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Become Your Wisest Voice. The No,1 reason you run over your intuition is because you don't trust it. The Voice of Intuition Podcast will help. Laura's fans adore her witty, clarifying, and compassionate style, bringing you practical advice about living an intuitive, creative and on-purpose life. She's a pioneer in the fields of intuitive medicine, and spiritual development. Life is short. Don't let the tough stuff get you down or stop you. Listen to your wisest voice, be brave, and crate a lifetime of meaningful adventures.

The Voice of Intuition Podcast Laura Alden Kamm

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Become Your Wisest Voice. The No,1 reason you run over your intuition is because you don't trust it. The Voice of Intuition Podcast will help. Laura's fans adore her witty, clarifying, and compassionate style, bringing you practical advice about living an intuitive, creative and on-purpose life. She's a pioneer in the fields of intuitive medicine, and spiritual development. Life is short. Don't let the tough stuff get you down or stop you. Listen to your wisest voice, be brave, and crate a lifetime of meaningful adventures.

    55 Two Healers and A Mic – With Intuitive Healer Scott Clover

    55 Two Healers and A Mic – With Intuitive Healer Scott Clover

    I’m excited to bring back my original, fun, and insightful series, "Two Healers and A Mic!" Join me and my special guest, Scott Clover, an intuitive healer trained in somatic, archetypes, and energy healing, along with his natural gifts. We explore the healing journey and dive deep into intuitive healing skills, sharing unique insights, transformative experiences, and powerful techniques. 
    Whether you're a seasoned spiritual seeker or just beginning your journey, this episode promises to enlighten, uplift, and awaken the healer within you. Scott and I delve into the realm of archetypes, uncovering the hidden pains and impacts within us. 
    We lean into the mic about how discovering the, perhaps unnoticed, energy structures can guide us toward healing. Scott shares his inspiring journey of recognizing and owning his natural intuitive gifts, providing listeners with tools and practical techniques for their personal reawakening process.
    You’ll discover the transformative power of intuitive healing and gain new perspectives on connecting with your inner self and unlocking your true potential. Setting yourself free is an excellent path to take.
    This episode is a treasure trove of wisdom and inspiration, making it a must-listen for anyone seeking to deepen their understanding of life's mystical and intuitive aspects.
    Welcome to another enlightening episode of the Voice of Intuition Podcast, your go-to source for deep dives into intuition, healing, life, and our ever-present mystical world, guiding you through your journey of self-discovery and healing. 
    Listen in. You won’t want to miss out on this soulful conversation! Listen to this episode on the Show Notes page.

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    54 MEDITATION - Shift The Stress and Reconnect With Yourself

    54 MEDITATION - Shift The Stress and Reconnect With Yourself

    Meditation has transformational power. Welcome to another episode of The Voice of Intuition. This week, we’re on a soulful journey into the serene world of mindfulness meditation. In this episode, we unwrap the gentle power of silence, exploring how it nurtures self-awareness and guides our nervous system back to its natural, tranquil state.
    Episode Highlights:
    The Essence of Silence: We discuss the fact that meditation is not for problem-solving. Meditation provides the opportunity to experience the profound impact of silence on our mental and emotional well-being. How moments of quietude can open the doors to deeper self-understanding and insights. Meditation resets your intuitive system. Answers to problems arise from the still place inside of you. 
    - Cultivating Self-Awareness: Discover how mindfulness meditation helps you tune into your inner self, fostering heightened awareness and clarity in your daily life.
    Nurturing the Nervous System: How mindfulness, an ancient practice, aids in calming our nervous system, allowing us to return to a place of balance and peace. A few light tips on the calming effects of meditation on the brain shed light on how regular practice can lead to lasting tranquility, reduced stress, and mental harmony.
    A Special Gift for You: 
    As a sweet surprise, you find a soothing meditation session at the end of this episode. This semi-guided meditation is designed to be your companion whenever you seek a moment of peace and reflection. Feel free to revisit this meditation as often as you wish, letting it gently anchor your journey toward mindfulness.
    Thank you for joining me on this exploration of mindfulness meditation. May this episode inspire you to embrace the power of silence and cultivate a deeper connection with your true self. 
    Stay serene, and remember that the voice of intuition is always within you, guiding you toward peace and self-discovery.
    With warmth and contentment, 
    I’ll see you on social!

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    53 3 Keys to Create What's Yours

    53 3 Keys to Create What's Yours

    How do we begin anything when everything around us keeps moving? Like the ocean waves, life is rolling all of the time. Sometimes, the waves are large or smaller. They still roll in and out––low tide and high tide. It doesn't matter if there is sunshine, torrential rain, or winds; they're still rolling in and out.
    Life is the same, so how do we begin creating what we want to experience when everything keeps moving like ocean waves? We can ride along with life. Life can push us or crash upon us. 
    As you listen to this episode, grab your journal when you can. Together, let’s go through Steps one, two, and three. Let’s get your thoughts; the particles generated from them bring your creations to life in a new and conscious way––your soulful, thoughtful, quantum-generated life. 
    It’s truly fascinating when you tune in and intuitively feel, see, hear, and know how your creation is coming into form, into your energy field, and then into your life. 
    This episode is about creation, even though I, too, use the word manifesting. I do think it’s too hyped. When you rush through the process all excited, sometimes your efforts fall flat. When that happens, it will allow for more growth, which will be illuminating. 
    In this episode, 3 Key Ways to Create What’s Yours, I share three easy-to-apply steps to reboot and build your life with a deep sense of knowing and clarity. 
    Listen in and enjoy this episode of the Voice of Intuition Podcast. Don't forget to grab Your copy below. 
    Grab Your Copy – A Guide To Create What's Yours

