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Gripping historical stories with a little bite and a lot of sarcasm!

The Pithy Chronicle The Pithy Chronicle

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Gripping historical stories with a little bite and a lot of sarcasm!

    Unveiling King Charles III: Art, Sarcasm, and Legacy

    Unveiling King Charles III: Art, Sarcasm, and Legacy

    Is King Charles III a misunderstood intellectual or just a placeholder monarch? Join us on The Pithy Chronicle as we dissect the official painted portrait of King Charles III, whimsically nicknamed "Tampon Take Two" by Erika. We tackle the polarizing responses to this artwork, debating its aesthetic value and symbolic layers. Does it capture Charles' essence—his intellectual pursuits, environmental ethos, and reflections on mortality—or is it merely an artist's vision? We also ponder Charles'...

    • 10 min
    Eleanor's Ascendancy to Queen of England

    Eleanor's Ascendancy to Queen of England

    Step into the realm of medieval majesty and uncover the tale of Eleanor of Aquitaine, the powerhouse Duchess who defied convention. Our narrative takes you through the thrills and perils of her life post-divorce, her clever prenuptial maneuverings, and her strategic marriage to Henry FitzEmpress, setting the stage for a reshaped European landscape. Witness Eleanor's defiance against would-be captors and her astute political savvy, ensuring her legacy wasn't left to the whims of fate but inste...

    • 25 min
    KateGate: The Royal Rumor Mill

    KateGate: The Royal Rumor Mill

    Could the Duchess of Cambridge really be hiding out in a secret Arctic sanctuary? Join us as we tackle the most beguiling royal rumors that have taken the media by storm. Amidst the buzz, we dissect why Kate Middleton's absence since the festive season has given rise to a spectrum of theories, from health concerns to whispers of cosmetic ventures. The royal rumor mill grinds incessantly, and we're here to sift fact from fiction, including the whispers of an affair that's said to have rocked t...

    • 11 min
    Eleanor of Aquitaine: Power, Crusades, and Scandal

    Eleanor of Aquitaine: Power, Crusades, and Scandal

    Embark on a historical odyssey with us as we uncover the life and times of the formidable Eleanor of Aquitaine, whose zest for influence and power in a male-dominated society still resonates today. Picture a queen whose narrative rivals the most captivating of dramas; her marriage to Louis VII, her bold role in the Second Crusade, and her defiance of a court that tried to dim her radiance. Through tales of fervor and ambition, we unravel the true motivations behind her joining the crusade, wh...

    • 34 min
    Knights and Intrigue: The Tales of the Second Crusade

    Knights and Intrigue: The Tales of the Second Crusade

    Saddle up for a historical escapade as we, Caroline and Erika, regale you with the lesser-known sagas of the Second Crusade, peppered with our trademark wit and a dollop of cheek. Step into the time machine of your imagination, because we’re whisking you away to the 12th century—a time of knights, conquests, and yes, a dash of family drama akin to the modern soap opera. Our episode uncorks the tale of Eleanor and Louis on their crusading journey, with a side of intrigue featuring a rather das...

    • 13 min
    Mayhem and Matrimonial Chess with Eleanor Aquitaine

    Mayhem and Matrimonial Chess with Eleanor Aquitaine

    Prepare to be whisked away on a rollicking ride through time as we serve up the scandalous exploits of Eleanor of Aquitaine, with a generous garnish of our signature wit. I'm Caroline, and I'm Erika, we'll introduce you to the medieval Brad Pitt, William IX of Aquitaine, whose romantic forays and military mishaps laid the groundwork for Eleanor's equally sensational saga. Our jaunt through history is a no-holds-barred tour of lyrical downfalls and ecclesiastical about-faces, where excommunica...

    • 43 min

Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5
35 Ratings

35 Ratings

Lake Guy 53 ,


What a treat these stories are! Well researched and wonderfully presented with a bit of humor. I am a huge fan and always look forward to the next episode. Keep up the good work!

MrsT_77 ,

Making history fun!

From the wide breadth of people covered, e.g. samurai women to Venetian virgins, to the hilarious banter… circa babies anyone? I love this podcast! Well done ladies!

m_dave ,

Standout among history podcasts!

Well-researched and lively, the Pithy Chronicle regularly presents compelling takes on familiar and unusual subjects.

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