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Our show is for anyone who is renovating their home or the DIY enthusiast who loves talking about Design & Architecture. We interview real homeowners & industry professionals to provide the very best tips & tricks which will help you achieve a great home.

The Property Renovation Podcast James Woodham and Juliette Yu.

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Our show is for anyone who is renovating their home or the DIY enthusiast who loves talking about Design & Architecture. We interview real homeowners & industry professionals to provide the very best tips & tricks which will help you achieve a great home.

    Is it ok to ask your Architect this? PART 2

    Is it ok to ask your Architect this? PART 2

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    Do you ever wonder if it’s OK to ask your architect certain questions?
    Are they just silly? Are you over stepping your mark?
    Perhaps they have already explained something to you but you don’t understand the lingo or want further clarification.
    In this week’s podcast, James and Juliette discuss the questions it is OK to ask your architect.
    Spoiler: the answer is anything!
    From the basics of “can you explain the project to me?” to “who else is on your team and who are you working with?”
    Juliette explains that actually, asking these questions can be useful for both you, and the architect. This open communication allows for trusting relationships to be built and ensures you are all on the same page.
    Whether you are the client who wants to be involved in every decision or the client who wants decisions taken off their hands, this podcast explains how your architect is likely to feel about your level of involvement.

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    Kitchen vs. Interior Design

    Kitchen vs. Interior Design

    In episode 104, James speaks to interior designer Sarah on the topic of kitchen vs interior design.
    Can an interior designer offer you more for your money?
    Is the free design package offered by your local kitchen store REALLY free?
    Are the people fitting your kitchen actually even employed by the store?
    With many seeing the kitchen as the heart of the home, it is so important to make sure you get the kitchen you really want that works in a way that suits your life.
    So why limit yourself solely to the items in store? By going to a store, you could be missing out products and options and are a perfect match for you.
    No matter what your budget, Sarah gives us her top tips on how to make sure you get the best deal for your perfect kitchen, whether that is from within a store or from an interior designer.

    • 25 min
    Picking The Perfect Window

    Picking The Perfect Window

    On this week’s podcast Juliette talks us through what she believes is one of the most important parts of every home renovation, windows.
    Windows are often costlier than people realise and so it’s important that you go shopping knowing exactly what you are looking for. Juliette talks us through the different types of window and the advantages and disadvantages involved with each. Juliette also explains the price tag attached to each type of window and gives her professional (and personal) opinion on her favourite windows.
    No idea whether vinyl, fiberglass, wood windows clad with fibreglass, aluminium windows clad with wood or steel and bronze windows are for you?
    Curious as to what U Factor, Low E Glass and SHGC is referring to?
    Undecided on casement window, double hung, single hung, awning windows, hopper windows or a sliding window?
    Clueless when it comes to true divided light, full divided light, simulated divided light or interior grill?
    If you want to make sure you understand the window related lingo before you head out window shopping, this week’s podcast is definitely one for you!

    • 26 min
    Reading Quotes and Understanding Extra Costs

    Reading Quotes and Understanding Extra Costs

    In this week’s quick pod episode James uses his experience renovating over 250 homes in the UK to
    give us his top tips on reading quotations correctly.
    James explains why sometimes, opting for the cheapest quotation is not always the best option, and
    may actually end up costing you more money further down the line. By focusing on the numbers,
    rather than the meat of the quotation, we can make some crucial mistakes.
    Recognising how life changing it can be to have a house renovation, James talks us through his tips
    for ensuring that you encounter no hidden surprises along the way that will negatively affect this
    experience that you will remember for a lifetime.
    It turns out having your contractor round for a cup of tea could make all the difference!

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    Urbanist Architecture

    Urbanist Architecture

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    In this weeks podcast James speaks to Charlie Allwood from Urbanist Architecture. Urbanist Architecture is best known as London's most successful planning permission residential architects for extensions, renovations and new builds.

    Despite being rejected for the role originally, Charlie wasn’t deterred and six months ago when the job came up again, he made sure it was his. With a background in plumbing and urban design, Charlie feels he has now found the career niche he was looking for and we couldn’t wait to get his insight into the world of architecture, along with some insider hints and tips.

    Charlie talks us through what makes Urbanist such a multidisciplinary organisation which allows them to see through the process from beginning to end. He emphasises how much he has learnt in just the six months he has been on the team and the most interesting project he has been involved in.

    Charlie talks us through permitted development and planning permission and the processes involved. Charlie also explains the costs involved and how much time he feels that homeowners should allow themselves to obtain their permission.

    If you would like to get in touch with Urbanist, you can do so at:

    T: 02037937878
    E: infourbanistarchitecture.co.uk

    Alternatively if you would like to see the Urbanist portfolio or get further information on the whole process, you can find this at their website:

    W: urbanistarchitecture.co.uk

    • 30 min
    A Blueprint to Achieving The Perfect Renovation

    A Blueprint to Achieving The Perfect Renovation

    We made it! Episode 100.
    We would like to thank all of our contributors and listeners that have made this happen. Back in June 2017, we started this podcast to help the homeowner with the their renovation needs, whilst providing a platform where they can learn from experts in the industry. We also wanted to be a loud voice for all of the industry professionals out their that really do make a positive difference to anyone looking to renovate.
    In this episode we discuss the blueprint guide to achieving the perfect renovation which is a free document you can get by visiting www.akivatoolkit.com (http://www.akivatoolkit.com/)
    Once again thank you very much!

    • 40 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

Brown mom ,

Great Podcast!!!

We will be renovating our dream home soon and found this podcast. What a gem! Great information just what we needed to stay focused and motivated

Jessie's iTunes ,

Love this podcast!

This is one of my fave podcasts! I love hearing the stories of people renovating in different parts of the world. It’s so fun hearing each experience and what they learned.

Abh06 ,

Amazing show

Listening to the podcast saved me money on my renovation, end of story. Anyone wanting to do the same....should listen.

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