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RepcoLite's weekly radio show focusing on color, design, paint, and projects . . . as well as plumbing, roofing, yard care, flooring and more. If it makes your house a better place to be, we're talking about it on air!

The RepcoLite Home Improvement Show Dan Hansen & Hailey Johnson

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RepcoLite's weekly radio show focusing on color, design, paint, and projects . . . as well as plumbing, roofing, yard care, flooring and more. If it makes your house a better place to be, we're talking about it on air!

    What Bathroom Paint to Use; Historic Ceiling Design; and 2023's Christmas Contest

    What Bathroom Paint to Use; Historic Ceiling Design; and 2023's Christmas Contest

    On Today's EpisodeThere is a common paint problem that happens in high moisture areas… a slimy orange substance oozes from the wall! We will explain what is happening and how you avoid this problem in your bathroom. Historic ceilings were often decorated with ceiling medallions but why did this trend start? Turns out there is a lot of debate around the subject! We will dig into the surprising history and propose a theory of our own!Every story needs an ending…but how does this apply to design? We will finish our ceiling conversation AND tell you everything you need to know to get entered into our Christmas Giveaway!

    What Bathroom Paint to Use [00:00 - 12:37]Surfactant Leaching is a common problem in high moisture areas. Surfactants are necessary ingredients in paint and usually they just work their way out over time with no issues. However, when a newly painted wall is exposed to high humidity, surfactants can rise prematurely. They show up on your painted surface looking like orange, brown or even silvery areas that seem soapy or oily in nature. Not pretty . . . but it's not damaging your paint!  
    HOW TO FIX SURFACTANT LEACHINGStart by wiping them off with a soft sponge and mild soapy water. It may take a few times but it will eventually disappear. Running the bathroom fan or installing a bathroom fan is crucial. Leave it running for about 10-20 minutes after the shower to remove all the moisture. Opening doors to the bathroom can also help. Don't Have a Fan? Get one! And get the right size for your space. Fans are rated by cubic feet per minute (CFM's). This tells you how much air they can move per minute.get a fan that moves 1 CFM per square foot.So, an 80 SF bathroom . . . you'll need a fan with an 80 CFM rating to be effective
    Use the RIGHT Paint.
    Aura Bath and Spa from Benjamin Moore is an ideal bathroom paint. It is made for high moisture areas and is available in a matte finish! It keeps steam from gathering on the walls and almost always resists surfactant leaching. It’s been a silver bullet! …usually…
    Hailey had a month of being sick recently and the only relief she could find was running the shower and stemming up the bathroom multiple times a day. Basically turned her bathroom into a sauna (we do not recommend this).  On top of that her bathroom fan is BROKEN. So there was no way to quickly remove the moisture. 
    VERY EXTREME situation. Walls are painted with Aura Bath and spa and for weeks there were no issues. However, every product has its limitations and eventually surfactant leaching did occur. 
    Moral of the story, use the right paint in the right environment! Ventilation is always needed!
    Historic Ceiling Design [12:37 - 31:30]Ceiling medallions have a long history of creating a sophisticated ceiling design.  Very popular in homes during the Victorian Times. They look like carved plaster disks that are affixed to the center of the ceiling typically were a chandelier is hanging. Now we use them almost exclusively for decorative purposes…But was that always the case? Many Historians have practical theories as to why they existed… 
    THEORY 1: THE "HIDE THE SOOT" THEORYWith candles being used to light homes and and then eventually . . . gas lighting. The constant open flames caused soot to collect on the ceiling above the chandelier. SO, according to proponents of THEORY #1: To hide this unsightly soot. Medallions were installed, however, many people have pointed out that soot will still show on the medallion and now it is harder to clean off. 
    THEORY 2: THE "DISGUISE THE SOOT" THEORYAnother group of people really like the soot...

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    Ductless Range Hoods, Battery Powered Lighting, and our 2024 Christmas Contest Begins!

