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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much "tin foil hat" stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.

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Survivalist Prepper, all about survival skills, prepping, preparedness and living off the grid without too much "tin foil hat" stuff. Learning how to become more self sufficient when disaster strikes. Stay up to date with the latest prepping news and information like bugging out, prepping and survival gear, and food storage etc.

    My Prepping Concerns in 2021 and Beyond

    My Prepping Concerns in 2021 and Beyond

    Remember the good old days of prepping when we thought about hypothetical disaster situations and didn’t have the same sense of urgency we have these days?  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying NO sense of urgency, I’m saying we thought about these manmade disasters as something we probably had a little time to prepare for.

    These days it seems that anything can and will happen, and that something big is just around the corner. It seems as though we are standing at the edge of a cliff, and behind us is a herd of social justice warrior, politicians, and the mainstream media personalities running full speed towards us. 

    I have always been the type of person that prepares for the worst and hopes for the best, but these days hoping for the best seems like a myopic fantasy. Will it be some sort of full fledged SHTF scenario? Will it be something slow burning that affects us for an extended period of time? Who knows, but it sure feels like change is coming, and it’s coming sooner than most people think.

    I make sure and reassess my preparedness plans periodically, but this time it seems to hold more importance than it ever has before. Could I just be paranoid and being a “Doomsdayer”? I suppose so.  But I’d rather be a Doomsdayer than have my head buried in the sand with my fingers crossed, hoping everything will be fine.

    When you have a leak in the roof, you fix it before is ruins the whole house. Our country has a huge hole in its roof, and instead of fixing it, everyone just grabs an umbrella and waits for the rain to stop. That’s all fine and good until it starts to rain again.

    My point is, we can only control what we can control. We need to do everything in our power to do what we can, and then let the cards fall where they may. Reassessing your preparedness priorities won’t give you every answer, but it will give you a better idea about where to focus your time and energy.

    Personal Doomsdays, Natural & Man Made Disasters

    We know that having a well-rounded preparedness plan means prepping for anything life might throw our way. When it comes to surviving personal doomsdays and natural disasters, there isn’t much we can do but learn and prepare. There is nothing we can do to stop many of these acts of God from happening, but we can (and should) help ourselves to survive them.

    Manmade disasters on the other hand are self-inflicted wounds that can be avoided, but all too often are not. No one pays attention until it’s too late. On an individual level there is not much we can do, but as a society we are responsible for letting these things happen.

    As a society we have allowed politicians to become corrupt, we’ve allowed big business to infiltrate the government, and we’ve allowed the MSM to dictate how we think and feel. Because life has been so good for so long, we have taken for granted the life and liberty we hold so dear.

    This is why I feel that politics plays a big role in preparedness. Unless you’re talking about a Yellowstone eruption or an asteroid hitting the ...

    Those Crazy Preppers & Bug Out Bags

    Those Crazy Preppers & Bug Out Bags

    Bug Out Bag Myths

    I recently came across an article from SeasonedCitizenPrepper that brings up some good points about what you should have in your bug out bag, and some lies that get regurgitated in the preparedness community.

    The truth is, there isn’t a “one size fits all” when it comes to bug out bags, get home bags, or everyday carry kits. Each person is different, lives in a different environment, has a different skill set, and therefor will need different prepping supplies in their packs.

    In this show Brain and I go over some of the points we agree with, and some we don’t. While everyone has their opinions, the decision is ultimately up to you when deciding what gear needs to be in your bug out bag.  

    In the video below we talk about some of the exaggerated claims made by some of these prepping websites, and what some of the most likely realities of using your bug out bag would be. Here are a few things we covered in the video and the podcast.

    * Your bug out bag will most likely be riding in your back seat, not on your back.

    * If you can’t use it, you don’t need it.

    * Hygiene and sanitation are underrated.

    * Why an expensive bag is actually a bad idea.

