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Twin Peaks and Tattoo Nerds come together in this unique monthly interview series hosted by Psychotherapist, Professor and Writer, Emily Marinelli. Produced by Emily Marinelli and Dr. Animal Prufrock.

The Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast Emily Marinelli

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Twin Peaks and Tattoo Nerds come together in this unique monthly interview series hosted by Psychotherapist, Professor and Writer, Emily Marinelli. Produced by Emily Marinelli and Dr. Animal Prufrock.

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    S2 BONUS BONUS Christmas Episode: Kaity McAllister

    S2 BONUS BONUS Christmas Episode: Kaity McAllister

    In this Bonus Christmas episode of the Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast, I talk to Kaity McAllister whose tattoo portraits are characters that she loves and gets to carry with her. We talk about the impact that Laura has had on us, the object constancy of Twin Peaks, and what the show means to her now.

    Kaity is fierce as fuck. It's likely that you know her in the Twin Peaks fan community for her incredible artistry. But did you know by day she’s a badass who works in IT in the corporate world? She’s inspiring to me personally in how she upholds women’s rights in a male dominated industry. She started her own modeling agency so she could be her own boss, Oh yeah, she’s an art director and actor too. I know! amazing!

    We talk about the sexy horror Christmas movies she’s worked on and these are linked in the podcast notes. And of course we talk about her incredible Twin Peaks tattoos, (including what she coins a Twin Peaks tattoo stocking on her leg.) WAY better than calling it a leg sleeve.

    Kaity is a St. Louis based model, actress, and IT professional. She credits transcendental meditation and goal-setting techniques as the foundation of her success. She has recently been a feature actress in the film XXX-Mas, also starring Drew Marvick, Felissa Rose, Morrigan Thompson, Jessa Flux, and a variety of other indie stars!

    Socials: Facebook is Kaity Navi McAllister
    @ktmc10 on IG, Vero, TikTok, Threads, and X.

    Tattoo artists: Matt Kammerer and Travis Parmeley at Permanent Vacation Tattoos

    Model Mania The Talk Show Season 1 Ep 1 (Kaity as a guest)

    Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast Season 1 Episode 3: Vinnie Guidera

    S2 BONUS EPISODE: Anna Benassi

    S2 BONUS EPISODE: Anna Benassi

    On this bonus episode of Season 2 of the Twin Peaks Tattoo podcast, I speak with my colleague and soul friend Anna Benassi. Anna and I teach together at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. We have both created and we teach graduate level psychology classes based on pop culture that we love. I teach Between Two Worlds: Depth Psychology and Twin Peaks which examines TP from a depth psychology lens and Anna teaches The Psychology of Harry Potter which we will hear more about today. While they do not have a Twin Peaks tattoo (I know, why don’t they tho?) they do have other meaningful ink that we will also discuss.

    Anna Benassi, MA, LMFT, (they/them) is a licensed psychotherapist with a private practice that spans the SF Bay Area and is a professor at California Institute of Integral Studies. They identify as an activist, storyteller and visual artist. They teach psychology classes with a bent on pop culture, poetry and art. They are an aquarian, an avid cook and practicing buddhist.

    You can find them at www.annabenassi.com

    Mary Oliver Wild Geese poem they reference

    Pre Order my book! Comes out September 2024
    Comfort Sequels: The Psychology Of Movie Sequels from the 80's and 90's

    S2E6: Tom Christophersen

    S2E6: Tom Christophersen

    In this last episode of Season 2 of the Twin Peaks Tattoo podcast, I talk to the phenomenal Tom Christophersen. We talk about the queerness of Twin Peaks, what is ugly, campy, disturbing about it and how we grew up finding solace in these shadow elements of the show and the world. There is something uniquely spiritual in speaking with another queer Twin Peaks nerd.

    I could talk to Tom forever and when you listen to their words, you will understand why. Just when you think, there isn’t another glorious thing Tom might share, they do. Tom discusses their queer iconographic work which includes renderings of Brittany Spears, Frankenfurter, Amelia Earhart, Frida Kahlo, Jinx Monsoon and so many more. Their work is everything. And of course we talk about Tom’s amazing Twin Peaks tattoo.

    Tom Christophersen is an Australian, Sydney based, Queer performer and visual artist whom is as petrified of beautiful things and death as much as they are transfixed by them. It is primarily the car-crashing of these two themes which permeate the hyper-realistic, almost surrealistic, often dark portraits and films they produce.

    Tom aims to bring focus back to portraiture that is of a level of detail it demands an intimate level of engagement from the viewer. Working almost exclusively on watercolour paper with watercolour pencil and acrylic, Tom hopes their traditional, technical approach to drawing and painting provide a fresh, immediate offering to portraiture and indeed representation of the self. The figures and themes within Tom’s work are often autobiographical and based on real life experiences and connections. Tom’s artistic intention has always been to make images that create the necessary disturbances in order to provoke permanent, positive change.
    Tom lives and works on the stolen Gadigal lands of the Eora Nation.

