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Explorations on mythology, culture and the emerging masculinities. Hosted by visionary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie.

The Mythic Masculine Ian MacKenzie

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Explorations on mythology, culture and the emerging masculinities. Hosted by visionary filmmaker Ian MacKenzie.

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    Next Podcast Accelerator Begins Jan 31, 2023

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    Bonus | Capricorn and The Provider with Charles Sue-wah-Sing (School of Mythopoetics)

    Bonus | Capricorn and The Provider with Charles Sue-wah-Sing (School of Mythopoetics)

    This is the full recording of the latest Solar Session, a live conversation via The School of Mythopoetics. Join the School http://schoolofmythopoetics.com

    Charles Sue-Wah-Sing is a leadership and whole life coach, facilitator and guide with a focus on conscious leadership, and practicing safe conversations. 

    He works with people from all walks of life who are longing for or in the midst of major shifts in their personal lives, careers, relationships and families. He's a self-described seeker for divine wisdom. His curiosities include art, music, religion, cultural traditions and ceremonies, mythology, science, psychology and social justice issues. He's an avid blogger and has a couple of book projects on the go.

     In 2022, he started a virtual men's group for men of color. They gather weekly for his Open Jam sessions where they talk about life as Black, Brown and mixed race men living in a White-dominant culture. Charles is also a long-time scholar at the Orphan Wisdom School with Stephen Jenkinson. 

    Learn more about Charles https://www.suewahsing.com/

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    #54 | Mastering Energetic Androgeny - Ke’oni Hanalei (Pōhala)

    #54 | Mastering Energetic Androgeny - Ke’oni Hanalei (Pōhala)

    My guest today Ke’oni Hanalei, founder of Pōhala, purveyor of Esoteric Hawaiian Fern Medicine.

    Ke’oni caught my attention through his Instagram, where he shares profound perspectives rooted in the Mū teachings of ancient Hawaii.

    In our conversation today, we speak about his own upbringing under the guidance of his grandmother and his rediscovery and cultivation of fern medicine. Ke’oni shares his understanding of gender and right relationship, advocating for the cultivation of intimacy within and without. And finally, he speaks of teachings that have bolstered his courage to participate in this time of great change with authenticity and beauty.


    Ke’oni Instagram
    PoHALA Website

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    Bonus: Composting the Mycelial Masculine with Sophie Strand

    Bonus: Composting the Mycelial Masculine with Sophie Strand

    What if hidden in the soil below the monumental myth of patriarchal masculinity there was a rhizomatic biodiversity of alternative masculinities? What does it mean to create an ecosystem of narratives, rather than uplift a singular story? Looking to the past for ingredients to compost into better stories for the future, Ian and Sophie bring their personal experiences and mythic mycelial systems into a conversation about their own exploration into the myths of the masculine.

    Register for Sophie's new course Rewilding Mythology https://www.rewilding-mythology.com
    Use the code RewildMYTHPO

    Full the full transcript here https://advaya.co/read/2022/10/19/ian-mackenzie-sophie-strand-rewilding-mythology

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    Bonus | Rites of Passage in an Age of Fugitivity - Chris Christou (The End of Tourism)

    Bonus | Rites of Passage in an Age of Fugitivity - Chris Christou (The End of Tourism)

    This bonus episode is actually a conversation recorded for another podcast The End Of Tourism.  The host is my good friend Chris Christou, who I initially met through Stephen Jenkinson’s Orphan Wisdom School.

    We have spent many a time gathering on the farm in Ontario where the School is held, and have woven threads of companionship over the years.

    A few months back, he invited me on his show to discuss subjects of which I’ve rarely spoken publicly, including my former years working for an online travel magazine, my own self-created initiatory adventures to Australia, the paradox of being a traveller in the modern age, and more.

    Listen to more episodes of The End of Tourism https://www.theendoftourism.com
    Support on Patreon http://patreon.com/theendoftourism

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    #53 | Igniting The Playful Hearts of Men - Jason MacKenzie (Sacred Sons)

    #53 | Igniting The Playful Hearts of Men - Jason MacKenzie (Sacred Sons)

    My guest today is Jason MacKenzie, co-founder of Sacred Sons, a men’s organization whose self-professed aim is to “steward the return of the father archetype through men's relational and physical training.”

    I first met Jason in 2019 at the Sacred Sons Convergence in San Diego, a powerful gathering of 300 other men. I experienced firsthand the container that he, alongside his core collaborators Aubert Bastiat and Adam Jackson crafted together.

    In our conversation today, Jason and I dive into his own experience with drug and alcohol abuse early in life. He speaks of finding his way into men’s work and committing himself to the ManKind Project, before ultimately departing to follow his own path. We talk about the deep longing for elders in a largely elderless time. And finally, he speaks of his learnings from the ending of a partnership, and coming into a new relationship with his own feminine spirit.

    Before we begin, you might consider listening to episode #51, which is my interview with Bill Kauth, the co-founder of the ManKind Project. This sets up the lineage that connects to my conversation with Jason. You might also wish to read the essay I wrote after my participation at the Sacred Sons Convergence, titled “The Rise of the Embodied Masculine.” I’ve linked to it in the show notes.

    Explore Sacred Sons http://sacredsons.com
    Read my essay https://ianmack.medium.com/sacredsons-5cf03070b28d
    Listen to more episodes http://themythicmasculine.com

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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Lofty Dream ,

Myth of the Masculine

Without a doubt this is one of the most thought provoking Podcasts. Ian is a superb listener and more importantly questioner. As a Cis white 60+ woman these have been my questions all along. I listen and relisten to all episodes I’ve encountered thus far. I am joining at the Membership level today. Thank you to Stephen Jenkinson for leading me to this site.

punpunfunfun ,

Origins: Martin Prechtel

I live what Ian is doing here. But his teacher Stephen Jenkinson wrongfully claims that his ideas are his when most of what Mr. Jenkinson teaches was stolen from Martin Prechtel and the teachings fall flat without this context, like stealing ayauhuasca. Good to honor Origins. And well done Ian, a beneficial offering here indeed.

Steph Lagana ,

I got started with episode #34 and I’m a new fan

My first introduction to the podcast was episode #34 No Accountability Without Community with Taiaiake Alfred. This conversation was good for my soul. This podcast gets a spot in my regular rotation, no question. Thanks Ian, and guests, for the work you are doing. It lands, powerfully and clearly.

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