    Why Preppers Get Labeled as Crazy

    In the second half of the show we talked about how preppers get labeled as fear mongers, nut jobs and hoarders. It also seems like the average persons interest in preparedness rolls in and out like the tide. The recent pandemic raised the eyebrows of a lot of people, but that interest seems to be waning.

    Brain recently wrote an article over at Mind4Survival asking the question “Are Preppers Crazy”. We also talked about an article I wrote in the past about why preppers aren’t the crazy ones. I think preppers are playing chess while everyone else is playing checkers. As preppers we tend to look 3 or 4 moves ahead, while everyone else is rolling with the tide.

    In the video below we went over how fear plays into prepping, and how it can be a good and a bad thing. Sometimes fear can motivate us, and sometimes it can paralyze us. It’s also important to understand how people just getting interested in preparedness can be turned away based on how we approach the subject of prepping.

    A few other topics we covered in the show are…

    * Preppers are seen as weird* Prepper Speak: different prepping acronyms * How preppers can actually be helpful * How to approach the non prepper about preparedness

    Dealing With People in a SHTF Event or Disaster

    Dealing With People in a SHTF Event or Disaster

    There is a lot of debate in the preparedness community about how people will react in any sort of SHTF scenario or crisis. This week we talked about how decisions you make will be made because of the people around you, and how people can either make a bad situation even worse, or a little better.

    You have no doubt heard the scenario where a woman and her children come to the door asking for food, while her husband is hiding around the corner waiting in ambush. While this situation is certainly possible, we need to take into consideration other situations that aren’t so obvious.

    People as a whole are pretty predictable, and these disaster scenarios are also fairly predictable. Things get a little more complicated when you start to look at these events and how people will react on a smaller scale, or an individual level.

    How People Will Become the X Factor in a Crisis

    In the video below we went over some things to look for and expect with people in any sort of disaster situation, and even events that are not large scale “Mad Max” type situations. As we see on Black Friday every year, it doesn’t take much for people to lose their minds…especially when there is a group of them.

    We also wanted to make the point this week that it’s not always about people reacting badly. People will create communities and look for support because people need people. It is our responsibility to figure out who might be an asset to our situation, and who might be a threat to our survival.

    Leaders, Followers & Turds

    People can be boiled down to 3 categories. Some are leaders, some are followers and some are just plain turds. While all of us probably have a little of each of these quality’s is us, the majority of our character is made up of one of these.

    Leaders: We all have the ability to be a leader in us, it’s just that some of us are more reluctant than others. It’s also important to remember that being a leader doesn’t mean being a good guy, a turd can be a leader as well. But as the saying goes “A polished turd is still a turd”

    A good leader is usually someone with a high moral compass, and someone who is looking out for everyone in the group. A good leader is also a good listener and makes decisions based on what’s good for the group, not personal gain.

    Followers: Being a follower can be either good or bad. On the bad side are the sheeple, and there are far more sheeple than there are leaders and turds. Sheeple will follow blindly based on what a leader says and not question anything they do.

    As a prepper it’s ok to be more of a follower than a leader, as long as we don’t become one of the sheep. Some people would rather be part of the team, than lead the team. A team member might be a better term for this type of person because there will be a greater need for team members than leaders.

    Turds: These are the people we need to look out for. These are the people with no moral structure whatsoever, and who will make decisions based on their needs, regardless who gets caught in the crossfire.

    Turds are the criminals, the looters during riots and anyone looking for an opportunity to take advantage of the weak. Unfortunately, most of these people believe they are “leaders” because when the rules don’t apply, you can do or say anything. This type of leader preys on the follower.

    Between a Rock and a Hard Place

    The rules will change in any sort of disaster or survival situation. Decisions we make today while everything is “normal” will be far diffe...

    Lessons Learned From Texas With Sara

    Lessons Learned From Texas With Sara

    Tonight we will be talking with Sara from The Changing Earth Podcast about here experiences living in Texas, and some of the lessons we can learn from it. We will also be talking about an exciting new audio drama project she has going on over at The Changing Earth website.

