a book written by John Berger called Contagious - Why Things Catch On.  

    As one of his main examples, Berger used the Philadelphia restaurant Barkley Prime as a business that figured out how to create a product that naturally became contagious amongst the masses... 

    “What is it, what is it????”

    Hey, it’s Stevie SuperSoft! Do you have any guesses, Stevie?

    “Of course, it is the best steak ever, the high-end beef of all beefs... The type of meat that can put you into hibernation for 6 months. 🥩” 

    Not a bad guess Stevie but WRONG as usual...

    Before enlightenment, let’s first go over the 6 different criteria’s that have the potential to make a product contagious as laid out by Berger. (No pun intended)  🍔 

    Social currency - Does talking about your idea make people look good? 

    Triggers - What cues make people think about your idea? 

    Emotion - Does your idea generate emotion? How does it make people feel? 

    Public - When people use your product can other people see? 

    Practical Value - Does your idea or product add value to you and others? Is it something that is worth them passing on? 

    Stories - Is the story of the concept worth telling and does it have the potential to go viral? 

    The product created by Barkley Prime that created so much noise was actually a $100 cheesesteak sandwich, made with just about the best ingredients imaginable... So, considering it was a raging success, let’s put it to Berger’s test... 

    This one definitely warrants social currency... Who doesn’t want to talk about a sandwich that costs 100 large?

    There seem to be all sorts of triggers... Philly is the cheesesteak capital of the world and just about on every corner is another cheesesteak shop that has the potential to rile up the conversation about the 100 buck sandwich. 

    If a 100 dollar cheesesteak doesn’t incite emotion in us, something is probably wrong and we should see somebody about the issue... Anger, rage, excitement, whatever floats your boat, but your boat definitely needs to be floating in the sea of emotions for this hoagie. 

    People may not see you chomping down the pricey cheesesteak, but it is so outrageous that the national media picked up on the story and the sandwich became front and center in the public’s eye. 

    Still not sure if the cheesesteak contains “practical” value, but there is definite value in this monster and the Kobe beef, fresh peppers, and special cheese have some people arguing it may even be underpriced. 

    The tale of creating and/or mowing one of these bad boys is definitely worth telling... Can’t think of a much better or ridiculous story coming out of an otherwise pretty generic high-end steakhouse. 

    So, what can we learn from this? 

    I’m not quite sure outrageously jacking up the price of a pretty standard product is always the answer, but it’s probably a pretty good idea to put the Berger 6 rule contagious theory to the test when we have our next genius idea that we plan on making us billions... 

    Bon appetit, EB

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    Amor Fati

    Amor Fati

    A few weeks ago, I had the cool opportunity to be the keynote speaker to kick off the Endurance Exchange Conference in Tempe, Arizona...

    550 of the world's most influential people associated with the endurance sports community came together to champion all elements of swimming, biking and running, and I was given the task to start this thing off with a BANG.

    Knowing that this was kinda a big deal and because I have a handful of future talks in the near future, I decided that if I wanted to make the maximum impact I needed to take my presentation skills to the next level.

    After several years of winging it and just telling stories, I spent the previous 2 months putting together something that would be able to more easily resonate with the audience... Complete with videos, photos and life mantras, the finished product is f*cking awesome and has an incredible flow and dynamic that should leave anybody willing to engage much better for it.

    So, when Mike Reilly, the famous voice of Ironman called me up on stage, my confidence in the speech/presentation had never been higher...

    My plan was to start with a short, 3-minute video that would give the audience a much better idea about the journey, and then follow it up with a series of slides and a few more videos that really help tell the stories and hammer home the messages and accumulated life lessons... 

    When I got up there, of course, the video wouldn’t play, but I had actually prepared for that happening and easily knew that I could flow into the speech without losing too much of the overall effect.

    All I had to do was grab the clicker and move forward to the first slide of the presentation...  That seemed like an easy adjustment and great idea, but the clicker that was supposed to be on the podium was absolutely nowhere to be found... So there I was, basically naked onstage in front of nearly 600 people, without access to my entire presentation.

    There was really only one thing left to do... 

    Laugh 🤣

    I then explained to the audience what was going on, and then told them that this was actually a perfect way for the speech and conference to begin... With bewildered looks on their faces, I immediately got into a term that I try to live my life by and this was the perfect example... 


    Love our fate for all of it’s worth, and be grateful for all things, good, bad and ugly because it’s these things that allow us to accumulate experiences and then learn and grow from everything we encounter... 

    I quickly pointed out the ironic fact that triathletes typically have a tough time embracing the unknown and unexpected that the sport and life constantly throw at us. 

    Too often, we let little things have a huge impact on our race and/or training and mentally mind f*ck ourselves because of the mundane b******t we can think of... 

    To be totally honest, I easily could have done the entire speech without any of the planned presentation or technical support and just as I was starting to flow into it, the video began playing and the clicker was found and brought to me on stage.

    The next 45 minutes went as fluid as could be without a hiccup, and I truly believe the overall impact wasn’t affected one bit by the shit show beginning...

    As a matter of fact, that night, a handsome and extremely fit elderly gentleman came up to me at the Let Them Play documentary screening and said that my speech earlier in the day was one of the best he had ever seen in all his years... 

    Completely humbled, I thanked him and then asked what his favorite part was...

    Without hesitation, he quickly responded... 

    “The beginning of course... AMOR FATI.” 


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    44 on 44

    44 on 44

    Yesterday was my 44th BDay and I am very grateful to have made it to this point…

    In many ways, life has been a flash and I sit here writing this wondering how 44 years have happened so quickly.

