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An artful, mind-expanding, heart-opening, genre-bending exploration of how to live a life full of more love and less suffering.

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An artful, mind-expanding, heart-opening, genre-bending exploration of how to live a life full of more love and less suffering.

    Church of the Wild

    Church of the Wild

    Victoria Loorz, MDiv, is a "wild church pastor," an "eco-spiritual director" and co-founder of several transformation-focused organizations focused on the integration of nature and spirituality.  She feels most alive when collaborating with Mystery and kindred spirits to create opportunities for people to re-member themselves back into intimate, sacred relationship with the rest of the living world.

    After twenty years as a pastor of indoor churches, she launched the first Church of the Wild, in Ojai CA and began to meet others with the same sense of call to leave building and expand the Beloved Community beyond our own species. She then co-founded the ecumenical Wild Church Network.

    Victoria is co-founder and director of Seminary of the Wild, which is focused on a deep-dive yearlong Eco-Ministry Certificate program for all those who feel called by Earth and Spirit to "restore the great conversation." (Thomas Berry)

    • 1 hr 18 min
    Jennifer Dawn Watts

    Jennifer Dawn Watts

    In today's episode, Michael talks to Jennifer Dawn Watts, friend of the show and noted faith community leader and therapist, about the idea of The 12 Steps and how they relate to spirituality.

    • 1 hr 23 min


    Join us in this special episode where Michael discusses the concept of Praise: what it means to him, what it means in the world, and how you can practice it in your own life

    • 21 min
    John Philip Newell

    John Philip Newell

    In today’s episode, Michael talks to John Philip Newell, a Celtic teacher and author of spirituality who calls the modern world to reawaken to the sacredness of the earth and every human being. Together, they discuss Celtic Christianity and the modern-day application of its wisdom.

    3:00- Michael asks what the scope of Celtic Christianity is

    7:50- Michael asks why this wisdom is difficult to practice together

    12:50: Michael reads some quotes and John Philip discusses the divine feminine

    20:30: Michael and John Philip discuss the intersection between sexuality and spirituality

    29:30: Michael asks John Philip what God isn’t

    41:00: They discuss distinctions between ego and soul

    47:00- Michael asks what the Celtic Christian view of Jesus Christ is

    • 58 min
    The Sedona Method

    The Sedona Method

    In this episode, Michael speaks with Hale Dwoskin, author of "The Sedona Method: Your Key to Lasting Happiness, Success, Peace and Emotional Well-Being" to discuss his book and the Method as he sees it. The Sedona Method is described as  "a simple, powerful, and easy-to-learn technique that shows you how to uncover your natural ability to let go of any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment."

    Some helpful timestamps for this episode:

    5:30- Hale describes the Sedona Method

    10:00- Hale gives you an interactive analogy for letting go

    12:00- Hale begins describing the basic questions of the Method

    13:20- Hale begins describing the experience of it

    18:30- Michael and Hale discuss the conscious permission to constrict

    23:15- Michael discusses how these practices have affected his daily practices

    26:00- Hale discusses one of the more shocking revelations of the method

    28:00- Hale leads a process for embracing opposites

    34:20- Michael allows some time for personal meditation

    • 39 min
    Derek Webb

    Derek Webb

    In the first episode of Season 8, Michael speaks to Derek Webb. Derek Webb is a musician who has always bravely asked the big questions in his music and invited others to do the same. In this episode, Derek and Michael Gungor chat about music, spirituality and why the two have been so intertwined for both of them.

    Some helpful timestamps for this episode:

    2:30- Derek Webb introduces himself

    5:00- Michael and Derek discuss their similar music careers

    9:00- Derek talks about meaning

    13:00- Michael talks about ambiguity in Christian art

    21:30- Michael asks how spirituality and music are intertwined in Derek’s music

    31:00- Derek talks about the difficulties of moving between and beyond spirituality

    40:30- Derek talks about limitations in art

    46:00- Derek tells a story about limits in creation

    50:15- Michael asks where Derek’s art is now

    57:00- Michael begin interrogating the idea of “belief”

    1:06:15- Derek talks about the utility of language without reverence

    1:10:00- Derek talks about his philosophical position with his new album “The Jesus Hypothesis”

    • 1 hr 22 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
3.6K Ratings

3.6K Ratings

AliveAndFreeBee ,

Thank you

I have been on a journey exploring my faith and spirituality and I recently stumbled upon this podcast. This has been such a wonderful resource for me. The December 2021 episode with Briana Lynn was fantastic and I shared it with a few friends.

profshep ,


So moving - thank you. I still don’t know how to think about my former faith - but I probably will never be able to shake the feeling. Familiar words that connect me with the parts of myself I can never be again but - of course- are still me somehow.

jdneusch ,

Non dual Bible Translation?

I love listening to the podcasts. I was just curious if there was anyone else out there that still loves reading the Bible, but could also point me in the direction of a translation that uses the most non dual language.

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