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We will be covering matters of pain and why pain matters. Short, hopefully interesting accounts of things we reckon are important or fascinating or challenging or troubling. we will enjoy it and we really hope you do too!

The Lorimer Moseley Podcast: Pain Matters MasterSessions

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We will be covering matters of pain and why pain matters. Short, hopefully interesting accounts of things we reckon are important or fascinating or challenging or troubling. we will enjoy it and we really hope you do too!

    Episode 5: Some great questions from our listeners

    Episode 5: Some great questions from our listeners

    Welcome to this episode where we delve into the intriguing questions posed by our listeners across the globe, ranging from professionals in the pain field to individuals with firsthand experiences. The overwhelming response reflects a shared curiosity about the complexities of pain.
    In response to Jerry's query, which stems from the challenge of introducing pain education to chronic pain patients resistant to the idea, Lorimer takes a comprehensive approach. Drawing from his wealth of experience, he provides insightful advice on navigating patients stuck in the belief that their pain can be fixed with a tangible solution, such as a misaligned hip.
    Klodeta, expressing gratitude for the impact of Lorimer's book on her pain management journey, raises a pertinent concern about the potential permanence of post-surgery pain. Lorimer sheds light on the intricate interplay between physical sensations and the brain's interpretation, exploring the possibility of the brain influencing pain perception even after the source has been addressed surgically.
    Lastly, Christine raises a thought-provoking question about the basis for claims in pain education, highlighting the absence of Randomized Controlled Trials (RCTs) supporting its efficacy over empathetic support alone. Lorimer delves into the ethical considerations, addressing concerns about potentially gaslighting patients by attributing their suffering solely to their thoughts.
    Join us as Lorimer unpacks these questions with depth and nuance, providing valuable insights into the multifaceted realm of pain and its management.
    Feel free to reach out and connect with us; we welcome your thoughts and inquiries at mail@mastersessions.academy . We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Episode 4: Central Sensitization

    Episode 4: Central Sensitization

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused due to some audio issues in the first uploaded episode. We have fixed the problems, so you can now listen to the relaunched episode without any unexpected volume differences. Thank you for your patience and understanding.
    Did we get lost in translation with Central Sensitization?
    Professor Lorimer Moseley dives into the history and today's implications of this important scientific finding. 
    - Introduction to Central Sensitization: The podcast episode delves into the concept of Central Sensitization and its impact on pain research and education. It's discussed as a significant shift in understanding pain mechanisms.
    - Historical Context: Clifford Woolf is mentioned as a significant figure in identifying the changes in sensitivity within the central nervous system, sparking extensive research to understand the mechanisms behind it.
    - Challenges in Terminology and Definition: There's a discussion about the terminology challenges and conflation between physiological events and clinical labels regarding Central Sensitization. The debate revolves around its definition and how it's observed in humans, with attempts made in brain imaging to comprehend its effects.
    - Complexity of Pain Perception: The discussion highlights the complexity of pain perception, mentioning that the idea of specific labelled neurons in the 'pain pathway' (nociceptive pathways) might not hold true due to the intricacies of the nervous system and individual variability in response to stimuli.
    - Evolution of Understanding Pain: The talk explores the evolution in understanding pain, moving towards concepts like neuroimmune networks and the acknowledgement of the limitations of defining Central Sensitization, leading to the consideration of new terms such as nociplastic pain for clinical findings.

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    Episode 3: Milestones in pain research

    Episode 3: Milestones in pain research

    The episode is part of the "Pain Matters With Lorimer Moseley" podcast and discusses the history of pain's evolution over time.
    Title: Pain Matters With Lorimer Moseley - Episode 3
    Description:Join Lorimer Moseley in Episode 3 of "Pain Matters" as he delves into the intriguing history of how our understanding of pain has evolved over time. In this episode, Lorimer shares his own personal memories and experiences related to history and introduces a fascinating journey through the world of pain research. Key points include the establishment of the International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP), the groundbreaking gate control theory by Melzack and Wall, and how it changed the course of pain history. This episode explores the relevance of the gate control theory in today's complex understanding of pain processing and the pivotal role of brain imaging in advancing our comprehension of pain mechanisms. Don't miss this insightful exploration of the past and present in the fascinating realm of pain and neurophysiology.

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    Episode 2: Early career and challenged by complexity

    Episode 2: Early career and challenged by complexity

    In this enlightening episode of the MasterSessions Pain Matters Podcast, join renowned pain researcher Lorimer Moseley and the Bart van Buchem as they delve into the fascinating story of Lorimer's early career in the world of pain research.
    Lorimer shares his unexpected path from being a physiotherapy student to becoming a respected academic, all thanks to a motivating lecturer who saw his potential. Discover how a chance clinical encounter with a senior academic changed the course of Lorimer's career, leading him into the realm of scientific research.
    Listen in as Lorimer reflects on the pivotal moment he crossed paths with David Butler, a prominent figure in manual therapy, and how this encounter reignited his passion for exploring the complexities of pain management beyond the traditional biomechanical perspective.
    Explore the origins of Lorimer's first scientific paper during his PhD journey and how it laid the groundwork for his ongoing contributions to the field of pain research. Discover the enduring relevance of his early work and the insights that continue to shape our understanding of pain today.
    Whether you're an aspiring researcher, clinician, or simply curious about the evolution of pain science, this episode offers a captivating glimpse into the roots of Lorimer Moseley's extraordinary career. Tune in to uncover the rich history of pain research and gain valuable insights for your own journey in the field.
    More about Lorimer and courses: https://www.mastersessions.academy/
    Comments, feedback and questions are welcome!

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    Episode 1: Why Pain Matters

    Episode 1: Why Pain Matters

    The podcast aims to challenge these entrenched views and initiate conversations about pain’s complexity, its psychological aspects, and the need for a paradigm shift in understanding and addressing chronic pain. Professor Moseley, with his extensive background in physiotherapy and neuroscience, is committed to exploring the intricacies of human pain perception, the brain’s role, and how society perceives and responds to pain.

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    Introducing Why Pain Matters With Professor Lorimer Moseley

    Introducing Why Pain Matters With Professor Lorimer Moseley

    In future episodes, the podcast promises to delve into the history of chronic pain research and share insights from Professor Moseley’s extensive experience in the field. With an emphasis on demystifying pain and advocating for a more comprehensive understanding, ”Pain Matters with Lorimer Moseley” aims to contribute to the ongoing conversation surrounding pain and its impact on individuals and society.

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4 Ratings

Sam LMT ,


Great show, Lorimer is an excellent teacher. Pls do us (an yourselves) a favor and balance the sound levels of interviewer and interviewee. They are vaulted different. Thanks

FarrinArroyo ,

Thank you for this podcast!!

Love this podcast!! As a physio specializing in chronic pain, these topics are incredibly and extremely valuable. Thank you!!!!

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