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Welcome to The Porch! This is where I interview my favorite thought leaders and CEOs on the topics that matter most.

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Welcome to The Porch! This is where I interview my favorite thought leaders and CEOs on the topics that matter most.

    Brian Fretwell | Author | Speaker | Founder of Why We Win

    Brian Fretwell | Author | Speaker | Founder of Why We Win

    Do we spend our lives trying to fix and convince others or are we on a mission to find out what’s RIGHT with the people in our life?

    Brian’s books and TedX talk (seen over 2.3 million times) all point to the importance of asking QUESTIONS that validate the people we work and live with.

    We’ll be talking about his life as a consultant and speaker and what he’s learned about confidence, courage and vulnerability. I’ll be asking him about powerful brain tools and what it means to have people strength.

    Brian is the author of a book titled “Experts of Our Potential” that outlines, in story form, how creating value and certainty in a post industrial economy has changed and what we need to do as individuals to thrive in this new reality. In line with this message, Brian was invited to deliver a Tedx talk entitled “What a Fifteen Year Old Meth Addict Taught Me About Leadership” which received over half a million views in the first couple months of being uploaded to Youtube.

    As a speaker and consultant, Brian has spent a great deal of time delivering in environments that have historically been a challenge for communicating the importance of “soft skills.” From nuclear engineers, to Oil and Gas chemist’s, from coal miners, to data analysts in tech companies, Brian enjoys making somewhat intangible subject matter more tangible, logical and inspiring for all audiences.

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    Dr. David Rakel | Physician | Professor | Department Chair | Author

    Dr. David Rakel | Physician | Professor | Department Chair | Author

    I'm thrilled to welcome Dr. David Rakel to The Porch to talk about compassion in the Workplace. He’s the author of The Compassionate Connection, where he outlines the research behind compassion and healing in doctor-patient relationships.

    This book turned treating people compassionately from a ‘nice to have’ to a ‘critical’ status. 

    Three things Dr. Rakel said today on the Porch that I am processing as a leader:

    1. When we don't have enough time to connect, we (as doctors) prescribe more things and order more tests. When you sit with full attention and a sense of curiosity and compassion the truth comes more easily. 

    2. Authenticity is mostly nonverbal.

    3. Anyone who is a leader of other humans should have to go through a self-reflective process so they can serve others without their ego getting in the way.

    Dr. David Rakel was founder and director of the University of Wisconsin Integrative Medicine program. He is now professor and chair of the Department of Family & Community Medicine at the University of New Mexico.

    You can find Dr. David Rakel here ⬇️


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    Ann Betz in 2021 | Neuroscience Expert | Coach | Speaker

    Ann Betz in 2021 | Neuroscience Expert | Coach | Speaker

    I had an incredible time with Ann on the Porch this week. We talked about the importance of having a Chief People Officer with the sole focus of paying attention to and caring for humans in an organization.   

    Here are a few take-aways:  

    1. Safe relationships help us moderate the stress that we encounter every day at work and in the world. 

    2. We are designed to neural regulate with each other then community at work. 

    3. One of the most stressful experiences for humans is feeling out of control and unable to predict the future.  

    4. Be as rooted as you can be as a leader, make promises you can keep, keep people informed.  

    5. Talk to your team and find out where you all can have some novelty, creativity, growth (anyone else stuck in groundhogs day right now?) 

    6. When we are bored OR overwhelmed, our brains don’t work well.

    It's hard to fully wrap this conversation in a few bullets. So, if you're a Chief People Officer, if you just love humans and want to see them flourish, listen to this episode!

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    Dr. Joan Rosenberg | Psychologist | Author | Public Speaker

    Dr. Joan Rosenberg | Psychologist | Author | Public Speaker

    I’m sitting in an audience of 200 other public speakers waiting to hear from Broadway playwright and performer, Bo Eason. He is brilliant. When he’s on stage I ignore my cell phone entirely (which says a lot coming from a millennial).

    He walks on stage, puts his arm around Joan Rosenberg and says “if you want to be an incredible public speaker, you need therapy. You need a therapist on your team to help you process the pressure and the ego it takes to do this for the long haul. You are here to GIVE to the audience, not take. You don’t need the audience to give psychologically and emotionally to you. You need to give to THEM. Get a therapist to take care of yourself so you can truly take care of others.”

    Ever since that moment, nearly five years ago, I’ve been grateful for my weekly appointment with my therapist. It has become an anchor for my week and how I show up for the people in my life. I am so grateful for this unexpected (and strange) advice from Bo!

    And as a little holiday gift from me to you, I figured it was about time I introduced you to Joan. She’s not my therapist, but she’s the therapist to a who’s who list of celebrities and someone I have deeply admired for a long time.

    Joan Rosenberg, PhD, is the creator of Emotional Mastery and a highly regarded expert psychologist. Her two books, Ease Your Anxiety and 90 Seconds to a Life You Love: How to Master Your Difficult Feelings to Cultivate Lasting Confidence, Resilience, and Authenticity have been pivotal resources for me in my life.

    Join me on The Porch as I talk with Joan about how we can all work through difficult feelings that may be circling as 2020 comes to a close.

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    Robb Holman | Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker | Best-Selling Author

    Robb Holman | Executive Coach | Keynote Speaker | Best-Selling Author

    I can't wait for you to meet my next guest on The Porch, Robb Holman. He's an internationally recognized leadership expert, executive coach, keynote speaker, podcast co-host, and best-selling author. He has a heart for authentic relationships and a true talent for equipping people with the skills and the knowledge necessary for their success.

    In his most recent book, All In - he outlines his counterintuitive approach to leadership. He says:

    "So much in leadership comes down to how you build trust, but organizations are often obsessed with numbers. They care about how much is built, but not how it is built. Imagine if leaders would channel that energy in a different way? A way that focuses on "the one" rather than the crowds."

    Hmmm.... As you can imagine, this will be a refreshing look and a lively conversation. Want to join us?

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    Adam Weber | Chief People Officer | Emplify

    Adam Weber | Chief People Officer | Emplify

    Join me as I chat with Adam Weber, Chief People Officer of Emplify. We will be discussing employee engagement, culture, and team development – because in the year of COVID, these topics seem more important than ever (right?!). You’ll love hearing about how Emplify takes a data driven approach to understanding employee engagement, and I can promise you we’ll be talking about how that data helps us work with different generations on our work teams (and in the rest of our life too).

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Learned so much!

I have listened all year long and every time I do I learn something new about myself, my work, or others. Lindsay brings on great guests that stretch my thinking and make me better. Her personality and voice keep it lively and entertaining. Great humor mixed in, and great storytelling.

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