    Twitter and IG: @_tomopoly
    My website is: tomchristophersen.com
    My Facebook Page is: facebook.com/tomcreates
    My TikTok is: @tomopoly
    My Vimeo is: https://vimeo.com/user29151817

    Purchase original artworks via: https://bluethumb.com.au/tom-christophersen

    Purchase LOST HIGHWAY 25 Prints from: https://tomchristophersencreates.bigcartel.com/product/lost-highway-prints

    Issue 17 Blue Rose Mag

    Cute article about the Sydney Return Marketing roll out of the posters with the phone number here: https://welcometotwinpeaks.com/news/missing-laura-palmer-posters-australia/

    S2E5: Katie Johnston

    S2E5: Katie Johnston

    In this month’s episode of the Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast, I talk with the fantastic Katie Johnston. We discuss her Neo Traditional tattoo, her love of Audrey Horne and Sherilynn Fenn and what Twin Peaks means to her now. We chat about synchronicities and she told me how her tattoo artist just happened to be visiting North Bend right after her consult appointment, and was able to bring back inspiration from his trip to work into designing her half sleeve. After our recording she told me even more synchronistic moments, like how she had doubts about getting her Twin Peaks tattoo and then heard an owl right at that moment and how she drove by streets one of which was named Leland, the other Palmer. You can’t make that shit up! And of course we talk about her awesome Twin Peaks tattoos.

    Katie is a 31-year-old Texas educator and breast cancer warrior. She recently got engaged to Matt (a somewhat new member of the TP fam), who proposed to her at Spooky Empire with the help of Sherilyn Fenn! She’s been infatuated with the Twin Peaks universe for the last 13+ years, as it has appeared in the highs and lows of her life (sometimes in a serendipitous manner). Being a tattooed teacher in the South can be an anomaly, but she’s happy to forever represent Twin Peaks and what it means to her.

    Instagram - @ladylazarus7
    Twitter - @ladylazarus007

    Will Graves (TP sleeve) Instagram - @willxgraves
    Mary (Owl symbol) at Rogues Gallery Tattoo Instagram -


    Learn about American Traditional tattoos here

    Learn about Neo Traditional tattoos here

    S2E4: Andy Bentley

    S2E4: Andy Bentley

    In this month’s episode of the Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast I talk with unbelievably talented Andy Bentley. In our talk Andy shares how, like me, he was also introduced to the show by a roommate (yay for roommates!) and how the world of Twin Peaks has unfolded for him ever since. And of course we talk about his awesome Twin Peaks tattoo.

    Andy Bentley lives in upstate NY (home of the Drew Hazel mystery which inspired Mark Frost) with his dogs Luke and Leia (who you might sometimes hear say hello in the background of this podcast episode!). He is an avid action figure collector and contributes artwork to the Twin Peaks Unwrapped Podcast Andy’s just amazing like that, hit him up if you are someone in need of some digital art! He hopes to share the Twin Peaks journey at least one more time with a significant other, and I personally have no doubt he will.

    Insta and Twitter: @abuddah
    Listen to him on Twin Peaks Unwrapped:


    S2E3: Sarah Begin

    S2E3: Sarah Begin

    In this month’s episode of the Twin Peaks Tattoo Podcast, I talk with the phenomenal Sarah Begin. We discuss the various drinks she has created, all of which are named after Twin Peaks characters. These include flavors like orchid syrup for Harold Smith and a dash of cayenne for Sarah Palmer, and in general they are all just so awesome. You will want to stay tuned because at the end of this episode, she shares them all with us!

    We discuss our love for the unknowability of Twin Peaks and how important it is to just be present in the day to day-that some things can’t and maybe shouldn’t be explained. We talk about our evolving relationships with these characters over time and the importance of the town of Twin Peaks as a consistent backdrop to the mystery of the show. And of course we talk about her awesome Twin Peaks AND Blue Velvet tattoos.
    Sarah Begin is a dedicated artsy witchy lover lady; specializing chiefly as an overthinker, who hopes to stray on the "beautiful golden sunshine" side of life.

    Insta @daily_legacy

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

abuddah ,

Unique take on Twin Peaks

There are many great Twin Peaks pods out there. Often, they go through the complete journey with a veteran introducing the cult show to a newbie. But Emily has this fun premise to have a conversation with a fellow Twin Peaks fan based upon their body art. Because of the deep connection fans have to this show, I think there will be plenty of episodes. A+ sound production as well.

lauren propps ,

Love it!

Awesome podcast:) Keep’em coming!!❤️❤️

Michael Steadman ,

Ink and the pink room

Emily is a wonderful host who knows Twin Peaks and tattoos. This is a fun podcast where you get how the show really sticks with viewers for life.

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