    Ductless Range Hoods, Battery Powered Lighting, and our 2024 Christmas Contest Begins!

    On Today's EpisodeHailey's back after a month-long absenceNo ventilation in the kitchen? What about a Ductless Range Hood?Battery Powered LightingChristmas Contest 2024
    Hailey's Back! [00:00 - 04:03]It's been a month, but Hailey's finally back!
    Ductless Range Hoods [04:03 - 19:00]Hailey's kitchen doesn't have a range hood. And the location of the windows in the room doesn't make ventilating the space easy. She's looked into having a conventional range hood installed, but the expense of running ductwork is a deal-breaker at this point (she just put a new roof on the house, after all!)
    Digging into the problem, she ran across Ductless Range Hoods. These hoods look like conventional range hoods, but rather than moving air out of the home, they filter the air using a charcoal filter system.
    Admittedly, they're not as effective as a conventional range hood, but at $200 - $600, they're also a lot less expensive!
    If you're in a situation like Hailey is, maybe a Ductless Range Hood is your answer. Here are 4 things to consider before making that purchase:
    SizeIt should be as wide as your stovetop with a small overhang on either sideMost models come in 24", 30", or 36"If you're installing on an open wall, make sure the chimney will reach your ceiling. If not, you will need to purchase an extension kit
    SpeedLook for a model with a variable-speed fanLow speeds provide quiet operation for smaller tasksHigh speeds are necessary when you do serious cooking, sauteing, or frying
    MaterialMost models come in stainless steel, white, and blackIf you need to match your cabinets exactly, the outside of your hood most likely could be painted. Prep and the right product are key, so stop out at a RepcoLite store and let us help!
    Convertible Options?There are also conventional range hoods that can be converted into ductless optionsThey require an add-on kit that includes the filter system.
    Battery-Powered Lighting [19:00 - 33:36]Are you looking to add some lighting to your home but don't want to get into the expense of hiring an electrician? There are battery-powered lighting options out there that could be the perfect solution!
    These battery-powered lighting options have improved dramatically in the last few years. You can buy light fixtures that look just like their wired counterparts, but use simple, rechargeable puck lights or light bulbs.
    Many come with remote controls (and who doesn't want MORE remote controls in their home?) and they provide you with a very simple installation and professional finished results.
    While these lights aren't for every situation, we think they're perfect for:
    Under Cabinet LightingFor right around $25 you can buy 2 rechargeable, LED strip lights that mount in 3 minutes under your cabinets.
    Under Cabinet LEDs
    Wall SconcesBattery-powered wall sconces look great and they're easy to install. Check out these examples:
    a href="https://www.amazon.com/Aipsun-Operated-Rechargeable-Dimmable-Temperatures/dp/B0C5DBHSD9/ref=sr_1_1_sspa?crid=17D7LB1PS6LMN&keywords=battery%2Bpowered%2Bwall%2Bsconces&qid=1701436779&sprefix=battery%2Bpowered%2Bwall%2Bsconces%2Caps%2C124&sr=8-1-spons&sp_csd=d2lkZ2V0TmFtZT1zcF9hdGY&th=1" rel="noopener noreferrer"...

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    How to Get Sharp Lines and Professional Results with Masking Tape

