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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much "tin foil hat" stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.

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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much "tin foil hat" stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.

    SPP376: SHTF Cooking Options & Disaster Destinations

    SPP376: SHTF Cooking Options & Disaster Destinations

    I’ll soon be doing videos testing different prepper meals and cooking in SHTF conditions. Tonight I will discuss some of these emergency cooking options and some precautions we should take in an extended SHTF situation.  

    Each option I discussed in the show has pros and cons., depending on the situation; one cooking method may be more ideal than the other. Figuring out what to cook will be step one. Ensuring you aren’t ringing the neighbors’ dinner bell might be just as important.  

    I also read an article I want to cover that covers some of the best and worst states to live in a long-term disaster. The article isn’t very detailed, so I will fill in the blanks where they fell short. 

    Deciding where to live before, during, and after an actual SHTF event will require much thought, and many factors must be considered. The best place to be is the most “prepper friendly” state. 

    The Survivalist Prepper Community 

    I decided to create this group because I was tired of the games being played on social media. It’s getting harder and harder these days to find the information we need and discuss the subjects we want to discuss. 

    Join this exclusive community and interact with like-minded preppers of all levels. Some people in the group are new to prepping, and some have been at it for a while. Regardless of where you are on your preparedness journey, you’ll be glad you joined. 

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    SPP375: Higher Level Prepping Mistakes & Complacency

    SPP375: Higher Level Prepping Mistakes & Complacency

    Preparing for short-term disaster scenarios is easy, and most of us have that figured out, but what about the longer term disasters? 

    The reality of survival and the truth of how prepared we might be, are usually quite different than the picture we have in our heads. While we might get a nice cozy feeling thinking that we can handle any disaster that comes our way, that won’t do us any favors in an actual survival situation. 

    In today’s show, I want to touch on an article I came across that goes over some mistakes preppers make on their way to a higher level of preparedness. 

    I also want to talk about prepper complacency because that’s a mistake all preppers make at one point or another. While it’s human nature to let our guard down occasionally, we can’t fall asleep at the wheel.

    Link: Prepper Mistakes On The Way To Higher Level Preparedness 

    The New Bug Out Location & Prepping Group

    I mentioned in the show that I am currently working on the BOL 3.0 and setting up a preparedness community to go along with it. While the membership website is a work in progress, the membership community is up and running. 

    There are a couple of paid plans, but you can join for Free and “kick the tires,” if you will. The free plan has a chat group that works similarly to Facebook. Post pictures, articles, and links, or ask a preparedness question. 

    Check out the Survivalist Prepper Community Here

    This community will also be the best place to get ahold of me and get updates about the new BOL, Survivalist Prepper, and anything I have planned for the future. 

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    SPP374: Bug Out Bags & Prepping Rules With Local Prepper

    SPP374: Bug Out Bags & Prepping Rules With Local Prepper

    Do preppers overthink their bug-out bags? How do you know you are preparing the “right” way? And why hasn’t the sky fallen yet?

    Tonight we’ll have Local Prepper back on to talk about the different types of bags for preppers, how & why each prepper needs to have a different preparedness plan, and how to balance staying prepared and overreacting when it comes to the fear porn we are bombarded with on a daily basis.

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    SPP373: Civil War 2.0 & Multi-Purpose Prepping Supplies

    SPP373: Civil War 2.0 & Multi-Purpose Prepping Supplies

    We might be heading for a second civil war here in the U.S. at some point, but how likely is it really? And what can we do to prepare for it just in case something does kick-off?

    Tonight I’ll be going over the Civil War possibilities, the timeline, and what we should do to protect our families and our supplies before and during a civil conflict or outright war.

    I’ll also review a list of low-cost prepping supplies with multiple purposes. As preppers, we love all these supplies that have a specific purpose but can be used for other emergency applications.

    I won’t be reviewing EVERY multiuse prepping item because the list would probably number in the hundreds, but I have quite a few. We’ll also have a live chat, so if you have any ideas, I don’t get to throw them in the discussion.