    If you are interested in checking out the full audio drama you can head over to Sara’s website here.

    Changing Earth Audio Drama

    Experience the adventure of a dynamic woman, mother, and wife, Erika, as she struggles, against all the odds, to find her family, dead or alive, in a world ripped apart by Mother Nature. The Changing Earth Series is a survival series packed with thriller books that will keep you guessing every step of the way.

    Lessons From Texas

    We’ve all seen the news stories about people sleeping in cars, icicles handing from ceiling fans and cars piled up on the roads, but we wanted to talk with Sara who lived through it.

    While this was an unexpected storm for Texas, and preppers we know to prepare for the unexpected.

    Watch the Full Video

    Different Prepper Types and Shelter Considerations

    Different Prepper Types and Shelter Considerations

    When it comes to shelter, the first thing that comes to mind for most of us is either wilderness shelter, or our homes. The truth is, shelter is much more than just a roof over your head. Shelter not only protects us from the elements, it gives us a sense or normalcy, security, and a place to rest and regenerate. 

    In this article we are not going to go over different types of shelter, but rather some shelter considerations for preppers. Having a shelter is only the first part, it also matters where the shelter is, and who knows your there. 

    You can read the full article over at Duff&Dale.com

    Different Types of Preppers

    As I said in the podcast I recently did a video going over the different types of preppers. Here is that video…

    Legacy Food Storage

    Here is the video I was talking about in the podcast about long term food storage for preppers. If you are interested in purchasing any long term food storage head over to the SHTFshop.com.

    You can also get ahold of me directly and we can get you exactly what you need, and make sure you get the best price available.

    Cryptocurrency & The Rigged Monetary System

    Cryptocurrency & The Rigged Monetary System

    Todays show is a segment of the video we did over at the Duff&Dale YouTube channel where we talked about the viability of bitcoin and how our current monetary system is doomed to fail.

    In the show we covered why the recent Game Stop short selling showed a crack in the big banks armor, and how it’s nice to see the little guy standing up to the elites.

    If you are seeing this sentence I haven’t finished writing the show notes yet 🙂 Stay tuned…

    Plans for the Survivalist Prepper Podcast

    As I mentioned in the beginning of the show I want to keep the Survivalist Prepper Podcast alive and right now I have a few ideas. Along with having Lisa on the show occasionally and relive the good old days of the podcast, I will also be adding “preppercentric” topics we cover over on the Duff&Dale YouTube channel.

    As some of you know, we do live videos every Tuesday and Friday. While the Friday live video’s become audio podcasts, the Tuesday videos stay on YouTube. I will be taking segments from those shows and bring them to the Survivalist Prepper listeners.

    Everything that I publish on the Survivalist Prepper Podcast will be preparedness focused, very little politics, and family friendly…for the most part. Basically it’s the same as it was before.

    From the Show…

    Here are some of the topics covered in this weeks show. You can also watch the full video at the bottom of this post.

    Bitcoin: The End of Money as We Know it

    A very interesting movie to watch, and the one we talked about in this show is Bitcoin: the end of money as we know it. It’s not a dry boring movie with tech geeks explaining coding and encryption, it’s a basic movie about how money works.

    In the movie they go through the history of money, how our current system is rigged and doomed to fail, and how crypto works. For anyone who doesn’t understand much about cryptocurrency (like I was) this is a great movie to watch.

    In the video below (and the podcast) we went over the good and bad of crypto for preppers. While a grid down scenario is obviously it’s Achilles heel, it does have some benefits.

    The Duff & Dale Podcast and YouTube Channel

    If you haven’t already, make sure and subscribe to the Duff & Dale podcast wherever you get your favorite prepping podcasts, and subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

    We do live videos at least twice a week, and have special guests from the preparedness community on from time to time.



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552 Ratings

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