    How to Get Sharp Lines and Professional Results with Masking Tape

    On Today's EpisodeHailey is still out sick! Hopefully, she'll be back next week. Fortunately, Dan Altena, president of RepcoLite, was able to fill in. Here's what we'll cover in this episode:
    Using AI for Decorating? 3 Quick Projects for a Realistic Holiday MakeoverHow to Get Sharp Lines and Professional Results with Masking Tape
    Using AI for Decorating? [00:00 - 12:05]We see AI being talked about all the time. It's being used in almost every field. So, what about Interior Design? And even more importantly, what about DIY Interior Design? Can ANYONE open up an AI design platform and get immediate and amazing results?
    I Tried 12 AI Interior Design Tools (video Dan referenced)
    3 Quick Projects for a Realistic Holiday Makeover [12:05 - 18:54]It's officially the Holiday Season, and that means you'll probably see companies like RepcoLite talking about how it's time to repaint your spaces for the guests who will be visiting. We know that's unrealistic--after all, we've got lives, too. The Holidays are already busy enough! However, if you are looking for a project--something small that will make a huge impact--we've got three to consider!
    Check out the Fireplace Makeover Episode
    How to Get Sharp Lines and Professional Results with Masking Tape [18:54 - 38:55]We all (probably) know what it feels like to spend time applying masking tape on a project only to remove it and see that paint has still managed to bleed through. Or, we pull the tape off and some of our previous paint (and/or the new paint) comes off with it! It's incredibly frustrating when that happens. But the good news is there are steps you can take to avoid both of those problems and get great results every time.

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    Can You Apply Latex Paint over Oil?

    Can You Apply Latex Paint over Oil?

    On Today's EpisodeWe're (kind of) back at it after being out sick for 2 weeks! On today's show, we'll talk about:
    Where we've been for the last 2 weeks and whyCan You Paint Latex Over Oil?5 Questions You Should Ask Before Every Home Decorating Project
    Where We've Been . . . and Why! [00:00 - 03:45]We've been out for a couple of weeks and to help me get a new show together for the week, I'm joined by Dan Altena and Ali Bryde. Both are RepcoLite employees. Dan's the president and has been with the company since 1978. Ali came on board about 1 month ago. I'm glad both could join me so we could get a new show together after a 2 week hiatus.
    Can You Paint Latex over Oil? [03:45 - 19:00]It's a question that comes up periodically. The short answer is "yes," but there are some things to know:
    The "Is It Oil or Latex Test"Sometimes it's difficult to tell if the paint on a given surface is oil or latex. Fortunately, there's a simple test that will get you the answer every time. All you need to do is dampen a rag with ammonia and wipe the surface you're testing. If the paint softens slightly or if some of the color comes off on the rag, then it's latex paint. If there's no change to the paint, then it's oil.
    It's Oil . . . But Is it Lead-Based?If you test the surface and determine that your previous coating is oil-based paint, you can still make the transition to latex. But in order to get great results, you need to do the proper surface preparation. And before we talk about that, we need to quickly mention lead-based paints.
    Prior to 1978, lead was used in the production of paint. If the surface you're painting was painted in 1978 or earlier, there's a chance lead could be present. The closer you are to 1978, the less likely you are to find lead. The earlier the surface was painted, the likelihood increases. If you're unsure the surface is lead, you can secure a test kit. And, finally, if you determine that the paint you're dealing with is lead-based, you'll want to take different steps than what I'm going to lay out below. Check this link for more info!
    Whew! It's Just Regular Oil-Based Paint . . . Now What?If you are only dealing with regular oil-based paint, here are the steps to successfully making the shift to latex paint:
    Wash the surface with a good degreaser (Krud Kutter, Challenger, TSP)Scuff sand with a 180-220 grit sandpaperWipe all the sanding dust off with a damp rag (NOT a tackcloth)Prime with a bonding primer (STIX from Insl-X or QuickSand from RepcoLite)Topcoat with your choice of latex paints
    Five Questions to Ask Before Starting A Home Decorating Project [19:00 - 39:07]Making over a space in our home can be a lot of fun. But it can also be daunting! There are a lot of decisions to make, work to accomplish, and (usually) money that needs to be spent. We definitely don't want to make mistakes that cost us time and dollars.
    To help you move through your next project with confidence, here are 5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Start:
    Question 1: How do I want this space to make me feel?Yes, this is a touchy-feely question. But it's incredibly important. Answering this question helps you make other decisions down the road. So give it some serious thought. What do you want to feel when you enter or spend time in the space you're going to be working in?
    Are you looking for a cozy and relaxing vibe for a living room? Are you wanting to feel that "Ahhhhhh, I'm home" feeling when you walk into your entry? Are you hoping to create an energized, exciting atmosphere? Or a space that just makes you feel happy?
    Think about the space. Think about...

