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The show where each week Nick Vatterott can’t make it and a “guest host” takes over.

The Nick Vatterott Show Nick Vatterott

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The show where each week Nick Vatterott can’t make it and a “guest host” takes over.



    Nick Vatterott has never made it to one episode of The Nick Vatterott Show, who knows where he is? Maybe the comedy group Maria Wojciechowski and Abby Vatterott a.k.a. Abbaria know. Detective Rick Rick Rick investigates!

    • 46 min
    Bank Robbery

    Bank Robbery

    Three Words: Nick's not here. Casey James Salengo, Will Winner and some other guy are. Bank robbery.

    • 26 min
    Trey Galyon

    Trey Galyon

    Nick Vatterott can't make it this week, so instead a former principal Grundy Grendleshaw of an Austin,Texas high school interviews his former student, comedian Trey Galyon about Texas, religion, gay marriage, abortion, frigg'n abortion? Really? Yep! And a baseball job you probably never knew existed!​

    • 59 min
    IT'S LUNCH!!!

    IT'S LUNCH!!!

    Welcome to the Nick Vatterott Show, Nick can't make it, he's out having dinner, so serving up the podcast this week is Don Lunch! Don is having lunch today with comedian Kara Buller, the two talk about lunch, confidence, pooping your pants, sex addiction, murderers, and roommate drama all over a nice hot plate of Lasagna Salad!

    • 1 hr
    What's the Deal With Being Offensive?

    What's the Deal With Being Offensive?

    Nick Vatterott can't make the show this week, so taking over is Gill Angst, a man of over two emotions! He's with comedian Joe Kilgallon, today they are getting to what's offensive, what in the vague spectrum of political correctness is too far and not far at all, and how the extreme right and extreme left are essentially the same a*****e.

    • 1 hr 11 min


    Welcome to The Nick Vatterott Show, Nick couldn't make it this week so Guy Manadodossoiersoi is taking over. Guy has come out of a 17 year depression, and has found a new lease on life! He is enjoying life with comedians Liza Treyger and Sabrina Jalees. Today they will be discussing adult hood, sorta. Check out Sabrina and Liza's amazing series on You Tube: "How Many Questions"

    • 59 min

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

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