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Tired of interviews with celebrities answering all the same questions that have already been asked a thousand times? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on how our guests force themselves to think outside-the-box; or on that moment that served as inspiration for what they do now. Come and join us as we dive deep into the source that fuels everything.

The Well Anson Mount & Branan Edgens

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Tired of interviews with celebrities answering all the same questions that have already been asked a thousand times? Good. So are we. Instead, we focus on how our guests force themselves to think outside-the-box; or on that moment that served as inspiration for what they do now. Come and join us as we dive deep into the source that fuels everything.

    The Drop – Part 21

    The Drop – Part 21

    In this episode: Back surgery, heart ablation, genetic memory, the eternal jellyfish, Jules Verne, big leather books, The Heart Goes Last, The Curse, Uncut Gems, Safdie’s music choices, squid games game show, Alice in Borderland, Connections, James burke, Incan potatoes, hulked out grasses, The Holdovers featuring the mysterious Andrew Garmen, and Anson and Branan get Verklempt reading a listener review.


    • 1 hr
    TWP064 – Andrew Cumming -“Out of Darkness”

    TWP064 – Andrew Cumming -“Out of Darkness”

    Anson and Branan are still banging on about OUT OF DARKNESS and we are thrilled to have the film’s director Andrew Cumming join us for a chat from the far-flung Shetland islands. Mentioned in this episode: Learning to be a caveman, William Golding’s “The Inheritors”, “Quest for Fire”. “Clan of Cave Bear”, “Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind” by Yuval Noah Harari and shooting in remote locations during COVID in the harsh Scottish winter. WARNING: Spoilers within! If you have not seen the film we suggest seeing it now that it is streaming. #OutOfDarkness @SignatureEntUK


    • 43 min
    Kenneth Mitchell – In Memoriam (repost) – TWP063

    Kenneth Mitchell – In Memoriam (repost) – TWP063

    When actor Kenneth Mitchell was given a life altering medical diagnosis, it forced him to change his relationship to the concept of time itself. Join us for our first LIVE episode recording from April, 2022 reposted in remembrance.


    • 42 min
    The Drop – Part 20 – “Out of Darkness”

    The Drop – Part 20 – “Out of Darkness”

    In this episode: OUT OF DARKNESS, amateur speculation regarding the provenance of our species, recent vacations where Anson and Branan both experience passport issues, volcanoes in Iceland and an actual dick measuring contest (not ours).


    • 56 min
    The Drop – part 19

    The Drop – part 19

    In this episode: Learning Sequences, Mosquitoes on Rainy Lake and other mosquito nightmares, BEEF,  painted nails, pizza tours, THE HARVEST, attending the world premiere of OPPENHEIMER, SAG Strike, the heaviest film ever made and what we all suspected about men and sports cars in now scientific fact. 


    • 28 min
    TWP062 – “Gravity Savvy” with Daniel Reardon

    TWP062 – “Gravity Savvy” with Daniel Reardon

    Anson and Branan take on the weighty subject of gravity and gravity waves with our guest Daniel Reardon doing most of the heavy lifting. Please enjoy this fun and fact-filled historical romp though time and space.


    • 53 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
745 Ratings

745 Ratings

auroralartist ,

Well, Well, Well… (too much to say but I’m gonna say it all anyway!)

(This is a long review- make sure you click the more button to expand at the bottom, or you’ll miss the whole thing! You should be seeing a long wall of paragraphs :-) Here we go.)

I’ve been binge-devouring The Well from the beginning, and I am fixated- grab a drink, get comfy, because you’re in for a very long story— let me tell you why I’ve been gobbling this podcast up like the Cookie Monster.

It’s been a… well, a well! of delight; creative/intellectual/emotional/mental stimulation; perspective- and empathy-provocation; and change-for-the-better inspiration that I desperately needed. It’s also a lighthouse beacon of not-being-alone-ness, human connection and togetherness, the likes of which cover me in a warm blanket of comfort & contentment. The Well has blessed me with these wonderfully juxtaposed, complementary, harmonious feelings: of a relieved exhale in the midst of a grounding hug from a friend; of a roaring fire sparkling throughout my soul, urging me to dream wilder & gallop further & make better, and the deep, eager inhale that stokes the flames as I get up & go; of the growth, that only comes from learning what the world is through someone else’s eyes; and much more. It’s an amalgamation of profundity, pathos, insight, & levity.

The Well podcast has inspirited me to reconnect with my soul as an artist. If I’m not creating art, I don’t know who I am; I’m aimless & amorphous without it. But a sustained culmination of circumstances restricted my ability to create for a long time, and left me living disquietingly amorphously. Then at just the right time as I was regaining abilities, and needing to get my spirit back into the swing of it; along came this podcast, reaching right in, stirring that spirit up, taking its hand and gently guiding it back to its feet. It got me making again, and I am healing & reconciling who I am.