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    Last Minute Cleaning and Touch-up Tips for the Holidays

    Last Minute Cleaning and Touch-up Tips for the Holidays

    On Today's EpisodeUnable to get a new show together for the weekend, we went back into the archives and found this one from two years ago to the day. It's all about getting your home ready for the upcoming holidays and . . . winter!
    Make Your Home Sparkle for Thanksgiving [00:00 - 09:35]We've got some basic cleaning tips and tricks as well as some product recommendations so you can get your house looking great for your guests!
    Getting Your Home Ready for Winter with Ayers [09:36 - 30:59]Zack from Ayer's Basement Systems joins us to talk about what we should do to make sure our basements and crawlspaces are ready for winter.
    11th Hour Touch-Ups [31:00 - 39:26]As we get closer to the holidays, we all find we've got less and less time to get our homes ready! We already talked about some cleaning tips at the beginning of the show. Now we'll focus on a number of quick touch-up tricks to help you get your trim and walls looking great with as little effort as possible!

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    Life Vac: A MUST For Every Home

    Life Vac: A MUST For Every Home

    On Today's EpisodeWe look at a couple of Benjamin Moore's Color Trends for 2024We also talk about the value and beauty of wallpaper!Finally, we discuss a life-saving device that every home should have!
    Pristine and Honey Bee: A Closer Look [00:00 - 09:21]Every year Benjamin Moore comes out with the new color of the year along with a Color Trends Palette that consists of 10 supporting colors. While many people are excited to see what is trending, not everyone knows how to utilize these colors. This year we want to distill this information and make it very practical. We will be going through the whole palette in the coming weeks to talk about where to use the colors, why you would use them and how to have success. Last week we talked about White Dove Oc-17 This week we will be talking about Pristine and Honey Bee:
    Pristine is a soft warm white with blush undertones, neutral enough that it could be used on a large scale or in multiple rooms. Colorful twist on a classic neutral. Great color to use in a south or east facing room where the warm undertones are amplified to create a warm glowing effect, making a room ultra cozy.
    Use In:
    Bedroom: to create a cozy and calming environment.Bathroom: make the space feel fresh and sophisticated.Entryway: can make a small or narrow space feel larger and more welcoming.Could work as a trim color with a strong warm color such as Topaz but for most situations this color may not be neutral enough.Use as a main color in your homes color scheme for a warm white that feels fresh rather than dated.Pairs well with whites, soft gray blues and taupes.
    Honey Bee is a warm and inviting yellow that can add a touch of vibrancy and energy to a space. Great for smaller spaces or an accent color! Yellows in general are pretty polarizing but they can be beautiful when done right. Yellows of this saturation can come off very strong on a large scale so we recommend limiting the application to a small room or accent. If you are looking for a yellow to paint an entire room this could be a great jumping off point, though!
    Use In:
    Kids room: Cozy color for a bedroom that offers plenty of whimsy.Laundry Room: Add a cheerful color to a space that otherwise feels drab.Furniture: Add a pop of color, warmth and personality to a space.Trim Color: Perfect color to pair with a whimsical or playful wallpaper that has a complementary or monochromatic or neutral palette.Kitchen cabinets: great color to bring in a quaint, sunny, vintage look.
    Other yellows to consider if you are sampling:
    Pale MoonHawthorne YellowWindham Cream
    Wallpapered Walls, Wallpapered Ceilings... [09:21 - 31:24]We are joined today by Ali Bryde, RepcoLite's new Social Media Marketing Associate. Anyway, Ali's a BIG fan of wallpapered spaces and we decided to sit down and talk through the value and beauty of Wallpaper.
    West Side RepcoLite Stores Who Have Wallpaper Book Libraries
    17th StreetLakewood Blvda...

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