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Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that's where their commonalities end. Mandcave is the podcast that lives between them.

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Mandy Kaplan and Mandy Fabian are both Mandys, and both best friends, but that's where their commonalities end. Mandcave is the podcast that lives between them.

    The Woman in Mande

    The Woman in Mande

    The Mandys are back for book club! This week, Britney Spears and “The Woman In Me.” By the time you hear this, Mandy will be in London. But before she left, she recorded this last missive to celebrate the continually crumbling relationship she has on this podcast. Maybe next month, she’ll tune in eating some sort of crumpet or fish from old newspaper. Until then, we talk Tay, Brit, and Christina. Also, the show may be targeted by Russian hackers. 

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (01:38) - The Woman in Me

    • 35 min
    The Mandys Watch Bottoms

    The Mandys Watch Bottoms

    The Mandys end the fifth season with a banger: the dynamic duo finally tell the truth about their love of bottoms. Also, they watch the movie of the same name and may not disagree so much. 

    The big news is twofold... first, this is the season wrap for the big number five. Great season. Fun fights. But we’re coming back! Which brings us to the second news: Mandy’s moving to LONDON for a while. So, the break might be a touch longer than our usual hiatus, but fear not! Member and bonus eps are still coming around so hang out and know your patience will be rewarded. 

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (00:35) - The Face Face
    (03:00) - The "run to your living room" movie
    (07:08) - Bottoms
    (28:02) - Support the Show this New Year! Become a Fandy!
    (29:13) - Games!
    (38:42) - Mandy is off across the pond!

    • 40 min
    Mandy Cane Lane

    Mandy Cane Lane

    Happy Holidays from all of us in The Mandcave! This week, the Mandys are taking on Eddie Murphy's latest try at holiday cheer, "Candy Cane Lane." The lesson? The movie is really all about Pentatonix. 
    Ok, that’s not entirely fair. While Pentatonix Puppets are superlative, in classic Mandcave Smackdown Style, the Mandys disagree on some stuff. Whether or not Eddie’s grimaces kindle your nostalgic flames, this special holiday jam should be right up your chimney.

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (00:32) - The Mandcave Christmas Album (isn't a thing, don't worry)
    (03:32) - Family Ties Corner
    (10:36) - Candy Cane Lane
    (33:51) - Support the Show! Become a Fandy!
    (35:09) - Games!
    (47:56) - Coming Attractions: Bottoms

    • 49 min


    Mandy and Mandy are back with another lively debate on their hit podcast The Mandcave. In this week's episode, "To Pull or Not to Pull," the Mandys square off over the new sci-fi film Fingernails. Mandy describes it as "very artistic" exploring "interesting themes" around technology and love. So linger, listener on that, if you find you like the film. Because things take a turn from there. 

    Delving into the bizarre plot involving a dystopian institute that tests predestined love via matching fingernails, they cringe as near-naked couples participate in a "sniffing" exercise to identify their match solely by scent. Should art challenge us or entertain us? What role should technology play in romance? Some of those big questions are probably rooted in this episode. But, yeah, it’s mostly cringe. Oh, and children’s theater sex toys. Did we mention that? 

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (00:55) - News & Updates
    (11:17) - Fingernails
    (26:05) - The Bizness. Support the Show. Review. Become a Fandy. Get into our Jingle Bells
    (27:22) - Games
    (33:56) - Coming Attractions: Candycane Lane

    • 35 min
    The Mandys Take The D Train

    The Mandys Take The D Train

    The latest episode of The Mandcave finds co-hosts Mandy and Mandy diving into the comedy The D Train. Mandy assigns the indie film, convinced its boundary-pushing humor around sexuality will delight her co-host. Will the movie bomb for Mandy in her search for warmth in her cringe comedy?
    “I like to explore sexuality in dangerous, unseen ways,” says Mandy in what has to be a perfect litmus test for some sort of undiscovered maladaptive behavior.
    Through it all, the Mandys offer a storytime about their own high school reunions and hijinks. Some questions answered include: How do you prank call a teacher? How often did you successfully use your fake ID? And how easy is it to fake your mom’s signature?
    OK, ok, you know you did this stuff, too. But don’t worry, this week’s episode has a not-too-secret method for absolution buried in it! But you have to listen VERY closely... all the way to the end... or you might miss it! (It’s Project Angel Food. And you should pause the podcast and sign up to do it yourself, too. Seriously.)

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (01:45) - Please Don't Destroy!, Sliders, Ghosts, Morning Show
    (07:27) - The D Train
    (30:21) - Support the Show! Become a Fandy!
    (31:29) - Games!
    (43:23) - Coming Attractions: Fingernails

    • 44 min
    Quiz Mandy

    Quiz Mandy

    The Mandys are all birthdays and smiles this week as they join Awkwafina and Sandra Oh for a road trip to stardom in "Quiz Lady," the new Sandra Oh/Awkwafina comedy jam. Surprises abound. 
    Along the way, we get a Golden Bachelor update, a debate on the merits of American Vandal, and a signature game of "I'm Trying Out for Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" involving a ketchup chip run. 

    (00:00) - Welcome to The Mandcave
    (01:31) - The Golden Update
    (06:07) - TV Update
    (09:01) - Quiz Lady
    (33:25) - Bonus: American Vandal
    (37:33) - Support the Show!
    (39:31) - Games!
    (43:21) - Coming Attractions: The Rise and Fall of LuLaRoe

    • 46 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

Fandy1002 ,

The best fun!

So entertaining and funny! I love hearing their fun banter with each other and their perfect podcast voices!

Choozer1 ,

Always entertaining!

The Mandys are a fun listen!

I Am Brady ,


Mandy is funny, but I think Mandy is funnier.

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