    Multi-Purpose Prepping Supplies Article

    Because there were so many supplies I talked about in the multi-use prepping supplies segment, I went ahead and wrote an article listing everything out. You can read the 25 Multi-Use Prepping Supplies & Survival Tools article here.

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    SPP372: Grid Down Energy With The Broken Nomad

    SPP372: Grid Down Energy With The Broken Nomad

    In today’s podcast, I have Kevin (The Broken Nomad) on to talk about grid-down energy options & solar power. As some of you know, Kevin is in the process of setting up his van to be able to travel around the country for indefinite periods of time. 

    What Kevin is doing goes hand in hand with what preppers might expect if the power went out and we needed to find alternative forms of energy. While we may not travel across the country, the principal is the same in a van, a bug-out location, or your home. 

    We will walk through a basic solar setup and other alternative energy options. Then he will show us what he has done over the last few years. 

    We’ll be answering questions we get during the show, and you can also reach out to either of us in the future if you like.

    The Broken Nomad YouTube Channel

    Here are the links we covered in the show.

    Off-Grid Backcountry Adventures with Kevin 

    Build a DIY Portable Solar Generator

    Digital Power Monitor Meter

    Rich Solar Panels

    Battle Born 100Ah 12V LiFePO4

    GoWISE Power 1000W Inverter

    Victron Energy SmartShunt

    Wire Gauge Calculator

    Victron Energy Blue Smart IP22 

    Victron Energy SmartSolar MPPT 100V 30 amp 

    Affiliate Link Notice: Some of our links may be affiliate links and therefore, we may earn a small commission when viewers click those links.

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    SPP371: Firearms Training & Self Defense with Adam of Defenders USA

    SPP371: Firearms Training & Self Defense with Adam of Defenders USA

    I have a great guest on todays show from Defenders USA to go over the importance of firearms training and self-defense. While we will be speaking specifically to people in the preparedness community, this will be good advice for any gun owner.

    As preppers, we not only need to prepare for something significant that could happen, but we also need to be ready when the unexpected happens closer to home. It’s a dangerous world we live in these days, and taking an honest look at our abilities, and working on that, is more important than ever.

    From the Defenders USA website…

    Defenders USA was started as an answer to the need Adam saw for high-caliber defensive, advanced, and tactical training for the everyday person that is contextual and reality-based for not only the military and law enforcement communities but also for the daily carry needs of the everyday person who just wants to protect themselves and those they love.

    Adam received excellent training as a soldier and Police Officer but found that so many – far too many – and most who have a Concealed Handgun Permit – have never been properly guided into understanding the laws pertaining to using a weapon in defense. Worse, he found most gun owners and carriers have little or no formal training in the needed details of actually carrying a concealed handgun or in the defensive use of firearms. Adam also found most people rarely understanding the enormity of the legal, civil, and, financial, emotional, and social ramifications of what takes place when a firearm is used during an act of defense of life.

    These realizations started a journey that has grown far more than expected as so many people began finding the value in Adam’s life experiences, his training, and how it all affected their lives for the better when all put together in high-quality training.

    More info about Defenders USA

    Defenders USA on YouTube

    Defenders USA Website

    Videos Mentioned in the Show

    Warrior Life Interview

    Shooting Safely & Accurately from Unconventional Shooting Positions

    How to Shoot and Move (And WHY It’s Important)

    Shooting Skills and Fitness with Adam Winch

    What Does the Bible Say About the Defense of Life?

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4.3 out of 5
638 Ratings

638 Ratings

TheGinMD ,

Good information

A good source for casual preparedness information. Likable and personable hosts. Unfortunately it’s gone by the wayside and has been replaced with another podcast that’s not as good and barely about prepping.

Brand H ,

Content is routinely weak

This guy can ramble unspecific personal opinions like there’s no tomorrow (pun intended).

I was looking for a podcast that shared expert insight backed by evidence, presented in an organized communication - not a huge ask - and this podcast does NOT satisfy those basic requirements.

This podcast is for those who like simply really like wallowing in the social and emotional subculture of prepping.

equinetwo ,

Bug out

Mylar bags and oxygen absorbers

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