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    52. Empower The Root of Your Life

    52. Empower The Root of Your Life

    Have you ever stopped to think about the incredible power that lies at the root of your being? Take a moment, close your eyes, and breathe deeply. Feel that breath travel all the way down to your pelvic floor. That’s the core of your strength, the foundation of your self-esteem, and the powerhouse of your personal energy.
    Welcome to the Voice of Intuition Podcast and this week’s episode, “Empower the Root of Your Life,” we’re chatting about helping you tap into this profound energy, transform it, and use it to elevate your life.
    When fear creeps in and tries to shake your foundation, it’s this deep-seated energy that gets disrupted. But here’s the exciting part: you have the power to harness and transform this energy. Imagine turning that fear into a force for empowerment and change. Imagine living a life where you feel grounded, confident, and in control.
    In this lastest episode, we dive into the miracluous energy at the base of your body. This energy flows through your nervous system, influencing how you create, behave, and exist in the world. Why wait any longer to unlock this potential?
    Join me today and let’s explore this journey together. Tune in, breathe deeply, and embrace the real, bold, and vibrant life that awaits you.
    You can grab The Lower Body Meditation practice I mention in this episode by clicking the Resources link below. There are other awesome, healing practices in that bundle as well.
    Grab The Lower Body Meditation from the Resources Page Here

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    51. How To Balance Your Empathy

    51. How To Balance Your Empathy

    In this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast, I’ll discuss your first level of empathy, what I call "Instinctual Empathy.”
    It’s primal. It’s real. It can illuminate and/or put you in a state of worry and survival. That is part of its protective nature, so survival fear, in this case, is not a bad thing. It can be a very good thing at the right time and place. Therein lies both the gifted skill and the challenge.  
    In this podcast episode, I’ll share some tips about moving your mind out of fear when your empathy overshoots the runway. These tips will help you move out of survival, which slows you down or can freeze you. They will assist you in elevating self-awareness, awakening, and strengthening your emotional intelligence. 
    These simple practices and mindsets help you manage and embrace the power of your empathy, even this primal aspect, with an enlightened mind and heart. 
    Enjoy this episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast!

    • 32 min
    50. Does Presence Have a Shelf Life?

    50. Does Presence Have a Shelf Life?

    Welcome everyone to another episode of The Voice of Intuition Podcast. Today’s journey lightly pirouettes around the ember that is the present moment. 
    As spiritual people, we seek the transcendent, sometimes pushing ourselves in practices - meditation, contemplations, and prayer in order to find those perfect moments of “I’m present.”  
    Yet, being present is not a lush canopy, ever-so-delicate and ungraspably transient, inviting us into a dance of light and being. 
    The question is, does your sense of presence have a shelf life? Is presence a state of luminescence that is fleeting? Let’s take a whimsical and practical exploration into our wild, untamed minds, unearthing this paradox: the endeavor to cage this fleeting sunbeam, to be ‘intentionally’ present. 
    Ah, our exuberant minds, akin to a free-spirited butterfly, untethered through the fields of our consciousness, occasionally alighting upon a flower of thought, yet never lingering too long lest the present petals wither under the weight of purposeful focus. 
    Oh MY!!!
    Our thoughts cascade. They rumble, They roar. They whimper. They delight with awe. All are present. All are consciousness. All are you and me, being you and me. 
    Your awareness of those unforced touches of attention is being present. That is when we can taste its seemingly elusive essence. Yet, you are often present to the fact that you are not being present — the paradox. 
    May we embrace the practical effervescence of our minds and bask in each moment, neither clutching nor shying away, to dance, ever-so-lightly, with the enchanting spirit of now, which forever swirls within our tangible lives. 
    Each embrace of the conscious mind is you being present.

    • 17 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

HDriscoll ,

The best Podcast

Laura is the most incredible Healer and Teacher on so many levels. I love this podcast!

Irishisis811 ,

In the Cave

Apparently Laura came into my life many years ago and I never knew until a month ago while sitting in my cave, moving thru another very dark night of the soul. Recently had a soul/body/life saving session with her and am now listening to all of these podcasts and growing stronger with each one. I’m an intuitive healer, writer, and experiential life mentor who also wants and needs the same as well when moving thru something I can’t get past on my own. Laura is now such a powerful tool in my toolbox and also in my life. So grateful and even more blessed. She is a bright light in anyone’s cave and these podcasts are worth their weight in gold! 🙏🏽

Dancing Dollie ,

Trusting your information

Enjoyed and found the discussion about our learning modalities applying to our intuitive channels as well very helpful.

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