The guests featured are diverse in their starkly varied walks of life, as well as in their method(s) of expression/artistry/science/etc/whatever field of expertise they flourish through - this cultivates a wide & multifaceted curriculum of life lessons ripe for reaping as you listen.

In addition, it’s crucial to mention the moments of comedy threaded throughout!! I’ve even been subjected to physically painful amounts of laughter on occasion (a few times listening to it while in the car, we’ve had to stop & find somewhere to pull over and park before proceeding, because we were helpless to the sob-laughing.) There’s an abundance of bits that earn a pleasant & more reasonable chuckle, but then there’s also this little handful of particular moments that just REALLY got me for one reason or another. And, the best of the best is when the stars align such that the same thing hits Branan & Anson just as good, so we’re all having a shared beat of giggly hysteria. As a previous reviewer wrote, “and there is a lot of giggling. I love the giggling.” I emphatically second this assessment. It’s frabjous.

The levity doesn’t impede honest discussions of more serious topics, which are addressed appropriately and handled with respect. These types of conversations are exceptionally informative and focused on continual betterment. I’ve gained awareness of various realities & truths of what this life is which are far different from my own, enhancing my understanding of other humans’ experiences in an essential way. So that I can do better. And overall, I appreciate that there’s both fun and serious, imagination and reality - and either way, exceedingly vulnerable and sincere.

Almost done!! I also want to say that Branan & Anson are as captivating as their guests, both spectacularly passionate, talented, smart, and compassionate; I’m grateful for the facets of them each that I am afforded the privilege to discover, as they share them with us through the podcast. I long to sit down & have a really good conversation with both of them; the kind that’s had on this show (Anson, Branan, if you’re reading this…)

The same can be said for the guests!!!! I’ve “met” so many new artists, scientists, creatives, activists, specialists, etc - people - to admire. Or, learned new and deeper things about those I already knew. Plus, I’ve discovered new interests and passions I didn’t know I had!

I don’t have a conclusion paragraph… just, thank you to Branan, Anson; Jonathan Meiburg for the theme music; the guests; and everyone else who’s ever been involved in one way or another, for your time and love, for any capacity in which you were part of making this come to life.

TheConnecticotian ,

Why do I have to give this a title?

I’m usually skeptical of any “celebrities interviewing other artists” type podcasts, so almost didn’t hit play when the algorithms told me to listen to one of these episodes and saw one of the hosts was “that grizzled guy from that railroad show” (as my husband put it) I was pleasantly surprised this is emphatically not what the show is at all. So far the episodes I’ve listened to have been (mostly) really interesting explorations into the nature and experience of creating and appreciating art. That sounds weirdly deep and philosophical, but it’s also funny and surprising (not one of the interviews have seemed to be just advertising for some studio or publishing house). I especially liked the episode on synesthesia (which I experience) and the shows with Doug Jones, whose work outside of Star Trek I was totally unfamiliar with- there’s a lot of variety and Anson and Brendan seem ready to chase down a rabbit hole just because they’re interested in it and take listeners (and each other) along, it reminds me a bit of a lighter, more art and pop-culture oriented version of RadioLab or Ologies at times. Generally when I see white guys trying to enter the “conversation” surrounding race and racial justice I’m prepared to roll my eyes and walk away - but they approach these topics thoughtfully with humility and curiosity so they genuinely felt like conversations, which was wholly unexpected. Its one of those pod casts where I hit play on a specific episode of interest to me and end up bingeing the next five even though I finished mowing the lawn after the first.

Tamorama ,

Mr. Rogers would be proud!

I found The Well three months ago and it has been an abundant life line for my soul through harrowing times.

I had been out wandering in an isolated desert and stumbled upon this oasis. Like the Urim and Thummim rocks in The Alchemist’s pocket, they guided, advised, and kept peeling back the deeper truths, embodied curiosity, awe and mystery. A bastion of hope. A soft cardigan sweater. A rainbow of thoughtfully curated musings and heartfelt utility belt of resources. Each episode a talented artful weaving! Just good storytelling.

Branan and Anson are seriously good company. There are no “sermons from the mount” only fantastic conversations and inspiring leadership.

They invite all travelers to sit down at the campfire and get comfortable. They share memories, food, laughs and their real evolving lives and experiences. I felt at ease.

As a woman who felt continuously threatened and underseige by the ideology of white male domination culture I felt… seen and safe here. “Safety is not the absence of threat, it’s the presence of connection” Gabor Maté.

Thank you for your vulnerable and brave dismantling; two kindred friends, with a steady resolve of moving forward into all aspects of unexplored space (internal and external worlds). Way-finding for the systems of collective good and a future full of thriving equality.

Thank you for being verbs, not nouns on the public stage. For being in process; wet pliable clay still very much students of the wyrd and divine mystery that threads all things together. A deep bow and blessings to you as you continue to equip the global village though curiosity and consilience.

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