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Take a glimpse into my organized, but not-so-perfect world as a mom, author of the book HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized, and founder of Simply B Organized.

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Take a glimpse into my organized, but not-so-perfect world as a mom, author of the book HOT MESS: A Practical Guide to Getting Organized, and founder of Simply B Organized.

    Ep 302: Other Side of the Mic with The Art of Decluttering

    Ep 302: Other Side of the Mic with The Art of Decluttering

    Hi Friends!
    Last month I had the pleasure of sitting down with my dear friends, Kirsty and Amy, for their popular podcast The Art of Decluttering to talk about my Enneagram and Clutter framework.
    It was such a great conversation that I decided to share it with all of you. Grab a cup of coffee (or whatever you prefer) and enjoy!
    BTW, if you’re not already subscribed to their show, you are missing out. Check out the links below to learn more!
    P.S. There is still time to send in your questions for our “Ask Me Anything” episode.
    Email: info@simplyborganized.com
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    Links Mentioned in this Episode
    Enneagram and Clutter Course(s) https://simplyborganized.com/enneagram-and-clutter/
    Use the code DECLUTTER20 at the checkout to receive 20% off
    Connect with The Art of Decluttering https://www.theartofdecluttering.com.au/

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    Ep 301: From the Ground Up with Noell Jett

    Ep 301: From the Ground Up with Noell Jett

    Before we get into today’s episode, I have a favor to ask you. We are planning an “ask me anything episode” where we answer listener questions on the air. Questions can be about organizing, parenting, marriage, the enneagram, entrepreneurship-you name it! Nothing is off limits.
    To submit a question:
    Send an email to info@simplyborganized.com with Ask Me Anything in the subject line
    Shoot us a dm or better yet, make us a short video and send to @thisorganizedlifepodcast

    We can’t wait to hear from you!
    Now back to today’s episode. Joining me today is Noell Jett- the creative force behind the popular Jett Set Farmhouse, where she and her husband Daniel, along with their now FIVE children share their lives, DIY tips, cleaning and organization hacks, recipes, and their home building journey with their millions of followers on TikTok and Instagram. In her debut book, From the Ground Up, Noell tells her incredible life story. Today, I’ve invited her onto This ORGANIZED Life to share her story with all of you.
    During our conversation you’ll learn:
    How her husbands passion for building a house had them living in an airstream
    The appeal of being “real” on social media and how it helped her build her dream home
    What it was like growing up in extreme poverty to living a life she could only dream of

    Fun Fact: Noell was 9 months pregnant during our interview, and graciously sat for an hour to chat about her life, home and future-no easy task for a preggo mom!
    If you are a home decor lover like me, you’ll be inspired by Noell’s story!
    Make sure to check out the links below for everything we discussed in today’s episode.
    Tik Tok

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    Ep 300: Fair Play with Eve Rodsky

    Ep 300: Fair Play with Eve Rodsky

    Hi Friends!
    Join me in celebrating our 300th episode 🎊with a very special guest. Joining me today is New York Times bestselling author Eve Rodsky. Her book Fair Play: A Game-Changing Solution for When You Have Too Much to Do (and More Life to Live), walks us through a system for couples seeking balance, efficiency, and peace in their home. Her book was endorsed by Reese Witherspoon's book club and has been turned into a documentary, called Fair Play, (available on Apple TV or Amazon Prime) which I highly encourage you to watch.
    During our conversation, we unpack a very real problem that many of us suffer from: TIME POVERTY.
    Eve walks us through her personal story about being overworked, under appreciated, and shares the moment she recognized that something had to change.
    What started as a simple spreadsheet titled “Invisible Sh*t I do” has resulted in a movement to help rebalance the division of labor inside our homes.
    The mental load that many of us carry is what feeds into fatigue, frustration, and ultimately resentment towards our partners, roommates, and even our kids. In the midst of chaos, our health suffers, our relationships suffer and our homes suffer-but trust me, it doesn’t have to be that way.
    We talked about how to stop being CIYOO (Complicit In Your Own Oppression)
    Setting Boundaries, Systems, and the importance of Communication
    Why having an “Ownership Mindset” is far more effective than giving someone a “To-Do List”  

    Eve’s no-nonsense approach is much like mine, which is probably why we got along so well!
    Whether you are partnered or not, have three children or none, or whether your work is paid or unpaid, the message applies to you.
    Make sure to check out the links below for everything we talked about in this episode.
    P.S. This is the last week for our 40% off promo with denisealbright.com. SHOP her entire catalog of organizing products to help you get and stay on track this fall! Use promo code SIMPLYB to receive 40% off your entire purchase of -valid through Sept 15, 2022
    Website Fairplaylife.com
    Instagram https://www.instagram.com/fairplaylife/ | https://www.instagram.com/everodsky/
    Documentary Trailer https://youtu.be/RX95jSQqV-Y

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    Ep 299: Funeral Pre-Planning with Dean Lambert