    In other ways, I think back and reflect on many of the accumulated experiences during my time and it seems like it’s been an eternity.

    Regardless, the past 44 years have been a series of ups and downs, but most importantly, through all of it, I have been incredibly fortunate to have been surrounded by amazing people who continue to positively influence the direction of my life.

    As I am obviously well into “middle age,” it’s only natural to face the reality of getting older…

    I can give you the b******t cliches that age is just a number, but that’s ignorant and typically reserved for those living on fantasy island unable to face the real world.

    I am not getting any younger and neither are you.

    Yet, is that really such a bad thing?

    I am at a more secure place in my life than ever before, and my entire self worth is no longer dependent on anything other than my own thoughts and beliefs. In a lot of ways, aging has given me an entirely new perspective on life and has allowed me to ignore the inconsequential b******t while bringing to light all of the things that really matter.

    As we continue to get older, the most important thing is to realize the only other alternative that awaits us all… When we are able to come to grips with our own impermanence, humble gratitude often flows through us recognizing the value of the most precious resource we possess, LIFE. It’s typically only then when we are able to come into the now and appreciate the air passing through our nostrils and the beautiful opportunity to live in the exact moment we are in.

    I have no desire to reverse the clock, I’ve already lived those years and they were a f*****g fantastic mess in the most beautiful way imaginable… I am a 44-year-old, grown-ass man with a lot of dirt underneath my spikes and plenty of scars on the body and a gigantic set of crow's feet to show off with every smile.

    Here’s the deal though… I EARNED that mud in my cleats, marks on the cuerpo and each and every f*****g wrinkle in my face. These aren’t things that I shamefully carry with me but rather I wear them as a badge of honor that proudly reminds people, including myself, that I have LIVED AND WILL CONTINUE TO LIVE MY LIFE.

    Per the late Coach Ben Parks’ tradition that we brought back on my 40th birthday, I have run 40, 41, 42, 43 and just recently 44 miles to celebrate each year and bring awareness to a certain charity… This year, the Let Them Play Foundation is at the center of just about all that we do and any help that we can get from you Daily Hustlers goes a LONG way…

    The LTP Triathlon Across America coffee table book is an EASY way to donate with all proceeds going to the foundation and to top it off, you guys get a pretty epic, badass book in return…

    The book is off pre-order, ready to ship, and we just slashed the price to $47 and you get instant access to the audiobook, narrated by your truly…

    Click here to get your Let Them Play Book!

    Many people ask me how long I plan on continuing the celebratory birthday miles, and my response has been the same from the beginning:

    “As long as I’m here and physically capable of putting one foot in front of the f*****g other.”

    We really appreciate your support and assure you that every dollar donated or generated through the Let Them Play book sale will go directly to helping kids get outside and PLAY!

    Much Love, EB

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    Air, Food, Water, LOVE ❤️

    Air, Food, Water, LOVE ❤️

    As we have mentioned several times before here in the Daily Hustle, there are four essentials in life that we must have access to in order to survive...

    Air - Can’t breathe, can’t live. 

    Food - Can’t eat, can’t live. 

    Water - Can’t hydrate, can’t live. 

    Love - Can’t love, can’t live.

    Yes, I realize that there are a lot of lone rangers out there trying to call my bluff right now…

    Especially this group of Daily Hustling Ultra Alpha GO HARDS that think they can charge through life on their own, totally unaffected by our 4th survival element, or lack thereof... 

    You ever wonder why when Grandma dies, Grandpa takes the plunge right behind her???

    Yup... Love actually does bite... It will chomp our f*cking heads off if we let it.

    Got a good buddy of mine, Woodstock, yes that is his real name and it’s beautifully fantastic... He is an ultra runner with several 100-mile finishes notched in his belt. A couple of years ago, he went out to do a 100-mile banger near the Grand Canyon and it didn’t turn out the way he had hoped... He was a veteran of the ultra game, yet by mile 60 he dropped out of the race, and to this day, it is the only race he has ever dropped out of in his life.

    Sure, there were some nutrition issues, but what I recently learned when we were hanging out after the Let Them Play Triathlon Across America documentary in Tempe was that he had NO crew. He had nobody there to help with the physical necessities of running 100 miles, but most importantly, he had nobody there to help support and nurture the mind.

    Human beings have been and always will be pack animals... 

    As much as we like to believe that we are completely capable of surviving on our own, the fact is that we need each other to survive and thrive in an ever-changing world that relentlessly challenges us on a daily basis.

    Not to say that we can’t get by on our own for a short period of time or that solitude is a bad thing at all... As Lord Byron’s famous quote so often reminds us: “In solitude, we are least alone.”  

    This definitely can be true, but it is only true if we build relationships and nourish them to the point where we will be able to hold onto the LOVE that has been developed and maintained throughout the course of the years of our life.

    Sure, we can go a certain amount of time without love the same way we can go a certain amount of time without air, food, and water... Ultimately though, we must be able to tap into these precious and mandatory resources; otherwise, just like our dude Woodstock, our race will come to an unfortunate early end.  

    The good thing is that Core 4 is easily accessible and available in all sorts of different forms.... 

    So long as we are willing to put in the work to look for the elements and then engage in the consumption, just as our dude Jerry Garcia reminds us: “We will get by... We will survive.”

    Just a few weeks later after his first and only DNF, Woodstock showed back up to the start line of another 100 milers fully fueled and stocked in all of the Core 4 categories, including a crew of people to turn on the shower of LOVE at a moment's notice... 

    The result? A PR and the absolute race of his life thus far... 

    I F*ING LOVE IT (pun intended.) 

    Happy Valentines Day, EB

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