    Ep 299: Funeral Pre-Planning with Dean Lambert

    Hi Friends,
    Before we get into today’s episode, I want to remind you to visit DeniseAlbright.com for all of your back to school organizing products. Use promo code SIMPLYB to receive 40% off your entire purchase of -valid through Sept 15, 2022
    Today we are talking about an area of organizing that most people prefer not to think about-after life wishes.
    My guest today is Dean Lambert. Dean has worked with funeral professionals for nearly 30 years to help them connect and serve the families facing one of the most challenging moments of their lives: the loss of a loved one.
    As a father who has himself experienced the loss of a child, he knows first hand the grief that clouds the vision needed to honor a life well-lived.
    Dean is leading the Love Always Project with a team of experienced subject matter experts and people committed to its purpose: encouraging people to think more positively and proactively about end-of-life issues and funeral prearrangement.
    During our conversation we talk about:
    HOW and WHEN to start the conversation with loved ones about your wishes
    The information you’ll want to include in your planning
    The difference between a will and health proxy
    How the work at the LOVE ALWAYS PROJECT helps with organization.

    This is a heavy topic, but one that is important. There is a freedom that comes from knowing you are honoring your loved ones wishes, and let’s face it, in times of grief, the last thing any of us need is the added stress of trying to do the “right” thing.
    For additional information mentioned in this episode, please check out the links below.
    Connect with Dean:
    Website: www.lovealwaysproject.org
    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheLoveAlwaysProj/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_love_always_project/
    Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Love_Always
    Dean’s Book Recommendation: The Storyteller: Tales of Life and Music

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    Ep 298: Partner Spotlight with Kate Bosch

    Ep 298: Partner Spotlight with Kate Bosch

    Before we get started, I’d like to thank our sponsor for today’s episode The ClassKeeper and ClassKeeper App! Use Promo code SIMPLYB when you visit DeniseAlbright.com to receive 40% off your entire purchase-valid through Sept 15, 2022
    We are back today with another one of our Partner Spotlight episodes! I look forward to learning from other Professional Organizers about their journey and approach to organizing.
    Joining me today is my friend, and SBO Partner Kate Bosch, founder of Kate Bosch Professional Organizing in Rhode Island. Kate is a Certified Professional Organizer, and mother to two teenage daughters. Prior to becoming a CPO, Kate has an eclectic background that includes:
    B.A. from Yale University in Art History
    Assistant Buyer of Bras and Shapewear (aka girdles) at Filene's
    Being a milliner (aka a hat maker)
    Retail business owner
    Stay-at-home mom, Wife to her artist/professor husband , and serial volunteer

    All of these skills and jobs have played a role in helping her work with clients, not to mention juggling a household and successful business.
    During our conversation Kate shares some strategies that she uses both at home and with her clients to keep organized. We talked about her favorite productivity apps (which you can find in our show notes) and what she loves most about her job.
    If you are interested in starting your own professional organizing business we’d love to chat! Click on the link below to learn more about about our SBO Partner Program & One-One Mentoring:
    Connect with Kate:

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    Ep 297: Creative Keepsakes with Denise Albright

    Ep 297: Creative Keepsakes with Denise Albright

    If you are a parent of school aged kids, you are going to want to lean into this episode!
    Joining me today is Denise Albright. Founder and Queen Bee for a collection of organizing products she designs and distributes through her website denisealbright.com. You may recognize her fun and functional line of organizing products when they were featured on Good Morning America and the View.
    As most parents know, the influx of school papers, especially artwork can be overwhelming, so I invited Denise to share with us how you can keep the memories, without drowning in paper clutter.
    Her products also include journals, pads and notebooks for:
    Weekly Calendars
    To-Do lists   

    If you are a digital memory maker, her Class Keeper App serves as a digital scrapbook where you can easily (and safely) store and share your memories.
    Denise is offering an exclusive promotion for TOL listeners that you won’t want to miss.
    Visit denisealbright.com and 40% off your entire purchase + free shipping over $75!
    Use code SIMPLYB at checkout-offer valid through September 15, 2022

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4.5 out of 5
204 Ratings

204 Ratings

BFellin ,

I look forward to this podcast every week!

I love this podcast! I’ve been a long time listener but I specifically loved the summer series episodes on Eneagram types. The episode on 5s was so helpful to learn more about my husband. I loved the juggling crystal and wood example. I’ll be sure to remember that one!! And it gave me all the feels when they said that 5s long for their needs to not feel like too much for others. It’s such a gift to know more about the people around us. The type 1 episode was spot on for me too! This podcast goes beyond just helping me improve the functionality of my spaces. It also helps me how better understand myself and those around me. And it’s FUN to listen to! I’d recommend it to anyone!

Ceddles ,

MUST-Listen Podcast for Busy Moms Who Crave Simplicity!

I LOVE this podcast! Laurie breaks down what it takes to live an organized life into doable action items. I have put into practice SO many tips from this show.

OBK_proforganizer/virtualadmin ,

Holiday Gift Guide

I loved this show!! You’ve both given me lots of ideas for gifts this year and I love all of Laurie’s ideas because they’re personal and sustainable. It was cute to watch you and Josh on YouTube. Thanks for the entertainment!

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